The Scum Villain’s Self-Saving System

By Mò Xiāng Tóngxiù

Chapter 60 protection with respect to the body

Chapter 60 protection with respect to the body

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After tightly over thick trees, two people to come out.

To be exact, only out of a person, the other pushed the trolley a similar wheelchair.

Stood a slim waist, beautiful woman convex consistent. While sitting in the chair pushed the car, below the neck are wrapped in a thick felt blankets, but the exposed head Chen Qingqiu sinking is very familiar with.

Tools and try sword still in progress, Chen Qingqiu have to pay close attention to it, forced the big blade to cut almost half his palm.

Expression on his face rigid, fake smiles:. "Autumn girl, old Miyaji, unscarred"

Begonias eyes resentment. Old Miyaji's head moved, a hoarse voice: "Look at my Lord Shen Feng unharmed like it?"

That said, take one off games only. Chen Qingqiu hollow sound.

Careful observation, he found that "unharmed" word, really not suitable for use at this time. Old former ruler is attained Xianjia ordinary person, regardless of the AU Assembly has shown signs cents, or sworn city broke up, deportment appearance, are in no way fall. But now the old Miyaji, never meticulous snow-white beard became tangled dirt, but also face a lot of old, wrinkles, dry skin is also denser than the accumulation of old trees behind him.

Miyaji old awe-inspiring voice: "You must be wondering why I became like this."

Chen Qingqiu I thought I could say no wonder then you can put it past me? His mouth said: "The next ruler heard the old hermit wandering go."

Hey old Miyaji said: "hermit wandering how it was, it will ask you a good apprentice?."

We do not know how specific it is, but it appears to be looking for Los ice afterwards.

Chen Qingqiu quietly, behind the Los ice to tuck the tuck, exhaustively blocked.

Begonia bitterly: "Shen Nine, I would have said, you ashes and I know it I knew you spend on the city blew things certainly fraud, suicides apology Oh, how could you be that kind of person.? ? in that Devil Vamp site I glance look out, you really did not die! "

You recognize only my *, did not recognize my soul, what's the use ah ...... Chen Qingqiu helpless.

The day when the red yarn, bell cloud cave captured, Chen Qingqiu save factions who come out, and she saw only one side just a few, actually aroused suspicion. He returned to the sky mountain camp, after being taken away by Luo ice, begonias also crossed the border of the land, followed all the way to the Devil. Los Ice arrest a large number of black rhino months python rid shrine enchantment, inevitably battered, disorder of mind, no time to prepare, did not even notice it was followed secretly mixed in. Summary: Women hate really can not be underestimated.

But the combination of these two individuals, Chen Qingqiu really never thought, do not know when they catch the line.

Thought of this, Chen Qingqiu suddenly understood: "? Autumn girl had suddenly appeared in Cam Ranh town, there is also a credit to the old Miyaji of it."

Since bamboo Lang has denied that he is, and that is fueling the others. Otherwise door with hybrid begonia hybrid school is located, how to grab the opportunity frontier.

Old Miyaji cold smile, did not answer, did not deny.

Dandelion seeds floating in the air is generally small Bai Xu, threw,Fly eyes go. Chen Qingqiu said: "Shen ourselves never to offend old Miyaji ......"

Old Miyaji said: "By now, there is no need to hide."

His throat dumb, as if a piece of phlegm stuck in his throat: "I had the magic flower Los ice palace, nurtured me, intends to support, but he persisted in his refusal to worship me as a teacher, but refused to marry my daughter, but why are you obsessed. I naturally want to Shen Feng main exploration some good to see exactly what kind of character. who knows Daorang I found a lot of old stories. the bottom line for you, I know quite well. tutelage who you , which did things, how to worship under the door into the sky mountain camp, is really very exciting. even people not sow this one, to set the dungeon you are. who knows otherwise it becomes, not much bother me. "

So, when the magic flower palace extremely poor attitude of his disciples, not Los ice intends to guide, but it is old Miyaji deliberately influence.

Chen Qingqiu could not help but glance at Los glaciers.

If the brain child turn a corner, thanks to other man-made division, it will not give birth to so much trouble up. But this dedication and brain-dead, but Chen Qingqiu not blame them. He had to sigh: "Small Acts Thanks to the love of the old Miyaji Miyaji only just that the two swords are just being directed at him, too words and deeds.."

Old Miyaji said:. "Initially, it was originally, now is not the same Shen Feng main please get out, I want this kid to be settled with the general ledger."

Chen Qingqiu: "I get out, Miyaji only kill him, whether I?"

Begonia sneered: "He Whatever you, I'm still here!"

She would have been fighting too low, can be ignored, but now the situation a bit tedious.

Old Miyaji said: "This ungrateful beast, ruined me to the point that I am not a hand blade he can not."

Chen Qingqiu said: "If he really ungrateful, do not leave your daughter a life of cut grass be subject to dig up the roots, I understand the reason he than you."

Killing him did not think he actually will help Los Ice speak justify day.

Heard, old Miyaji Jie Jie doing all speak out. Begonia suddenly opened his body covered in thick mats. Chen Qingqiu breathing for a few seconds delay.

Under the felt, leaving a flat square body, all the missing limb.

Miyaji old man is now being whittled stick! Generation sovereign, so people are not people, ghosts are not ghosts, dirty nest in a small broken car, only one head can rotate. This picture mournful extremely frightening.

The original Chen Qingqiu actually deceitful to the fate of the old Miyaji body. This liangzi knot big, definitely not enlighten a few problems can be solved!

Old Miyaji sneered: "He might as well have not seen the extermination?."

Chen Qingqiu serious agree. Why not dig up the roots!

These two small fish, a Los ice to kill, a kill Chen Qingqiu. Begonias repair bad, need someone to help; old Miyaji though abjection, much stronger than her. Anyhow, once the head of one faction, Qi broken limbs, mobility, spiritual power can be diminished. Men and women with work not tired, it is blind back lame.

Chen Qingqiu bare hands broken blade, threw them into the side of the grass, and gazed at the two opposite eyeing.

In fact, he could gamble.

Despite the days of Jun Lang did not figure this raw data,Los hanging glaciers do not work, the old ruler is still within the original scope of the role, the protagonist gilded does not break the law face when he should not useless.

He can try to wash their hands, just like the original copy of the double pit dead skinned Lake City magic as butterflies, let the old ruler trying to chop the ice Luo, who is who in the end to see the final pit.

Old Miyaji slowly: "I ask again, do not let you make?"

Chen Qingqiu hanging arm, the palm of the blood flow had stopped a little potential, he began dripping fall.

He lifted the rise, neither hot nor cold, said: "The old Miyaji quiet peak disciples thought bullied it?"

No way, not now and then did the same.

In any case he would not be able to convince myself that relied on the male golden statue is not broken the law, sit on the sidelines, let someone else cut the ice Luo, who won the bet in the end who cooked.

Now, if he can sit back and relax risking such a big risk using the Los ice, it really into a wretched scum!

Miyaji old eyes suddenly soared, broke a few sound shout.

He did not limbs, the spiritual power in Yun Sheng, the so attack. Each loud shout, Chen Qingqiu all feel a burst of strong spirits flow like sliced ​​ax hit the pavement, do not lose power and influence crit. Vegetation mad shake, Xie Fei Lin Ye. Chen Qingqiu with still bleeding right hand holding the scabbard block a few times, among the tremor, palm wound came pain, but he did not dare to change hands, do not be afraid of him left clinging to the ice Luo people will fall out!

Even if a person was whittled stick, old Miyaji spiritual power has no weak points. No wonder begonias to rely on him. Positive thought, suddenly the old Miyaji long roar, repair Ya sword scabbard came very light cracking sound, the end is not obstructed.

While a strong hit, Chen Qingqiu is back to overturn. Lift down the way he turned around to oneself for pads, Luo did not let the ice fell to the ground, and his weight is the weight of seeing stars.

Old Miyaji finally not howl, begonias pushed him slowly closer.

He subsided for a while, looking down arms around Los glaciers Chen Qingqiu:. "Your idea is really to defend him."

Chen Qingqiu thought, if Los ice awake, but their fear is not so guarding him.

Old Miyaji said: "Why do not you have the spiritual power to fight back Could burnout??"

Chen Qingqiu did not answer, ray ray small Bai Xu flew, will soon pale cheeks stained Los ice, he gently blowing, Bai Xu Xie Fei out crooked.

This is the old Miyaji thought he resigned performance to be dead, no longer ignore, eyes turn pour in Los glaciers quiet sleeping face.

He is more than just roar, like the appearance of being wiped out, suddenly disappeared, emerged in a daydream of the state.

Chen Qingqiu: "......"

The expression ...... very wrong ah.

Old Miyaji journeying looked a long while, exclaimed:. "Asleep, he is most like"

His eyes hairy crawling up and down, if he has a hand, be sure to touch the face to the Los ice. Chen Qingqiu micro feel nausea, involuntary head to Los glacier clinging to the arms with a belt. They now Los ice snuggle him, my head against his chest posture.

Shenqing Qiu Chen Sheng said: "You see, this is not the Soviet Union yugao."

Perhaps the name awakened the old Miyaji, he fiercely authentic: "if able to obey,Power, status, magic flower house, what I would not pass him? But why one of the two, are ungrateful. ungrateful! "

Roaring consecutive dozens ungrateful, he suddenly looked a turn, softened, hum said: "yugao come ...... ...... ...... Master let me ......"

Old Miyaji plunged into blurred, slide down along the mouth saliva, begonias quietly back, cheeky disgust of color.

Chen Qingqiu under sharp mind, a sense of nausea increasingly strong.

No wonder the old Miyaji have been good for some strange Los ice. No wonder the Soviet Union yugao obviously his most beloved disciple, the results of the magic flower palace but without nostalgia, said rebel apprenticeship door, rebel apprenticeship door, turning back with the Devil youth Shuangsushuangfei go.

This "love" with obscene about it. Miyaji old Los ice ages, certainly found a shadow of previous years Disciples from him, the Soviet Union yugao morbid possessiveness extends to the Los ice body, delusion to train him to become obedient good baby.

But to see him this mad state, I am afraid that his successor to Los ice that simple. "Obedient" far more than the literal meaning.

He should not blame the Los ice cut adult pig.

Chen Qingqiu Luo single-handedly covered ice of the head, his face pressed against the side of their chest, do not let the old Miyaji continue obscenity at him. Intolerable: "You Enough!"

Can not see a face, the old Miyaji facial muscles at once collapsed under convulsive twitch a while, his eyes overflowing resentment, suddenly opened his mouth.

But he did not call out the sound. Two protruding eyeballs out, the whole people suddenly set into a stone.

Chen Qingqiu hold your breath for a moment. Old Miyaji throat grunt, bloodshot whites thick climb up.

I could not move.


finally come!

So when he really sucker Father, beaten fight back do not know it? !

When he really dragged more than individuals can not be weak to face pops fan fan back? !

Begonia alarmed: "how?"

She seems to sword, Chen Qingqiu said:. "Autumn girl, advise you one, do not sword, do not frivolous spiritual power, unless you think like him."

Go to the front of begonias puzzled old Miyaji, "ah" scream out loud.

Between the old Miyaji goes old face, the wrinkles between the dense, covered with green granulation, it seems unbearable pain, not only could not move, could not speak to.

Begonia warble: "What did you do?"

Chen Qingqiu said: "I did not do anything but do not forget, this is in someone else's tomb inferno you think there will be no protective measures.?"

Floating in the air and blow away like dandelion-like Bai Xu, it is a kind of plant Devil, "Qingsi."

This plant will be the living creatures who sow, and in particular are attracted to people of divergent energy. Reiki or tamper with magic gas, putting the seeds are sucked body. This is also the reason Chen Qingqiu just trying to stick to melee without the use of psychic powers.

"Qingsi" into the meat, no pain slightly itchy to flesh out the soil, once germinated, broken skin out, each an inch long tear flesh is dug blood pain. And the more dynamic spiritual power grow faster dare crit, while soaring, and instantly be able to germinate.

Old Miyaji just been attacked with a roar, the Spirit flows converge in the head and throat,Now his face covered with granulation. Granulation stems look the vascular surface with a micro thin hair, subcutaneous entered the root still long, long been closely connected with the nerve.

Chen Qingqiu Gee said:. "Old Miyaji never stop yelling, or else violence Qingsi long, long into the brain, it can be really on the powerless."

This scene both disgusting and frightening, begonias mouth and shaking for a while, could not, eyes over the pages, fainted.

A I could not move, not a consciousness. Win!

Chen Qingqiu relieved, holding Los glaciers struggling to stand up.

Old Miyaji muscle tension, vaguely said:. "Do not get too excited, you are not much better."

Just say a few words, his face twisted with pain, his face granulation followed opt tremble.

Chen Qingqiu Oh cry response.

From the right arm to shoulder, he climbed the depth of flesh and blood, hysterical pain.

I just came in to block the two swords, forced to spend too spiritual power, and now finally followed sprouted.

But, fortunately, this did not finally pit Los ice.

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