The Scum Villain’s Self-Saving System

By Mò Xiāng Tóngxiù

Chapter 51 filled pit

Chapter 51 filled pit

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The sound of tearing flesh.

There are dumb Canhu.

Chen Qingqiu by tight temples, the immediate scene gradually clear up.

A sea of ​​blood.

Shidui a mountain.

Los ice standing just like infernal scene, standing woodenly.

He was wearing a Xuanyi, not on the red dye, can be cheap on the side cheeks bright red color, and coldly mechanical hand from the sword down.

Chen Qingqiu Leng Leng looked at the screen picture.

He originally saw Los glacier, the brain will automatically come to him holding his body rolled off the bed roll ball on the appearance of creepy, just stay away immediately. But now, even the avoidance of thoughts were shocked to light up.

Glacier in Los actually killing their dreams of creation. Take this with a steel knife into his own brains in the mix basically no difference.

If not mentally retarded ignorance, only a madman talent such a thing!

Although Chen Qingqiu likes to say Los ice is m shaking like self-flagellation, self-flagellation can to this extent, he dry laughing anyway.

Los ice looked up at him, eyes Hunhundundun, just like a delirious look. Can clear up all of a sudden his eyes, and immediately put aside the hands of the sword, throw far.

He bloody hands to hide behind, whispered shouted:. "Master"

Then, suddenly remembered his face with blood, wiped the blood with his sleeve to remedy the general side of his face, the result of more friction the more dirty, like a child stealing things have been discovered on the spot, the more uneasy.

Chen Qingqiu barely calm down, said: "...... what are you doing?"

Los Ice whispered: "Master, I ...... I lost you again disciple useless, even your body can not hold.."

Chen Qingqiu look complicated.

So he just slaughtered dreams of creation, be ...... self-discipline?

No wonder he was not even the illusion of Los ice product or outside intruders are not aware.

Chen Qingqiu is I did not expect, Los glaciers have been to this point. He is now like this, with no difference between crazy.

Luo looked at this skill level of the ice, I am afraid that is not the first back so dry. Chen Qingqiu not bear far more than simply trying to say is a sin.

Chen Qingqiu sighed involuntarily slowed down the sound, comfort:. "Lost, then lost it."

Los Ice stared at him, said:. "...... I can only now that the"

He really is five years are holding a corpse, a empty shell over it? !

Los Ice voice suddenly cold down: "After spending on the city, I said never again in this life will lose the Master, can let others taken away."

Deep-seated hatred and pupil dark red as revealed. He was called to put aside the sword dancing, a few "people" dying to the ground through bore through. Bursts miserable voice, the Chen Qingqiu subconsciously hold him, reprimanded: "!?! You Freeze in a dream that you know is in self-mutilation."

Los ice certainly would not know, this is the enchantment of his own creation.

He was staring straight Chen Qingqiu, according to the backhand on the back of his hand, and realized it said:. "I know I'm dreaming only in a dream, so you will call me Master."

After listening to this sentence, Chen Qingqiu suddenly wake up.


You can not do this to Los ice.

If you do not mean that kind of a person, we should not give him hope. I hope the greater the disappointment, confusion continues, even frenzied probability is greater. Even in a dream, procrastination should not be so sentimental.

When the break is broken, and then go on to become intertwined the Turn of the Screw. Chen Qingqiu decisive withdraw hand, is a positive face, put on repellent power faces turned away.

Los throw off a glacier, Dailiaoyixia immediately catch up, he said:. "Master, I admitted the mistake."

Chen Qingqiu said coldly: "Do not come to know are wrong!"

Los Ice urgent: "I would have regretted it, but has been unable to say to you, you get angry spirits I forced you blew it I have the body of Master spiritual pulse are all repaired, and no deception.? ! As long as I can enter the shrine ...... must be a way to make you wake up again. "

Chen Qingqiu did not answer, I thought was not the punch thrown his forehead a few in mind crit to beat him awake, Los ice can suddenly rushed up from behind the circle around him, holding firmly, refused Sapo roll let go.

Chen Qingqiu he hugged stiff and seemed to be a furry rub, just staring down vertical, hands Yunjin, but still did not really play up, teeth out one word: "Go!"

Well, I do not say to go the route of the plight of the black after ah! Do not tugging back and forth!

Los ice turned a deaf ear, said: "Master or gas is sworn city matter?"

Chen Qingqiu said: "Yes."

Los glacier partial refused to let go, murmured: "When just seamless back out of the abyss, you know Master inferno China announced that I was killed, previously thought it was Master relented, after all, to keep the situation a bit to read, not I would like to ruin. Who would have thought a meeting, look at the attitude of the Master, I am afraid I originally thought so beautiful, I'm afraid for my Master hide, just think to teach a devil, ruining the Qingyu. "

He spoke pitiful, sentence by a rushing pouring it out, as if afraid he would not let Chen Qingqiu rudely interrupted continued, and said:. "Sower people are really not my arrangements I was confused before gas is let the Master was thrown into dungeons ...... I knew it was wrong. "

If the reality of Los ice, probably will not have time so gushing. Probably only made for himself in his dreams, he dare ramble. At such times one pushed him, as finally clinging to a driftwood, sad little girl crying about face slapped a slap in the face, somewhat cruel.

Chen Qingqiu is too harsh, but also feel absurd.

What are you scheming to escape than one person escaped so many years, finally found that people simply do not want to kill you, but you want to get more ridiculous? Although both are killed exercise, the results are the same, Chen Qingqiu will Pinlelaoming ran.

One can not imagine to see, hold for five years corpse. Another is shunned, still feel that see a lot more.

He started stiff, lift and fall, clenched and released. Finally, or sigh, touched sinking is higher than their heads.

Chen Qingqiu thought: "Damn, really lost!"

Take one kind of horse male host Diablo series, let alone now harem, chances are others still a virgin it.Put their own mess like this pair, he supplemented knife, it seems too kind. Chen Qingqiu still lost selling single-handedly wreck of Los glaciers, as well as his compassion.

Los ice immediately s prediction of his hand.

Phase place, feeling slightly rough palms Los ice, Shen Qingqiu closer look found that turned out to be a sword wound.

Chen Qingqiu originally did not understand, so many wounds on his body how it is, then all of a sudden can think up. City night will be sworn, when Los ice with him all the way to play cat and mouse play, and finally grabbed him and stabbed his own sword. At the time, Los glaciers are a direct hand grabbed repair Ya sword blade.

As for his chest near the wound at the heart, even more should not forget that it was prickly when Sin Chen Qingqiu Union Congress forced him to go on.

As if to stab himself every Los ice, he never escaped, he has always been not flash not avoid, positive meet, stabbed him and let him cut. Because of this, I did not think twice Chen Qingqiu really stabs him, but had stabbed. After the cut is over, the wound is not to cure, but deliberately preserved.

If in the past, Chen Qingqiu also taken for granted that it was Los ice vengeful, time to leave the wound brush up hatred against him, but now, this behavior in the end what it meant, Chen Qingqiu can no longer deceive ourselves.

After reading a book so long, bringing up children, he had never found, Los ice turned out to be innocent boys. Soulful stallion gay this stuff for a change, actually behind the word immediately removed, now that he grow too crooked I do not know where to go to Los glaciers, the mind also delicate than the little girl, thinking too much, and shaking m easy to get injured.

They may, he is not never found, but he never thought of going to find. Ultimately, Chen Qingqiu or ice as the Los role of a book profiling, pattern, always take a distance, occasionally fondle attitude. Most of the time, are at arm's length. There is a sense of the strongest Los glaciers original, but in his eyes NPC aura heaviest.

Against this Los ice, Shen Qingqiu even do not bother to death, but it was really a bit of a loss. A single aspect dog for many years, finally someone like myself there is something there, the result is actually a man of his disciples 2 3 4 expression is the male a little abnormal.

What is the fan he woke up, he was just so mad crazy to go? Chen Qingqiu large head big head, but no longer hesitant to bite.

Since Chen Qingqiu for so long, the first time realized, "confused" how this sentiment makes egg pain.

After waking up, Chen Qingqiu opened his eyes, the top is a piece of white gauze.

Someone comes into the room, closed the door softly trot, said: "woke up?"

Chen Qingqiu rolled his neck, squinted to see the beads.

Lamp Man, look better next month, the man was really born a good appearance, mouth hold in mouth smile, Ming Chun party thing, especially the eyes, showing a gentle Smart gas.

Lake dew definitely brought out the eyes.

Chen Qingqiu wheels and a sit, ice falling from the forehead, the man stooped to pick up, back on the table, gave him for a new one.

Upon seeing this, Chen Qingqiu originally contained a lot about face in the mouth "who you are""You're trying to do" are embarrassed to say it, coughed, modesty and said:. "Thank you for your magic flower palace helping hand extended."

The young man stood at the table, smiled and said: ".. People have a word, drip grace the smallest favor Moreover, Shen Xian Shi grace to me, far more than dripping"

First, he really is Bailu Lin snake man.

Second, he knows that people are Chen Qingqiu shell underneath.

Chen Qingqiu tentatively asked: "? ...... days Lang Jun"

The reason why the ancient demons a pulse with a "day" because rumors, this one blood, Once upon a fall from Rumo.

Los descent than pure ice, in order to suppress the blood of demons lived Chen Qingqiu body.

So, the question came. Omen blood lines, had given the original name, Chen Qingqiu know, just two: Los ice, and his father. He can only guess who it.

But, Shibuguosan. Chen Qingqiu Up to now there is no error of law wonderful guess, finally hit a wall here.

The man shook his head and said: "I think on Shen Immortal will be captain, it is too flattering."

Hear "the monarch" word, Chen Qingqiu finally know what the role of.

Original An opening, day Lang Jun has been repression under the mountain. For a few years ago that a war, because the male and hanging with the force of the road stallion little to do, hit the aircraft to the sky briefly passing, saying only that "the enemy is not a lot of comprehension for community dean force siege, was suppressed in ×× under Hill, perdition, confidants general discrete casualties. "

What exactly ×× Hill Hill? Chen Qingqiu never good to think about this issue. Can then be stimulated, he finally remembered suddenly ×× is what the.

Lv, the dew mountain! ! !

Bailu Bailu Lin mountains! ! !

Chen Qingqiu looked up and down the man.

This is Los glaciers his father's "confidant general" ah!

Now look, he did not find the body has been completely deformed shadow of a snake man.

Chen Qingqiu swallowed throat, said: "? I dare you ...... your name."

The man politely: "The next day the king Lang seat, bamboo Lang."

His voice faded, the system came beep: [completion of the full story and character spectrum, B cell +300. Filled pit project started, B cell +100! ]

Chen Qingqiu suddenly took a while without inhibit the excitement.

"Fill the hole", referring to the absolutely original in that there has been no clear explanation behind yielded several killer pit father headless tragedy.

This, the most reason to Shen Yuan "haughty fairy magic way" of (one of) cast aside. After reading the article also made him the most wringing a great indignity gnashing of teeth!

Now, he did not start leads to positive appearances of the characters, and the system also opens the fill hole project. Is it, then, we must uncover the mystery of the truth of those giant pit of Babel yet? !

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