Chapter 161 Chapter 161

Chapter 161 Chapter 161

“Hey? What is this?”

A gift box with a delicate ribbon tied with a pink ribbon is placed on the crystal table in the front desk. The size of the palm is very light and there is no signature or card. (Free full novel. Jiang stopped the ribbon, Yan Yan drunk in the side of his sofa, while drinking ice hydrolyzed wine, while asking the Chinese staff at the front desk: "Who sent it? Not in the guests On the list?"

"Yes, Mr. Yan," the front desk politely replied: "We didn't notice when the man came in. He gave us the gift box and said that it was the same item you need urgently at the wedding. We asked us to hand it over. In your hand."

Yan Yan casually asked: "Who?"

Jiang stopped putting the ribbon to the side, opened the gift box, and scented it in the smooth and thick wrapping paper.

"It’s a gentleman, probably so high." The front desk scored: "The style is polite, wearing a pair of glasses, leaving no name..."

Yan Yanran caught a sensitive word: "glasses?"

The voice did not fall, the wrapping paper was scattered, and a silver old phone was lying flat in the gift box.

Jiang stopped his brow and picked it up. He just had to reach for it and suddenly stopped. Then he untied his tie and opened the screen. No fingerprints or passwords are needed, the screen is unlocked smoothly under one touch, but the main interface is not the main interface - it is a video.

"Yes," the front desk laughed. "It’s about thirty years old, very handsome, very polite, laughing before speaking..."

The newlywed's gaze fell on the friendly face of the video homepage and stopped.

"...the person you said," Yan Yan raised his mobile phone and jumped in the forehead: "Is he?"

A slightly smiling man sits with his arms folded, and Sven Junlang's face is wearing gold-rimmed glasses. The temperament of the subtlety makes people feel good at first glance. The front desk did not hesitate: "Yes, it is him!"

Yan Yan: "..."

Jiang stopped: "..."

The two jumped up at the same time. Jiang stopped and said: "Notify your local police station, save the surveillance video, security guard? How long has this person left?!"

Strictly full of brains and wines scattered a glimmer of light, striding into the wedding scene, struggling with the Lu Bureau that did not know what happened: "Come on! Qinchuan is coming!!"


At 3 pm local time, Qinchuan, who was dressed in attire and graceful, walked into the front door of the hotel and came to the front desk. After smiling and expressing his intentions, he refused the advice of the front desk student, "Do you want to leave a name on the gift?" Then leave the gift box and turn around.

Ten minutes later, Yan Yan came to the front desk, and the old mobile phone covered with Qinchuan fingerprints was exposed to the broad daylight.

Half an hour later, the local police station sent a car to the hotel to assist in the surveillance video. However, the shark of Qinchuan has already been integrated into the vast sea of ​​foreign countries. The unclear hotel monitoring can only see that he was turning around before leaving. Slightly stopped, turned to look into the distance - through the empty hall, the backyard's vast lawn is ringing the wedding music, the lively vocals through the glass door, vaguely shaking the quiet air.Qin Chuan's lips twitched slightly, as if talking to himself, the front desk cast a curious sight.

Immediately, he saw him shaking his head and smiled. He turned and strode down the steps and walked toward the faraway street.

"I didn't understand clearly," the front desk sat in the temporary investigation room. It felt a little panic: "He said... he seems to say... ‘I should have been the best man of the wedding’...”

Yan Yan buried his face in his palm and sighed indifferently.


The sky is getting darker, the wedding has already dispersed, and the drunken players have been dragged back to their rooms to sober up. Yan Yan passed through the lawn and climbed the suite floor from the sightseeing elevator. Lu, Wei, deputy, and Yu team had already sat in the small flower hall waiting for him. Jiang stopped with gloves and was playing the old silver phone.

"Come?" Lu said hello.

Jiang stopped a beckoning, Yan Yan finished the whole suit collar, long legs crossed the sofa to sit down, Jiang stopped pressing the play button.

This video is obviously recorded today, and Qinchuan’s clothing is exactly the same in the video. The phone lens should be fixed on a bracket. He sat in the armchair in the middle of the lens. He sat up and relaxed, his hands naturally draped, and he smiled at the room and said, "Hello everyone."

"A copy has been sent back to Jianning, but the technical investigation has not yet been able to analyze valuable geographic clues from the video footage." Wei deputy bureau frowned: "The local police also copied a copy of friendship, but hope Their criminal laboratory..."

"It's better to watch American TV shows faster," Yu said.

In the speaker of the mobile phone, Qin Chuan did not lose the opportunity to answer: "Yes, watching American TV is faster."

Yu Jian & ap; Wei Deputy Bureau: "..."

Qin Chuan smiled and said: "Happy marriage, Yan Yan, I wish you a good match with the Jiang team for a hundred years."

Yan Yan has not had time to react, Jiang stopped cold and cold: "I will remember how you ruined my wedding."

Obviously, the number of stops in the river is relatively high. This time Qinchuan failed to accurately predict the reaction outside the lens.

"You must be very surprised how I left the country. Maybe when you saw this video, my image has been sent to the customs ports in the southwest. But that is not important to me. As early as the Jianning City Bureau. During the ten years of work, I have already woven a large enough network in the dark world. If one day I can replace the spades k, this net will become the first cornerstone of my future road; if I Unfortunately, it is enough to cover my body and retreat - even though it is only the whole body and retreat."

"My year

When there were few, there were years, and the obedient revenge occupied most of the emotions. Later, this kind of feeling became quite complicated, and I couldn’t tell the point that the one who stood in your team and vowed to be loyal to the badge was just playing on the spot, or filtering out the real soul after all the impurities. Qin Chu looked at the camera and had not spoken for a few seconds. Then he sighed: "I still don't know that the move in Yaoshan that day was the most stupid decision of my life, or the most intelligent." Maybe both? But there is no doubt that it should be a moment to change the future destiny of many people, including me. ”There was silence in the room. Everyone knew that he was talking about the act of giving up and escaping before the second explosion that day, and then desperately trying to stop the killer Jin Jie.

After half a sigh, I heard Wei’s deputy bureau and screamed awkwardly: “The answer is obvious! You better not have such doubts!”

“After leaving Jianning, I went to Myanmar, and I went to Thailand and Laos. Compared with Jianning, this life of more than half a year is violent, but fortunately I am the most difficult time in the most smooth days. I am well prepared, so although it is more troublesome to hide, it is still worthwhile. As for where to go next? I don’t know the police about this issue. I can’t even know that I am a wanted criminal. Even though I also hope very much. One day, I can appear in front of old friends in a dramatic way, telling the old and friendly and then drifting away, but you probably hope that I can come back and let it go."

In the Qinchuan banquet, he smiled a little and smiled at the camera.

"I regret that I can't. I can only swear that I will not step on the southwestern land before the end of this life. Today, the celebration of the crowd is the last time we met."

In the quiet room, it was only a long time ago.

It was Yan Yan who gently placed the cup on the table, and the light slammed his cover to cover his sigh.

"However, your work will continue -" suddenly Qinchuan tone.

"The spades k were killed, and many of the core internal affairs of the organization that Lianjiang stopped knowing became a secret, including his contact points and trading methods with several major buyers. 'Blue Gold' in North America, Mexico The flooding is inseparable from a network virtual trading platform. Compared with the old-fashioned Wu Tun, the spades k trust the trading channel protected by the numerous data relay nodes in the world, only in the 'blue gold' In the second year of entering the North American market, he quickly accumulated a hundred million US dollars worth of electronic money through this transaction."

"I have had the privilege of getting it - or stealing the login key. However, when I ran away from Jianning and logged in for the first time, I found that the trading channel of the spades k had been forced down the platform and then moved to another In the hands of an anonymous supplier, what makes me shudder is that the offline time displayed by the system is the second day of the action of Yaoshan, or more accurately, within five hours after the spade k was killed."

In an instant, the Lu Bureau understood his meaning, and his fat face changed dramatically.

Yan Yan and Jiang stopped looking at each other at the same time.

"The deep sea is lurking in a huge, complicated and unimaginable criminal group that is never known to the world. The spades k is just one of them. The sinful trench is far deeper than we think." Qin Chuan paused. Said: "This journey is still very long, and I am no longer a member of the public security team. Bye-bye, my former brother, I will always miss everyone in your heart, as I am to Lu Bureau, Wei Bureau, Yan Yan, especially the apology of the party team; as I miss the loyal years of birth and death in the sun."He finally smiled, and the gaze behind the Phnom Penh glasses permeated an unrecognizable sadness.


The screen gradually became black, and silence shrouded every inch of space.

Fang Zhenghong didn't look over his face, forcing himself to swallow it all over his mouth: "This kid..."

The voice just fell, the screen suddenly turned on: "ps."

Everyone was shocked at the same time. I saw Qinchuan’s expressionlessly: “I suddenly remembered that I still hate the Jiang team, so I didn’t include him in everyone I just said. I hope to know.”

"..." Jiang stopped the screen of the mobile phone that turned quickly and turned around. He couldn’t help but ask: "Is he dadraqueen?!"


The hustle and bustle of the room that was expected by Yan Yan was finally smashed into an emergency international conference within the provincial hall. In the middle of the night, the police station of the local police station finally dispersed. They also ended the video conversation with Liu Hall. Yan Yan went back to the hotel suite with a lawsuit. He just heard the slight snoring from the sofa when he pushed the door.

He had to turn on the light of the hand and gently walked forward.

The moonlight reveals a slight smear from the floor-to-ceiling curtains, which is reflected on the armrests of the sofa to outline the familiar face of the lover. Jiang stopped his forehead and fell asleep, the tulle-like shimmer from the black eyebrows, sliding out the beautiful lines of the cheeks, and even the slightly open lips; perhaps because of the indoor heating feet, the lips The character is bright red and soft, as if it is a good kiss.

Yan Yan eagerly reached out and touched it. The fingertips just touched the lips and did not go deep inside. The river stopped moving and woke up.


Jiang stopped unscrewing the desk lamp on the side of the sofa, wrapped in a warm and soft beige cashmere blanket, and fell asleep: "Back?"

Such a common tone, unlike the newly married couple who just exchanged wedding rings today, seems to be alive. Yan Yan’s eyes could not help but smile, tightly squeezing him to sit down. Jiang stopped the blanket and half covered it with Yan Yan. He whispered, “How is it?”

“About spades k using anonymous networks to establish trading channels, and more cybercrime platforms have surfaced

The provincial government has reported it to the Ministry of Public Security. It is estimated that the network police and intelligence departments should be jointly filed for investigation. As for Qin Chuan himself, I can only investigate the major customs crossings and see slowly. There is no good way for Liu Hall. ”

"Can you find it?"

"Who knows."

Jiang stopped gently and didn't say anything. Yan Yan knew what he wanted to say but didn't say anything: "No problem. After catching Qinchuan, tie him up and send you to torture for a week..."

Jiang stopped and couldn’t help but laughed and said: "Yes, I can’t let go of the scam that broke our wedding."

Yan Yan also laughed. He got up and went to the suite bar to learn about Soso. He came back with a tray at the back and put down two wine cellars: "Come on, try this."


Yan Xiao laughed and did not answer, poured a shallow crystal liquid in the two cups, smashing the broken light, and then handed it to the river to stop.

Jiang stopped his hands behind his back: "What the hell are you -""If you don't drink a glass of wine, you can't be a relative. Come on, taste our family for more than 30 years..." Yan Yan said: "... daughter red..."


Ms. Zeng Cuicui loves to eat spicy when she is pregnant. The whole family once felt that she was pregnant with a daughter. On the day of Yan’s birth, the family heard that the deeper the daughter’s red was buried, the deeper the Fuze after the granddaughter married, so the strict grandfather—it was a real person—launched the whole family with a shovel and dug a three The deep pit of Mi, prepared for the granddaughter when he was married for twenty years, was taken out to the feast; who expected him to be buried in the ground, and a phone call from the hospital: "Congratulations!! Let love have a kid!" ”

The grandfather’s words were almost unrelenting, and no one had the strength to dig up the jars in the three-meter deep pit. Therefore, the daughter of the criminal investigation squad Yan Yan was buried in the Yan family for more than 30 years. Until he finally succeeded in marrying, he was hired by Zeng Cuicui to get out of the soil and brought him here.

"Don't tweak it, come and come..." Yan Yan forced the soft-shouldered Jiang to stop the wine glass and pose a pose with him. He solemnly said: "The first cup, we congratulate Jiang on marrying the giants. I am very happy, I have two years to hold the two, and I have to give birth to my son. The noble woman is also good. The giants don’t pick it. As long as it is the teacher’s birth, I like it very much.”

Jiang stopped laughing and trying to squeeze the strict stomach. However, how could Yan Qi be able to pinch out the meat, and immediately sighed, stretching the abdominal muscles hard, and holding the river to stop drinking the wine.

Next second: "噗-"

Jiang stopped some squirting a smattering of flowers, and was stunned and slammed back. He said, "I saw you as a layman. The wine that has been buried for more than 30 years is like this... Come over, don't allow Hide! A cup of a wish!"

Jiang stopped to say that you were wasting your first wish on this boring thing, and then you were severely attacked and poured into the second cup of daughter... male red.

"The second wish," Yan Yan took the arm of Jiang Shu, and said: "Mr. Jiang can't slack off after marrying into the giants. I must work hard to stabilize my position and improve myself. The specific performance is to eat every day on time. If you don’t ask for youth forever, we should at least maintain our weight. Teacher Jiang once boasted that Haikou said that he wants to live to ninety-nine, and he can live two years older than me. I don’t know if he is wearing this. b still do not intend to achieve it now..."

The river stopped listening, and the second cup of wine was smothered, and the chin was forced to pour the wine into it, interrupting his old account.

"No wonder the little girls used to be married at the age of fifteen," the two men were too busy looking for water to drink. Yan Yan couldn’t help but laugh: "If you are married in your thirties, the wine at the wedding party must not be poisoned by your relatives." ?"

Jiang stopped talking about early death and early super-life, so he bravely took the third cup with a mentality of righteousness: "The so-called buried wine in the soil is originally a scientifically unreasonable behavior. I will explain it to you in detail later. Yes, anyway, tourist visas have medical insurance... What is the third wish?"Yan Yan looked at the glass, and after a long time, took a deep breath and swallowed: "The third wish is for myself."

The strict detachment is able to express the most beautiful and warm vision in the most sloppy way. According to this urinary nature, Jiang stopped completely without doubt that his third wish is that he can not fall to the age of eighty, or four. Before the age of ten, all the criminals in Jianning City collectively smashed the big brother.

However, he guessed it wrong.

Yan Yan looked at the wine cellar under the light, and smiled a little and said, "I hope..."

He lowered his eyes, and Jiang stopped to see his eyes curling slowly, revealing a smile that could not stop:

"I hope Jiang will always love me."

The river stopped a little, and Yan Yan looked up and drank a third glass of wine, and was immediately smashed to the pillow.

"You are this..." Jiang stopped being unable to help, and his eyes closed and he drank his own wine. He was completely defeated by the alcoholic bombs that had been buried by his former grandfather more than 30 years ago. Both of them coughed. Lying on the sofa, holding each other's hands while coughing and laughing.

Hey! It happened that Han Xiaomei was drunk and woke up, went out to eat, and curiously shot the door: "Yan Ge? Yan brother, have you caught a cold? Why are you doing?"

Jiang stopped smiling and did not rest, hoarse and screaming outside the door and smiling: "Go back to sleep!"

Han Xiaomei immediately added a 10,000-character mosaic from the hoarse voice of her Jiang Ge, and reluctantly sighed and squirmed.

"My grandfather must have been cheated by selling fake wine in the same year. If he was buried, it was Lee Kum Kee soy sauce..." Yan Yan was about to get up and put the remaining half of the pot of wine out to frame his aunt, and was suddenly stopped by the river. Lived his arm: "Hey."

Yan Yan casually turned back: "What?"

"I love you forever."

Jiang stopped this life without saying such a straightforward love story. In an instant, Yan Yan thought he had got it wrong: "What?"

"I will always love you," Jiang stopped cheeks red, his eyes bright, staring at the handsome eyes that were close to him, and suddenly said: "I have never loved anyone so much, just as I love. you."

The moon shines in the tide, and the wedding music flies over the clouds. It floats to the familiar Jianning night scene and thousands of lights, and casts a gentle gauze for thousands of stars.

After the floor-to-ceiling curtains were laid, the two red crayon-painted red wedding invitations spread out on the coffee table, and the figure was swaying in the shadow of the candlestick. The matchstick villain gestured more than the victory.

The couple entangled on the sofa, their foreheads were on their foreheads, their hands and feet were wrapped around their hands and feet, and half of the blankets fell to the ground, and the sofa creaked with the action.

"Happy wedding," Yan Yan bowed his hand to kiss the temple stopped by the river, and then clung to his ear, with a smile: "I am also, my eternal lover." gd1806102

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