The Scum Villain’s Self-Saving System

By Mò Xiāng Tóngxiù

Chapter 56 Guanzhong person

Chapter 56 Guanzhong person

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Chen Qingqiu suddenly opened his eyes.


His heart pounding, eardrum appears to have followed the beating.

To see in the end is black was pitch-dark, or are you blind, Chen Qingqiu really out of the dark. Not stretch far, the fingertip hard barriers encountered. Chen Qingqiu groping slowly looked up.

Touch for a while, probably had a heart at the end. He is now living in a narrow internal space, like being put in a stone box of a rectangle.

Patted cliff, cold, smooth and delicate texture, visual inspection is a kind of marble. With some spiritual force survey, not too thick, should not exceed four inches.

He touched for a while, put gas breath, suddenly force, psychic shock, bombers palm shoot in the middle of the cover on top of the stone.

He shot three times in succession, the dark stone with a loud bang crack apart. The influx of a large number of fresh air, Chen Qingqiu suddenly sat up, sniffing a few mouthfuls, only to find nothing new, as for many years to poorly ventilated air, and very thin. Then looked down, he actually lying in a coffin.

The rectangular box-like stone, is actually an exquisite carving, the species Ying white jade sarcophagus.

His coffin edge push the button, jump out.

Looked about, he is standing in a dimly stone room, that opening is H flying stone coffin lid in the center of the supply station. Shishi irregular corners piled with dust matter what, weapons, gems, letters, bottles and jars, and recent Daoqiangjianji coldness and jewels beneath a thick layer of dust, faint light color transfer.

Look around, the walls are painted Dance Macabre, surrounded on all sides.

Chen Qingqiu a slap shot in the forehead.

You can not go wrong. Here we are absolutely forced shrine.

He has not digested the information, inadvertently bow, another message has been hit.

This is not the sun and the moon ...... body Revlon Chi molded flesh. This is Chen Qingqiu original body!

Shrine has revived students of the law, that is not fool people. Look at the situation, it was mostly the bodies of the Chen Qingqiu smuggled into the interior of the shrine, it launched evocation battle formation. Life and life to his new body on a pull back.

Inferno shrine is forbidden, ancient supreme rulers behind place to live in, did not reach this height position, into the die. While Chen Qingqiu came in a dead man, then the soul possessed, be drilled a loopholes have an opportunity of a sightseeing tour.

Los Ice said he spent five years fixes this body of spiritual pulse, is actually true. Chen Qingqiu tried, spiritual power and smooth operation intact. As for the "no solution", there is no sense of Zhise, I do not know if I have to be based.

Lu Hua Chi flesh once molded into a soul, has been pulled out, will quickly wither necrosis. Los Ice moment before he also was beaten, and now I am afraid to be his withered flesh into slag slag scared half to death of it.

Chen Qingqiu conscientious farmer planted so many years of Revlon Chi, so wilt. Wilt!

Chen Qingqiu being anxious to wringing system "trained, enjoin" sent a message:

[Tips: You have now entered the scene "shrine." "Fill the hole" mission has been published. Please enthusiastically attack, seize the initiative. ]

Chen Qingqiu "Oh."A cry, continue to squat.

System: [Please actively attack, seize the initiative. ]

Chen Qingqiu not move. System: WARNING: Please enthusiastically ...]

Chen Qingqiu: "I know know Go, go!!"

Chen Qingqiu egg endless pain and walked outside the tomb. Walking and recalled shrine copy of the original.

Devil houses harboring underground mausoleum was built on the ground, in short, are all customs and anti-human world to come and. Not only mausoleum in numerous organs, very dangerous, more numerous Shou Ling Monster, hidden in the dark.

But for brain penetration magic sound system, Chen Qingqiu knock before running out of medicine looked out at the ramp where!

Ramps very dark, you can not use Chen Qingqiu fire tactics. Hold your breath, silently walked toward the front.

Soon, the ear float a trace of lingering sound of heavy breathing.

He said to be breathing, in fact, more like a dying man's sigh.

Chen Qingqiu will be determined stand.

So fast. coming.

Darkness, slowly emerged a slender Neilingding shadow. Then, second, third, followed, disembodied spirits generally drifted down slowly.

These shadow step, Akira Sanko, closer and closer. Chen Qingqiu quietly, the body side opening, into the slowest breathing rate.

The lowest level, met one of the largest Shou Ling Monster chance, blind corpse.

Blind corpse name has a "blind" word, in fact, the long eyes did a little, but other than a monster several pairs long, crowded on the face, nausea and adventures.

But the eyes are numerous, but essentially futile. Most of the time, just illiterate blind corpse, wandering all day patrolling the shrine where inefficiencies. Their eyes are many and large, can be degraded very powerful. But strong perception of light, even a faint reflection, can also be captured quickly.

Once captured, they steep turn style, instinctively light source ferocious attack. At that time, I could not walk the line up slowly ramp where this faster.

This monster, separate out, is not terrible, terrible, and it often appear together thing.

Chen Qingqiu such a thought, a blind crooked leaned over the corpse, he staggered sideways one.

Then, abruptly, darkness, lit a faint fire. This thread is a quiet green flames, getting brighter, according to a ramp has become green color.

That was about to pass a few blind corpse suddenly turned around, every face are inlaid with at least three pairs of bloodshot eyeball huge sellout, peering staring at a stone's throw of Chen Qingqiu.

, Which is really tender the tender spot Damn!

Chen Qingqiu is fast, the flash to the next second end of the ramp, where he flash to, where it illuminates a faint green, his stature figure shone undetected. He quickly stimulated by light blind dead faster!

Die candle!

Chen Qingqiu knock a few pouncing blind corpse,

This candle with strangers and breathing gas as fuel, once close to living creatures, will spontaneously ignite. It sounds like a small thing can take swindling, but when it is dead and blind with the use of time, the effect is simply Armageddon brutal!

Think about it, if the shrine was coming into the intruder, go where, have to breathe, he breathing, will light a candle,Flutter immortal, pinch finish, the whole shrine are likely to be placed in any corner of the die candle. Hordes of blind rushed to embrace the whole corpse. Till I die, the candle will gradually go dark. Die die, die candle made this name is really good!

For example, now, more and more sensitive to the blind and the corpse has been filled with ramps!

Chen Qingqiu rushed out of the ramp, get into a tomb. This style is much more spacious, central high for the coffin. He vaulted into, Yixian, no tilt, make another, heavy sound, can still motionless, even greater than he just lay that sarcophagus made much harder. Chen Qingqiu thought, could there be someone up there? ! He knocked on the coffin lid: "you can borrow for the time being to avoid a no?!"

He was just brain pumping, who knows Qiaoliaoliangxia, which is really a sound transfer.

That obviously sounds emitted from the coffin, but clear as in the ear, not at all stuffy, as if with a smile: "Please help yourself."

FML! ! ! Fraud dead ah! ! !

Chen Qingqiu erect. Leg sweep, sweep down a few dead blind rushed sarcophagus. Has turned down two steps sarcophagus, hit a record top overturned crit.

Gravel rolled down. Chen Qingqiu see loose play, continue to play mad. Zenith is best to fight collapsed, he ran out in disarray, the blind dead corpse and fraud are all buried in the big rocks!

Among the melee, suddenly came the gloomy sound of hissing from the tomb Dianwai.

Chen Qingqiu looked up, as if Dianwai lit a bright yellow two lanterns, a good gold spiked brass bell big eyes, facing the side of the middle of a vertical line of the pupil, ferocious extraordinary.

Blind corpse crowd heard the voice, as if by an invisible deterrent to stop biting flutter wrapped, shrink from the shoulders down, Chung heap, shivering.

A pair of big eyes blink twice, and Chen Qingqiu straight in the eye for a while, suddenly disappear. Shortly after, from Dianwai turn into one person.

Chen Qingqiu come to see, is not surprising, called out:. "Lang"

Bamboo Lang slipped.

He touched his nose, though depressed, still rude, smiled and said:. "If Shen Xian Shi is willing to so called, also feel free to it."

Chen Qingqiu: "The dome of the house to steal the corpse, is really you."

Wu Qing poison the whole body, mostly blue snake venom. I can not find the wound when the rough look of wood Qing Fang, because small snake teeth mouth, under the mouth is difficult to be found.

Bamboo Lang said: "the incident hasty, had such an unwise move, but also look Shen Xian Shi forgive people dare not offend Guipai door, just let them take a nap for some time..."

Chen Qingqiu coughed, "the incident hasty", referring certainly hsiunghuang he took the entire town of smoked bamboo Lang, also prodding people to ride all the way thing.

Fortunately, bamboo Lang did not kill his disciples sky mountain camp, otherwise no matter finished. Chen Qingqiu said: "You put me in the shrine recall, can be considered solved my dilemma now before a ...... Devil You want me to come, and now I'm here, what is the purpose, you can say it.?"

Bamboo Lang said: "One of the reasons already explained Shen Xian Shi drip grace, the smallest favor As for the two, not the next Shen Xian Shi recalled ...... or directly ask the king on the good..."

Chen Qingqiu said: "Good day Lang Jun people do.?"

Lengleleng bamboo Lang, said: "I thought, Shen Jun Immortal and has played a face to face."

Played face to face?

Chen Qingqiu bow looked at the mouth of the sarcophagus.

Is that fraud dead inside ...... ...... is the day of Lang king? !

Strictly speaking, there is no fight "face to face" Well? !

He just did not pry for a long time to pry open the coffin lid than tremor, slowly slide open automatically. From inside a person to sit up slowly.

The man to catch a coffin along the elbow, Ceshou smiled and said: "Lord peak quiet, Jiuyang ah."

Chen Qingqiu shocked.

...... This family interests, although widely used, but also serves the same purpose, are the general style Qing Qi. Son likes to hug the body, like father lying coffin. Blood Omen Department, is not the same clothes!

Luo Xi Yan Su glacier looks resemblance mother, how much may still be able to find his father's shadow on it. Such as the eyes.

Lang Jun deep eye contour day, Mei Feng handsome, black pupil such as pools, this Los ice with him is very similar. Even if the ice Luo eyes like his mother, and that it is feminine looks overdone, but bad.

As another example, a smile. This father and son smile, let Chen Qingqiu kind of indescribable feeling ...... not good.

Chen Qingqiu cautiously said: "I do not do the main peak for many years."

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