Chapter 158 Chapter 158

Chapter 158 Chapter 158

It is impossible to do this in South Africa. First of all, it does not meet the requirements of “not too hot”. “The Jiang team is tender and tender, and the temperature is higher than twenty-five. The risk, and then solidify him to pinch the adult type can be difficult. (Free full novel.)

Miss Secretary: "...Where is there a place in the world where the maximum temperature in early August is no more than twenty-five?"

Yes, the southern hemisphere, a country.

This unfortunate city, which was unfortunately stunned and selected by the screen, said that the lighting conditions and air quality are among the highest in the world, the social security is good, the residents are simple and friendly, and the people are extremely open--only through the same-sex marriage law. The city is surrounded by the ocean and famous natural attractions. That is to say, the Wei Sub-bureau can not only realize his dream of sea fishing, but even the boat fishing is no problem; the local Chinese population is quite high, and in many places, you can speak Chinese directly. Any communication barriers.

Even better, although it is in the anti-season southern hemisphere, the white chalk in early August is up to 18 degrees Celsius, and the sun is abundant, the sky is blue, and the greening is excellent, fully satisfying the dream of all the literary girls.

“How good,” Yan said as he boarded the plane. “After retirement, we will go to the city to support the elderly!”

Twelve hours later, the plane landed in this ultra-small city. When the hatch opened, the cold wind from the Antarctic glacier swept through the cabin, and it took three steps to push Yan Yan back.

"You go to the old age!" Jiang stopped bowing and shivering. The whole person hid behind the stern wide shoulders and shouted in the wind: "I stayed in Gongzhou to eat hot pot very well!"

Yan Yanqian has chosen a lot of choices. I don’t expect the only shortcoming of this “world's most livable city”. It is to face the snow and ice from Antarctica every year, the eight-degree temperature of the octave, the groom's officer. Even if you put on three kilograms of hair gel, you can't stop the hair.

Strictly squatting at the collar of the river, he said: "Marry the chicken with the chicken, marry the dog with the dog -!" Then the river team screamed in the arms, and the cold wind whistling at the airport step by step.

For the scale of the wedding, the concept of Jiang Shu is relatively conservative: we can close the door to live, you have to have a sense of ritual, but it is not appropriate to make a big move, otherwise it is not embarrassing, pass it out. Let everyone see it?

However, Yan Yan feels that since we have not stolen and robbed the law, it is my personal freedom to do what the wedding wants. The most important moment in a person's life, shouldn't I be happy with myself, what should I do with others?

Jiang Shu has a kind of deficiencies that are both delicate and complicated, and he is embarrassed to say that he will not be recognized when he kills himself. Therefore, it is easier to succumb to strict opinions in daily life. In the face of Yan Yan’s insistence, he is like a man who spends his time shopping with his wife. Although he is twitching in the heart, he is still on the surface and he is very good at everything. Before the wedding, he Only after discovering the small-scale ceremony of the 30-40 people, the guests eventually doubled."Can this blame me?" Yan Yan held his arm, 2,500,000, sitting on the big bed in the hotel suite with his thighs and legs. "Will like this, how many left in the city of bachelor?" They only attended the wedding, can they bring their wives and children together? In the end, can't you blame you for agreeing to get married too late?"

Jiang stopped: "..."

Indeed, as Yan Yan said, the total number of guests in the 30s and 40s is absolutely unstoppable. Although the friends in Yan’s business field did not inform the relatives, the relatives of the family only came to close relatives, but the Jianning City Bureau had to ask for it from the top to the bottom: Lu Bureau, Wei Deputy Bureau, Yu Zhu, Fang Zhenghong , 苟利, 黄兴, the criminal investigation detachment dragged the family up and down, several daily familiar directors of the deputy bureau, the director of the political commissar, etc. ... there are some who come, but as long as they come with their wife and children Anyway, if you have money at home, you can have a charter flight. Everyone agrees that it is a fool to be cheap. In the end, Lu Bureau will simply treat Yan Yan as the annual bureau of the city bureau.

In addition to the colleagues in the city, who received the invitation, there is also the powerful captain of Kangshu who climbed up from the hospital bed next door. (The surname tells you that I will never go out with you again! You are A disaster star!!" "What is the matter of the mother, this is not the pot that the name is smelling. Would you like to eat it later?!"), Niang family Yang Mei ("Jiang Ge, I Jiang Ge! I have worked hard to raise the cabbage!!..." "You are telling the truth of Yang, and it is me to water the fertilization and detoxification of this cabbage. You have a good time." ?!"), and Jiang stopped several comrades who are still alive.

These comrades-in-arms had to be invited. The same group of smuggling police officers who had the closest relationship with Jiang stopped in the second squad, almost all died after the 1009 explosion, and several others were seriously injured in the bed, and two even Lying in the hospital bed for half a year. Although they were killed, they did not want to believe that Jiang was a black police. However, because they usually stayed close to the river, they were subjected to strict scrutiny and unfair treatment afterwards. In the end, they had to change their business or sink to the police station. The situation was quite rough.

After the Yaoshan anti-drug operation, the Ministry of Public Security severely investigated the 1009 case, and a number of officials at the bureau level were dismissed, while the second squad of the squadron in the same year was gradually rehabilitated. Some of these people are still willing to stay in the public security, they have received late merits and commendations, and they have returned to the city bureau. Some of them are disheartened with the Gongzhou system. Moved to Jianning, Lu Bureau took the s provincial public security department to receive the files of these people.

In fact, they will be more comfortable in Jianning days. In any case, climate, house prices and wages and benefits are much better than Gongzhou, and the titles are raised faster.

In this way, the total number of weddings is over 80, and the on-site staff is properly broken.


Stopping palely and weakly defending: "In fact, I am mainly afraid that the wedding cost is too high..."Yan Yan said: "Oh, look for the reason, we Jiang consultants contribute enough money to the medical care of the motherland to have more than ten weddings. You only need to take care of the big Buddha." Burning high incense... Sleeping over and giving it to me! Don't run! Minger can get up early in the morning!"


On the wedding day, Yan Yan can sleep until 8 o'clock, and Jiang will start at 6 o'clock in the morning - because Ms. Zeng Cuicui's royal makeup artist has undergone rigorous evaluation, saying that the new lady, Mrs. Shaodong's face is pale, her lips are gray, and her hair is shiny. Slightly dry, the overall generalization is a look of illness, if you do not make up, then the photo will be very fierce.

The word "sickness" scared Ms. Zeng Cuicui, forcing Jiang to stop drinking red jujube soup for a month before leaving for a country, but even then he still did not escape the magician's palm of the makeup artist.

"How can this eyebrow not be repaired? After finishing the repair, I will make two more strokes to the eyebrows. Do you think that this kind of eyebrows will not come out? The nose shadow will also be played, and the nose will not show up, although the nose of the handsome guy is already very It’s quite good, but the effect is still different... Don’t hide! Draw the inner eyeliner! Waiting for the eyeball to go! Oh, handsome guy, look at your hand, how can the nails not be repaired, how can the skin not be maintained, palms Why are so many old people? Don't know if the hand is our second face?"

Outside the window, the river was docked in the large make-up chair outside the hotel suite. The expression seemed to have been out of the soul. "...that was a shot."

Flames and red lips, the enchanting make-up artist - Jamie De Douglas Li Baozhu - pulling the hands of Jiang Shu, solemnly said: "Our handsome guy's hand is to pay attention to maintenance, not the same as those stinky men. !"

Ms. Zeng Cuicui struggled to turn the closet and nodded in agreement with the location.

"Hey! Mom!" Yan Yan yawned and opened the bedroom door, immediately shocked, and wrapped his towel in a hurry: "How come you?"


Yanmu’s hill-like cloth pours on the sofa, and the eyebrows of the eyebrows can’t hide the joyfulness: “I’m coming~ dressing~ stop~”

The miracle stopped in the big make-up chair, his eyes were empty, his expression was detached, as if the next second was to sacrifice the flesh to the ingenious Ms. Zeng Cuicui, and then flew up.

"Wait for mom," Yan Yan suddenly found out that he was wrong. "Isn't it good to say that I wear black river to stop wearing white? Mom, what is this in your hand?"

Yan Mu looked innocent, holding a set of dark green, sapphire blue, and burgundy dress tops in her arms. There were dozens of matching squares on the sofa, and said: "Oh, I asked the craftsman to do more. A few sets, I want to stop and try. If the effect is good, you can change one dress every hour at the wedding, otherwise you will wear white and monotonous."

Yan Yan: "..."

Yan Mu picked up her grandmother green velvet dress jacket and stopped it in the river. The eyes sparkled with joy and satisfaction: "Look at this color, this cut, this skin gives a lot of water. If it is not your aging mother, I am early in the morning. I worked hard to stop the makeup for two hours. You can take photos today -"When Yan Yan saw Jiang stop, the sentence could be elected as the 21st Century Straight Man Golden List. "But he didn't seem to change anything." It was too late to blurt out. Suddenly, Jiang saw his eyes on him, and his eyes flashed. Out of the light of joy and joy.

Yan Yan: "?"

Jiang stopped holding his hand and the squid slammed up. He slammed Yan Yan into the dressing chair and smashed the railroad: "Auntie doesn't care what clothes I wear, and the strict makeup is not yet!"

Yan Yan: "?!"

"Brows, hair, mask, inner eyeliner, scissors... nursing nails," Jiang stopped with a strict chin and a strict mother's hand, and the posture was very professional: "And you see his teeth smoking, The old man is rough, you are going to deal with him, or the wedding will not be too late!"

Yan Yan: "What? What are you talking about? Laozi is a gun!"

Poor and unprepared, he finally realized that the danger that he had never experienced in more than 30 years of his life is approaching quickly. However, he has not had time to struggle, and his four mothers and the four teachers of Jamie’s palm will fall from the sky. , Shou Wukong sturdyly squatted under the dressing table.

"...Jiang stopped?!" Yan Yan was unbelievable: "You sold the pro-husband like this? Where are you going?! You give me back-"

Yan mother grabbed his son: "Don't move! Stop the clothes first, let me see your teeth! Xiao Li takes the washing machine fast!"

Teacher Jamie: "Hey~ Yeah~"

"I... I went to have a breakfast." Jiang stopped busy and dropped a sentence. He dared not face the eyes of the shocked accusation, and the soles of his feet were sloppy.

11 am.

"Welcome to the bride -"

The door slammed open, Ma Xiang, Philip, Yang Mei, Han Xiaomei, Gao Panqing, and so on, a group of gangsters who were not afraid of death, and they were so happy that they only entered the suite without singing and dancing. In the crowd, Ma Xiang’s voice is not particularly chaotic. He said: “You don’t believe it, I know that Jiang consultants have to wear wedding dresses today, and they still have to paint their eyebrows and apply rouge. Can't wait to see him... Hey? Yange?!"

Outside the suite, the rigor of being ready to be sent is strictly pressed by the side of the mother, and the other side of the face is tightly squeezed on the table. The black pen tip that Jamie’s teacher is getting closer and closer is reflected in the pupil, and the voice is screaming: "Don’t paint me inside. Eyeliner -! Mom! I want to leave a psychological shadow! Mom!!"

Strict mother sticks to her son's ear: "No! OK! Stop painting and you have to paint!"

After painting, the eyes are big! obedient! ! ”

Ma Xiang: "..."

Yan Yan: "..."

Everyone: "..."

The dressing room was caught in a short and strange silence. In the two-second gap, Yan Yan suddenly broke out with a strong desire for survival. He pushed away the magic object called the eyeliner and broke away from the restraint of his mother. I rushed out of the door.

"Where are you going? Give me back!" Yan mother chased the door with a stagger, and laughed and said: "The eyeliner only draws half of it, and the shame of you is the size of your eyes!"At the end of the corridor of the hotel, there is a pleading pleading for mercy: "I am going to stop the river and come back to play for you!..." Then he slid into the elevator and there was no shadow.

Ms. Zeng Cuicui said with anger: "The dog bites Lu Dongbin, but he doesn't know how to be good!" Then there was no way. He had to go back to the house with indignation and entertained the small bastard of the city bureau of Ma Xiang Han Xiaomei.

At the same time, the hotel sauna room, Lu Bureau in the rolling white fog:


Wei deputy bureau did not catch up, almost squirted a face, and quickly moved to the distance: "You dry up, Lao Lu, cold?"

"I don't know," Lu said inexplicably licking his nose, and immediately smiled: "Who knows if the old policeman of the Ministry of Public Security is still behind you, handsome and handsome, my brother."

"Hey, you are so passionate..." Wei’s deputy bureau sneered, and the two continued to cover the towel, lazily spreading on the slate, each with a worrying head and a general that could not be ignored, and raced to enjoy the wedding. The leisure time before.

Just outside the team passed by, seeing this scene through the glass, I couldn’t help but twist my head.


Where is the river stopped?

The river stops comfortably in the deepest sofa in the lobby lobby.

Yan Yan finally escaped from the clutches of Jamie’s teacher, and went downstairs to find something to eat. He saw a black hair top on the back of the sofa, and he was angry and daring from the heart, and made two steps in three steps. Stepping up, from behind, I grabbed the two innocent ears of the Jiang team: "You - the eyes - the line - the painting -"??"

"The trough!" Jiang stopped the whole body and shocked, and almost threw the pen and paper, and quickly covered it with the signature version of Lu.

However, Yan Yan’s eyes were fast, and he stood behind the sofa and held his hand: “Don't move! Show me! What are you doing? Who are you writing a love letter sneaking?”

Jiang stopped laughing and laughing: "I haven't finished it yet, let go, I will give you a sandwich to eat..."

"Don't eat! Show me, what is this? Red crayon?"

The two men wrestled for a moment, as if the kindergarten children were robbing the toys, one insisted on a tweaking, and the waiters passed by and reported a friendly (and gossip) smile. Finally, Jiang couldn’t hold it anymore. He flushed the paper and pencil into his arms and said: "Look and see, you are a..."

Yan Yan was very excited, grabbed it and looked at it, and suddenly stopped.

It was two pieces of paper that were painted in red, three words on the book, and a marriage certificate.

These two simple "marriage certificates", the inner pages are painted very fine, even the pattern of the paper-up head is not bad. The two vivid little men headed together, their eyes and noses were like the Lord. On the left, "Yan Yan" had two thick eyebrows and solemnly glaring at the big eyes; on the right, "Jiang stopped" with a smile on his mouth. The matchstick arm also made a v-shape compared to two fingers.

The certificate holder, the date of registration, the ID number are all available, and the marriage certificate number is the inspiration of the river stop.

Yan Yan is in the same place."It’s okay to be idle..." Jiang stopped the steaming mug to cover half of his face, only revealing a pair of curved eyes, laughing: "The painting skills are good, they are all sketches of suspects in the previous case. Is it very similar?"

After being silent for a long while, he gestured to the v-shaped gesture stopped by Jiang on the picture and asked, "What does this mean, victory?"


"What is the victory?"

Jiang stopped his eyes with a smile. "If you don't spend a penny, you have successfully defrauded you of a handsome guy who has been 50,000 since the sea. I still don't want to be proud of it?"

Yan Yan can no longer conceal the curvature of his mouth, but still try to slap his face: "No."

"Where is it wrong?"

Yan Yan laughed, could not help but pick up the pen, painted an inversion on the avatar map of the two marriage certificates, and then played a paper lesson: "I am a husband! My husband is on the left, bullying I have not married. Don't know, right?"

Jiang stopped laughing at the neuropathy and reached out to grab it. Then he was forced to press back to the sofa, and then placed his heavy chin on top of his head, holding two red papers: "My sake is in my custody." Yours is also kept by me." He carefully folded the two marriage certificates into his arms, and his chin pressed against the head of Jiang’s stop. He solemnly said: "I can’t divorce, no divorce, no divorce. You I have to be responsible for my own marriage certificate."

The river stopped laughing and laughed. He was stretched into his arms by Yan Yan and printed a deep kiss in the forehead from top to bottom.

The sun shines through the floor-to-ceiling windows, and the golden cans are sprinkled on the deck, reflecting the gaze of them. Yan Yan saw his own shadow in the deep hole of the river. Suddenly, I didn’t know how much the taste rushed into my heart. I was so sweet in my heart, and I was intoxicated with a slight numbness. I couldn’t help but whisper: “Jiang stopped...”



Jiang stopped his face and slowly showed a strange expression of strong smile, saying: "Your eyeliner only

Draw a half. ”

Yan Yan: ".................."

"You are very obvious in size. It doesn't matter? Or will I wait for you to go back and make up a makeup?"

Yan Yan’s vows have not yet been exported, and he has been hit by 10,000 tons of heavy blows. He had to rush into the building in the laughter of Jiang’s loss of control, and he went to makeup. Gd1806102

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