The Scum Villain’s Self-Saving System

By Mò Xiāng Tóngxiù

Chapter 43 whole end of the play the protagonist of Death

Chapter 43 whole end of the play the protagonist of Death

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Under that disciples at first glance, in fact, very ordinary. Mixed in among a bunch of flowers Magic Palace disciples, timid, eyes dodge.

Chen Qingqiu reason noticed him, because his face is a color, the color is a piece of neck, left hand and right hand, but also two different colors. Moreover, neither sword nor as angry relative shape, but could not be buried wipe collision between magic flower palace disciples, muddy like a opportunistic theft of pickpockets.

Cognitive Chen Qingqiu's only one person would be such a behavior.

Ming Fan anxious and said: "! Small junior sister apprentice junior sister apprentice how do you?"

Ning infants and infants froze for a long while, as if playing silly, then finally react, Tingjian fight back. Chen Qingqiu see next to a cat curled tail being lazy sun licking hair, a lift, and threw it toward the tavern in.

Frightened cat, scream, in two sets of human prowling, Chen Qingqiu head down, shouted, "Hold on sunspots!" To get involved in. Somehow got to a person, both startled hesitated. Ning afraid of hurting the innocent babies and infants, slightly hesitant start. Miyaji not Guannameduo small, retrieve the whip also how to play how to play. Chen Qingqiu while chasing old cat run around full house, while Luanhan mouth, "flowers", "gray" a bunch of garbage to that cat's name is Ann's head. Among the melee, rather obviously binding the hands of infants and infants not random moves, but always felt his elbow while being asked a handful of people, while giving the shoulders to push the beat, almost without her sword dance naked on the manipulation of random flash. Suddenly, the "flap" or two, extremely loud, small Miyaji cover the face, transfixed, froze.

Two sets of people all just rather see infants and infants and arm waving, footed dumped her two slap in the face, then invariably stopped the war.

Ming Fan cheer: "The junior sister apprentice, play well!"

Ning infants and infants with weak authentic: "...... No, I actually ...... not ......"

Ming Fan encouragement: "Do not be afraid, hit hit everyone knows, is her first hands we send sky mountain peak quiet, afraid of a magic flower palace not!.?"

Ning infants and infants: "No, I did not really ......"

Ming Fan: "quiet peak disciples beaten, absolutely have to double your money back!"

Chen Qingqiu heart cheer: Ming Fan This child is really promising, and right right right, I mean!

Miyaji small eyes tears in his eyes, Chen Qingqiu go into a magic flower palace disciple leaves, finally caught the cat bird screams bellowed straight, smooth hair while comforting one side and said:. "Good, not afraid of holding on you anyway what."

Even no matter how stupid, but also the look out wrong.

Miyaji holding small face, resentment at him: "!?? Hey you what kind of person would dare mocking at me"

Magic Flower Palace disciples surrounded him, shouted: "! Miyaji asking you."

Chen Qingqiu let go of the cat bent over, straightened up, pointing that were reduced in the final, sneaking disciples, said: "? Why do not you ask who he is."

All eyes focused immediately that person.

Miyaji was originally just a small corner of the eye swept away, who knows ever more wrong, Chen Qingqiu also temporarily gave up, turned his head to suspicion and said: "?? ...... Who are you why I have never seen you," she turned to under: "you do?Who knows him? "

That disciple see the situation is not good, shouting, people have turned the spearhead of him. Chen Qingqiu mention gas shouted: "Stay away from him!" Another twist in the hands of a leaf, Fanwan flick.

This is rather more than infants and infants, Ming Fan blades castration to see this, but also stunned. Aoba relying Emmanuel Jianqi piercing away, scratch that disciple, clothes, exposing the inside flesh come.

This time, everyone looks like hell in general have, again and again retreat, some of them are straight out of the wine shop.

Scarlet skin!

Chen Qingqiu exact a just speculation, in his perception, the only one who would be such a behavior.

Sower people disguised as ordinary people.

He was only exposed parts painted ordinary people of color, but no other place to do treatment, this time exposed, simply 破罐子破摔, eyes bloodshot, rushed forward as if to see who hug. These disciples are mostly younger generation, this monster only heard not seen, really appeared in front of all of them outside the soul flying. Chen Qingqiu see the sower who soon flew a quiet peak disciples who, dodge the former, Dangxiong kick, kick this thing was flying hit two tables, plus blood Kuangpen.

Chen Qingqiu back shouted: "do not go!"

Ning was laughing and crying babies and infants wraps to: "Master, what is the Master?"

Is not it fit into my beard so you recognize them? Although there is one small move, but this time do not take decisive but to stay and call out his identity - and she is still a little hard wisdom!

Seeing the sower and indomitable people leap out, Chen Qingqiu hand and spring-like warmth to the rather baby baby sent out, one hand like a winter cold towards the enemy pops up a fire tactics.

No bomb.

No, it did not pop up!

Chen Qingqiu that lurk in the body for many years Peak blood and throat ready for the.

There is no solution at this critical moment the ball dropped just like poison is really enough!

Hit consecutive several snap of his fingers, did a little pop up a sub Mars, like a lighter out of oil, Kacha cracking rub, rub literally no spark.

Chen Qingqiu being frantic, sower people have rushed in and hugged his thighs.

Chen Qingqiu: "......"

He subconsciously raised his right hand bird troubled. Sure enough, three erythema being happily take root.

unfair! Why every time he infected so fast!

Perhaps with anger as a fuse, the last snap of his fingers, and finally in the fingers bass ignite violence from a mass of flames. Chen Qingqiu kicked people clinging to sow his thigh, a fire burning Zhangpi go!

Sower man's body was lost in the fire and screams. Ming Fan Ning infants and infants and tearfully either side of the clip up: "Master!"

Now camouflage also lacks meaning, Chen Qingqiu hand while chaos wipe poking his face, to restore the original appearance, said: "? Does anyone infected." Then he spoke earnestly always wanted to talk to someone else's lines : "hastened to take medicine, drugs can not stop!"

A man and a woman in his ear, one high and one low-lying cry: "Master, can be considered to find you, how it was ah ......"

Chen Qingqiu not answer, suddenly feeling a cold spine, pushing two disciples, repair Ya sword exclusion from the clothes, the clang bang,Tiebian small fine grid lived Miyaji.

If the earlier peak and quiet of mouth, the small but fairly am angry ruler, the shot is really moved to kill. Edged short whip in her hand so as knifed ax.

Chen Qingqiu asked a question he had long wanted to ask: "What made you mad?"

Small Miyaji face with tears, cried and shouted: "You're a mischievous thief satisfied life to also my senior sister apprentice brothers to life!!"

Chen Qingqiu first thought it was crying Union Assembly magic flower fairy palace those disciples casualties, who knows the next one, small Miyaji screamed: "! You killed a senior public instrument, I'll kill you."

Ling Chen Qingqiu flow in the fingertips to rotate, two fingers pinched her whiplash.

He was extremely surprised: "What did you say public instrument Shaw died when the matter who did it????"

Even in the original inside, Xiao worst public instrument is just a magic flower was sent to the Palace of soy sauce in remote areas of the division go ah? !

Small Miyaji said: "? Who did that to ask you!"

Magic Flower Palace disciples gathered around Hula whole: "the culprits, for defense array senior Shijie Men dungeon revenge!"

Chen Qingqiu hearts cold. Dungeon keep array disciple, I am afraid the number will be nearly a hundred people, you are left out of the all-optical killed?

Ning infants and infants angrily: "? Tell you how this girl who can not tell, did not see Master do not know about it" quiet peak disciples once joined the melee.

Chen Qingqiu sword no eyes to see, let them go fight so there is no sense, no time to reflect, turning jumped wine shop, floating, dropped the sentence: "! Out"

Sure enough, the two parties are too busy fighting each other, chasing him scrambling to squeeze out.

A stop street, Chen Qingqiu speechless. The whole street, a large row of different color clothing the monks are standing by.

After all, wine shop just so much noise in the movement so much, not to be attracted to science is not quite right ......

Chen Qingqiu soles of the feet a little, flying body tile, standing firmly on the cornices, take a deep breath, powerful sound: "! Liu - Qing - Song"

Someone Sword sky, angrily said: "Chen Qingqiu, hello vicious heart, deliberately fled here, the Zhupai hands were cited over, as is the collusion inferno, where a clean sweep, a repeat of the original fairy Union Assembly tragedy? "

Anyway, what is the hat on his head, he did not buckle too many, right? ! Chen Qingqiu a closer look, it's not just that he send away to tear ...... what were the domineering head of clothes do? Want to talk to him to communicate about the east came Rui Xiao Jian Qi, a white person Sword, maneuvering to. Imposing too sharp, with a burst of unprovoked Gang Feng, lift straight down from these people on their own swords.

LIU Qing firmly stepping on the song by Luan Jian, he said: "what?"

Too unreliable Liu giant giant!

Chen Qingqiu sincere and said: "Take me to fly."

LIU Qing Song: "......"

Chen Qingqiu said: "I am toxicity another attack, I could not get gas Sword Sword reluctantly, only crashing down from the sky.."

LIU Qing Song sighed, and said:. "Up"

Under onlookers endlessly denounced what "sky mountain camp filth", "battle-peak peaks quiet complicit," two human rights when hear. By Luan sword one day the sky, the ear and the sound of fluttering, the number behind Sword dozen people are much Shuaixia.LIU Qing Song said: "Where to?"

Chen Qingqiu: "I have to go on the eaves of the tallest building in town a little later you take the trouble to help me stop a block these people.."

LIU Qing Song said: "What are you going into the water dungeon is how you escape the dungeon is you?."

Chen Qingqiu said: "...... right, that is idle."

Suddenly, LIU Qing Song shouted: "Jump."

Chen Qingqiu: "? What has not come yet."

LIU Qing Song: "There is something moving over here."

Chen Qingqiu apart from anything else, immediately jumped, Fu Shen set on a roof, LIU Qing Song of the Sword in the air came down Lianfan a dazzling, stopped the momentum strong by Luan, your breath and look somewhere. Chen Qingqiu also followed him to see.

Academics can laugh sounded behind him: "? Looking at where"

Chen Qingqiu spot almost a stagger.

The phrase "You wait!", Actually not just words.

Also, when Los ice is "lip service" of people over?

Actually run the risk of heart Maken also come back to bite catch him ...... This is how deep the resentment!

Rockwell looks just like the ice inside wrapped in a monstrous anger of the ice, a little on the open bomb, a stick on the ice.

He gazed at the two men, towards Chen Qingqiu slowly reached out a hand and said:. "Follow me."

Chen Qingqiu whispered: "Xiao public instrument is dead."

Los ice a stiff body.

Chen Qingqiu continued: "Magic Flower Palace dungeon defensive front disciples also died."

Los ice pupil seems to have flashed red.

He cold tunnel: "Anyway, I will not say what you believe is little mention of nonsense, ask again, but in the end you had to.?"

He stubbornly refused to withdraw the hand. Chen Qingqiu has not yet answered, surrounded by a dozen people suddenly airborne, they surrounded the Sword will be on top of the cornice, is headed by that name were domineering man. This time he footwall slightly heavy, like a sword on a horse tied up to prevent another was blown down, cried:. "Chen Qingqiu is ours, and others who also do not want to move to our domineering ......"

Los glacier suddenly Ceshou, shouted: "! Roll"

He did not even sword from its sheath pull out, but the whole body burst out of a layer of strong spirits flow, the presence of you all seem to have the ear tip whistle-ming, this time, several dozen people, without exception, both man and sword are thrown several feet away to.

Domineering disciples were caught in a real overbearing outrageous momentum, annihilated. The remaining lurkers are all intimidating.

This repair is so amazing black youth, before why he rarely heard the name?

LIU Qing Chen Qingqiu push a song: "Go do what you have to do!!"

Chen Qingqiu said:. "He does not have to give it to me!" 5: 2 ah 5: 2, this data can not forget him, he called LIU Qing songs just want him to help me playing trash, by the way just in case, can not let him to die!

But this is definitely not a war when both meaning the sky is willing to take the role of listening to people talk, Yiyanbuge, no, is a word unknown, they fight. By Luan Jian Shi such as Changhong, Los ice but no sword in the hands of spiritual power operation set to edge into the palm, face should hit!

Chen Qingqiu know why he can not sword. Master duel can not tolerate a hint of relaxation, this time most likely to be swoop. Under the eyes magic gas invaded the brain, killing big hair,Consequences not easy. Los ice body actually has two cultivation systems, a set of Reiki, a magic gas, because mestizo mixed success enough, two systems interfere with each other, each functioning well, when necessary, but also left and right are two different attacks together shout . But now the first, he can not sword, second, he was not with magic gas mass destruction would be a discount, and LIU Qing song is actually battle a draw.

Cornices loud thunder, Bai Qi total Emmanuel explosion, fighting is so intense, the following parties monks are not dare to insert.

No greater insight not wink rookie novice can see, the two men were steaming murderous rub in a little, that's not the fun!

They play so intense, in fact, Chen Qingqiu seem to have some itching, but for which no solution is not too little slut attack, he also wanted to play on a dozen. Right now is not the time to do nothing too. Squinting his eyes to heaven, counting the hour is approaching, and vaulted into the top of that layer. High altitude winds whistling, as if he can blow off in general.

Los glaciers far looked at, a sudden burst of anxiety, uninterested, and renewed hostility eyes, covered with a backhand behind the sword hilt.

How dare he sword here? !

Chen Qingqiu said: "Los ice, you do not impulse!"

Los ice snapped: "! Late 'wrist flip, heart Maken buttressed by a surge of visible gas resorted to steaming black!

By Luan sword from piercing, Los Ice Maken mind on that flimsy blade gently a bomb, as if trembling meaning diffuse out from wave after wave, riding a phoenix life and actually stopped in mid-air.

LIU Qing song never encountered such a situation by Luan lose control, stunned for a time conceal. Chen Qingqiu but knew the situation was serious.

Los really want ice demons back to bite now, and these do not have to live, if he do not what the main man!

He drew his sword repair Ya, said: "Los ice, you come today is to do a break up."

Los ice rise, overcast look at him, the next moment, he flashed stature in front of him at a distance of less than three feet, and then a show of hands, the opening of a enchantment, covering over the entire roof, the others are isolated off.

See Chen Qingqiu took a step back, look distorted Los glaciers laughed: "How do you break up a break you and I, now is it still broken so clear???"

Unclear how off?

Chen Qingqiu light breath, though Wojian in hand, but did not want to clash meaning. In fact, he took the sword can not do anything.

He said: "By now, I have nothing to say, can only say, really, the day Mingnan Wei."

= Destiny system, the main system M →.

Los Ice laugh: "? What is the destiny destiny is either a four year old child being bullied but no innocent people lend a helping hand to make a mad old woman was beaten to starve to death???"

He say, one step closer with a vengeance: "Let me grab something to eat with a dog or let me give enough cordial treat people deceive me, abandon me, betray me, my own hands to push down the place of purgatory is better? ?! "

He said: "Master, now you see me, you know I'm in the ground that three years is how over it?"

When "the seamless abyss, in three years, my every, every moment,Had in mind all Master. "

"I'm so long, finally want to understand."

Among the Luo Glacier smile, as much meaning ferocious.

"Heaven, or it does not exist, or is this something to be trampled in the soles of the feet!"

Sun in the sky, but also the last vestiges of clouds dissipated without a trace, the sun □□ bare crossing over the whole city, brilliant glow, as if pure gold over the spill.

Chen Qingqiu to look to recover from the sky. Because look at the sun, it seems actually feel some flicker of tears.

All in all, Los ice to this point, he really has a great responsibility. Although it is a last resort.

Los glacier to see him look suddenly soft down, not startled by startled. At the same time, a sense of severe headaches suddenly up. He clenched his teeth have the potential to break free of heart Maken.

No. At least not in here, is it backfire!

Chen Qingqiu suddenly softly: "Do not let it suppress over you."

Listen to this soon, it seems like exposure, especially on quiet year peak.

Los Ice increasingly unstable mind, the brain seems to be cutting edge churning, heart Maken slips black flame Sheng. The ferocious, Los ice being unbearable pain, a sudden feeling of being gently ring live.

A surge of spiritual power as thousands of miles of dike collapse is, as the flood swept Los poured into ice body, an instant his forcible reduction of hostility demons put out, as if the storm rain after a long drought.

Los ice breath smooth, error-free operation, but satisfying instant cold.


Everyone has someone next aghast out loud: "Chen Qingqiu blew up!"

Luo Shen Qingqiu open ice, and slowly stepped back, staggered a bit on the way.

Repair Ya Kensaki fall down. Blew the owner has spiritual power, in person at the sword, the air had been cut off several.

Chen Qingqiu there is always the pharynx to the stomach blood habit, but at the moment let blood Kuangyong.

After the burst of spiritual power, he is not as good as useless even ordinary people a voice floating, the wind went to the half. Los ice still hear real.

He said that: "In the past many, today together back to you."

Be the last good thing to do it.

Then, to back down, falling down from upstairs.

Los ice originally just looked blankly, everything in his eyes at the moment, have been slowed down countless times. Even Chen Qingqiu fall the moment are slow movements, very clear. The whereabouts of the body in the air, as if a bloodstained kite. Los Ice own body until the first move up ahead of when he landed the catch, he found him, Chen Qingqiu body light and thin, empty with no trace of spiritual power, really like a kite, a tear on the bad.

Even without tear, it has been scattered.

He did not dare to believe.

Master not hate his descent it?

Why should not hesitate blew spirits to help him neutralize the bite heart Shadowbane?

Four weeks seems that someone yell "Satan Fuzhu" stuff "severing" and the like.

Los Ice mind Hunhundundun, just hold Chen Qingqiu, muttered cried: "Master?"

Quiet peak disciples finally arrived, Ning Luo Yingying had heard that the dead glacier, suddenly see a delight, you can already look calm eyes of Chen Qingqiu. Then head to the mouth turned a corner children, quivering: "The Master Alor ...... ...... how he was?"

LIU Qing Song of the way, but also with blood on his lips, sullen and said: "! Thoroughly dead."

Disciples transfixed.

Suddenly, Ming Fan shouted: "Who killed?!"

All eyes are gathered in Los ice body.

Although strictly speaking, can not be regarded Los glaciers kill, can Chen Qingqiu really blew himself up in front of him, this is the truth.

Ming Fan and his disciples behind a sword will die, LIU Qing Song said: "You can not beat him."

Ming Fan crimson eyes: "Liu Shishu, that Liu Shishu always kill him, for the Master revenge, right?!"

LIU Qing Song faint authentic: "I beat him."

Ming Fan choke.

LIU Qing wiped the song, said:. "Chen Qingqiu not a homicide."

"But, for him, though not killed, but it is to die for him." LIU Qing Song of a single word, like a sword scabbard: "Cichou must be reported!"

Los ice deaf, confusion, loss, still holding Chen Qingqiu rapid cooling down of the body, as if thinking out loud call, shake vigorously, but did not dare, fear of scolding general, Nana said: "? Master"

Ming Fan shouted: "You do not call the Master, quiet peak can not afford Shidi Men, on us, but how to play, and most were killing him!!"

Ning infants and infants but bayan stopped him. Ming Fan shortness of breath hearts and minds, rather that infants and infants also remembered old friends, denounced: "?! Small junior sister apprentice, are now, how do you still carry clear it."

Ning infants and infants: "You shut up so you catch on to die, Master he know he knows how to say Master would prefer to be infected would not let us lose bullied, you do so at life.??? "

She suddenly stiffened, Ming Fan shocked, long while, tears streaming down.

He tears flow of Qi, desolately authentic: "But ...... this is the case, Master also too innocent ......"

"Obviously he did not, everyone has to say that he colluded inferno, shut him into the dungeon ...... even the chance to clarify are not."

He choked and said: "Well obviously love this kid ...... After cents Union Assembly, refused to Zhengyang sword back to Wan Jianfeng, have to keep myself in the mountain Li Jianzhong ...... sad for a long time ...... Finally we come to this fate! "

Los Ice trance listening to, it seems like real magic.

Is that right?

Master is actually very sad ......?

Ning baby baby stepped forward, eyes red, but smooth tone. She said: "Alor, Quinlan city things, although we are not there, but I have heard do not know why you did not die back to the mountain sky, no return peak quiet, do not know why you do not help the division. Zun speak, but do not know at the time what happened cents Union Assembly, but Master for many years cultivated grace of parenting, not always fake. "

Paused, then she said: "If you think, Master ever bad for you, but also think about it, you lost something that day jade brothers somehow they were repulsed, you should have thought about his thoughts wrong place. . Ye Fei pick flowers can make weapons, small facilities punishment, there will be no second person on the quiet peak. "

Ye Fei pick flowers? Ye Fei pick flowers?

Los ice involuntarily hugged Chen Qingqiu.

His small channel: "I was wrong, Master, ...... I really knew was wrong."

"I ...... I did not kill you ......"Baby baby rather loudly: "Master ever made to do this even if you have a place to live, you really make life difficult for the heart that Kaner, today can always be returned to you along with all of it from now on to.? after you ...... "

Here she was, or could not bear, turned away: "Or you ...... do not have to call him the Master."


Yes. Master said that just seems to be "back to you."

Is he refers ...... previous years will lay the abyss, today's high-rise on falling for him?

Los ice panicked.

"I do not want you I ...... I was just gas, however,." He said to himself: "I am the air, but you see I'm like a ghost, Tanxiaoziruo with others, not even if I do not want to and more than that same old ...... I doubt I was wrong. "he stammered, said as he rubbed the blood Chen Qingqiu face,

"You do not like me inferno, you are bound people the right way, I'm just afraid to go back to the sky mountains, you will me out. I want to get our hands on the magic flower house, is not able to make you happy ......"

Los Ice warble: "Master ...... I really ......"

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