The Scum Villain’s Self-Saving System

By Mò Xiāng Tóngxiù

76 Chapter abyss come back

76 Chapter abyss come back

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Chen Qingqiu refers specifically to give him a seat, he said: "head of the brothers had left."

He hold up the teapot on the table, Ming Fan quickly came to help, he does not have to intervene schematically. Chen Qingqiu personally to the people poured the tea, LIU Qing song finally sat down, put the tea cup, drink, did not speak.

Qi Qing luxuriant said:. "Nature is the head of the brothers came to the Liu Young you put that face, I thought you said Los ice."

He does not mean that. Chen Qingqiu burst cheeks hurt, fake smiles:. "How could"

Qi Qing luxuriant tea cup on the table to put a heavy pick head and said: "..! How good that might dare to Los ice Zhesi now if the sky on the mountain, to see everyone he is the sword."

Sat Longzhe sleeves wooden Qing Fang casually said:. "It would have stabbed him in it."

Chen Qingqiu Oh Oh, Qi Qing luxuriant refers to him:.!. "Laugh, you still face the most trouble people laugh is that you Chen Qingqiu I tell you, the good news is that you consciously follow the brothers, if they came back like a last time, apart from anything else to follow him, my first clean house, see if you can not toss! "

Obviously concerned about the caution, then, have to be so forceful, it sent did not jump after pulling Chen Qingqiu neck. A room full of people around, to see a joke to see a joke, tea tea, melon seeds of melon seeds (Liu Ming Why not take down the veil of smoke melon seeds), Chen Qingqiu be afraid of her, and quickly change the subject: "Brother how, injuries last good full of it? "

Wood Qing Fang said: "be good."

Although he was said to be "good" can be clearly wants to look sigh. Qi Qing luxuriant hum: "If the brothers can not but never drew his sword, but also heard mutation, forcibly broke off out of Los glaciers should not even think of his men to beg from cheap if you come out for a while and then later, he said. Indefinite brothers will be able to see the mysterious Su scabbard. "

It said Chen Qingqiu also some itching.

You know, whether in the original or in the side, he unsheathed from Xuan Su never seen what circumstances is it. Well, this is the aircraft hit the pit to the sky!

Thunder, little rain, lay out in front of many, to the back - gone!

Not completely explain it, Yueqing Yuan directly on the thousand arrows wear, dead [Manual bye]

Pit father too!

Ning infants and infants since come down have been standing next to, Shen Qingqiu greeted her up and asked: "how?"

Ning infants and infants and slowly rub up, raised his face, eyes red takes a small rabbit-like, with a twang, muttered:. "Master, this time you come back, do not walk, okay."


Cried. Chen Qingqiu dumbfounded.

How, he is not a person developed the lacrimal gland, it is the most physiological tears, why raise all the disciples motionless love pear rain ......

Ming Fan recalling the tragic, grief, also Ganhao together: "Master -"

This completely detached with pear rain!

Qi Qing luxuriant immediately caught the opportunity to teach him: "Look at your disciples to see, do not feel bad that you do not just have an apprentice on the pain that a White Wolf, also control whether the other!?!?"

Ning Chen Qingqiu patting the back of infants and infants, while little excuse to comfort her side: "I have a pain only when the?"

LIU Qing Song Chahe to the remaining one-third, drooping eyelids and said: "Come back, and keep it."

Of course you want to keep.

Sky mountain camp such a good organization, not on the boat down. Chen Qingqiu simple and authentic: "ah."

Hear his response, Qi Qing luxuriant extremely satisfied. LIU Qing song was about to say something, suddenly the forehead a cold, murderous passengers.

Everyone inside the house noticed his momentum change, invariably put the sword handle. LIU Qing Song Ceremonial Dress up, sideways to the window the moment, Chen Qingqiu a heart like a parabolic aerial lift.

LIU Qing song suddenly pushed two lattice windows.

Brightness is Shuxing outside the top, the bottom is bamboo deep, empty.

Los ice certainly would not have been just standing, certainly left early.

House atmosphere quickly let down. Wood Qing Fang said: "Liu Brother, what do you think?"

However, LIU Qing song did not turn around, but out first-hand, as if to catch falling from the sky something.

A long while, his hand back, turned and said:. "Snow"

Chen Qingqiu lying with his eyes open all night, the second day, on hearing the alarm bells, rushed out of the bamboo homes.

This ratio anxious about what the bells, heavy and anxious, more than echo the shock, the entire top of the mountain sky circling linger.

Each peak from Hongqiao leading disciple peak quiet collection dome Dianwai crowded, but silent.

Chen Qingqiu settle peak quiet man, came to the house. More than ten feet high on one side of the white spar mirror stand in the temple side, in addition to the Anding Feng was a disciple proxy thing, the main peak of you have been in attendance, stood before it, look dignified.

It reflects the mirror is a wide flat Jiang Liu, Green Mountain Qingtian sides have also sparsely lined or covered with a row of several white roof.

Yueqing Yuan said: "midstream LUOCHUAN over."

On top of that pie scene, a dark mass, cave clusters, dark cloud from the treacherous mountains leaves a mark. If a potholed dark skull, upside down climbed out from the billowing clouds, the hollow beneath the awe-inspiring to overlook.

That's the Devil's Ridge resting.

Yueqing Yuan: "The news is that from midnight last night when I saw the beginning of the beginning of a stoning, have not seen an hour, you can see is a mountain of.."

A main peak shock and said; "This is not over an hour ...... too fast?!"

Do not. This is a merger of the normal speed. Lang Jun day really I chose the original call "the best time to place" action.

Not surprisingly, after half a day, this will appear around the visions. Within two days, two circles will be able to complete the merger.

Like tore two pictures, then they casually spliced ​​into one.

LIU Qing Song of holding arms, riding a phoenix in the hands of the Executive, said:. "So we get faster"

Yueqing Yuan: "The base of each peak at two-thirds of the main extraction Disciples half hour to the accompanying midstream Da Luochuan.."

Was head of the order, the main peak were scattered Hula whole.

Arrive within half an hour, to give them time to prepare, less than ten minutes, naturally faster. Chen Qingqiu also ready to go back point people, Yueqing Yuan has stopped him:. "You stay here."


Chen Qingqiu back, and said:. "Brother, you know I can not go non"

Yueqing Yuan look of awe, said: "Young,In addition to snow, Luochuan, what else do you know? "

Chen Qingqiu said slowly: "To cut-off merger, first unplug the heart Maken it is stuck at the resting place of the skull Ridge, Lang Jun day supply of certain forces there.."

Meaning, the solution: 1 ruined heart Maken; 2 days to kill Lang jun.

Yueqing Yuan insisted:. "You Left"

Chen Qingqiu was about to speak, Yueqing Yuan hand from a tactic seems to be to open a ban, he sealed in the vault directly to the hall.

Head hard to come up!

Chen Qingqiu spine tight, hesitating hand on the repair Ya. Just then, came the uneven Dianwai exclaimed.

Both grab a Dianwai, along the direction of the square disciples finger looked Chen Qingqiu secretly gasped.

I saw the sky mountain air, the vast surging as Master and billowing clouds thrown color.

Road red light across the sky, dolphin coerced boulders flame, as if a meteor flames, slammed into the mountain toward the sky from.

Yueqing Yuan look the same, from the hand tactics, Xuan Su Lian Qiao roared out with a sword, the number of stars that was crushed by boulders crushed. After countless small particles, such as fireworks explosion scattered with warmth.

Red Cloud crater in general, can faintly see countless manpower and are the cries of the head, tumbling struggle, pain-stricken, like purgatory.

grass! mud! horse! of! no! between! deep! deep!

Chen Qingqiu heart more than roar: planes to the day!

You have the ability to write merge, you have the ability to write clear sky and mountains this location turned out to be seamlessly incorporated into the abyss together, ah! ! !

This is Kengren it -! ! !

Mountain sky really drawn jackpot! ! !

Sky Mountain temporarily unable to stay.

After this wave, I do not know when there will be the next wave struck. I do not know how much longer, and will seamlessly merge into the abyss together, become a scourge of lava, hell on earth.

Anding Feng Yue Qingyuan unto the name of the agent disciples and said: "Please Zhaohua Temple Master of you to help out."

He speaker said: "stay disciple listen up, once the enchantment broken, do not bring a thing, immediately withdraw the mountains!"

The square one thousand disciples in unison: "Yes!"

Yueqing Yuan turned around and said:. "Kiyoaki Young, you also went to Luochuan"

End point battle-peak disciples LIU Qing songs folded back: "That's your head?"

Yueqing Yuan said: "I'll stop for a while, and so on Zhaohua Temple helping hand, then went to."

Shenqing Qiu said: "The older a person you do make it, or I'll stay ......?" LIU Qing Song pulling him away, concise way: ".. Then he said to go to, and then to inevitable."

Catastrophe, sky mountain camp finally have as a novel comprehension largest faction of consciousness, and finally no longer traveling boats leisurely pursuits of walking.

Thousands Road Feijian maneuvering from the air passing beneath his head and waiting to see if anyone would like to see the Galaxy dazzle the eyes of an array of flow.

How spectacular sight. Unfortunately, the air of those strange rocks spurt, will make people fully appreciate this magnificent mood and curious spectacle.

Anding Feng really good logistics is number one, extraordinarily high efficiency, estimated Zhaohua Temple of cloth reinforcements to the border quickly, grabbed the settled community, Yueqing Yuan withdraw too fast, caught up.Less than half an hour, it has been to the middle reaches LUOCHUAN.

Because so many people that have partitions in batches landing. Luochuan already crowded with both sides get the message, perceive visions, comprehension for industry to come check it out, the different schools serving mixed color. Sky View Road are busy people to evacuate homes of ordinary people LUOCHUAN next. No jump and lead dust, with a public Zhaohua Temple come confluence.

Yueqing Yuan hand over: "Thank you for the master sent his disciples problem-solving or sky Mountain Foundation to send thousands of years, maybe today will be destroyed.."

This monk has been no jump more than words, but today the face plate, without saying anything. But rather clean master wiped the sweat, opening: ".. Amitabha almost destroyed thousands of years of heritage is more than Guipai, Zhaohua Temple also nearly fall into such a predicament."

Yueqing Yuan micro surprised: "as much as the matter of you master the temple one hundred cloth industry disciples are sent to the sky mountain ...... Temple guard may have the energy??"

Chen Qingqiu also puzzled.

Zhaohua Temple of consciousness is it really high to have damaged their own rather not send help to the point?

No jump in the face more and more ugly.

Clean Master does not see him speak, but to continue to speak, he said: ".. This is really hard to say ...... not spare capacity on its own, but by the generous help of others."

Yueqing Yuan said: "Could Tianyi view?"

Tianyi concept has always been known for Happy idle, but most undisciplined of a big pie. Enchantment in a row, basically no contribution, if really rely on the help of Sky concept only stays down, this can be a amazing.

Clean Master shook his head: "Magic is the flower palace."

Chen Qingqiu blurted out: "? Magic Flower Palace that was ......"

No jump livid face and said: "Yes it is Los ice.."

Suddenly, the side twice came chuckle.

Lingling has a clear polite voice said: "help, if not to say do not deserve it, I just wanted to help Master Bale.."

Author has to say: Halo ...... and a little card OTZ not in the details, the card is Guikulanghao

Thank trench angels!

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Gn light of the deer kind of Master ~ = ¯ω¯ = new clothes ...... that is ...... wedding dress, right? Yes, right? !

Cloud Peak GN remember it ...... ah, the soul paintings came back ......

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