The Scum Villain’s Self-Saving System

By Mò Xiāng Tóngxiù

Chapter 61 is more a Singles

Chapter 61 is more a Singles

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See Chen Qingqiu semi-trailer carrying a semi Los ice on the go, the old Miyaji throat "ah" cry out because of urgency, fell down from the trolley, limbless body writhing on the ground struggling in flowers , rub rub crawl forward, looked both terrible and pathetic.

Old Miyaji muttered: "Do not go do not go ...... ...... ...... do not go," Chen Qingqiu foot slipped more quickly. Who would have thought the old Miyaji sudden bursts wide open eyes, throat growl end.

He actually vapid life should not attack!

Chen Qingqiu been quite sure in the end he did not want to let them go, or do not want to Los ice live. He has barely cracked scabbard block once, right by the earthquake, affects the risk of blood bud head, piercing pain, you can not actually throw a Luo ice. Under pain, blood on the Bay, he suddenly looked at the old Miyaji, a sudden and devastating murderous eyes.

Old Miyaji just a roar, there are a lot of granulation Popi out, and even some extend from the corner of the eye grow back. He seems to have felt no pain, ha ha laughing, turned a few rolling on the ground, like a strip of pork in general, begonias rolled around, shouted at her ear:? "You are not going to kill Chen Qingqiu do him in your eyes, and what sleep?! Get up, kill him! kill them all! "

He is really crazy!

Begonias are Hande yo wake up, open your eyes is a piece of dry orange peel old head, which also had foreign body and full, intensive blood hole, the spot wits, hysterical scream, drew his sword to hack into the air. Chen Qingqiu afraid to tamper with her spiritual power, the Qingsi seeds also lead to the body, shouted: "! Calm"

Old Miyaji shrieking: "You do not have fast fast I help you now ask him to barely, fast hands!!?!"

Begonias to Chen Qingqiu look in the eyes, like this little soul back, his hands trembling, eyes straight ahead.

In all fairness, Chen Qingqiu this woman is no hatred, she was speaking victims of genuine goods. If she have to be here out of the way, he would have shot.

Surprise, but not as begonias do not ask indiscriminate killing up as in the past, but Chen Qingqiu staring blankly, staring at his arms Luo glaciers, not only does not advance, but stepped back.

Her lips trembling: "No possible ...... ...... could not fake is fake is not my brother is not my brother!!.!"

what happened?

She cried called: "I did not do anything, why should I suffer so many years of suffering?!"

Chen Qingqiu stunned. Begonias, but is in a coma for a short moment, how woke up just like a new man? Or say, like to see what can not accept something to be scared crazy.

Chen Qingqiu knew that there is something wrong, Chen Sheng said:. "You do not touch"

Miyaji old shouted: "What are you waiting for?!"

Begonias irrational, Chong Chen Qingqiu her head screaming:. "?! Why do not you kill me why do not you kill me."

Chen Qingqiu be confused scream, begonias getaway. He later shouted: "Hey!"

Running around in the shrine, a dead end!

Keren has run farther, not the leisure time to catch up. Chen Qingqiu heart to give her point of a wax and move on.

Old Miyaji see her go long, the last vestiges of hope dissipated without a trace,Blankly lying on the floor, suddenly buried eating a mouthful of grass, to uphold laughing. Smile with a smile, head granulation longer close, the faster the more raw, whole bag over his head one moment. Soon after, he would never laugh out loud, Chen Qingqiu seem to hear the skull brain extruded abnormal sound. Old Miyaji whistling breath a few mouthfuls of coarse, heavy head push to the ground and could not lift up.

Generation sovereign, actually die so shrill ugly, it is also cause for regret.

Chen Qingqiu not walk, an empty Meng Meng sound in the ears, seems to be coming from all directions. Day Lang Jun voice with a smile: "Lord Shen Feng is really a good hand to play hide and seek better to guess, when we meet again.?"

Chen Qingqiu touched his leg, touched a foreign body in one hand and forehead cold sweat oozes shed. Qingsi blood has been down to the long leg.

Lang Jun days and acoustic: "? Eastward, is to break the back entrance to escape the boundaries shrine it."

Zhesi actually know his position. Chen Qingqiu secretly scared, looked down at his legs.

Once let Qingsi leg completely root, that time also want to go to get away. He gritted his teeth, looked at Los glaciers, the Xinyi Heng, torn hem, caught a bud of blood, threw a tear!

His mind appears to be a gap of up to several tens of seconds. Seems to have been torn out a whole slice of flesh.

Chen Qingqiu several consecutive catch his breath, gradually wake up, and saw that the sound of his own breathing sound, like most of the choking.

Now he can not even put on a face. no way. Really ...... too fucking hurt!

Although the rivers of blood, whatever the outcome may be able to walk. He has also felt the ice Luo looked miserable, mended his present form, it really is the twelfth of miserable.

Lang knew his days Jun orientation, must come in to the side. And then continue with the Los glacier walk east, will hit the front of his two good relatives. Damn old Miyaji really kill people, all he was dragged alive to be so!

Chen Qingqiu out of this wild forest temple tomb in general, several ways tomb. He quickly went to pick up a fairly clean and comfortable the sarcophagus, guarding Los glacier's head, he carefully placed inside. Back to try his forehead, still hot hot, mark between the eyebrows but increasingly bright red.

Chen Qingqiu the heart Maken press in Los ice men, made an effort, this slowly close the coffin lid.

Lang Jun leisurely day walking in front, followed by bamboo Lang.

Rock Road, a turn, Chen Qingqiu handheld repair Ya sword, standing in the middle of a tomb temple, coldly watching them, seems waiting a long time.

He half Tsing Yi have been dyed red red, blood running down his right hand as well as traces of dried fall down, lips and face almost as white.

Lang Jun Yaran day: "But a moment no, Shen Feng main why become so embarrassed."

Chen Qingqiu Looking back on him. Clearly in anger temple pillar of fire by magma swallowed a mouthful, Jun Lang who now days not even a smell of grilled Ganoderma also smell, at most, a little black edge focus is really outrageous.

Day Lang Jun asked: "Shen Feng main disciple of it?"

Chen Qingqiu said: "out."

Day Lang Jun laughed: "Feng Shen master still here, how could he go out."

Chen Qingqiu also smiled at him.So laugh to laugh to go, Lang Jun day suddenly laughing. Because he found that he could not step a step.

He looked down. From the soles of the feet to the waist, I do not know when, covered by a layer of very strong crystal ice to live, and the coverage is still spreading down his body up. Bamboo Lang situation slightly stronger than his legs and one arm tightly also been frozen. Then he noticed the tomb of this temple is very cold.

Lang set the day the king set, said:. "Mobei's"

To guess very accurate. This room tomb temple, it is Mobei Jun grandfather personally established. This is a good at manipulating their blood ice, ice Devil no one can out of his right, behind the house is also closely linked with the tomb of ice.

In the tomb of the saint, everywhere you can take advantage of the site. He does not have to sell, there are natural things that can contain adversary. Chen Qingqiu remember the original written about, if there is something higher than the temperature of the incoming air temperature Tomb temple, they will be frozen on the spot, turned into ice, frozen on two or three days, they broke into the slag nuggets. So to mobilize spiritual pulse before he came to body temperatures to a minimum. Otherwise deceptive ending up in the tank does not pay up. So he will look plainer face.

Word of kung fu, has climbed to-day ice chest Jun Lang, his expression unchanged, the magic hands of steaming gas, but do not break of his fist wrapped in ice, with little success. Even if he could not have been frozen, at least to drag half hour.

Day Lang Jun said: "It seems that it really was not an illusion Shen Feng Lord my family off-limits, almost be well aware.."

Chen Qingqiu a no then do not say, put your hands at them, turned away.

Day Lang Lang Jun looked bamboo, slowly: "I said, If you really want to sink with the main peak to the Devil, you have to guarantee that he will not make trouble how to do it, you know."

Bamboo Lang whispered: "...... under the clear."

After listening to these two, Chen Qingqiu spontaneously burst of extremely bad premonition.

Bamboo Lang said: "Shen Xian Shi, on to continue."

do not! Do not! I want to thank you so miserable I have, if you apologize to me, I could have ordered it! ?

Was so thinking, Chen Qingqiu had gone well, suddenly the body of a crooked, hold on a cliff.

Something seems to squirm start coming out from his stomach, upper and lower body flock to numerous road tendons.

It feels familiar and frightening. Chen Qingqiu almost on the spot broke a mud horse.

Blood Omen.

Los ice coffin asleep now, his body in rebellion, it just might be someone else's blood.

Day Lang Jun said: "The main peak is also not the first time the drink, not how habits?"

Chen Qingqiu forced back the urge to retch: "...... When will you give me to drink."

Day Lang Jun said: "Shen Feng main do not forget, your fairy footer in our hands has been a long time too many can do.."

No wonder he was so easily able to determine the orientation towards.

Chen Qingqiu paused, continue to move forward. The more the go belly cramps, but his speed diminished anti-fast. There he suffered pain because of enhanced capabilities, we must not kneel now more aware of the reason.

Take this two was frozen, I have a chance to escape. If the wait for them to thaw, they can be difficult to think of pit!

Although the mind clear where the stakes can go fasterBamboo Lang pushed the more violent, Chen Qingqiu could not help but look back fiercely glared at him.

Well, to say that gratitude, that's to let blood worms in his stomach spawning nest Family Fun tie it? !

Day Lang Jun exclaimed: "This can go so many steps, Shen Feng main efforts toward firm, if the very people who still say, you as Los ice, do not even have a life.?"

Suddenly, bamboo Lang said: "the king, I hid under the ......."

Voice hardly ever, Chen Qingqiu Nazhen silt will feel the pain of suddenly open.

Lang Jun day to see him actually ran off, was surprised: "? Your blood is not able to suppress his right."

Bamboo Lang also puzzled, said: "Before this can Yade Zhu do not know why, hid the.!"

Chen Qingqiu buzzing ears, hear not see, and may have to think of the Los ice thrown out onto the entrance, propped walls continue jogging. I do not know what Chuaidao, shaking a bit.

Yingkang for so long, has been approaching the limit, at the edge of collapse, his knees at once soft. But this did not kneel down to look at, but by a hand firmly Chanzhu, hold up half mention half.

Chen Qingqiu dizziness, eyes focused and looked up.

Dark gloomy stone hang not see the face, was able to see one pair of monstrous anger Shining eyes, and a red light flow mark.

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