Rebirth of Extreme Evolution Heavenly Chance Calculates Till The End

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In the future Evolution Great Era's New World, every Neo-Human has the qualification to cultivate into a super-martial powerhouse. Protagonists born at the start will die in battles during this new world, and there was one who had witnessed innumerable examples rise and fall...

Returning to the past with his deep insight into this evolution process, he inconceivably wakes to the beginning of this world-ending catastrophe. Seizing innumerable opportunities, acquiring the power of a miracle-like evolution...

"The future is a splendorous and incomparable new world! This life I will surely exceed the peak and dominate above all as the Neo-Human King! I shall control the future and dictate all in this new world!"


  • Beautiful Female Lead
  • Cultivation
  • Multiple Realms
  • Beasts
  • Monsters
  • Pets
  • Wars
  • Reincarnation
  • Strong to Stronger
  • Enemies Become Lovers
  • Slave Harem
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Volume 8

Volume 7

Volume 6

Volume 5

Volume 4

Volume 3

Volume 2

Volume 1