Chapter 159 Chapter 159

Chapter 159 Chapter 159

At 12 o'clock in the morning, the wedding begins. (free full novel

The blankets stretched all the way through the verdant lawns, until the flowery gates and the fountains in the distance, and the long dining tables filled with various cold snacks were placed around the venue. Looking out through the corridor window, the guests have already entered the scene. Yang Mei cried and laughed and could not help Han Xiaomei who stepped on the high heels. He finally stuffed himself into the black suit. Lu is just holding his stomach and standing on the ceremonies. In the position, he smugly pried his three-tiered chin.

After carving the glass door, Jiang stopped facing the body mirror and looked at himself carefully.

The sunlight outside the side window is just right, reflecting that his half of his face is clear and transparent, and the other half is somewhat tight and overly cold. Jiang stopped taking a deep breath and tried to make his look look warmer and more welcoming. However, the cheek muscles that were rarely mentioned over the years could not be such a difficult task. After two seconds, they quickly recovered.

Jiang stopped talking about it, just like this, if you smile on the bench, you can be scared to death. He finally finished his cuffs and just turned around and walked into the "Bride" lounge arranged by the hotel. He suddenly only heard the other side of the corridor eagerly: "--哎! Daughter-in-law!"

The river stopped looking back.

Strictly dressed in black dresses, handsome and handsome, all the pores in the body are in the 18-layer lover filter of the Jiang team exudes a hormonous breath, striding to pull his hand, eager Hey: "Hey! I have something to say to you..."

Jiang stopped watching and couldn’t help but smile.

"When you call the groom on the stage, don't go out, wait for me first!"

Jiang stopped: "..."

"I will first!!" Yan Yan did not feel stressed.

"You first you first..."

Yan Yan was relieved to turn around, and couldn’t help but turn back. Jiang Jiang stopped the tight tie and quickly took a kiss before he smiled and left.

The way they entered the scene was different. The process of strict design was: When Lu told the groom to go forward, he would step down and face the guests, with a similarity to "comrades, comrades have worked hard" He smiled and waved his hand; after he stood still, Lu Bureau called "the other half of the groom" - that is, Jiang stopped, from the opposite direction of Yan Yan, stepping on the blankets behind everyone. Before, the difference between the appearance of the front and the back emphasized to everyone who is the real husband.

This snack machine certainly didn't hold the river to stop, but Jiang stopped not to care for the straight man's last reluctance. In his opinion, it was like Yan Yan insisted that "the two husbands must drive from the husband to be the driver" and show off "you Jiang love I am dead every morning, I have to help me cook two white water eggs. It is as childish and cute (and neurotic); anyway, it is not a matter of principle, just follow him.

"Cough!" Seeing people come almost the same, Lu Bureau stood in the middle of the lawn, raising his hand and pressing down.

The two criminals of the criminal investigation detachment, who laughed and shouted each other, gradually quieted down. The fountain creaked in the wind, only to see the kindness of Lu’s face overflowing, and smiled:

"Today, it is a very important and very happy day for our Jianning City Bureau!"The voice was just a moment, and everyone had already formed a conditioned reflex, and they applauded enthusiastically.

"Comrades took a temporary break from their busy daily work and came to this picturesque foreign country. They brought their wives and children together to participate in the delegation of our city bureau this year... Yan Biao and Jiang consultants Wedding!"

"Uh-huh??!" At the same time waiting for the room, Yan Yan took the case: "x, I know that this surname Lu is going to take my wedding as a group building, save the bureau's public account to allocate money, mom's he even Mouth is leaking... oh?!"

Strictly thighs were stunned by unidentified powers, and the action was paused. He looked down at the corner of the chair and there was a little nail that was almost invisible to the naked eye. He was hooking a few wires in the seam of his dress.

Yan Yan: "..."

Lu Bureau is not the leader of the conference halls for a long time. The look is the same. It seems that nothing has happened: "For today's newcomers, everyone is already familiar with it, so I don't need to introduce more. Yan Yan as Jianning City. An indispensable part of the public security system, since the age of 12, has frequently visited our police station in the jurisdiction, the detention center, and the detention center of the security squad. As a heir to a well-known enterprise, he likes to go deep into the society and penetrate the masses and become a part of the grassroots police. I have eaten the pickled ham and ham in the various departments of the police station, and the crafts of several aunts in different branch cafeterias. This colorful youth life has laid a solid foundation for him to join our public security organization in the future!"

The applause bursts around, and the strict father and mother humbly got up and bowed to the beggars in all directions.

Lu Bureau cleared the scorpion: "On the road of growth, Yan Yan never gave up on himself. After years of unremitting struggle, he finally grew from a juvenile offender to a reserve for adult offenders; from the ability to limit criminal responsibility After growing up from the police school Glory with a score of 336, he clashed with a three-day two-headed police officer who was going to patrol with a gun and almost scared the police station director out of mental illness. It soon became the famous policeman in the city, and then selected the detachment of the city bureau. Under the friendly leadership and care of the Wei and Yu team, they worked hard and made positive progress. Finally, this year, they successfully became the official criminal investigation detachment. long!"

The Wei Bureau Yu team got up and smiled at everyone, saying that they only did a little work.

"All of his experiences have perfectly reflected the process of public security organs in China, the probation of potential enemy elements, and the process of collecting and collecting them. So today, when he saw his marriage, the organization was very moved and emotional." Lu Bureau finally ended his important speech and waved his hand: "Let us warmly applaud and welcome the groom to play!

The whistle sounded, the cheers were louder, and everyone's eyes were concentrated on the stained glass door not far behind Lu.

Five seconds passed and ten seconds passed.

Thirty seconds passed.

Lu Bureau: "Let us use the warm applause to welcome the groom to the scene... Hello? Groom?"

bridegroom:"………………"The bridegroom was sweating and trying to save the entangled silks. However, the quality of the silk fabric of the custom fabric was not covered. As the thread became tighter and tighter, the midline of the trousers had faintly pleated.

"Come on... come to the individual, waiter!" Yan Yan was sturdy, and finally searched for a long-lost English word from the depths of memory: "The waiter!! That English how to say, Wei - Wei - Witt!! help, Help!!"

"What about people?" The applause on the lawn gradually weakened, and the whisper began to sound. Ma Xiang covered his mouth and screamed Gao Gaoqing: "Where, the Yan team will not escape marriage?"

Gao Panqing couldn’t imagine what Jiang’s consultant was at the moment, and he almost screamed at the news: “Don’t stop saying, how could it be so serious, and one is a sudden cerebral infarction!”

"Do I still have hope for today's heroine?" Yang Mei whispered to Han Xiaomei.

Han Xiaomei: "..."

The arguments are becoming more and more obvious, and even the strict father can't sit still: "Children, what's the matter?"

Strict mother tried not to squint and smiled. She only squeezed a few words from the corner of her mouth: "How do I know, don't hurry to go backstage... huh? Daughter-in-law?"

Behind the crowd, at the end of the blanket, a white formal gown stopped the door and hesitated to raise his hand in the eyes of the public. After a while, he began to pay a small tribute to the surroundings and stepped forward.

His pace is still very stable, his posture is very good, but from a slightly unnatural mouth and tight chin line can still see a little cramped, it seems that he is not suitable to become the protagonist of this festive occasion.

The air solidified for half a second, and everyone seemed to understand what it was.

Followed by - bang!

A new round of more awkward and strong applause broke out from the guest room, and everyone slammed their hands after stunned. Han Xiaomei’s expression seemed to be refreshed by the three views. Yang Mei’s face was red and excited. Ma Xiang’s stunned look at the river and stopped at the stage, finally whispered out the voice of everyone: “It’s really unappealing...”

"Cough!" Jiang stopped standing in front of the Lu situation, did not know what to say, smiled slightly.

Lu Lu seems to glare at him like he never knew.

"" Jiang stopped and pointed out, "Would you like to call Yan Yan?"

Dangdang! Yan Yan pushed out the door and sighed with sorrow and anger in one hand: "misunderstanding!"

The blonde manager of the hotel followed the scissors with her scissors, and it was almost impossible to laugh, but that was no longer important. Yan Yan, in the gaze of all kinds of mixed emotions such as shock, sigh, incredible, hateful iron and steel, three steps and rushed to the front desk in two steps, screaming and screaming at the river and stopping: "How do you run Come out! No, you go back and go!"

Jiang stopped as calmly as he said: "He called the groom, you don't come out..."

"My pants are stuck! Go back and go again!"

"No, I have already come out..."

"Be careful, I am holding you?!"

"You can't be so violent..."Yan Yan grabbed the river and stopped, hitting the shoulders, like the legendary robbed the princess's dragon, arrogantly passing through the venue, striding into the steps and plunging into the bride in the cheers of everyone. The door to the lounge. After entering the house, he stopped the river and put it on the ground. He rushed out without saying anything. Before he rushed out, he did not forget to put a heavy weight on his hips. When he returned to God, he was like a wild beggar... The wild horses usually ran back to the wedding scene not far away.

Lu Bureau took the initiative to make a decision: "We invite the bride to play below!"

The applause gathered into a sea of ​​joy, and Jiang stopped to laugh and laugh. He went out again with a slap in the face, stepping on the blanket that was smashed and smashed, and he saw the Yankee sign and rushed into the crowd. Wei's deputy bureau of the red-faced face explained: "It's really the pants are stuck... I am the one above! Really!"

Wei deputy bureau: "We have never settled under Gongzhou under Jianning Public Security! You let me go, let Laozi smash this shameful thing..."

Ma Xiang: "I can't hold it! Lao Gao is here to help!"

Lu Bureau took the wedding vow and smiled and said: "Strictly?"

Yan Yan quickly got rid of the invincible iron sand palm of Wei's deputy bureau, while straightening the trousers and standing upright.

"Jiang stopped?"

Jiang stopped coughing, his hands clasped in front of him, slightly lower his head.

Lv Bureau supported the reading glasses. The thick wedding vow in his hand was the result of Yan Fu’s three-month reform as a (previous) high school Chinese teacher. It is a study of Chinese and Western classics, Bible Christianity. The peacock southeast flies and Shu Ting Hu Lancheng have never let go, fully demonstrating the cultural heritage of the former richest man in the province. He wrote this:

"Jun as a meteorite, 妾 as a pupa; Pu 苇 苇 如 磐 磐 磐 磐 磐 磐 磐 磐 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 Patience, kindness, love is not awkward, love is not boastful, not arrogant, not doing shame, not seeking your own benefits, not easily angry, not counting human evil, not like unrighteousness, only like the truth... ..."

There were countless black lines on the head of Lu, and finally I missed one page, and the paper turned back.

The next page is awesome:

"Love is quiet, love is safe in the world. erfor sicknessand health..."

Lu Bureau: ".................."

The Lu Bureau was silent. After a few seconds, the wedding vows were put on the table in all eyes. The backhand was cold and cold: "China's Marriage Law!"

The strict father who is intoxicated in his own literary talent: "Hey?"

"It is forbidden to arrange, buy or sell marriages and other acts that interfere with the freedom of marriage, prohibit domestic violence, and prohibit abuse and abandonment among family members! Husband and wife should be faithful to each other, respect each other, and maintain equality, harmony, and civilized marriage and family relations! Can you do it? Is it?"

Yan Yan: "Can!"

Jiang stopped thinking that he was still not reading the Bible. How did he suddenly go to the current marriage law in China: "Yes."

Lu Bureau waved a big hand: "I declare that you are officially married!"

Yan Father: "I haven't finished my Bible yet?!"No one cares about the father's Bible. Yan Yan took a deep breath and took out the velvet ring box that had not been known how many times he had been playing. He saw that there was a platinum ring inside - if you look closely If you do, you will find the initials of the two characters inscribed on the inside.

The sun shone a circle of halo on the ring, and somehow the fingers were a little trembling.

At this moment, his head is blue sky and white clouds, his feet are green, his loving parents, his laughing friends and relatives, his birth and death partners... A familiar face surrounds them, and the intact Jiang stopped smiling. Before, all the haze and the wounds melted and melted, and completely disappeared into the wind at high altitude.

All the details perfectly coincide with the dream scene, but there is a familiar figure in the crowd.

The brother he once thought he was daring to have had left this long journey and went far away.

However, fate is like this, it brings abundance of gifts, but also takes a part of it. No matter how hard, the regrets always exist, and they are not transferred to the will of the human being. They can only learn to accept and relieve themselves.

Yan Yan sighed, and suddenly his hand was pulled, and then he saw Jiang’s state of mind seriously, put a similar Perkin ring into the ring finger of his left hand, and then patted him on the back of his hand.

"..." Yan Yan said: "How come you preempt?"

Jiang stopped laughing and was severely picked up by his wrist. He put his ring on his finger and threatened: "It’s my person to wear my ring! I have to change my name from now on! Do you understand?"

Jiang stopped maintaining his hand in his squatting posture and smiled and asked: "What are you thinking about, Mrs. Jiang?"

Mrs. Jiang, who is a man of great arrogance and arrogance, grabbed her hair and said: "I wonder if these mites will eat me a lot of things today. I know that they should not be exempted from their gifts, so they should be paid a half-year salary. ......"

Jiang stopped laughing and screaming at him.

"...and the person who should give the gift is not coming." Yan Yan finally said the truth, "Unfortunately, according to the civil compensation regulations, he has to pay for me at least."

The photographer shuttles through the crowd, and the flash is one after another. The crowd is blowing in the heat, and it makes a whisper on the grass.

Jiang stopped patted the shoulders of Yan Yan, and then gestured to him to see his cheeks. The blood marks drawn by Qinchuan on the day of Qinchuan’s arrest had healed, even if there was no trace of light, but Jiang stopped. I have always said that I have fallen behind with Yan Yan. If I look at it with a magnifying glass, I will find that it has already broken.

"I will catch the grandson," he said.

Yan Yan also laughed, and his hands pulled up the river to stop.

Not far away, Philip was desperately eating, Ma Xiang was giving Wei to the deputy bureau, and Han Xiaomei, who was miserable, took off his high heels and stepped on the ground. Yang Mei was arguing about her; Yan mother greeted the wind and waved the scarf, indicating the strict father. On the lawn, take a mobile phone from the bottom up to take a small video of her friends, it is said that this leg length.

Yan Yan was so close to Jiang’s hand, and he wanted to say something and stopped talking. He saw that Zhang Jun’s face was slightly red: “Jiang stopped.”"Ok?"

"I didn't think it was today that I was a very lucky person... It is strange to say that I have been born for more than 30 years, and today I suddenly have such a strong feeling." , whispered, "What about you?"

Jiang stopped smiling.

"Hey, ask you?"

"...I am also very lucky," as if I couldn't help but sternly ask, Jiang stopped to smile and said something, and immediately added: "But it is not special, just... lucky than the average person."

Yan Yan immediately asked: "You also think so today?"

The two of them looked at each other, and Jiang’s clear eyes swept through every inch of the outline of Yan’s face. For a long time, his eyes were slightly bright and he said, “No.”

"From the day I met you again, I thought about it."

Jiang stopped in the crowd and leaned over and pressed a kiss on his lips.

Rubbing -

The shutter flashed past and the scene was fixed forever.

On the screen, Yan Yan mouth and laughter, one hand embraced the river to stop the back; Jiang stopped the black hair fluttering in the wind, it seems to also have a vague smile, only revealing a white squat.

The wedding rings on the ring finger of both of them are clearly visible, and they glow under the sun. Gd1806102

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