Eternal Heart

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„...... At present, this kid should have the Congealing Star Initial Stage strength, along with swallows the Devouring Blood fluid unceasingly, Heavenly Material Earthly Treasure, its Cultivation fast will promote.”

The characteristics that Blood God Doppelganger has, stem from First Ancestor Bloodline power, must surpass Devouring Blood Race in Blood Race.

„That tries.”

Chen Yu takes out Blood Holy Bead.

Although Blood Holy Bead is the excellent Auxiliary treasure of Blood Dao Cultivation, but its Essence Accumulating is also the Blood Dao energy essence.

Blood God Doppelganger, as if smells the attractive flavor, opens mouth Blood Holy Bead on own initiative swallows.

Its body surface wriggles slightly, resembles is digesting the Blood Holy Bead energy.

Chen Yu and Doppelganger have the special ties, is familiar with its change.

He can the clear sensation, Blood God Doppelganger Cultivation increase, Aura is getting stronger and stronger, the main body is even more perfect.

After swallowing Blood Holy Bead, Blood God Doppelganger Cultivation is away from Congealing Star Initial Stage Peak ten points of near, comes one again, its Cultivation can Breakthrough.

This Cultivation speed, is really astonishing.

Chen Yu Storage Space, some Blood Dao resources all takes out immediately, is used to cultivate Blood God Doppelganger.

Blood God Doppelganger just molded, but also cannot apply.

As swallows the absorption resources, the Cultivation strength expands, can play the role.

In other words, Chen Yu must give up investment now, in the Talent short-term has a result.

When chooses Cultivation Doppelganger, he had the consciousness.

Chen Yu not only takes out Blood Dao Rare Material in Storage Space, in some Blood Dao Rare Material including Heart Internal World, plans to be used to cultivate Blood God Doppelganger.

Revives Blood Soul Grass Chen Yu not to plan to use, this Rare Material at crucial moment, quite in Ling a life.

Blood God Doppelganger is similar to a big stomach king, excited swallows every kind Heavenly Material Earthly Treasure, the Blood Dao ore material, it can also digest the absorption.

Before long, Blood God Doppelganger inflates.

Because swallows all of a sudden too, Blood God Doppelganger needs the Time digestion.

Like swallowing entire blood lake blood Chen Yu, even if there is Blood Race First Ancestor Bloodline, needs Time, Talent digests that huge blood quantity.

Chen Yu rests for the time being, with Blood God Doppelganger together Cultivation.

Doppelganger in Blood Dao Rare Material that the digestion swallowed a moment ago, Chen Yu in blood that digesting First Ancestor Bloodline stores up.

Three days later.

blood that the Chen Yu opening eyes pupil, in First Ancestor Bloodline stores up, he has absorbed most.

His Cultivation, strives much.

But Blood God Doppelganger, Cultivation has achieved Congealing Star Middle Stage Peak.

It has not digested Rare Material that swallows, the ability in this aspect, it must weakly in having First Ancestor Bloodline Chen Yu.

However Chen Yu discovered that Blood God Doppelganger had the quite perfect consciousness, can the Connecting exchange.

„You in this Cultivation.”

Chen Yu told Blood God Doppelganger, oneself left 【Heavenly Serene Feather】 In Space.

„Master, there is their team......”

The Cloud Dragon Race female reports the situation.

„Is he!”

The distant place, Wing Race in their team stares to Chen Yu, a pair of scarlet-red Eye combustion flame.

„This child really here!”

Another Silver Soul Race, facial color micro happy.

They are Red Smoke Emperor Lord together another two „Divine Guards”.

They when exploring Bewitching Mountain Range, encountered the Bewitching fog to reduce the pale phenomenon suddenly, therefore explored this Secret Place Space.

„Can begin?”

Wing Race Divine Guards inquiry opinion.

These, they found out this Secret Place Space situation on.

Four large clans control Secret Place Space, to beforehand astraying, adopts to win over the strategy that the non- achievement kills.

Once they come, may stare by the Heavens Secret Clan team, forcing them to join the Heavens Secret Clan camp.

„Began, grasps Chen Yu to walk immediately.”

Silver Soul Race Divine Guards makes the decision.

One Heavens Secret Clan, he has not paid attention.

Chen Yu does not know these two, but one of them came from „Silver Soul Race”, then the status of opposite party was self-evident.

Divine Guards!

These two big Divine Guards Cultivation, above Red Smoke Emperor Lord, all are Profound Deep Late Stage.

At this moment, two big Divine Guards left, flies rapidly toward the Chen Yu site.

„Master, they came toward this.”

Cloud Dragon Race feminine startled [say / way].

Although this team only then two people, but that Silver Soul Race and Wing Race Cultivation, achieves Profound Deep Late Stage, kills her to be easy as pie.

Let alone, Wing Race is one of the Main World super large clans, Silver Soul Race is Fiendgod descendant race!

Chen Yu, expression does not change actually.

„Chen Yu, the little darling follows us.”

Silver Soul Race Divine Guards smiles one evilly.

„Rubbish, begins directly.”

The Wing Race Divine Guards vision is cold, the wings inspire, several scarlet prosperous feathers fly to shoot, attacks separately to the arm and both legs of Chen Yu.

He planned that discards the Chen Yu four limbs, then seizes.


Several scarlet prosperous feathers, hit the four limbs of Chen Yu separately, scalding hot flame blasting open.

However after the flame dissipates, Chen Yu still stood same place, sends without the wound from top to bottom.

„How can?”

Wing Race Divine Guards slightly obviously is startled.

He feared that incautiously has killed Chen Yu, has not tried, but that struck a moment ago, cut to kill Common Profound Deep Boundary Initial Stage sufficiently.

Wing Race Divine Guards knows that Chen Yu has Inextinguishable Physique, will not die all of a sudden.

But he has not expected Chen Yu not to have the wound unexpectedly.

Silver Soul Race Divine Guards is also quite surprised, they still think that Chen Yu Cultivation is Profound Deep Initial Stage, does not know, Red Smoke Emperor Lord dies in Chen Yu.

„He He, wants to catch me?”

Chen Yu disdains to say with a smile.

He by Supreme King Breakthrough Profound Deep Boundary, grasps many Powerful cards in a hand, Profound Deep Boundary Late Stage how him.

Even Chen Yu was pondering that must expose the strength, begins to Divine Guards, feeds Blood God Doppelganger with their Blood and Flesh, the effect is very certainly good.

Silver Soul Race and Wing Race Divine Guards, discovered that Chen Yu vision, is the hunter is sizing up the game to be ordinary likely, felt that the shame is angry.

In two human bodies Star Source Sacred Power surges, decides to get rid fully, takes Chen Yu.

But in this time.

The Heavens Secret Clan team, approaches to this place.

„Several might as well consider, joins the Heavens Secret Clan camp.”

Purple Cloud Emperor Lord is noble, sound such as spatial valley Youlan.

Before she disdained to the Chen Yu strength, but a moment ago that making her discover that he was perhaps mistaken.

But Wing Race and Silver Soul Race Divine Guards, Cultivation all achieves Profound Deep Boundary Late Stage, this grade of Powerhouse cannot fall into other three clan hands, therefore she wins over immediately.

Two big Divine Guards complexion brow micro wrinkles.

Heavens Secret Clan seems like the good intention gathers, but they, once rejects, surely will become the eye-sore of opposite party.

But now, Chen Yu also becomes immeasurably deep, seems not easy to capture.

„Master, my clan Powerhouse also came.”

The Cloud Dragon Race female gives Chen Yu to send greetings suddenly, she induces to having Cloud Dragon Race Powerhouse speedy approach this place.

Before Heavens Secret Clan spread the news intentionally, at this moment had other influence to catch up to be very normal.

Chen Yu gains ground, discovers , is not only Cloud Dragon Race this team, has Monster Race unexpectedly.

This all of a sudden, Powerhouse of Three Great clan is assemble, missed Stone Race not to arrive.

„Monster Race!”

The Cloud Dragon Race female is startled, after all beforehand Chen Yu has killed Monster Race Emperor Lord, but also offended Violent Beacon Fire Emperor Lord.

Monster Race team First Time has discovered Chen Yu.

„Is that boy.”

„Half-God Demonic Bird Sir ordered, this child , if not willing to hire oneself Monster Race, cuts to kill directly.”

The Monster Race team stares to Chen Yu.

„Makes the old man take a look, actually this child has any special place, makes Demonic Bird Sir personally order unexpectedly.”

Is Monster Race of head, the whole body covers entirely the blue scale, the back has a great tail.


The time of a blink, this „Blue Scale Emperor Lord”, arrives at Chen Yu and two big Divine Guards front.

The Blue Scale Emperor Lord age is large, Cultivation Profound Deep Late Stage, Aura is reserved, to person Invisible constriction.

The opposite party must stay for several hundred years in Profound Deep Late Stage, even the millenniums, the strength cannot be underestimated.

The pupil of Blue Scale Emperor Lord gloomily blue pollution, seemed to be that the water vortex revolves, sends out the greatly strengthened Soul pressure.

In the Soul level, all around has as if raised the Startling Heaven Tsunami.

The Chen Yu facial color is invariable, body such as great mountain, motionless slightly.

Is side the Cloud Dragon Race female, the Star Soul consciousness sways on the contrary, as if must be swallowed to submerge by the Tsunami, Gold Stone King and the others crawl directly in the place, looks desperately.

Blue Scale Emperor Lord high looks at Chen Yu several points, the opposite party under own Soul pressure, slightly is unexpectedly not affected.

„You are very good, only pitifully offended should not the person of offending, except for joining the Monster Race camp, you had no alternative.”

Language gas channel that Blue Scale Emperor Lord does not allow to reject by one.

If the Chen Yu rejection, he will get rid immediately, extinguishes it kills!

This powerful, light killing intent of that hideaway, two big Divine Guards look in the eye.

„Wing Race and Silver Soul Race two, you , if willing to join the Monster Race camp, the specific interest assignment, can discuss.”

Blue Scale Emperor Lord extends the olive branch to two big Divine Guards.

„My Cloud Dragon Race welcome anybody to join.”

Behind, the Cloud Dragon Race Emperor Lord laughter transmits.

Two big Divine Guards look all around, before only then the Heavens Secret Clan team, they did not dread.

But now, altogether has the team strength of Three Great clan, is winning over them.

Once rejects, possibly encounters three clans to collaborate to besiege!

But after the Cloud Dragon Race team enters.

The opposite party discovered that by several astraying who in the crowd surrounds, has Cloud Dragon Race unexpectedly.

„Yuxi? You with this Humanity in the same place? Heavenly Mountain Peak Emperor Lord they?”

Is Cloud Dragon Race Emperor Lord of head, the pale hair and beard fluctuation, fearful power and influence dispersing, among World the white clouds tumbling roared, resembled big dragons to walk randomly.

This Cloud Dragon Race White Beard Old Man, Cultivation is Profound Deep Late Stage Peak, the lid presses the audience impressively!

„The situation of this boy, is perhaps more awful than us.”

Wing Race Divine Guards innermost feelings secret passage.

They fell into the encirclement of Three Great clan influence, Chen Yu this astraying similarly so, and opposite party as if offended Monster Race and Cloud Dragon Race, encounters aiming at two big influence!

„Perhaps Chen Yu will be killed first, when the time comes we can take away his corpse to run.”

Two Divine Guards discussed secretly.

However, was surrounded by the Three Great clan, by Chen Yu that Monster Race and Cloud Dragon Race Emperor Lord stares, not slightly flustered.

Chen Yu gives the Cloud Dragon Race female to send greetings secretly.

After her hesitant half breath, immediately looks to Cloud Dragon Race, to the Cultivation Profound Deep Late Stage Peak White Beard Old Man start to talk: „Sir, Chen Yu has hired oneself Cloud Dragon Race, as for Heavenly Mountain Peak Emperor Lord they, then encounters plotting of these two, died a tragic death completely.”

„These two Wing Race and Silver Soul Race, kill the Heavenly Mountain Peak Emperor Lord chief criminal.”

Cloud Dragon Race female face sad resenting, is pointing at two big Divine Guards.

But is waiting to look at the good play two big Divine Guards, immediately is scared.

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