The Scum Villain’s Self-Saving System

By Mò Xiāng Tóngxiù

Chapter 39 dark room 3.0

Chapter 39 dark room 3.0

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A well beaten cave walls potholes, Los ice before finally out enough gas.

He turned around, Chen Qingqiu idle state is still in the crowd.

Los Ice temple appears to have a blue veins jump a few times, his teeth and said: "I'd like to ...... watched, a month later, how you ruin!"

Thrown this one, he walked away from a vicious Zhangpi leave the cave mouth on the organ, and booming, curtain waterfalls. Chen Qingqiu sitting in place, looked at the sky.

Why so angry? It will not always feel wronged it.

Cam Ranh City this story, because the original timeline, this time the male should still leveling the ground, so there has not been so, God point of view can not be opened. Be original work, one thing is able to determine: that glaciers Los leveling is complete, return all the intrigue and after the killing ground, all can not avoid him.

So, how to think, he is the prime suspect.

At the same time, its glaciers Los people, only when it is necessary to camouflage, camouflage will bother. For a single hand can run over the ants, he generally did not fast talking interest.

Obviously now Chen Qingqiu = ants.

Chen Qingqiu do not want to figure out the.

Originally, he is not good at reasoning that category, and another month at most, will be able to Saya Zi Huan off the ground toward a new heaven and earth. Why think!

Swishing the female cave, cold winds, wet clothes close to the skin, to give Chen Qingqiu ice solidly shiver.

Los ice robe also thrown on the ground next to him.

Los glacier retreat Shuaixiu just that angry look, just let him see the point in the past the shadow of a small sheep.

In fact, although Los ice during peak quiet apprenticeship and never have temper tantrums when, let alone now so moody, but I could feel a bit like .......

Chen Qingqiu thought, or barely wrap your fingers around that piece in black, lounged around her go.

No way, not just his mouth too body integrity, but in front of Los ice, he did not do this action.

After each lovemaking session after the original Los ice is not on this dress for my sister draped it? !

In front of the man of the Lord, how he let go under the hand!

Chen Qingqiu found that as long as he wants to play a sitting meditation or what, there will always be a variety of outside interference. For example, in consonance that hole, another example of this dungeon.

Within two days, visiting three. He asked sequestration of this luxury preferential single is definitely a magic flower palace dungeon since the establishment of the popularity of the most prosperous!

Rock Road raised, water shut rot. Xiao rush through the well instrument Rock Road, Shen Qingqiu only read one, called foot would slip.

He stammered and said: "Shen ...... ...... Shen Shen predecessors, you ......"

Chen Qingqiu feel are different: "how do I?"

Xiao public expression strange instrument, watching the action, does not seem to know whether to turn around to avoid, hesitated to set in stone the outside, did not move. Chen Qingqiu down his eyes looking down.


After the split yesterday has been dressed in clothes Los ice jacket ah hua!

Public instrument Xiao hesitation: "That part seems to be ......"

Chen Qingqiu: "Well."

This response came Xiao public instrument,Busy also followed coughed, said: "Shen predecessors nice how these two days."

Chen Qingqiu said: "okay." Not so many people like to visit.

Public instrument Xiao said: "I heard yesterday was furious when ...... leave Los senior, the younger generation also worried that he would not do anything to sink their predecessors ......" His mouth spoke, his eyes involuntarily toward that float on the mantle piece.

Chen Qingqiu he can not help but to stare robe chest tightened.

What do ah? ! Temper tantrums have something to fight for a pass, hit the hole collapsed half of it. What is your eyes! Think too much juvenile!

Chen Qingqiu could not resist: "He is now in Los ice ...... magic flower house, what exactly is identity?"

Why is he still furious at not blame on someone else's site?

Xiao lengleleng public instrument, smile: ".. Younger generation could not say, however, there is little touches Keyiqueding Had he persisted in his refusal apprentice, and now I am afraid that position's first disciples, fail to get my head"

True Cana.

Chen Qingqiu infinite compassion, the people of their own stamp scar feels guilty.

Xiao public instrument Stern said: "The younger generation to come, there is still something important to master the main peak morning traffic Yaopai applied for, but was extended buckle down, do not know when to grant him seem in a hurry. let younger people come in with a letter. "said, reaching into the heart.

Letter FML!

And it is only skimmed off the two, or even a wax seal curse not increase.

Shang Qinghua, you cow!

Public instrument Xiao said: "The older generation Please be assured that I have read this letter."

It also assured the head ah? !

Xiao public instrument and then said: "But did not understand."

Chen Qingqiu secretly relieved. Well, it seems that he is misunderstood, Shang Qinghua will not be so large pieces, mostly used in the letter is a sign, even if the cut was not afraid.

Chen Qingqiu two fingers shook out the paper. A sweep in the past, the face was blue, read two lines face was white, and a variety of colors staggered flowering in the face, was bustling.

Chen Qingqiu: "......"

This letter is written in English.

And with Chinglish wrong ugly ridden written.

Full-fledged Chinese grammar, not words but also with the alphabet instead.

Chicory planes to the day you even considered in case I do not understand your toilet English how to do it? !

After even Mongolia with a guess about the meaning of this stuff, Chen Qingqiu a hand with interior strength, the paper broke into slag slag, like June snow patches of ground, as his state of mind at the moment vicissitudes.

It turned out he still underestimated the planes to the days of the chicory.

"Peerless cucumber pro-Kai:

All set, ready. Place unchanged. But there was a little accident on time. In order to let the sun and moon Revlon Chi mature as soon as I get something else to ripening, accidentally reminders too far, and now it has been cooked can not be cooked, and a maximum of one week to go rotten, so I hope you can take the magic out of the dungeon inside the palace as soon as possible. Rest assured that just a little bit of something similar chemical fertilizers, there would be no difference with them. should. "

It was not tricky, the spectrum of human life have this thing? !

This just came in off to find a way out!Zaozhidaojiu LIU Qing song and let them bargain brothers cut into five days Well, say what a month! As well as that of pure natural pollution-free green plants he actually dared to use chemical fertilizers ripening! Ripening! "There will not use up any difference," such assurances, that it's all the same to ensure that the bulk of the milk powder manufacturers trustworthy!

Public instrument Xiao look around: "The older you finish it after reading it, please put the letter into the lake destroy Los brother actually gave orders yesterday, except he who is also not allowed to come in, the younger generation must be obtained as soon as possible?. leave to avoid being discovered complicate the issue. "

Xiao Chen Qingqiu grabbed public instrument: "help me."

Public instrument Xiao said: "Please say the older generation, as long as I ......"

Chen Qingqiu waiting for him the phrase "whatever" to speak out, in good faith and said:. "Let me out."

Xiao public instrument: "......"

Chen Qingqiu serious and said: "I am serious."

Public instrument Hsiao tough: "The older ...... this really will not do."

Chen Qingqiu said: "I have not left the grounds of non-never wanted to escape the four factions joint trial after completion of thing, and I shall return to the dungeon, waiting for pleasure if you do not believe that we can set a blood oath...."

Blood vow be backed out. But in fact, after Revlon Chi Bi things, Chen Qingqiu not return back to the magic flower palace dungeon, have no relationship.

Xiao public instrument to do: "I certainly believe that the older generation, the older generation may not charge dungeon under the main requirements do exactly what it was, can not leave to the non-serious??"

Chen Qingqiu just to mouth, but suddenly awoke, can not please him.

After all, the public is magic flower instrument Xiao Gong disciples, private vertical prisoners fled, security to whom it is not a small crime. Moreover, the public instrument Hsiao this guy is a nice person seven days time, the opportunity should be there that no one can pit to pit him. Just a fad did not consider good, really should not be. He was excited:. "Well do not stop there, nor is it a big deal.." Said the effort to rope scraps of paper on the ground, into the lake to destroy the evidence.

Because tied cents rope wrapped around half of the body, the action is very inconvenient, did not move or two, that pieces fall from the black body.

Xiao public instrument also had to bow to help, to see a black gown committee, inadvertently looked up and saw the spot stiff hands and feet.

Chen Qingqiu: "......?"

He Shenshangnajian white shirt neatly split from the shoulder, glancing know they are being violently torn bare hands. In addition, there are bits and pieces of clothing hanging, looks like a whip, and the white flesh breakage exposed occasionally to see reddish bruise. Look carefully, there is a slight throat to mark disappeared.

Xiao San gauge public view by a devastating blow.

He warble: "The older you ...... you ...... it really does not matter?"

No wonder Los glacier command a person other than his are not allowed to come in, even if there is traffic Yaopai does not work, yet also withheld the request of the main peak.

That was it!

Simply Nitu!


Better than animals!

Public instrument Xiao Shen seniors shed tears of blood for the heart. Shen predecessors but loss: "I does not matter ah?"

Xiao earthquake instrument public mind: Why ...... why this time, Shen predecessors but also exposed this indifferent expression!

Chen Qingqiu give all the pieces of paper into the lake, he said: "I just say you do not……"

Xiao Huo public instrument stood up, turned away!

Chen Qingqiu face black line: You do not mind saying so that you can directly leave ah? Too altogether, right? !

Surprisingly, not over half an hour, the well instrument Xiao back. His hand carrying something, walked in front of Chen Qingqiu, removed the wrapping above and seals, pull, oblique swing down.

Meadowfoam flash, Chen Qingqiu a sudden feeling of the body loose, if the circuit is turned suddenly. Knuckles flexion and extension, spiritual power operating correctly, send and receive freely, no detoxification of the last episodes of inexplicable nature, tied cents rope tied to two days, it seems suppressed, does the hair of the dog, negative makes the truth?

Cable segment tied cents segment fall to the ground, the hands of the public instrument was cast Xiao, Chen Qingqiu hand catch.

Repair Ya sword!

Chen Qingqiu hold it, overjoyed and surprised, to see the public instrument Shaw: "I thought that it was received there the old Miyaji."

Xiao public instrument stern said: "Even if the master is vapid punishment, the younger generation can not sit by and watch the older humiliated and indifferent I believe Shen seniors, please come with me.!"

Chen Qingqiu remember with a kind of feeling powerless.

...... ...... always felt that what he seems to have misunderstood what is a very important thing ......

But ...... forget it ...... so be it ......

Chen Qingqiu decisively said: "Good!"

Although his blood still dormant demons of the body, regardless of where to go, Los ice can know where he is.

However, he knows it does not matter where it is. Catch up with him on the line!

Author has to say: Thank you, sweet potato, cool oil, Sushi Fan Chen Ji Warriors, Jiu Jiu GN grenades and Amaterasu Meng God, ventilation peaches, night Love, KI, Ajing, Coer, Laisiliya, small fruit garden , cold water, wewe, lack of full moon, Sushi Fan Chen Ji Warriors, off-white bag Gn mines

Why dark room so fast over it? Of course, because this is not a formal dark room ~!

Mushrooms cooked it O (∩_∩) O ~ We do not want to guess how to use, ha ha anyway, not for eating

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