Chapter 160 Chapter 160

Chapter 160 Chapter 160

"This time, my brother is very happy, everyone is not welcome, come! Drink!..."

Jiang stopped his face with a black line, and opened the drunken Ma Xiang, who was stunned by himself, and slammed it into the square, although he was still barely in danger, but he was already beginning to look at Fang Zhenghong. (Free full novel.

The wedding venue is noisy, and the older leaders either take a group photo with each other or sit on the loungers by the pool. All the young people are chatting and chasing each other. This kind of lawlessness hinders the health of Jiang’s consultants and the physical condition of the wind blowing. He is not too daring to pour his wine, but he is not so polite to Yan Yan. He is clamoring for "I am the groom, you believe it or not." The Yan team has been swayed by the criminal investigation team's rabbit scorpion. If it is not Gao Panqing, he has already slammed into the swimming pool with Han Xiaomei, who has been twisting his high heels.

As for the sister of the Yan team, Ms. Zeng Cuicui, she is busy quarreling with her husband at the moment: "When you said that the old lady had just passed, did you steal the sights?"

In the distance, a white aunt with a boutonniere and a red-brown green passed by, and the strict father hurriedly sweared: "No sight! Really didn't aim!"

Yu Yu: "According to the suspect's head swing angle and questioning reaction, I tend to have facts about committing crimes..."

Strict mother: "I don't hear it! Say it again, you didn't aim?!"

Yan's father is in a hurry: "I just picked up her bag and looked very good. I thought about buying a wife for me..."

Judging from the expression of the Yu team, this answer is obviously a negative score. Sure enough, I only listen to Yan Mu: "What! You can see even what bags you have! You don't love you!"

Yan mother took the Yu team and rushed back to drink tea. Yan’s father hurriedly yelled and chased his wife.

Yan Yan’s family view was deeply influenced by his aunt... Jiang stopped laughing and was laughing, and was preparing to take Yan Yan back to wake up the wine. He turned around and saw that there was no trace of him at the poolside. Only a few directors The director was watching the play on the lounge chair, and Mrs. Lu’s screaming voice was coming from the crowd:

"Lv, Dong, Bin! The doctor told you how many times you are not allowed to eat so much meat! Give me down!"

Pia slammed the chopsticks, and Lu slammed into the ground: "Oh! What is your old woman’s hand!..."

Everyone was refreshed and appreciative of Lu’s beggars. Jiang stopped and looked back, only to see Han Xiaomei rushing straight to face. The little girl was miserable by the dress and high heels, and her head was full of lipstick. She grabbed the river and stopped yelling: "Jiang Ge -! Not good!"

Jiang stopped and asked: "What about your strict brother?"

"Yan Ge is being taken away by the waiter!" Han Xiaomei yelled in the band playing and the crowd talking: "Men! It looks so handsome! Meimei sister saw it! Call me to rush to report!"

Jiang stopped: "..."

"Specially handsome! It is not a good thing to look at!"Jiang stopped simply laughing and crying, thanked the drunken enthusiastic Han Xiaomei, passing through the wedding venue and the back garden of the hotel, and the hall of the private room was empty. The bright marble floor reflected the slender silhouette of the river wearing a white dress. He walked through the promenade and suddenly heard the vague movement in the distant lounge. It seemed that someone was walking and talking.

Then Yan Yan’s iconic voice rang, and Jiang stopped to understand him. The voice was full of ambiguous words: “... ah, right, no. Not forgetting to invite you, this is not all. Do you think you are busy..."

The next moment, a relatively young, more calm male voice rang and said, "Nothing, I heard that you are here to do a wedding, take a look at it."

Strictness in the door and the river stop outside the door flashed the same thought at the same time - how can this fly to "shun the road" to the other side of the ocean?

The man seemed to feel that his words were not right, and immediately added: "In fact, I just want to come and see for yourself... that... your wife... Jiang team, really nothing else."

Jiang stopped: "?"

Jiang Su originally wanted to deliberately step up and push the door. He suddenly heard his name, fell down, changed his mind and went forward, looking through the door.

Strictly squatting on the sofa chair, holding the red forehead in one hand, the mouth seems to be slightly twitching. A strange man who has never seen him standing on his side, probably just arrived at the wedding scene, the body is still with the dust, the expression is slightly cold and restrained, but the face is very beautiful.

The kind of "beautiful" is a little rare classical beauty, the face is like the jade sword eyebrows, the lips are red and white, and even a bit too delicate, but the sharp nose and brow bones neutralize this feeling. From the perspective of the overall five senses, this person is very young. He said that some people believe in the early 20s. However, from the subtleties such as eyebrows and eyes, it can be seen that his actual age is not much smaller than Yan Yan.

He was dressed in a black formal suit, lined with a wide shoulder and a long leg, and his momentum was steady. His body was almost the same as when Yan Yan was completely straight. It was the type that stood on the street.

The river stopped snoring and said that the atmosphere was so ex-boyfriend?

"I haven’t greeted me in a hurry, I laughed, this is my red envelope-"

"Oh, what are you doing, take it back and get it back, people will come..."

"I haven’t had time to prepare for it in a hurry. Please accept it. Please ask the Jiang team -"

"Sit and sit down, I will call someone to greet you. Oh, I am sorry, I really drink too much today, let me first... vomit!!"

Yan Yan swayed and fell to his mouth without standing up. The man subconsciously reached out and helped, and in a flash both of them followed the electric shock and jumped backwards.

Like the huskies that had been blown up, they slammed into the door three steps, and even the wine was awakened.

The inexplicable atmosphere lasts for a second, and the two simultaneously:

Man: "I'm sorry I didn't mean it!"

Yan Yan: "You sit on your seat! Don't move! I will call my mom!"Yan Yan’s eyes were clearly horrified, and he turned to open the door, and the unstoppable Jiang stopped appearing outside the door.

Yan Yan: "..."

Jiang stopped: "..."

If it is just awkward, it is now solidified.

The music of the wedding in the distance is far away, and the indoor atmosphere is even more strange. The three faces face to face, the river is full of fog, and the expression is blank; and the strange man stares straight at the river, as if he finally saw the target after a long journey, suddenly stepped forward, and said that he would open his mouth. what--

"My dear, I will introduce you to you," Yan Yan grabbed the river and stopped. The force was like grabbing the straw. "You still remember that I told you that I wanted to invite you but I was afraid that he didn't have time, so I am embarrassed to open." Is that the guest you invited? Is that the one I even wrote for the invitation, and finally considered the last one that I didn’t bother, so I didn’t send it out?”

Jiang stopped: "..."

There is no such thing. The original words of Yan Yan are like this: "What? Why don't you please ask a friend? The chores that you eat and drink are also called friends?"

"This is this, oh, before, our two feelings are good. I didn't expect that he will come by himself this time!" Yan Yan pointed at the chop, and his face was sincere and hot: "This is a long story, his name is Xue, it is me." ... vomit!!"

Strictly reminded of Yan Yan, one stop and one talk, the wine is poured into the top, straight up the throat.

Jiang stopped to see him posing in pain, indicating that he waited for a few minutes, and immediately rushed to the other end of the corridor, hehe! I went to the bathroom door, and the next moment I vomited, the sound of the water came as expected.

"..." The corner of the mouth was twitched and replaced by Jiang.

The uninvited beautiful man stood there and his eyes were very innocent.

"Xue...Mr.?" Jiang stopped confirming.

It turns out that nature creatures will show different levels of instinctive reactions in the face of potential rivals. The higher the IQ, the more so, even Jiang can feel that he is subconsciously standing up in the face of this handsome Xue Xing. Also adjusted the lower part of the expression, it seems more calm and natural.

The man’s mouth rose and seemed to be smiling politely, but because the long-lasting frozen facial muscles were not used to this expression, the smile seemed to be suddenly drawn from the cheek: “Hello, you are the Jiang team. ”

The person and the river stopped shaking hands and shrugged back when they only held it. In an instant, Jiang stopped to feel his palms very wet, and the tail sounds some tensions that are not easily noticed. He said: "My name is Xue Chonghua and I work in the Haijin Public Security Bureau."

Is the river slightly different, or is it a peer?

"I am strict..." Xue Chonghua gestured to the bathroom: "The distant relatives."

Jiang stopped nodding and expressed his understanding. His eyes were subtle.

In fact, Xue Chonghua did not know why the Jiang detachment had exposed this complicated and expressive expression. He hurriedly sat for 12 hours, and the plane didn't close his eyes. After getting off the plane, he took a taxi and rushed to the hotel. The brain was blank in the soul, and he didn't even think about bringing something or sealing a red envelope. In the hotel lobby, the machine took a bit of foreign currency and hurriedly took the paper bag, so that it would not make a joke that was empty.It wasn't until he stepped into the hotel's door that he had a touch of touch on the ground – but even so, his mind had not yet had time to return to the normal channel.

"I have been leaning on you for a long time," Xue Zhonghua paused, adding a tone of repetition: "Long time."

This voice was very strange. Jiang stopped knowing what to do. He only nodded and listened to him. "I know you from a friend of mine."

Jiang stopped consciousness: "Friends?"

Xue Chonghua stared at him deeply, his eyes were tired and light blue, and he was particularly conspicuous on the white skin. He spit out two words slowly and hoarsely in his teeth, saying:


- Painter.

Sporadic memories accompanied the daytime in the summer, and the tree-lined road outside the Grand Auditorium screamed. Basketball draws an arc in the sky, crosses the rim, and slams into the ground; the whistle and the cheers sing, and some people laugh: "The assists are beautiful! Jiang stopped for another three points, and he died!"

"Just say that you should have partnered together! Get a combination and go out!"

Jiang stopped to turn back to the defense, the wind whistling in the ear, not far from the vaguely a familiar laughter: "Get out of the way, no group, I don't match the name of the surname Jiang..."

"Shut up!" Jiang stopped and ran back.

However, it was too late, and I just listened to the man laughing in the snoring voice: "If I partner with him, then the name of our combination is not called -"

"Who?" Jiang stopped looking at Xue Zhonghua, with a hint of confusion in his calmness: "Artist?"

The lounge was quiet and the two looked at each other. Xue Chonghua’s lips were open. It seemed that every word was a bit difficult: “...How did the artist die?”

Jiang stopped laughing and said: "I don't know what you are saying, you may admit the wrong person."

Xue Chonghua stared at him, Jiang stopped politely: "I went to see Yan Yan, I am sorry, I will stay with you..."

"and many more!"

Jiang stopped the pace and saw that Xue Chonghua pinched his shoulder from behind, and the back of his hand was violent due to excessive force.

"Eleven years ago, Haijin City, you used to be ‘

The artist is the only emergency contact registered on the intelligence network. What is your relationship? ”


"He was exposed to protect a person," Xue Zhonghua shuddered and asked a word: "Who is that person?"

I don't know when the band stopped, the silence was silent in the distance, and the long silence was suffocating.

Jiang stopped to raise his hand and grabbed Xue Chonghua's steel-like palm, and took it away from his shoulder.

"Sher police officer, the past can not be chased, if I am you, will choose to live well."

Xue Chonghua's cold face changed suddenly, but he did not wait for him to speak out. Jiang stopped and said coldly: "You ask me a sentence that is a serious violation of discipline. The people in the provincial public security department are in front. Do you want to be taken away by Guoan after returning to China?"

I don’t know how long the stalemate lasted. Xue Zhonghua’s hand finally hangs down, and Jiang stopped to go out of the lounge.

·Yan Yan exhausted his exhaustion and slammed his head under the faucet for a while, only then slammed the short hair of the hedgehog-like hair, and the water splashed, the beautiful face was full of water drops. He reached for his towel with his eyes closed, and suddenly he only heard that the back door was opened, and then he slammed the lock.

"Jiang stopped?" Yan Yan asked.

Next second - hey!

A huge force grabbed his neck, turned and pushed forward, pressing his back against him on the marble wall. Immediately after the sound of the river stopped, it sounded against the ear, and it was relative and dangerous. It was like a cheetah eager to try: "Strictly - oh."

Yan Yan: "..."

"Are you supposed to explain anything to me, huh?"

Yan Yan was inexplicably smothered by the beauty... Full of back, although very blessed, but he is still not used to using chrysanthemums against others, so he struggled symbolically, and he was forced to stop by the river before he turned around. The ground is resisted: "No movement!"

"Hey," Yan Yan half-faced face on the wall, smirked and said: "Baby, although I have always wanted to come to a field py, but..."

Jiang stopped kneeling and topped the chrysanthemum: "Who is your baby?"

"Jiang team, Jiang team, Professor Jiang." Yan Yan immediately surrendered: "Let me explain what? I am willing to obey the people's democratic dictatorship, which bank card password do you want?"

"Bank card password?"

"Stock wealth management safe, luxury car watch real estate certificate, what you want only to open the mouth. These two are family, can not remember the husband's chrysanthemum is not good, there are people outside ... oh!"

Jiang stopped posting in the ear of Yan, and every word picked up a warm temper: "Who is the man outside?"

Strictly embarrassed.

"Family?" Jiang stopped the play and lengthened the tone: "Which relatives, ah?"

Yan Yan finally understood what, the expression of the fund was changed, and the strange look of strong smile was emerged.

Jiang stopped: "You still have three seconds to confess, otherwise next year is the anniversary of your first anniversary of becoming a lost man..."


Yan Yan suddenly forced to break free, and picked up the river to stop, indiscriminately on the platform, forced him to sit apart from the knee, then squeezed into the thigh, and pinched his jawbone.

The attacking target suddenly reversed, and Jiang stopped being forced to look up: "What are you doing?"

Yan Yan stared down at him: "I want to know?"

If you look closely, you will find that Jiang stopped his eyelids and suddenly jumped ominously.

"His name is Xue Chonghua," Yan Yan said with a smile: "His great-grandfather was the brother-in-law of my great-grandfather. His mother was the niece of my grandfather. He was the cousin of the distant house that I had just arrived at the fifth service. It was also my childhood. The nightmare to go - the legendary obedient and good-natured 'other children'."

The anti-locked bathroom fell silent.

The two are opposite each other.

"..." Jiang stopped calmly and said: "I have no other ideas, you misunderstood. The main thing is that you both pull and pull themselves...""That is because he used to have serious cleansing." Yan Yan said leisurely. "One time ago, I was injured in inter-provincial action and rushed to the hospital. It happened that he also performed the task in that city. The provincial office let him rush immediately. Look at my situation. However, when he appeared in the ambulance, the nurse just let him lift the stretcher and lifted the stretcher. At that moment, he spit out and spit out me who was about to push for the rescue."

Jiang stopped to make a silent "ah" word.

"What's more, he spit out the second round after he spit out the first round. Please imagine my feelings of shock, despair, breath and nowhere to hide on the stretcher." Yan Yan said politely. "I have never seen him since that time. We haven’t even played a phone call for so many years, and our circle of friends has blocked each other."

"So," Yan Yan summed up his words and stared at the river with great interest. "I am very curious. He specializes in flying more than ten hours to see you for what?"

Yan Yan bowed his head, and the two men almost pointed their noses at the tip of their nose. After a short while, Yan Yan intimately stopped the bridge of the nose of the river, bowed his head and took a long and tight kiss.

"Xingshi asked for sin..." Yan Yan ignored the denial and dodge of Jiang, and smiled and whispered in the entanglement of his lips: "Look at your vinegar..."

Jiang stopped pretending to be fine, his cheeks were slightly reddened, and he pressed his hand in front of Yan’s chest and pushed him back. The entangled bathroom door was knocked twice, they did not plan to deal with it, but then it was a while.

"Someone!" Yan Yan said.

“hello!” The hotel waiter shouted outside the door and screamed at the English.


Hearing the fog, he was about to answer: "Someone! I will come again!" I saw Jiang stopped and snorted, revealing a confused look.


"He said that someone who was on the guest list had left a gift at the front desk and said that it was urgently needed at the wedding. Be sure to inform you immediately and then leave."

Yan Yan is inexplicable: "What?"

The two looked at each other and saw the doubts of the other side's eyes. It won't be Xue Chonghua. That silly x only packs a pack of cash in white paper, but who is it besides him?

After a while, Yan Yan made a decision: "Go and see." gd1806102

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