The Scum Villain’s Self-Saving System

By Mò Xiāng Tóngxiù

Chapter 75 Meme da

Chapter 75 Meme da

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Los ice estimated to be long kick down well prepared, totally did not expect Chen Qingqiu really nod.

He froze in the spot Chen Qingqiu body, face froze.

Chen Qingqiu also react myself what happened, just what that nod meant. He then murdered himself affronted have a heart.

No no no no no no not not what you think you hear me explain! ! !

Los ice did not give him the opportunity to hug the waist hand suddenly tightened voice sank: "...... I really want?"

Chen Qingqiu have to give Talmud frowned. Los shortness of breath glaciers, asking endlessly: "really want?"

You clutching my mouth it even if I want to answer would not be able to answer ah!

Only either nod or shake his head mean?

Chen Qingqiu a nod while shaking his head, mess stretch. Los Ice urgent: "in the end want?"

He soon see a crying face, Chen Qingqiu Mozhe, throw in the towel.

He give birth to a sense of inexplicable tragic, Huochu old head does not, he dawdled, nod.

This time, Chen Qingqiu see so true. Confirm that moment, Luo ice breath lag lived.

A faint spark lights up slowly in his pupil, prairie fire swept through it quickly to the whole face, the whole person.

Just Chen Qingqiu thought he cried when Los ice deeply buried head, her face resting on Chen Qingqiu necks, hands over his Chen Qingqiu slowly release, then they start pecking broken and densely his mouth. Chen Qingqiu great difficulty breath, Chifeng pop out two words:. "...... nonsense."

Los Ice muttered: "I miss, I miss not think ...... no one fifteen."

Chen Qingqiu mentioned in one breath between the chest and slowly leak out.

Like dead fish lying on his couch, staring at the roof above the low self-esteem like bamboo homes, long while, sighed and said:. "...... a few days ago why do not you go find the dream as a teacher."

Los glaciers dark moist eyes staring at him and said:. "I'm never too tired Mody Master"

During the day tied at night dream still wrapped, twelve hour a day in front of all of this face, of course tired!

Be careful, it was wrapped used to it. Los glaciers are now lying to him, and Chen Qingqiu actually do not think unacceptable ......

This is how it happened, how it was!

Exactly how come this step. Is not it a bit too!

Chen Qingqiu authentic dryly: "know your trouble, do not converge."

Los Ice said: "Anyway Master is not the first time hold anything against me, trouble on its hands of it."

Hearing him say, Chen Qingqiu not help some sad.

Los Ice exactly how much they like him ah.

Even entering the mountain sky days, suffered such a treat, once Chen Qingqiu show a little kindness to him, put the ice Luo who has suffered harm forgotten, he did not hesitate to put him in the bottom of my heart .

A glass heart, and it was Chen Qingqiu unconscious smashed, and then a little bit like your own small daughter to pick up a good stick, then carefully filled with hope held out, then shattered, bonding ......

Los Ice whispered: "Master in the sky every mountain camp laughed so happy I thought I would want less."


Shen Immortal loaded B loaded for so many years has become a habit, especially in the sky mountain camp, most only subtle and meaningful faint smile, or tightlipped, no longer is half-hearted smirk, how "happy laugh "over. Chen Qingqiu: "Nonsense."

Los Ice said: "It is true that Master smile on his face will not laugh, but laugh heart the Master did not laugh, of course I know.."

Lying on the side of people who hum like a baby, while people kept on holding a strand of hair play, you are little girls do!

Chen Qingqiu rolling his eyes and said: "You are my stomach worms.."

Los Ice said: "I do not want to do roundworm."

Chen Qingqiu shoot mosquitoes pat his hand playing with her hair: "Do you also want to do what you'd say that, as a teacher, all of whom, to laugh, too!!" Speaking later, say a few words on the slap, bird bored to tears still lingering hand. Los really starting to count the ice: "A lot of people ...... Liu Liu Shishu, Yue head, Shang Qinghua, Ming Fan, senior sister apprentice Ning, Shu-sen peak, Wan Jianfeng, the hay peak, the peak of the dome. battle-peak, keep the gate, sweeping mountain ladder ...... "

Even defensive gate and sweeping mountain ladder are left off, this child is far more than hold a grudge, the whole sky mountain camp must be imported his Devil espresso fragrance vinegar to flooded!

Chen Qingqiu criticism: "That does not sound too sincere about Shishu called later allowed to be so called.."

Los Ice resentment: "He pipe I called the Little White Wolf beast, that is quite good faith."

Chen Qingqiu could not help laughing. Folding it in Tabian, he easily caught up and knocked on the ice next to Los forehead: "He was wrong what you do not dare little beast is a wolf paw into my body??."

Shunliu words too, even he did not observe her sentence did not hold on a little degree, language trailing pick on the mouth, like light but also heavy, a bit frivolous, not very dignified.

Los ice condescending, the painting of situation in the eyes, I just feel a manic panic undetermined origin burned chaos in the heart abdomen, unconsciously moved, one leg is inserted between the knees [Chenqing Qiu Jin, fear of being to kick the latter found Zhuta, busy head sent in the past, let Chen Qingqiu holding a fan knock your fill, said: ".. even small animals, only small animals Master a person not allowed to call other people"

Chen Qingqiu almost did not folding fan snapping.


Tete What's nauseating.

Sour itch! And Ma and cool!

No, you can not go on like this. Chen Qingqiu decided to talk a bit down to business, the more crooked out of this strange atmosphere.

He poked with a folding Los ice chest, shore: "Get up."

To get down to business, we must first correct posture. A pressure of a gesture, no matter how serious the topic will become serious. Los ice is not willing, or climb up and sit Tabian.

Chen Qingqiu sleep for five days, sleeping off the old back, finally able to straight up. He felt he was an old man grimacing hammer leg rub waist appearance, can be quite different in the eyes of others.

Hair micro chaos, scattered in the shoulder, the skew mouth collar, white expose a length of the neck and shoulder and clavicle laryngeal clarity. Because it was a couch roll, took a thin red cheeks, frown, without a word, looking down, rubbing his lower back.

Los ice unblinking,He came over, helped him slowly rub. Chen Qingqiu said with satisfaction: "good intimate.."

Los Ice said: "I'm more intimate benefits Master do not know yet."

Good will Yaochong. Chen Qingqiu was about to cut to the chase, go on the ice Luo:. "And the time of day on Jun Lang, the Master if there is any need to help, even though I called"

Chen Qingqiu avoid touching the day has been the topic of Lang Jun, Luo prevent irritation to the ice, I did not expect, actually he brings it up.

Chen Qingqiu pondering the next, as appropriate, and said: "Your father ......"

Los ice buried his head on his shoulder, muffled, he said: ".. I have no father only Master"


How I feel like your dad up!

Chen Qingqiu stocks to shake off this embarrassing feeling, seriously said:. "If reluctantly, do not force yourself."

No matter how wonderful, whatever the outcome is Los glaciers his father. Anyhow, Los glaciers have been quietly looking forward to the characters. Although the real brain and Los glaciers make up a far cry from the vision.

Los glaciers hand movements stop, it does not matter and said:. "Not forced"

Chen Qingqiu carefully observed him. Ah, it is indeed a look ...... a change of heart willing to help hit the upright expression. No trace of reluctance.

This is actually a good thing. If you really willing to Los glaciers and comprehension for industry join forces dismiss days Lang Jun, not only the human community here more powerful power, but also the way to Los ice maxed positive value, where the Temple Zhaohua brush out negative remedy it.

He was a little relieved, and felt a little unkind.

Joint pit father to son, is a kind of unlikely things.

Chen Qingqiu muses: "head of the brothers could not let me play."

Just before walking Yueqing Yuan said, let him rest, "it will be good to you for the same door," made clear that he is not the meaning of the war. Chen Qingqiu said:. "When the snow, Luochuan this time and place, you'd better look at."

Los ice pinching his waist strength slow down, warm channel: "Sometimes, I think, Master of something really understanding get too far."

Thump sound, Chen Qingqiu called sudden heart.

Is not a little carried away.

Los glacier continued:. "Like Master clearly never entered the shrine in the shrine that time, but then where the tomb layout, Shou Ling Monster well aware of, but also put to good use."

Chen Qingqiu deliberate understatement: "The quiet peak so many books, is not a dead letter, at great length, always some available place."

Los Ice "Oh," a cry, and rub over the waist, start slowly by hand carding Chen Qingqiu scattered vest hair:. "Those disciples also read books to read, and she did not see so much worse than the Master too far."

rub. How can I forget, Los glaciers as well as learn Guards Pa hanging. Quiet peak on the pile of dusty old Chen book, he said, "read read" meaning "has been memorized," which of course know whether there is "available place."

This child is not Yueqing Yuan. He did not want to say, Yueqing Yuan would not ask, but it is definitely Los ice stalker inquisitive, not so good flicker. Chen Qingqiu positive brains want to go around the corner to how this, all of a sudden, came outside bamboo homes rather baby baby voice: "Master, you are awake baby baby it can come in it??"

Good boy, really good apprentice!

Chen Qingqiu whispered: "You go first."

Los glaciers hand paused: "Why me go, not that they go?"

Alum's voice rang, he cried: "? Master, several Shishu have come, it is convenient for you up."

A come and how much!

Chen Qingqiu jump staying, the Los glaciers pushed to the window. Los glacier walking back and said: "So Master sneaky like that ......"

Chen Qingqiu a knock on his forehead folding up: "Who sneaky is that who is to blame!"

Why always have to be confused with having an affair like not!

Los ice body quietly pulls out the window, hand Youshen come in, holding Shen Qingqiu, softly: "? Master, wait until after these things are calm, do you want to go with me."

Chen Qingqiu said:. "Fengfeng quiet as a teacher or master it," Luo glacier to see him, do not come directly on the line, why do we have to go with him not? Spring Hill hate and also to have a new clip! After all, the old head or pull down.

Los Ice sighed: "I suppose so."

Just close the windows, bamboo house bamboo door will be opened. Qi Qing were yet to come luxuriant sound come from behind, lifted the curtain, revealing a Zhangming Yan face, Nuzui said: "It's more precious you suffered a few stick in Zhaohua Temple was hit or vomiting blood, ah sleep a sleep.? five days! "

Chen Qingqiu turned, half-truths and said:. "Qi junior sister apprentice Come on, I always know that you are weak."

Qi Qing luxuriant hum: "You trouble much, I always knew."

Behind her followed Liu Ming smoke, bow rude entered the room, then followed that LIU Qing song. Ming Fan and Ning Qing Fang infants and infants along with wooden walking in the final. Sort of a small bamboo house, the once crowded with people. Chen Qingqiu shame, but fortunately the ice to Los Fanchuang out, or how it was hidden down!

Wood Qing Fang laughed: "I said Shen brothers good color, and is no different ailments, is really just sleeping only, this time that you believe me?"

Chen Qingqiu mouth to say ashamed, grateful to peak refer to the main seat. See LIU Qing song came after, the entire house has been glance, eyes Lie Lie, he said:. "Liu Young, I'm here."

LIU Qing Song recovered eyes, turned to Chen Qingqiu, said: "Just who is going through?"

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