The Scum Villain’s Self-Saving System

By Mò Xiāng Tóngxiù

Chapter 93 special episode: Adventures 4 planes

Chapter 93 special episode: Adventures 4 planes

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Shang Qinghua to scared to cry.

Actually with back. Never thought ...... not, strictly speaking, can not be considered never expected series - "shadowy mystery の", which was originally but their order Mobei Memories can help anywhere ice knives to injure brother set fire to engage in assassinations and the development of special skills !

Shang Qinghua gushing said:. "You listen to me explain the king went out that day, I met a familiar brothers, I was afraid he asked too much, exposing the flaws, he went to the king your troubles on the bad coupled with your injury uneventfully, after deliberation, I determined to bite the bullet would come back with them in the future and then play it by ear ...... "

Mobei Jun insisted temples seem tired of the hand, for the other.

"He let you come back, you come back with him."

Shang Qinghua Weiweiququ said: "Otherwise, how can I do not hilarious how this line from a fight, not to mention I beat them, and more importantly, I would like to give the king your undercover yet, how??? mountains and sky can be sent so early pit bull? "

Taking advantage of this effort in full swing, build on the progress he said: "Report King, I have now is the Disciples, is not hard-driving is not it great upside ......??"

Dogleg. Dogleg to be added.

However, even if the surface and then how dogleg, chicory aircraft hit the heart of the day is calm.

He has always been convinced that:

A man under the knee gold (right sequence);

2 Men do not flip, when the bomb at this time not to play.

These two criteria life to tell him, when necessary, a little dogleg, no so-called.

Think about another aspect, Mobei king he created characters. It is equivalent to a pair of his own son. Father to son pull on the point of their own, love point, of course, is nothing called. The so-called children of parents of pre-existence debt ......

Bang Bang bang, or savagely beat a good Shang Qinghua holding his knees sitting in the chair, skillful use of A * q mental trauma were self-repair.

Gymnastics finished Mobei Jun re-lay back in bed, Shengelanyao, turn over, back Shang Qinghua, not high not low with a sleepy voice came:. "To continue tomorrow."


Continue? !

Shang Qinghua kind of yelling the whole sky mountain camp have attracted the urge to die with him.

Of course, the reason why the impulse to impulse, because often can deter, but can not be implemented.

Mobei Jun boots do not take off, so he did not sleep lying on the bed had a new, Shang Qinghua very heart stopper.

"Your Majesty, here is the mountain sky."

A mind highly lethal pillow fly over, wrecked Shang Qinghua grimace in pain.

Shang Qinghua picked up the pillow, tactful and said:. "Your Majesty, this is my bed ah"

Mobei Jun put up a finger and shook her.

He said to the glamorous and noble words: "my."


Because he is Mobei Jun whole person, so he's something of course Mobei Jun. Naturally, the bed is Mobei Jun.

As corollary to reverse does not hold it? This time in relation to the Gian theory: I is you, your or your.

Shang Qinghua inquiries by telling her rolling down the chair, quietly clean up the debris at the foot of the cup,Began to hum side, "I lie to you to bed. I eat bran you drink the broth," the minor, while finishing a new room.

Anyhow, the reward to give yourself a pillow, pillows do not have it before. Contentment, holding sleep.

Today's Shang Qinghua also hard-working like a happy little bee.

After Mobei Jun idlers living in sleep for three days, in turn quietly disappeared.

Shang Qinghua this deeply understand themselves open to Mobei Jun hang how unscientific - three days. Within three days, no one actually found that inferno blatantly live up to Anding Feng, the future (logistics) elite children as beasts of burden beck and call!

Without warning! No doubt! Nothing at all!

Like the emancipated serfs to sing, Shang Qinghua was very excited to wave for a while, until it received a mandate Anding Feng old at the peak of the main faction.

Although Anding Feng's life mission is nothing but debris, only difference is that the battle behind or struggle at the front, but away from the dangerous creatures closer, inevitably uneasy.

For example, in the battle with the Wraith killing Zhengxiong peak when blood rush to send strip of pills, how to see such a brutal task was to finish!

Fortunately, the king is still very Mobei can cover people.

Shang Qinghua thought he had thrown himself to the back of the head, several times when I did not expect trouble, are how to look like the inferno of a biological incidentally, fishing, saved his life.

...... This is regarded as the default accepted his surrender, right? ? ?

In hindsight, Shang Qinghua could not help but think, hold the thigh or something, or quite useless.

Otherwise never even now!

Incidentally, concise system greatly under the Shang Qinghua convey to the new directive: Anding Feng became the chief disciple within three years.

In addition to the time out to perform tasks that require Mobei monarch in "care" under the good performance, the chief disciple wants, send flowers mountain sky inside the mind no less.

Given that everyone knows, and the supporting role of cannon fodder "haughty fairy magic way," a book of IQ is only 40, so-called Palace of calculating this degree probably is:

Set Anding Feng old main peak has been a chief disciple, very good (= excellent tea and bottled water laundry stack is well versed in domestic service center called the number one), the main requirements of a peak day old baked twelve delicious cake, a peak send a send.

Shang Qinghua need to do is always surreptitiously in a well-baked cake sprinkled a bunch of salt or sugar to make it very unpalatable.

The above process is repeated three times. ok, finally the old main peak of the original disciple thoroughly disappointed.

Think about it: even a cake are baked well, what can you do.

At this time, Shang Qinghua more times to show his superb cooking, you can be a successful host!

As the saying goes: IQ is not enough, slot points to Minato. If not do the best, then do the worst.

Plot mentally to be able to make readers mad Tucao, but also a success!

This episode arrogant way in countless fairy magic, reader perennial rallied together and sprayed the end of the event can be described as a great spectacle book review area. The spray is the most powerful man masterpiece cucumber.

Thought here, Shang Qinghua could not help but miss a little small partner and this man is a book review area.

Really miss him bored roar "planes to the day, because you have this idea,Marvin will just kind of a third-rate writers! ! ! "The heroic ah!

However, when the chief disciple Anding Feng, the trouble of it is only to rise.

For example, when the outer door disciples to do before, do not have the opportunity and Shenqing Qiu, LIU Qing Song down the mountain on a mission together.

That his mother was too down several lifetimes in order to mold the Grand Prize draw.

Sky mountain camp great attention to the link between peers, several chief disciple regularly eat regularly brush this is commonplace. The three people is actually very clear division of labor. LIU Qing Ge is a striker thugs; Chen Qingqiu center, responsible for Xuyuweishe [crossed out] and attack and make up a knife, roll fan installed b [crossed out].

Shang Qinghua it?

Of course, is responsible for buggy, set inn, carry things, and this trip all income and expenditure. Well logistics.

But if really so cheap enough.

"Said at night, peek inside that well look, you will see your reflection in it up waving smiling, suddenly pulling people into the drowning. Sometimes see dead relatives ...... Keke, Shen Liu brothers Young ...... you first hear me out okay ...... "

Shang Qinghua put down the dossier.

Chen Qingqiu sleeves that touched a book, sitting anywhere can just keep standing start loading b, leaning in at the moment is sinking under the shadow of the old Banyan, showing his abdominal poetry and gas from China. The LIU Qing songs that have long stood in the mouth of the well, and peek inside to see.

LIU Qing Song Shen Qingqiu want a quick fix and continue to live together lest his party, LIU Qing Chen Qingqiu want to get out as soon as the song finished coolies, both sides are close to each other do not want sick themselves, each have their own considerations, no one listening task explain his due diligence.

LIU Qing Song raised his head and said: "no."

Shang Qinghua understand. Means "not my reflection in it waving and smiling to me."

He Tanshou: "This ...... Otherwise, change Shen brothers to try?"

Chen Qingqiu close the book, put on a folding fan, walked to the well:. "Let take the trouble to let"

LIU Qing Song leave early to ten a few steps away. Chen Qingqiu casually looked into the well, also seems to be little gain.

Shang Qinghua swoosh turned in the dossier: "It's strange to say ah, this is obviously the top ......"

Unfortunately, turned up louder, Chen Qingqiu that also cover any malicious voice: "We have tried, is not it your turn?"

Sure enough, this world even the monsters are bully. The other two at the time, not according to a fart, turn Shang Qinghua, he will be able to see his shadow in the well to get the first scratch posture.

LIU Qing song apart from anything else, a film hilt, scabbard by Luan, potential, such as rainbow-like fury penetrate well water.

Silent moment, well water surface calm start churning bubbles.

Shang Qinghua play gooseberry to a retreat passed, pull out a safe distance. Guikulanghao heard a while, a lot of flocculent blowout soaring soul out!

LIU Qing Song of the chasing his first bite of a group of women defeat, said: "step down!"

By convention, once the war, Anding Feng disciples not to roll too far in relation to supply, where to go where to stay cool. Unfortunately, Shang Qinghua The estimated error, roll away was not enough, the outward antecedents were scattered into a white haze surrounded the Wraith. Things are now, he had resorted to special skill, his eyes over the pages, lying on the spot.This time-tested trick play dead forever!

Melee, LIU Qing and Chen Qingqiu song back accidentally leaning together, they both look of disgust exposed, Chen Qingqiu already backhand hit a record shot out, rubbing shoulders LIU Qing song fly. LIU Qing Song of anger, the moment is also the situation got back.

Oh, great, totally ignoring the main force fighting the enemy he started fighting.

Chen Qingqiu shouted: "Where are you blind towards the fight??!"

LIU Qing Song worse than his gentle: "Whoever hit who first blind??!"

Shang Qinghua lying on the ground, eyes turn straight, he see clearly, just LIU Qing Song side in front of a secluded white shadow, Chen Qingqiu that look over the shoulder LIU Qing Song, break it. Seeing the two men cut each other's parade is growing, and fast dog eat dog, he pretended to be dead too busy to think, to sit up weak weak exclaimed:. "Do not quarrel Liu Young Well you are mistaken, in fact, just Shen brothers he is ...... "

Chen Qingqiu a walk away, side wall Shang Qinghua head is blasted few deep cracks, rustling flutter of ash.

Chen Qingqiu cold wind tunnel: "death to die completely, not halfway up."

Shang Qinghua said nothing, and continued to fall at ease Tingshi.

A demon does not drain well and put it collects Wraith are enclosed in a recycling container, Shang Qinghua lead carriage, LIU Qing Song looked straight ahead, go to another track.

Shang Qinghua busy: "Young, where are you going do?"

LIU Qing Song hum: "I do not attack the person with the door counterparts."

Chen Qingqiu clap laughed: "This is very good, I do not want no brain strong and peers who still Young, gone.."

Shang Qinghua squeezed his shoulder, Shang Qinghua Ai Aiai agreed grimace in pain, hardly managed to break free of the claws, he caught LIU Qing Song, told:. "Liu Young, saying the brothers have nothing to advise a person not to practice, easy fire Rumo. "

LIU Qing song not to speak, the other end of the car and knocked Chen Qingqiu fan handle bar. Shang Qinghua busy to go back.

Along the way, while he coachman, while stare Chen Qingqiu.

Chen Qingqiu originally against the carriage reading a book, by his face grew overcast stare, squint squinting: "Do you think I do?"

Shang Qinghua ignominy with mood and said: "...... Shen brothers, in fact, I do not want to remind you in good faith but since you asked, I'll ...... your book upside down.."


Chen Qingqiu blushed moment, suddenly drew his sword into the sky.

"No no no no no no to impulse !!!"

Chen Qingqiu Zhesi thinnest skinned, his face demolition Taiwan, he can remember you forever. B fitted like him who can actually consummate skill book upside down, it seems just really angry not light.

Also, finally made it back to the good, the results unsatisfactory. Unsatisfactory you and LIU Qing songs straight brains, he would not even help him explain himself to have been interrupted. This man really can not bend seven eight twisted, their torment yourself.

Chen Qingqiu head, such as snakes and scorpions, Shang Qinghua cold sweat streaming back a long while, he sat back, sheathed canonical signed, efforts to quell, tightlipped and said: "Shang Qinghua, you shut up, will you?"

Shang Qinghua antsy, raised their hands and said: "? I can say one yet"

Chen Qingqiu lift chin, indicating quasi-outs. Shang Qinghua seriously looked at him,He uttered since being able to get inside the current proud of fairy magic way, the most earnest words:

"If you see someone possessed by the devil of it in the future, you do not panic, do not rashly go up trying to help save lives. Sure to be calm, as people go out, do not do it yourself. Otherwise, they will definitely disservice, stabbed big basket, from low self-esteem , life can not stand up, jumped into the Yellow River also Xibu Qing! "

Chen Qingqiu baffling: "other people possessed by the devil for all I care why should I panic, why should I help.?"

Shang Qinghua look of "I knew this would be a reaction," said:. "...... In short you remember that it"

Shang Qinghua main peak until done, he finally could no longer openly do a little playful.

Busy life is still busy life, but whatever the outcome, the maid from the rough become a big upgrade in the Explorer, it can be considered great progress.

I heard the quiet peak who can not afford to offend a Zhuer sick. After the disease is cured, the dome peak low-key to open a secret meeting.

Dome peak side hall.

Twelve main peak attendance eleven.

Yueqing Yuan breath and said: "Do you not you think, clear autumn Young ...... strange these days."

Digital have echoed the main peak.

LIU Qing Song distinction: "is more than strange."

Qi Qing luxuriant whispered: "It was a changed man."

Shang Qinghua is a busy schedule at this time into the side hall. In recent years, Chigusa peak keel melon seeds sold well on the outside, he has run out for the market for several months. Just pull back was somehow come to the meeting, and some confuse the situation, his hands together and said: "? Well, I have not seen for some time Shen brothers, gentlemen can talk about, specifically how strange it law."

Yueqing Yuan said: "He and I can calmly say the words an hour."

"......" Shang Qinghua erect and said:. "It was really weird ah weird!"

Knot with a talk about the dead lump between the two. This puzzled knot, breaking up may not harmonious.

LIU Qing Song said: "He helped me a hole in consonance ......."

Shang Qinghua think of it, ah, this time line, LIU Qing song should have been dead fishes Chen Qingqiu pit, how can you sit here jump a meeting? !

Is it then that demon wells stubble, reminding himself to Chen Qingqiu played a role?

Others continue to sum up all sorts of anomalies at the time recently Chen Qingqiu what ungrateful to beat back the inferno Vamp himself wounded friends, caring disciples to come forward with what care it ...... Shang Qinghua heard face to be distorted, he after thinking it over, such a person's self-sacrifice set up, how it all seriously ooc, ah!

He could not resist: "...... he will not come to a halt is right to seize homes Wei brothers, how you try the sword station where he was, he went to it.??"

Weiqing Wei Jian Wan Jianfeng test bench has never been able to pull out of a strange sword, "Red Mirror", whenever a class near the treacherous demons, the blade will automatically scabbard. If Chen Qingqiu really is no net was possessed, as long as he is close to Taiwan test sword, mirror inevitable red alarm rang.

The Weiqing Wei said: "He went over three times, also tried to pull three times, nothing happened."

"And he did not have Ghostly." Yue Qingyuan slowly:. "I'm not aware of evidence was seized homes."Qi Qing luxuriant Tanshou said: "If seize homes, said barrier would nonetheless be some plots to seize homes these days it's nothing to him..."

While talking, today. Finally, wooden Qing Fang said: "it may not be seized homes, in my opinion, maybe Shen brother's doing it again."

Looked at each other all the main peak.

"Doing it" is what, no need to pick out, we know everything.

Chen Qingqiu anxious not to practice the first day, chances are he was possessed by the devil.

Wood Qing Fang continued analysis: "The man was hit on the head stone, lose some past memories and personality change so obsessed, it may not be impossible.."

Yueqing Yuan said: "It is also possible to restore it?"

Qi Qing luxuriant wrinkled his nose: "head of the brothers, Could you also want him to think of it, the kind of recovery before, uh."

Yueqing Yuan startled by startled, looked down and said: "I do not know." He seriously authentic:. "Although he is also very good ...... so just now, to think of it, or think is more better."

Main peaks puzzled and said: ".. Past, he met with the head of the brothers and the door is never good to say hello, not to visit, speech also Mianlicangzhen, so now what is good or better."

Yueqing Yuan smiled, did not speak. Wood Qing Fang Do: "Last time I wrote no antidote party when he saw a way to help no clue, it is difficult to start, probably only go with the flow.."

After obtaining a "quiet main peak amnesia, like big Ben & Poor's" conclusion, adjournment of the.

After the meeting, Shang Qinghua feel for this unusual form, he is necessary (at the time of delivery of funds to quiet the peak of the way) to inspect some.

Prior to the inspection, Shang Qinghua go to a battle-peak.

Logically speaking, the sky mountain peaks on the qualifications of each faction, quiet peak ranked second, battle-peak ranked seventh, while stocks of the first peak of the dome, should be followed in order to send the first peak is quiet. Can be a, Chen Qingqiu too Nansi Hou, Shang Qinghua every time their brains gonna talk will not offend him; secondly, battle-peak play belligerent, to send their funds, Shang Qinghua compare peace of mind.

How a peace of mind method? Ah, that is, to self-employed small business facade of a local tyrant pay protection money to the kind of peace of mind method ......

He was greeted by LIU Qing Jue Ji Young songs, as always, enthusiastic, the two sides exchange a few words, the transfer is completed, Jue Ji said: "The brothers still walking, I went back to Yanwu field."

Shang Qinghua see his expression, seems unwilling to go so fast themselves, asked:. "Recently, Liu Young often stay on the battle-peak Well who is calling Young realm of the surge?"

LIU Qing Song tracing fight outside year round, the battle is no peak of his rival, at most only return once a month. When battle-peak peak in droves to pull hay treated, that is, he had just returned from a trip. Recently, however, Chigusa-san door threshold should be battle-peak gentlemen wear out, funding is also tight, wooden Qing Fang Shang Qinghua bursts find some accommodation, he felt strange, only this question.

Jue Ji depressed and said:. "We are not on the peaks Chen Qingqiu."

Shang Qinghua did not even answer anything ground-breaking expect to hear, smiled and nodded: "?! Oh, Chen Qingqiu ah ...... Chen Qingqiu"Digest the huge amount of information to bring these three words, Shang Qinghua almost Haide directly soaring.

Chen Qingqiu? In the battle-peak? And battle-peak Yanwu field? What? LIU Qing Song was unilaterally beaten it? No, the ability to pull the hatred he should be in accordance with the value of gang fights - any death how to do? He's scum, but the important villain ah!

Season Jue: "...... what are you still brothers eyes do not look at me that we did not kill Chen Qingqiu still alive, who did not like how you should ask him how he is kind to us!!!!!"

So, Shang Qinghua went to follow him all the way to Yanwu field.

High platform basalt, LIU Qing and Chen Qingqiu song actually really neatly fencing.

LIU Qing Song of action is much slower than usual, not so much fencing, it is more in the feed strokes. Brow also fairly calm, no murderous past.

It happens, Chen Qingqiu sword empty. He frowned, left a slight movement,

Shang Qinghua heart suddenly tight, his eyes caught a glimpse of the side of a cold season Jue also look, it seems to have the urge to scream.

Both as a right, the heart have.

Jue season of fear, whispered:. "I always felt that we should immediately release point Chen Qingqiu Poison hidden weapon or something."

Shang Qinghua deep sympathy: "Great minds think alike!" It seems that this season Young understanding of the role of very thorough ah! Indeed once and Chen Qingqiu fight in brothels, two peaks disgrace the face of the old enemy ......

Chen Qingqiu recover repair elegant, standing and thinking. He does not wind whipped a sneer, seeing the two do not cross people, so looking at, eyebrows and warm eyes, I do a little repair Qian Qian gentleman elegant style.

A minute later, Chen Qingqiu said: "Do not understand."

LIU Qing song readily pull out a sharp Jianhua, he said: "Where do not understand?"

Jue season beside a disciple suddenly □□ said: "My God, he does not understand."

Another disciple small channel: "I ...... I ...... I die I will go on my stomach ......"

Busy season Jue said: "The Young and so I, I ......"

The Young pushed him back: "You do not just stay back it!!"

Court, Chen Qingqiu said:. "Just that recipe, if I'm right on your sword, left a note of spiritual power button crit, look for the opportunity to play on your lower abdomen, or the chance to win."

LIU Qing Song laugh: "I never could."

Chen Qingqiu insisted: "It is possible."

LIU Qing Song: "win, why do not you try?"

Chen Qingqiu reserved and said: "This is not learn Well, more than the real thing is not good."

LIU Qing song does not tell him much, toward the lower field and said: "! To the individual."

He readily point to the person who Yasumizu warrior, a look of death-defying ground field, imitation of the way and LIU Qing Chen Qingqiu song play against the recipe, directly by Luan Jian Qi flying bombers.

LIU Qing Song This canonical signed back sheath, for Shenqing Qiu said: "see it not work?."

Chen Qingqiu show a folding fan in the chest shook, smiling authentic: "... To see the Liu Young fast response really does not work."

Jue of Shang Qinghua quarter whispered complaint said: "Every time he said, 'do not understand', Liu brothers come to find a personal demonstration, until he understood so far ......"

No wonder the recent peak of battle-disabled population only to rise, hay peak crowds.Shang Qinghua only one idea.

Chen Qingqiu Zhesi cliffs on purpose! ! !

After the end, LIU Qing Song continued training (bao) practice (da) battle peak disciples. Chen Qingqiu and Shang Qinghua greeting, down hill together. Temporary out of the gate, put down a quarter Jue two sacks over to give Shen Qingqiu and Shang Qinghua.

Shang Qinghua know why, untied the belt, and then saw two groups of blood gooey furry nest in it: "This is ......"

Jue Ji authentic look dull:. "Liu brothers come back short-haired hunting strange, I heard that taste good, two brothers can be brought back to the peak of their own cooking."

Short-haired blame? Short-haired blame? He has set such a monster do? ! Eat? You serious? !

Chen Qingqiu looks very much doubt this thing edible: "bother ......"

Jue Ji stick read: "Brother said it was sent to the last peak quiet tea in return."

Shang Qinghua heart called FML, his face giggle:. "? That being said, this is my light stick Shen brothers just do not know what kind of good tea."

Chen Qingqiu amiable said: "Ming is my disciple sail home tea fields received as for good, yet the way to peaceful peak Young eat a food not to know.?"

Shang Qinghua Tianzhao Lian said: "Then I then dip a stick Liu brothers light was good."

So a man dragging a sack, rambling, go to a quiet peak.

As soon as he Into the gate, quiet wind was blowing, the birds are thin, especially with the outside world different. They step on the floor off the soft green bamboo, has become far more refreshing.

Chen Qingqiu I do not know why, and I feel very good, looked like just lost to LIU Qing song is not the slightest way, but blazing praise:. "Yoo Young swordsmanship really good."

Shang Qinghua could not help but cautioned: "Shen brother ...... you lose a few times?"

Chen Qingqiu thought: "? Ah ah, you ask it seven or eight times this morning, right?."

How can you be so calm? !

Should teeth pear rain (......) cuckoo Tears of Blood walk away and go back to fight another day retreat for three months swear it?

You ooc the know? ! Dedicated point okay? !

Chen Qingqiu handle with a fan and knocked the neck: "losing battle main peak, but rather that there is no way to win it is not normal.."

"......" Shang Qinghua feel unable to communicate with him up.

This Xiongyoudigong harmonious and friendly door with screen actually appeared between Chen Qingqiu and LIU Qing Song - line and my God, maybe a few days, Chen Qingqiu and Los glaciers can flirt with it!

His mind this terrible just flash across the screen, I saw a white shadow channeling over. Chen Qingqiu arms suddenly rushed sticky stuff.

That soft stuff into a ball and cried: "Master!"

Chen Qingqiu he almost flutter down on his back, crooked crooked, leaning on a thick bamboo, a firm with great difficulty, see Shang Qinghua expressionless face to sit on the sidelines.

Diamond hoop with both hands and looking at the general circle the waist Chen Qingqiu little guy Peizi, Shang Qinghua out "ice man" would almost blurted out!

Chen Qingqiu a stiff hand shake fan, not Gan is not embarrassed and said:. "! Name is called, not allowed to prolong his voice to call people all day who rushed, yet here you Shishu, Whatever next."

Los ice slowly close hand,Stand up straight, well-behaved first shouted still Shishu, it said: "After morning classes finish disciples, Master has been in here waiting to come back, sometimes happy, he carried away ......"

Shang Qinghua heart almost collapse.

Los ice instead of holding Shen Qingqiu arm: "Master, why go for so long today?"

"Today many people ...... it."

Los ice naturally took Chen Qingqiu carrying the sacks: "The next time I can go?"

"It depends on how you grow the sword." Chen Qingqiu unhesitatingly said: "I do not know what is inside the bag monster, Liu Shishu say you can eat, you see if you can get a clean hair, is how to eat it. "

"Oh." Los ice should be happy, and shook the bag, which things suddenly struggling together.

"Master, still alive!"

To a small bamboo house in the parlor room, Chen Qingqiu few disciples also around the bird sacks of unknown biological turns poke, poke strange bird on the issue of short-haired miserable whine, they also excited, amazed : "Master, really is alive!"

"Living how to do? Kill or eat?"

"Do it, so poor ......"

Shang Qinghua trying to ignore the small group of disciples sit anywhere chaos, bow tea, heart convulsions.

I remember the last time came, all the disciples have a look Kudachoushen, points such as pine sit like a bell, staffing an ancient, mantras, like where they go to read, speak allusive cadence. Look peak quiet now ...... this is to install b young artists known for giving birth to you?

Throughout a child with ADHD children creche.

Chen Qingqiu said: "Live it possessor of it."

Ming Fan opposition quickly: "eat it, or eat it, let's not any support, do not know how much to eat it and what changing the water, whether you walk trouble ......"

Ning infants and infants pouting and said: "Come on, raise your return and certainly not raise, the Master course to Alor support it."

She looked up and asked: "Master, this strange thing where you are on the hole symmetry breaking?"

"Main battle Fengfeng sent. Tea in return."

Ning infants and infants heard this, whining and said: "Master, I do not like battle-peak, that they hate ...... last time they relied on the sword bullied Alor, also chasing him play ......"

Shang Qinghua heart: this is normal thing. A battle-peak pulse glaciers Los ill-feeling is totally natural. It may be a single-celled organism intuition of potential evils of it.

Ning baby baby chatter finished, he demanded: "! Master, you have to help us beating them."

"Poof -" Shen Qingqiu choked a little, turned Shang Qinghua, decent laugh: "Ahem ...... This child, what nonsense ...... harmony with between the door to love, how can it whipped at every turn?"

Shang Qinghua even claimed, reported in the same hollow laugh, desperately tea.

Baby baby sister ah, do not you Master shot, LIU Qing songs they had learned miserable. The fact is that Chen Qingqiu responsible for "harmonious and friendly" LIU Qing Song is responsible for "beating up" ...... qualities worthy of a hypocrite! Shang Qinghua deeply gratified, Chen Qingqiu, really is the insidious Chen Qingqiu!

It happens, get to Los ice tea, into the hall to be presented to Shang Qinghua. Chen Qingqiu said: "Come Young, care has been the favored Anding Feng ......"Squatting on the ground are still a ton of bricks, infants and infants rather excited and said: "Master, you must give Alois export gas ah!"

"......" Chen Qingqiu enough: "baby baby, go out to play!"

Los Ice busy: "The air is just what the disciples do not as good as others, to the Master and peak quiet shame.."

Chen Qingqiu comfort: "You're just not very good foundation temporarily, as long as hard, in time, will be able to go beyond them."

Ming Fan contempt and said: "Beyond the battle-peak, on him, so a hundred friends." Ning infants and infants lost his temper: "So we despise despise Alor peak quiet, you go on a battle-peak Well, whether they will you would not take "Chen Qingqiu amount of help:"! not let you go out to play yet also how they get out of here get out the ice, do not disgrace here "??!.


Shang Qinghua felt to be a heart attack.

This is Chen Qingqiu brand Candle gardener and Los Ice brand intimate cotton jacket is what ghost!

You especially do not tell me what they're for Chen Qingqiu to Los outlet glaciers before going to battle peak tease people!

This Fucizixiao Juanqimei ...... ...... Peipei Pei Peipei Pei, courteous screen, and LIU Qing Chen Qingqiu than fantasy song also learn in peace. And then go on this way, maybe they really will one day flirting blanket. Bah, if I have time, since he swallowed hot Xiang samgun.

Saying, aircraft chicory idiom has been used properly, are known to take a limited number of Liu Ming describe the beauty of the smoke. With the highest frequency is the "breasts dither" and "blowing shells can be broken." "Courteous" as used herein should be useless mistake about it ......

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