Eternal Heart

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«Burning Blood Secret Method»

«Burning Blood Secret Method»

„Where walks? Hands over Contribution Points!”

Tu Zhixiang approaches slowly, in the smiling face is having several points of dangerous flavor, the Hua Rong body is stiff.

The Tu Zhixiang 63 of strength Ranking in «Heaven's Proud List», by own strength, fears the brace to be about three moves in his hand.

Once Hua Rong violates the agreement, Tu Zhixiang then has the reason to get rid to him, thinks of here, the Hua Rong innermost feelings fear startled.

„Slaughter Junior Sister, Hua wish bets to concede, certainly will give Junior Brother Chen Contribution Points, but nowadays, in my hand does not have that many Contribution Points.”

Hua Rong is resigned-looking, compensates to say with a smile.

Thousand Contribution Points to Inner Valley Disciple, is not a small digit.

Black Demon Valley competition such big, some massive Contribution Points words, definitely are consume, is used to promote the strength, who will be all right to save these many Contribution Points.

„I collected thousand Contribution Points, certainly personally delivers to Junior Brother Chen.”

Hua Rong by the smiling face to the person, proposed the idea, the consultation negotiation.

„Does not use so troublesome.”

Tu Zhixiang arrogant [say / way]: „In existing Contribution Points your hand takes completely, next time surplus making up will be uneven!”


Hua Rong looks to hesitate, the innermost feelings intertwine.

In fact, he proposed that collects thousand Contribution Points to give Chen Yu again, wants to tow, perhaps also has any favorable turn and so on.

Tu Zhixiang so is who would imagine strong, proposes this plan.

And Hua Rong does not have the reason of rejection.

„Was right, the also many Hua Clan people of some on the scene, you share sorrows, making them hand over Contribution Points, can perhaps help you collect thousand Contribution Points, so as to avoid your Hua Rong goes into debt, passes on not to be of pleasant to hear.”

On the Tu Zhixiang face brings badly to smile.

Chen Yu felt that Tu Zhixiang at this moment, as if bad drop are especially many, is specially overbearing.

Possibly before is , the Shen Ji words, have angered Tu Zhixiang, making in her heart ignite the anger.

Now, she anger in heart, all divulges the body of person of Hua Clan.

Facing the aggressiveness of Tu Zhixiang, Hua Rong looked at Scarlet Light Screen of top of the head, rear Blood Demon Valley Young Valley Master Feng Wuxue, most й sighs woefully, anything had not said.

Hua Rong arrives in front of Hua Doufeng, opens the mouth saying: „This matter gets up because of you, hands over Contribution Points.”

A Hua Doufeng face delay, as if is also hard to accept the present situation.

Not only he defeated in the Chen Yu hand, including Hua Clan Inner Valley Disciple Hua Rong, in three moves of gambling fought, the face countenance lost completely, does not hand over Contribution Points at this moment, has not allowed to leave!

At this moment, Hua Doufeng has one type into the humiliation feeling of captive, he only wants to leave this to be full of the painful and shame place now as soon as possible.

Before long, Hua Rong puts out 890 six Contribution Points, gives Chen Yu.

Hua Clan on the scene, is new Entering Valley Disciple, in the hand Contribution Points is few, finally has not collected thousand Contribution Points.

Chen Yu regarding this and does not care, 890 six Contribution Points, to present him, are rich huge resources.

He believes that Hua Rong will not repudiate a debt, will make up remaining 100 four Contribution Points.

„Many thanks Chinese Senior Brother Contribution Points.”

After Chen Yu obtains Contribution Points, is having the thanks of happy expression very politeness.

But looks like in Hua Rong, Chen Yu this is the frontage ridicule, ridicules itself.

„Chen Yu, if there is an opportunity, my Hua Rong must the shame of today, ten times present also!”

Hua Rong gets hold of the fist, the innermost feelings are whooshing.

„Was good, you can walk.”

Tu Zhixiang waves, the giant blood curtain on people top of the head, then surges, changes to a Scarlet ribbon, returns to the hand of Tu Zhixiang.

This unexpectedly is Spirit Artifact!

The person of Hua Clan, other people and others, withdraws immediately.

„Chen Yu, my Hua Doufeng will surpass you surely, then steps on you maliciously in the under foot.”

In expression of Hua Doufeng face hate, the vision is firm.

Hū !

Fragrant raids, Chen Yu turns head to look that Tu Zhixiang has stood by oneself.

„Small Junior Brother, I also really somewhat was a moment ago worried, if you by Hua Rong defeating, how Blood Demon Valley may probably lose face, Teacher he will certainly be angry.”

Tu Zhixiang patted the arm of Chen Yu, the praise said.

„This point I also know, where therefore dares to lose.”

Chen Yu is smiling, cracks a joke to say.

This time, can „bullying” Hua Rong, be lucky four Senior Sister like this, Feng Wuxue.

Otherwise, these three moves bet Chen Yu to win, the difficulty will increase, cannot obtain this thousand Contribution Points.

The appearance of Tu Zhixiang and Feng Wuxue, making the Hua Rong three moves turn into two moves, Second move of Hua Rong also at will gets rid, the third move of talent gets rid fully.

If no anybody to obstruct, the first two moves, Hua Rong will get rid fully, probes the Chen Yu true strength, but the third move, Hua Rong perhaps to win, will put forth Killing Move.

For example a moment ago, Hua Rong thinks that won, has not displayed including Hua Clan Bloodline.

„Small Junior Brother, this is three Senior Brother.”

Tu Zhixiang introduced nearby Feng Wuxue to Chen Yu.

„Has seen three Senior Brother.”

Chen Yu innermost feelings micro startled, originally this temperate Man, is Teacher Disciple, no wonder the opposite party will help itself.

„Was right, small Junior Brother, three Senior Brother are also Blood Demon Valley Young Valley Master!”

Tu Zhixiang has meaningful happy expression to say.

„Young Valley Master!”

Chen Yu looked at Feng Wuxue one seriously.

Is Young Valley Master, if no accident, next Blood Demon Valley Valley Master, is Feng Wuxue.

No wonder Hua Rong so dreads Feng Wuxue.

„I looked that small Junior Brother is so outstanding, in the future will be perhaps fiercer than three Senior Brother, Young Valley Master position some of some of your also hopes!”

Tu Zhixiang brings badly to say with a smile.

Listened to this words, Chen Yu to have cold sweat, secret passage Tu Zhixiang was really to fear not chaotic.

„Zhixiang, do not crack a joke randomly.”

Is good because of three Senior Brother Feng Wuxue, probably had already been used to Tu Zhixiang this appearance, has not cared about the opposite party words.

If the Feng Wuxue mind slightly, really treats as the threat Chen Yu, by his present status, wants to remove Chen Yu is not the difficult matter.

„Junior Brother, your in the hand has massive Contribution Points now, can go to Blood Demon Valley ‚Earth Martial Pavilion’, chooses Cultivation Technique or Secret Skill, Blood Demon Valley some Core Cultivation Technique and Secret Skill, extremely Powerful, if can Cultivation, help you as soon as possible enormously.”

A Feng Wuxue face temperate happy expression, put forward the proposal to Chen Yu.

Chen Yu also knows that Blood Demon Valley decided but not yet announced has ratio «Demonic Secret Mark Record» also wants Powerful Profound Cultivation Technique.

But the revolutions cultivates Cultivation Technique, time-consuming hard sledding, he does not have this plan, at present «Demonic Secret Mark Record» to Chen Yu, is not good Cultivation Technique, but absolutely is not bad.

As for Cultivation Blood Dao, is more impossible.

Although not Cultivation Cultivation Technique, but some Secret Skill and Battle Skill, can look.

„Many thanks three Senior Brother directions.”

After Chen Yu said goodbye to Senior Brother Senior Sister, then went to Blood Demon Valley Earth Martial Pavilion.

Here altogether has Third Layer, inside Cultivation Technique, Battle Skill and Secret Skill, carry on the lamination according to Contribution Points that the exchange needs, Contribution Points that the First level needs to consume are few, but each Battle Skill, takes 500-600 Contribution Points, merit Law is higher, needs about 1000.

As for the Second level, most low status Cultivation Technique Secret Skill, needs thousand Contribution Points.

Third Layer, does not need to come up.

Sees this, Chen Yu looked on the Earth Martial Pavilion First level.

„Worthily is Great Universe World South Region Three Star half influence, here Cultivation Technique and Battle Skill grade, wants high more than one Level compared with it Kunyun Holy Land.”

Chen Yu glanced through at will, exclaims.

In other words, spends the similar price, in Cultivation Technique Battle Skill that Blood Demon Valley obtains, must surpass Kunyun Holy Land.

Originally Chen Yu that prepares to have a look at casually, at this moment then settled on several Battle Skill and Secret Method, does not know that which should choose.

„Well? «Burning Blood Secret Method».”

Chen Yu sees Secret Skill, as well as above explanation.

«Burning Blood Secret Method»: Combustion Bloodline, Erupting leaves far ultra common Bloodline power, if Cultivation to Perfect, even can make the Bloodline might multiply.

„Lets Secret Method that the strength of Bloodline multiplies!”

The Chen Yu mind moves.

This Secret Method might, beckoning, even Chen Yu suspected that this «Burning Blood Secret Method» is should place Earth Martial Pavilion Third Layer.

Continues to look that Chen Yu discovered «Burning Blood Secret Method» has very obvious malpractice, once uses this Secret Method amplification Bloodline might, will then accelerate to consume Bloodline, Time is too long, will make the Bloodline density reduce, even Bloodline dries up and other situations.

„Although might Powerful, but will damage Bloodline!”

After Chen Yu looks, calms down.

Because the side effect is too strong, therefore «Burning Blood Secret Method» places the Earth Martial Pavilion First level.

This type will strangle in the future the potential, damages Bloodline Secret Method, perhaps will not have many people to meet Cultivation.

„But, regarding me, this Secret Skill flaw, seems not the major problem.”

Chen Yu has smiled.

His oneself does not have Bloodline, but Mysterious Heart, can actually Extracting other people's Bloodline, change into oneself to use.

Even if uses «Burning Blood Secret Method», accelerates to consume Bloodline, causing the Bloodline density to be affected, even has damaged Bloodline, does not have anything to affect to Chen Yu itself.


Chen Yu takes this Secret Skill, comes to the Earth Martial Pavilion onstage, has paid seven hundred Contribution Points.

After returning to the dwelling, he then starts Cultivation.

«Burning Blood Secret Method» belongs to Blood Dao Secret Skill, Chen Yu is not Blood Cultivation, primary Cultivation this kind of Cultivation Technique, the progress is quite slow.

Probably one month, Chen Yu builds the First level.

„The First level, can let the Bloodline might amplification 20%.”

Above «Burning Blood Secret Method», said that but Chen Yu is unable to attempt now.

Although he has Golden Wing Pheonix Bloodline, but such Powerful precious Bloodline, how could which does the experiment.

Chen Yu is suppressing impulsive, does not go to tube these.

The following date and time, Chen Yu then dives to cultivate in Blood Demon Valley, usually in besides Cultivation Cultivation Technique, prepares to attack Half-Step Space Ocean Boundary, is Cultivation «Burning Blood Secret Method», «Profound Space Palm».

Exchanged «Burning Blood Secret Method» has spent seven hundred Contribution Points, Chen Yu also remaining 300 six Contribution Points, can allow him occasionally to enter in Cultivation Cave Mansion Cultivation.

A half year of Time, flashes.

On this day, Chen Yu goes out of second-level Cultivation Cave Mansion.

„According to my present progress, 2-3 months later, can attack Half-Step Space Ocean Boundary.”

Chen Yu very self-confident [say / way].

His Spirit Boundary, in the Demon Intent fruit, Moon Spirit Ore Origin, Blood Star Holy Pill and other treasure of under Auxiliary, already surpassed Half-Step Space Ocean Boundary, has the one pace from Space Ocean Boundary, but Chen Yu actually felt that these step is very difficult to step forward.

Perhaps, when his Cultivation arrives at Half-Step Space Ocean Boundary, Spirit Boundary aspect Talent steps forward this.

„Small Junior Brother, Cultivation has striven much!”

The Tu Zhixiang sound never the distant place floats.

„This had been lucky Senior Sister initially helped me gain thousand Contribution Points.”

Chen Yu says with a smile, he felt that this four Senior Sister do not support affably, is all right many quarts.

„He He......”

After Tu Zhixiang happily smiles, said earnestly: „Teacher has the matter to look for you, follows me.”

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