The Scum Villain’s Self-Saving System

By Mò Xiāng Tóngxiù

Chapter 42 melee

Chapter 42 melee

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Shenqing Qiu Chen Sheng said: "? ...... Xiao how the public instrument"

Logically speaking, the public instrument Xiao was exiled to barren territory has no future at all to keep the border, should be rolling after the thing in Los ice sheets and a small ruler.

But now the story has even hit the aircraft to the chaotic days of this dear father did not know the nature of what are likely to advance.

I can not wait until the ice Luo replied, Chen Qingqiu around faceless people began to be restless.

They had just foolishly Leng Leng, mentally retarded as callous crowd or doing their own thing at hand, but now he was the center began to slowly gather.

Chen Qingqiu squeezed in the middle, they can not directly blew open. Look at the Los ice, but he is also, brow furrowed, my hand on a forehead, no time to pay attention to other things, seems to suffer something invasion of the brain.

Chen Qingqiu immediately back to taste.


Most heart Maken opportunity to bite, trying to disrupt the Los ice sanity. He can not find any more energy to maintain the enchantment, the dream began to runaway.

Then do not go now, when!

Now Los ice can not be distracted him set up the trip, as long as the re-experiencing a fantasy, and to overcome the fear hidden, will be able to start the collapse of enchantment to break!

Chen Qingqiu stay away, Los ice looks a splitting headache, not any way to move, shouted: "?! How dare you try to take a step."

Chen Qingqiu consecutive dozen paces.

After the finish, back, yo said: "How?"

Los glacier looks soon to vomit blood.

He Yiziyizi from teeth Flaring: "...... You wait!"

Chen Qingqiu looked straight ahead, noble glamorous and authentic: "! Goodbye"

You make me wait for me on the other?

But not a sucker!

Chen Qingqiu aimed inter aside another shop, kick open the door, they jump into it.

Whether this time, it would be something, Chen Qingqiu are absolutely certain calm in the face.

At least, much more than the face of the glacier Los sure!

Behind the door was shut, all the noisy bustle of the outside world have been cut off as if a sword, instant dead silent.

Chen Qingqiu breathless, quietly waiting.

A long time, as if who lit a candle, quivering vision lit up. Chen Qingqiu a bow, and a strange yet also seemed familiar face standing face to face precisely.

He knelt in front of a thin physique boy.

Pale, chin Xiuqiao, dressed in coarse clothes, bent knees, a dejected posture, and his hands were tightly tied rough hemp rope.

This boy look almost dull, motionless, and Chen Qingqiu the eye, the pupil reflected in a black silhouette.

Chen Qingqiu with him intently in the eye.

This is definitely not his memory.

Can this face, and he has indeed exactly the same. But, less repair time and artistically honed, more Sentimental young men.

This is Shenqing Qiu, Chen Qingqiu are not available.

Must make it clear that if - this is Shen nine!

Chen Qingqiu suddenly sat up from the board.

After waking, he looked about, only to find himself lying in a waste Inside the residence.

It was already clear, white light from a dilapidated sash and paper paste spilled into the slot.

Yes, last night, he was a random walk through on the festival,Did not take long to find a really nobody old house. Intended only to take a break, but do not want an inattentive fall asleep, give Los ice caught in a dream.

If not Maken heart trouble, is not known to be playing ice to Los what time.

Before recall dreams collapse, that illusion was shattered Chen Qingqiu himself, he could not help musing.

Although the original goods and he was two different people, but now after all, using other people's flesh, how many will be affected by the impact point.

Last night he saw, when it should be "Chen Qingqiu" or "Shen nine", in memory of the hands of traffickers.

This can be regarded as cheating. Because now the Chen Qingqiu own, did not have the shadow of this memory, of course, do not spend the effort can easily break out.

Just one thing, he was quite concerned about.

At that time, Shen nine pupil reflected out a figure. However, this figure is not Chen Qingqiu.

In other words, Chen Qingqiu see the illusion is not complete.

This memory, there should be two people. In addition to Shen Nine, there is a "person", also on the scene. Shen nine eyes reflected out, is his shadow.

Unfortunately, Chen Qingqiu just about a closer look at that figure looks, enchantment was broken, he woke up.

Chen Qingqiu jumped down from the bare wood collapsed, unconscious touch him, clothes are finally still.

However, although the clothes intact, but he definitely did not want to wear it again!

Wear on the body there is a sense of threat at any time been torn off, ah!

Chen Qingqiu decided to "borrow" someone else's point of clothes to wear. Who knows, he just "borrowing" finished, the wall pulls out eaves, standing on the ground, a look back, you see a few people 大眼瞪小眼 glared at him.

...... really Yuanjialuzhai, a few miscellaneous pay homage last night to send his disciples yesterday met ah!

He also did not say a word, the other led by the man immediately lit weapons, agitated shouted: "!! Chenqing Qiu, you are indeed in this city today, let me domineering were disciples punish you."

Standard lines with wood there!

By the way cases are domineering What the hell, never heard of!

And what for good, yesterday was not that good of a magic flower Palace reward it? Face behind a set of interesting? !

Chen Qingqiu too lazy to struggle with them. Lovemaking session a few freshly baked spell thrown to spot a person posted a forehead, limbs stiff, even the chance to parry all.

Chen Qingqiu bad mood positive, then paste over, slowly made a "tear" in action.

The next moment, that several disciples found themselves moving up the body to lose control.

"You tore my clothes what?!"

"You also do not tear me?!"

"The older I'm sorry! I Kongzhibuliao my hand ah!"

Chen Qingqiu patted a plain white new change, to move forward without looking back.

And clothes is to make life difficult!

Not walk in the city, Chen Qingqiu discovered that really affected by a number of people wanted to spend on the city's influx.

Many monks have even pretended to not wear school uniform dress this color, posing as ordinary people can sit to street vendors, just to posture quite different from ordinary people. Please inform public opinion LIU Qing Xiao Song came instrument is very correct move. Even Los ice can not come in person,These different schools of monks if Longshehunza wrap to prevent him, enough annoying.

Chen Qingqiu think that this will not do, simply find a corner, his face painted yellow, then casually put up a few beard.

Repair ...... Ya sword wrapped in the clothes inside of it on the next grievances, fell a point setback is better than being pointed to shouting "ah! Look! Ya repair is a sword!" Is better.

Everything is ready, this slow back on the street.

Chen Qingqiu looked up at the sky, clouds thin soft color, like in gradually dispersed.

Barring unforeseen circumstances, noon today, is to be the best time.

He then a bow in front of the crowd, there is a slender white figure flashed, both fast and light, side Yan Junyi.

LIU Qing Song!

Bodyguard come! Chen Qingqiu eyes light up, just to catch up to, suddenly, came soon Jiaochi among aside from the wine shop.

"Mouth Buganbujing say?!"

Then, is a burst of shocked Bang bang bang Lang thwarted.

This delicate crisp sound, very familiar, Chen Qingqiu surprised a moment, can not help but stop and gaze is attracted in the past.

At this time, another girl grunted, and said: "? How, but also allowed people dare to say it is no wonder, sky Hill sent this scum, naturally ashamed."

The maiden immediately prior to speak retorted: "! Master would do such a thing is definitely not the person you off to slander."

Now he can speak to this girl, except infants and infants who else Ning.

Although Chen Qingqiu really wanted to go and look at LIU Qing song, but look here, the atmosphere right, tangle second, still afraid peak quiet disciple lose, for the time being stay, dodge potential aside, wait and see about that.

Among the wine shop on the first floor, obviously divided into two factions camp.

One side is Ming Fan and Ning infants and infants led his disciples after the peak quiet, all of them looking bad. The other side is a small ruler on his hips forward, Hengmeilengdui, behind the Palace of the magic flower disciples had weapons bright eyes more resentment.

Two girls, looks a show cause, a Rongse Shu Li, Tingting and right, even if the air is full of crackling sizzle of burning gunpowder, but the screen is also very seductive.

Los ice and fire in the backyard it! - No, even the quiet peak disciples have come! And with the Magic took a hit Palace, which should be the real Yuanjialuzhai!

Chen Qingqiu concluded that if he let go now gone, absolutely quiet peak suffer a great deal. You know, this little domineering ruler, but to the world in addition to Los ice on no one she dared to play. Maimed and wounded, but that she's entertainment!

Miyaji small hum: "? The kind of person that is not why he fled, but also ...... also ......?" Said bitterly teeth. Ning infants and infants retorted: "Master to do so, naturally has his own reasons, had no conviction, fled the operator what to say, was meant to blame you believe in magic flower palace, have to shut Master into the dungeon,? It will be referred to the point where today! "

Tear [beep -] The main reason is actually not a man but him! ? Although very moved, but Chen Qingqiu Hedeheneng!

At the same time, in his mind the kind of foreboding and more than diminished.

Magic flower palace and probably what happened. And look at this posture, new account, old scores are considered an even to his head.

Knee has been riddled the [Manual bye]Small Miyaji rage (in fact, Chen Qingqiu feel every moment in her rage): "As you say, we spend Magic Palace is to blame the outrageous?!!"

Ming Fan sneer: "You spend Magic Palace deaf blind people's eyes, but added the ability to importune class."

Chen Qingqiu shocked: quiet peak of a pulse-like disciples in the past have a submissive in front of him, are afraid to put a fart, so that chickens can not walk the dog, originally out of that mouth kinda play?

Miyaji small white with rage, suddenly look back, a shadow as if a snake, swim out from the sleeve.

I rub strips for a new whip!

Seeing finally broke, and had sat in a wine shop hug the guests are extremely quickly to withdraw out from Chen Qingqiu side were all surprised by the look of calm after time, it appears that people spend on the city long accustomed to seeing this a scene, a small two out even before also extremely skilled in column posted Zhang bill.

Small Miyaji Miyaji old daughter, after all, taught out of the effort, the wind sharp whip, a sword rather infants and infants left branch of the right duh, faint bit overwhelmed, Ming Fan would like to help, but how could not get into the circle go, only anxious. Chen Qingqiu seeing, pick that flower at the feet of the bottles in a leaf, fly out.

Egg soft Aoba full infusion of spiritual power surge, and fine iron whip collision, actually issued a harsh sound of the stone. Small Miyaji did not see, I just feel numb jaws of death had been an earthquake, get rid of the whip, fly out. Ning infants and infants also followed a moment.

Miyaji not a small weapon, can react fast, hand strength potential of a turn, turned into a slap fight in the past.

Snapped, rather infants and infants burst into side to side.

Your sister! ! ! ! !

Five fingerprints on Ning looked at baby baby cheeks, the cheeks are swollen half, Chen Qingqiu distressed dead.

I have not played the apprentice, you dare? ! ? !

Ming Fan sword and roared: "!! Go too far, we fight with them."

Quiet peak early disciples could not help the small junior sister apprentice was hit, may be able to? ! Then opt shout out loud, sword scabbard, sharp Jianguang.

This time Chen Qingqiu have a big head. Being tangled or not to continue stir together down, suddenly, his disciples took note of the magic flower palace group, there is one case, very wrong.

Chen Qingqiu stared at the man observed two seconds hearts thump sound, Anjiao not good.

This time I am afraid that is no way to go.

Author has to say: Thank you, mother GN grenades and water orli, small fruit garden, off-white bag, love the night, if Su Q, summer point, Bale and light with the dust V, Pippi Q, a small fire son, Sushi mundane Ji unparalleled, long days, such as water, water, mother mine!

"You wait!", That is, not joking ^ _ ^

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