Chapter 157 Chapter 157

Chapter 157 Chapter 157

Jiang stopped thinking that the "tailoring" in the strict mother's mouth was the meaning of the size of the tailor's door. Until the next day, he realized that he was limited by the poverty. The game that Ms. Zeng Cuicui wanted to play was clearly called the miracle stop-and-go tour. (Free full novel.

"Black is not good, black is thin, and the daughter-in-law is too thin. But you can do one, do a set and go to the unit to wear it on the day, the wedding will set the individual color. How about the ash blue?"

A team of police cars whizzing on the road, Ma Xiang Gao Panqing in the back row, left and right, holding the suspect, Yan Yan loaded with bullets and bulletproof vests, carrying police combat boots sitting on the co-pilot, one ear sandwiched The command center Bluetooth headset, the other ear with a personal mobile phone, holding a bespoke sample booklet in his hand, Ms. Zeng Cuicui difficult to cover the excitement of the voice even overwhelmed the siren.

"Well, which bride is wearing blue," Yan Yan dissatisfied: "The white dress is so beautiful, why not white?"

"Stop and stop wearing white! You must know how to respect your partner! You see this brown is also good-looking, more British fans, do a winter wear!"

"Old-fashioned!" Yan Yan's nose, "I don't care, he just wants to wear white!"

Yan mother asked coldly, "Would you stop talking with yourself?"

Yan Yan immediately closed his mouth and did not hear anything.

"You little sand sculpture, don't be so stubborn, even if the Jiang team wears white people, they will not mistakenly think that he is wearing a wedding dress. Whoever has two stars on your shoulders?" Yan mother gloating: "Oh, not a mother." Say you, this is fortunate that the wedding guests please be less, if you please more outsiders, maybe there are many unknowns, thinking that your kid is under the rules..."

"Where is your son's appearance like a hidden rule!" Yan Yan couldn't help but laugh: "No, I have a white dress at my wedding, not to mention the escort, hung up!"

"You can't be unspoken, if you stop working, you two people who are really stunned..."

Strictly busy, I hang up the phone, and Ms. Zeng Cuicui’s slogan stopped.

"..." The criminal chain in the back seat, the criminal suspect full of knives, is in a state of grief and indignation. He said that he had just been arrested, and he had not had time to fight with the damn slaughter. After a tragic and sour 18 years later, he was a hero. He couldn’t wait to listen to the half-day wedding arrangement, and the head of the strip didn’t even look at him with a positive eye. He was just thinking about what the clothes were wearing!

"...Hey, I said," the big brother endured and endured, and finally couldn't help it. He turned his head and rushed to the green and said: "I am a good boy who has been on the national wanted list. Your captain is too disrespectful. Am I?!"

Gao Panqing looked at the front face of the stern, windy and windy face, and he stepped on him with a foot: "Shut up!"

·"When you walk, there must be a piece of white at the wedding." Jiang stopped sitting at the wide desk of Wei's deputy bureau, slender legs and overlapping, while he was absent-minded, and quickly took a picture on the map. After a red circle, the map was tucked to Huang Xing, who was listening to the ear on the side. He whispered: "The peripheral chlorine edge of all the manhole covers for three kilometers is used for serum chlorine penetration test." At the same time, the phone is comforted: "Listen, listen. Listen to you, you are the top door, you are the head of the family... I don’t go home to eat at night, you go home from work, don’t forget to take the clothes out of the washing machine and send them to the dryer. Did you hear?”

Huang Xing put the map to Ma Xiang, who listened to his ears and listened to his head. He only heard the dissatisfaction of the owner of the mobile phone. "Why did the Wei Bureau let you do white work, look at your weak and helpless, look at you." Is bullying?"

Huang Xing: "Hey--"

The Wei Bureau, which is in the big swivel chair, moisturizes and smokes, immediately jumps up, and is as flexible as a squid, and the sleeves are smashed: "I soften your sister..."

Jiang stopped and interrupted: "When you do it, you have to eat it yourself, and the meeting is hanging up." He said that he hanged up before the roaring of Wei.

"Weak and helpless" Jiang stopped coughing and was calm in the contempt of Wei's deputy bureau. He asked: "Is there anything else I can help? Hurry up, don't have to pay, let me go home after 10 o'clock in the evening. Just fine."

There was silence all around.

Wei's deputy bureau was full of grievances, and Huang Xing's eyes were flashing the light of the people's hunger for the gossip.

"..." Jiang stopped looking around: "What?"

The people look down on it.

"Don't do this." Jiang stopped finally couldn't stand the strange silence. He helped the forehead: "Fortunately, your family's mouth will not be as strict as that... What, I am purely to protect my own physical and mental health. ""

Everyone suddenly realized that they felt something in a flash.

Wei deputy bureau thought: "It must be Yan Yan, this temper is with me. When the two go home, they will quarrel. Hey! I said that the two men are not harmonious together. See what I said is right!"

Huang Xing thinks: "I didn't expect Yan Yan to love Zhang Gang like my wife? The more strict the rebellion, the more my son's hair was quarreled by my wife, and finally someone knows me!"

Only the harem of the harem, Ma Xiang, revealed an innocent smile. The heart said that Yan brother was really fierce. The Jiang team couldn’t stand the bones and would rather stay in the office to work overtime. Oh, you are really an example of our male compatriots...

Jiang stopped to open the second file and began to carefully read the on-site inspection notes, while at the same time sighed in his heart. As long as I can go home after ten o'clock, I will almost go to bedtime after washing. I don't have to listen to this serious pre-marital anxiety disorder patient while eating and doing non-discriminate large-scale mental attack: "Hold the river, stop the river." Are you in the river? Are you listening?? Is the flower at the wedding scene pink or red? Is white powder very warm? But is it not more auspicious? Are you listening to the river? Jiang stopped you to say whether it is white or red? Is red is very auspicious? But the white is also very warm? Jiang stopped you saying that we want to throw a coin? Is the river stopping you? Are you listening to the river? ......"

"With white powder," Ms. Zeng Cuicui said, "Don't listen to my son. When he was thirteen, he used the gold Saint Seiya to give himself a prop sword. He had to use bright purple, red, and green colors. Wrapped in the blade, said that the most cool and beautiful look. Last year, his cousin's 18th birthday, he customized a cuckoo red with a tan crepe bubble skirt to give the little girl an adult gift, the cousin has not forgiven him until now. My son’s aesthetic from a young age is a mystery, and you will be led by him.”

Jiang stopped saying: "I understand, I listen to you, and I have no other opinions."

Ms. Zeng Cuicui was very happy and hung up.

Yan Yan’s pre-marital anxiety disorder has become so serious that he has been judged by two people. He is simply trying to understand every detail of his wedding in the attitude of a big case. One day before going to work in the morning, Jiang stopped a rare leisurely egg toast. Suddenly I saw Yan Yan’s shirt rushing out of the bathroom. The whole body was surrounded by a bath towel. The iron-clamp-like hand grabbed his shoulder: “Jiang stopped- ”

Jiang stopped immediately pushing him back with his hands: "No, I can't eat it! Go away!"

"Oh, the Jiang team, what are you thinking about in the brain during the day, let's talk about it tonight." Severely open a chart, right color: "You see this."

A4 white papers are filled with dense data and statistical maps. Jiang stopped only glanced at the grass, and then squinted his eyes and stared down: " are farther away from me."

Yan Yan did not move a certain part of him a little further, holding the statistics and saying: "You don't know what it is?"

The river stopped to take a bath towel tent: "No, I am particularly familiar with it."

“This is the statistics of the weather, humidity, temperature, wind speed, etc. of the island where we held the wedding in the beginning of August in the past two decades, showing that there have been showers for ten years, two years of heavy rain, and one year. A tsunami warning occurred!" If Yan Yan is a big wolf dog, now his back neck hair has been fully blasted up: "If we are planning to hold a wedding on this island, how much is the chance of raining on the day?" ”

Jiang stopped: "..."

"Twenty percent!" Yan Yan was so sad that he said: "The only wedding in a lifetime, there is a 60% chance of raining!"

Jiang stopped the support and sighed: "We will hide in the room when it rains."

"No - OK!" Yan Yan is arbitrarily arrogant. "This is one of the most important moments in my life. I must not allow a trace of embarrassment. Even the old fox of Lu’s old fox has a little mud on the sole!"

At the same time, the Lu Bureau, who was licking the stomach and stealing the braised pork, suddenly had an itchy nose and beaten a sneeze. The old man who was screaming back was caught on the spot, and a chopstick hit him with a hand. stand up."I want to change the venue!" Yan Yanguang surrounded the bath towel and announced in the eyes of the river that could not bear to look straight. "We are not going to the island. I have to re-report, apply for a visa, refund the deposit, and engage in weddings. In the scope of the city, I will be re-changing a sunny and sunny city for 20 years to hold my grand wedding!"

Jiang stopped asking: " are going to take me to Africa to get married?"


Yan Yan, a man who has all the lucky values ​​in this life is on the reincarnation, the only heir to the richest man in the province (former), the proud son of a hundred-carat diamond spoon, which was proved by practical actions. Money is what you can do.

Although the strict father and the mother have already bought the swimsuits for the middle-aged and elderly couples, the Lu Bureau has already signed a report on applying for a visa to go abroad with the Ministry of Public Security. The various equipments of the Wei Affiliated Bureau and the sea fishing have been packaged into the suitcases; Before the 60% chance of rain, everyone must make way for the serious premarital anxiety disorder.

"Don't be too hot, not too cold, the sun should be sufficient, the air should be fresh, the sky should be photographed in blue and blue, and the city must have famous tourist attractions for everyone to visit. The local economy should be developed, the folk customs should be simple, and at the same time Must be very open, can not be regarded as a monkey onlookers, otherwise the Jiang team's face will be so irritated, so he will be divorced with me. I have no other requirements, I am very casual, the wedding menu The salad of the two salads is the one that is sour or the sweet one. I have tasted it carefully and tell you that the Jiang team is too delicate, too acidic or too sweet for him."

Jiang stopped sitting on the sofa and expressed numbness to the black pot on top of his head. He concentrated on reading the latest work of Lu Bureau, "Steps for extracting human blood from mosquitoes and steps to collect evidence" (signature version).

Miss Group Secretary swallowed her voice for the rice bowl: "Good Shaodong, what else do you need to pay attention to?"

"I really have nothing. I am very casual." Yan Yan said seriously, "Oh yes, the city security of the wedding must be good. In the past 20 years, the murder rate must be above 95. Otherwise, the Jiang team will commit occupational diseases. May sneak out from the wedding scene to help the local police see the file."

Miss secretary steals from the Lijiang River. From her mixed doubts, inquiries and regrets, Jiang Shuan knows that her psychological activities should be: This person is young, and his mind is not sick?

"Yes, it is me." Jiang stopped turning the book over a page and said with no expression: "It is said that I also asked for two strings of red peppers at the wedding gate to show me the favorite of the pepper house in the future."

Yan Yan shot a thigh -

- Jiang stopped the thigh: "Yes, plus this one!"

"..." Miss Secretary closed up a lot of Shaodong wedding notes, and said seriously: "I have a suggestion that Mr. Yan does not know if it is inappropriate."

"Talk about it."

The secretary sincerely asked: "Do you really consider going to the wedding to go to South Africa?" gd1806102

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