Eternal Heart

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Fights vigorously Space Ocean Late Stage

Fights vigorously Space Ocean Late Stage

In the dangerous mountain high mountains, they oppose distantly.

Demonic Cloud Protector is staring at not far away Chen Yu, he is very difficult to imagine, Space Ocean Boundary Initial Stage Peak, facing Space Ocean Boundary Late Stage, has not dreaded unexpectedly, in the eye instead is passing an anticipation.

If Chen Yu is not a fool, then this situation, has two possibilities.

The First type, Chen Yu is confident to own strength.

The Second type, Chen Yu once had faced the Space Ocean Boundary Late Stage enemy.

Demonic Cloud Protector hopes that is a First possibility.

But he does not know that actual situation, is two possibilities both are containing actually.

Demonic Cloud Protector suddenly gets rid, the whole body Blood Energy tuck dive, changes to piece of Bloody World.


His two metal fingernails back and forth wield, confused wild blood red storm forms gradually.

That Yin Cold wild Blood Energy storm, sends out to destroy all fearful power and influence, goes to the front crush, whole body all Plants were all whirled away, changes to the dead wood ashes.

„Comes well.”

Above the fist of Chen Yu, lights flame of one group of radiant blood red colored glaze suddenly.

Swallowing Cloud Demon Fist!

Demon Mark surges, fights with the fists, the imposing manner broad serious flame fist, sends out Exploding wild with rage whooshing together, the rush.

„【Blood Stone Flame】, Really such as in the information said is the same.”

Demonic Cloud Protector reveals a greedy color.

He had not seen Chen Yu before, but to Chen Yu all data intelligence, knows from A to Z.

Calls regarding Chen Yu 【Blood Stone Flame】, He is not accidental.

The form fitting is Xiantian Spirit Flame 【Blood Stone Flame】, Each Substandard Grade nature prestige can the promotion, all needs to swallow the massive nourishment.

Demonic Cloud Protector does not believe that Chen Yu has that many precious nourishment , to promote 【Blood Stone Flame】.

But oneself are Space Ocean Boundary Late Stage, Cultivation has the superiority, not necessarily cannot suppress 【Blood Stone Flame】 power.

But attacks the instance of confrontation in them, the Demonic Cloud Protector facial color is cloudy immediately.


That Blood Flame light fist shakes to strike above the blood red storm, sends out to shock the World bang.

Among releases a great strength, made the blood red wind fierce and violent trembled, is defeated and dispersed several points.

At once.

Scarlet colored glaze Flame, swoops to come, immediately spreads to the entire blood red storm.

Two power interweave is less than two breaths, an explosion spreads, among runs out of a share dividend soul and Flame, raids to Demonic Cloud Protector.


Demonic Cloud Protector loses one's voice surprisedly.

The attack that Returning Origin Boundary Late Stage he, displays, was given frontage Breakthrough by Chen Yu unexpectedly!

At this moment, Demonic Cloud Protector feels the intense humiliation feeling.

„Courts death......”

His appearance is fierce, clenches jaws.


Demonic Cloud Protector foot hemorrhaging light Erupting, he changes to together the dark red blood shade, flies to leap up, dodges the complementary waves.

At this moment, he Space Ocean Boundary Late Stage speed, shows.

Meanwhile, he also no longer keeps hand, within the body True Origin tumbling, condenses to the dark red metal claw of his hand back on.

„Dies to me, death, death!”

His look cloudy offense, Fiend Energy is dreadful, pair of claws is uneven.


In all directions, several hundred Yin Cold firm blood red light thorns, flood the Bloody red glow, is interweaving a piece of blood red iron net, covers Chen Yu.

This moment Chen Yu, is similar to this big net Below fish, escapes nowhere.

May suddenly, his within the body surge fiery wild power, an ancient Bloodline pressure, fills eight sides instantaneously, made all lives from shivering of instinct.

Above the skin of Chen Yu, appears a Golden feather mark, its behind, pair of golden light wings extend suddenly.


Clathria Below Chen Yu, as if changes to Pheonix Bird, fires into that blood red iron net, the hand being possessed by a demon sword chops to chop.

After activate Golden Wing Pheonix Bloodline, his Life Physique is stronger, the attack supplements the Fire Profound Meaning injury.

Bang bang bang!

A resounding sad explosive sound resounds unceasingly.

Some moment, Chen Yu crushes the above blood red iron net, soars.


The Chen Yu personal appearance in airborne back and forth turns back, speed wonderful quick incomparable, approaches Demonic Cloud Protector rapidly.

A huge Invisible power and influence, goes to the Demonic Cloud Protector oppression.

„Good quick speed, can overtake this Protector unexpectedly.”

The Demonic Cloud Protector innermost feelings are surprised.

As the matter stands, is the Space Ocean Boundary Late Stage speed advantage, by Chen Yu flaring out.

Demonic Cloud Protector not, therefore the anger launches a psychological attack, but touches with Chen Yu hardly.

According to the Holy Land information record, Chen Yu is Body Cultivation, the close combat ability is astonishing.


The Demonic Cloud Protector activate speed, socializes with Chen Yu fully unceasingly, he believes to put together the consumption, definitely is also long that support.

Let alone Chen Yu the strength of Bloodline, is unable to be lasting.

They by this condition, encounter several moves, Chen Yu indeed are in passively, but also is sends has not injured.

Some moment.

Chen Yu approaches Demonic Cloud Protector certain distance, the strength of Space Intent Domain comprehensively launches, his stretches out, fierce grasps.

Buzz bang!

Around Demonic Cloud Protector, Space becomes mounts to be thickly heavy suddenly, Invisible power, its package.

The next quarter, a big hand of Invisible concentrates presently, its holds.

„This is...... Space power, you actually grasped Space power!”

Demonic Cloud Protector facial color micro startled, in heart some envy.

But he thinks without enough time that must break Chen Yu Space Binding Method as soon as possible.


He pair of claws wields, a piece just the cold bloodstain, burst out.

However any power enters that only Space big hand, the might will fall short greatly.

In this time.

In the fingers of Chen Yu, dazzling Blood Flame sword light, jumps to shoot.

In the Demonic Cloud Protector surrounded flash, he chose had both the Sun Sword Finger of speed and lethality.


The sword light straight thrust goes, arrives in front of Demonic Cloud Protector instantaneously.

He looks panic-stricken, has not expected Chen Yu not only to grasp Space Method, but can also display so fierce Finger Technique, at this moment made him fall into during unexpectedly was critical.


Demonic Cloud Protector two pairs of dark red metal fingernails, keeps off in this finger of front, weakens its prestige energy.

Sun Sword Finger some power, penetrate that dark red metal claw, pricks Demonic Cloud Protector within the body.

step on! step on! step on!

His personal appearance retrocedes dozens steps, above chest leaves behind 78 tiny blood holes.

„You injured me unexpectedly.”

Demonic Cloud Protector is somewhat unbelievable, the hoarse sound drinks one lowly.

He had determined now, before Chen Yu, is to disguise injured, making him get rid.

May be this, he does not believe that he will defeat in the Chen Yu hand.

„How injures you? With person who I oppose, majority may die.”

Chen Yu ridiculed one.

At this moment his strength to Demonic Cloud Protector, had the incomparably clear understanding.

If Eating God Feast time, perhaps he is also hard to contend, but finished from Eating God Feast, nearly two years of date and time, the Chen Yu strength had the tremendous changes.

„Crazy blood Secret Method!”

Demonic Cloud Protector dreary facial features, a piece of distortion.

He drinks one lowly, all around Blood Energy tuck dive, as if changes to frightened Blood Energy Skeleton, integrates Demonic Cloud Protector within the body.

His body surface, appears Red marks to wind, the whole looks is similar to fierce Skeleton.

At this moment, Demonic Cloud Protector Aura increases suddenly, tyrannical restless fearful Aura, fluctuation Four Directions.

Moreover, his wound, unexpectedly also cicatrization of Fast.

„The old man who compels displays amplification Battle Strength Secret Technique, you can feel at ease dead.”

A Demonic Cloud Protector claw fierce thorn.

Five sturdy Yin Cold blood light, explode to shoot, has delimited World, the power and influence crazy tyrant is fierce, resembles to shovel even all.

„amplification Secret Technique, may not only you have!”

Chen Yu chuckle, within the body Golden Wing Pheonix Bloodline further transfers, and becomes scalding hot, seems burning and in the ebullition.

«Burning Blood Secret Method» Third Layer!

Bloodline power, amplification Sixth Layer!

Meanwhile, will consume the strength of Bloodline rapidly.


Facing Demonic Cloud Protector strikes, Chen Yu does not fear outrageously, meets the approaching enemy directly, a Simple sword sweeps away.


Wild incomparable jet black sword light, is lingering together a [gold/metal] mark hot flame, cuts to extinguish.

This strikes power that Erupting leaves, vibrates World, crushes the attack of Demonic Cloud Protector instantaneously.

„No...... Your this Monstrous Talent!”

Demonic Cloud Protector was anxious, angry unwilling was scolding.

His innermost feelings put in great inconvenience, oneself solemn Space Ocean Boundary Late Stage, actually repeatedly by the Chen Yu reverse aspect, fell into leeward.

„Blood Wolf broken!”

Demonic Cloud Protector whooshes one, reckless, displays strongest Killing Move.

Blood Energy between World, goes to its concentration.

Concentrates to pinnacle Blood Dao power, in him pair of claws, blooms slowly, expands unceasingly, changes to a wild blood light hammer.

Only is this fearful power and influence, then sufficiently running away in fear general Space Ocean Middle Stage.

„Strikes to decide the victory and defeat!”

The Chen Yu facial color is ominous, within the body Heart enters Erupting Method suddenly, a rushing vitality emerges whole body.

Thump! Thump!

Along with the beat of Heart, Chen Yu changes to the pitch dark wild golden light, the impact, the demon sword punctured.

Returns to Kunyun World, for a long time does not have so happy war.

Facing Space Ocean Boundary Late Stage Demonic Cloud Protector, Chen Yu also fully gets rid, this sword is his so far strongest sword.

The bang scoffs!

The jet black aurora, has delimited World together, pricks in that blood light hammer, pierces all!

In Chen Yu sword Below, all dissipations.


Above the chest of Demonic Cloud Protector, tears a fist big wound, blood spews out.

He looks pale, stooped slightly.

„I lost......”

Class that if Demonic Cloud Protector surface dying embers, blood of wound place also keeping.

Was given to defeat by Space Ocean Boundary Initial Stage Peak, his face countenance not saves.

Let alone, this moment injury is serious, Origin Energy damages greatly, is unable to escape from the Chen Yu hand.

However what is strange, three breaths in the past, Chen Yu had not begun to kill him.

„Gives you an opportunity of going on living.”

Chen Yu opens the mouth to say suddenly.

„What do you want to make me make?”

Demonic Cloud Protector cold sound asked.

Can Living, everyone not want dead.

„Submits to me!”

Chen Yu said desolately.


Demonic Cloud Protector gains ground unexpectedly, is looking up to front the tall and straight great form.

Why does not know, in his heart one type, prostrates oneself unexpectedly in the opposite party breadth of spirit and style Below misconception.

„Is impossible, my Demonic Cloud Protector, will not submit to your this young fellow.”

Demonic Cloud Protector scattered thought instantaneously, a face humiliation was roaring.

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