Chapter 156 Chapter 156

Chapter 156 Chapter 156

The marriage was actually initiated by Jiang Su. (Free full novel.

That night, Yan Hao was playing soy milk in the kitchen, ready to fight, and stayed until tomorrow, when the quiche was breakfast, suddenly heard Jiang stopped in the bedroom and said: "Strictly!"


"Gongzhou Police Station and s Provincial Police Station have each asked the Lu Bureau to explore the wind, and asked if I would like to take the lecture!"

Jiang Shu has officially left the Gongzhou City Bureau, and has been living at home for two or three months. When he was a little better, he couldn't help himself. Under the acquiescence of Lu Bureau, he sneaked out several times on the scene, and the wind rushed out. The police colleges of the two provinces and cities were aware of the prestigious name of the military captain in criminal investigation. , took some care of digging people.

Yan Yan’s ear is sensitive to the vertical: “Gongju?”

"Yes!" The river paused and seemed to be very interesting: "Gongzhou Police Station has given two thousand more units per month than s!"

Yan Yan opened the lid of the machine and poured the soy milk into the bowl. While screaming in the heart, the shameless court of the Gongzhou Police Station and the squad of the Provincial Police Station, "What do you say?"

In the bedroom, I heard about Soso, listening to it seems that Jiang stopped the drawer and took out the glasses, ready to start reading his bedtime readings - "The steps of the electronic traces into evidence" (author Huang Xing, signature version).

Strictly speaking, a heart is raised in the throat, for fear that Jiang will stop talking about what God said. For example, "A man should take up the responsibility of raising a family, so I decided to earn more than two thousand dollars," or "Gongju." It is my hometown that I am obligated to make more contributions to public security construction. However, after waiting for a long time, I finally heard the river stop slowly:

"Forget it, save some flowers at home!"

Yan Yan: "...ah?"

"Isn't it to say that the marriage in different places does not last long? What should I do? I don't want those two thousand pieces for you!"

Ping Pong jingle a few loud noises, the soya-bean milk machine rolled from the counter to the ground, and the hot soy milk poured over the floor. Yan Yan almost gave it a slap in the face, holding his foot three feet high, Jiang stopped sitting from the bed and said: "What happened to you?!"

"No, nothing, knocked out the shelf!" Yan Yan madly took a rag and covered his head with the whole body of soy milk, and tried to make his voice sound normal: "You just said why not the two thousand?"

“It’s difficult for families in different places to maintain!”


"How," Jiang stopped alert. "Where is it wrong?"

Yan Yan used all his strength to suppress the embarrassing "when did you promise me to get married?" His lifelong strategizing and calmness were used at this moment. After taking a deep breath, he finally realized the most perfect, coldest and most careless voice:

"No, what's wrong? Do you want to add sugar to the soy milk?"

Jiang stopped: "Add a little!"

Yan Yan smeared his hands, stood up, and took a deep breath, and looked at the mirror carefully. Although he was slightly sullen, he was still handsome and tough, and his handsome and strong face was squeaky. I dialed the amount and then took a half step back and nodded.

He poured a cup of warm water, turned and walked out of the kitchen, slamming the door in front of the bedroom.Jiang stopped relying on the bedside to turn Huang Xing to his signature book, wrapped in a cloud-like wool blanket, like a light and soft feather under the orange light. He is now the wild giant panda who is the key concern of the Lu Bureau. The whole city bureau is holding the stars and holding the moon. In strict words, it is the care he has received at home now, and he is almost like the empress of the confinement.

The Queen Empress took over the Wenshui Cup and said with dissatisfaction: "How can I not even drink soy milk?"

Yan Yan is thinking about cheating his wife's business affairs, and arrogantly swearing two husbands to feed you to eat well, and then seemingly carelessly ask: "When will the provincial police station let you report?"

"September, what happened?"

"That's what we are," Yan Yan said, "the wedding is a bit tight."

Jiang stopped his eyelids and lifted it. At that moment, his breathing was blocked. He was afraid that he would react and come up with a "marriage of two men." However, this worry has fallen short, only listening to the river stopped and said: "Will you have a wedding?"

The heart slammed back into the chest.

But his control of the micro-expressions reached its peak, and the surface did not reveal a trace of joy. In an instant, he surprised the eyebrows: "You don't want to do it?"

Jiang stopped saying: "No. But we are two men..."

Yan Yan bowed his head and covered his eyes with his hand. His shoulders hang down, and even a black hair on his head that was always stunned and couldn't be pressed without waxing was languid, and he swayed an arc.

The river stopped talking and the air was in a quiet state.

"From my very young age, I have imagined that my future wedding must go abroad, flowers, lawns, fountains, white pigeons... Under the witness of friends and relatives, I promised my life." With his eyes open, he shook his head and sighed: "You don't want to be alone."

He paused and stood up: "After all, you are more concerned about the worldly vision."

As he walked to the outside of the house, his back was surrounded by a vicissitudes of helplessness and inclusiveness, as if the man who was full of blood on the banks of Jiangyang County was dragging his weight and slowly moving away.


Sure enough, his hand was caught in the next second.

“Holding office...” Jiang stopped being defeated, and his face was broken: “Where do you want to go to the wedding, this will do it!”


“So?” Han Xiaomei squinted in disbelief: “Let's prepare

After two months of surprise marriage proposal, just soaked up? ”

On the corridor where the people of Jianning City came to visit, Yan Yan shouldered a police uniform jacket on one shoulder, and held a large cup of espresso latte in one hand. He shrugged in the air, and the expression of Zhang Jun’s face was fascinating. I really want to take the shoe floor and pump him. I don’t know how Jiang stopped every day:

"You Jiang Ge love ~ I ~ understand? In your heart of Jiang Ge, I am his only companion, destined husband, fate of the fate! Who else can he marry besides marrying me? Proposing marriage? Still asking?! ”Han Xiaomei looked blank and watched Yan Yan swaying his tail forward, as if he had roared at Ma Xiang a while ago - "No! The flowers on the wedding site are red! All red! The red is the most festive and rich, symbolizing me. You Jiang Ge's pepper room special pet!" - the neuropathy is not his.

"Oh, yes," Yan Yan suddenly remembered what it was like, and suddenly set a head back, took a picture with a folder and smiled on her head, and shot Han Xiaomei.

"Look at the merits of planning your marriage proposal, Yan Ge rewards you with a first-class ticket for a five-star hotel with a full-service wedding invitation. Remember to wear a beautiful point."

Han Xiaomei: "!!!"

Yan Yan’s image in Han Xiaomei’s heart was so loud that she went straight to the sky and then wandered her tail in her grateful congratulations.


"You kids are really ignorant, how can you say weddings and weddings? Where is the time? Is the place fixed? How many people are going to be prepared? Jewelry ring dress venue, wedding car flowers, ceremonial band..."

Jiang stopped one leg on the knee, holding the latest work of Director Huang in his hand, holding a Bluetooth headset in his ear, and nodded in the gap between Ms. Zeng Cuicui.

"So why not say hello in advance!" Yan mother is simply going to make a heart attack, "all in April! It is only five months away from the September report! Even the clothes are not enough, how to do the wedding!"

Jiang stopped to finally come back to God: "What?"

Strict mother: "..."

"Oh, Yan Yan said that this is his small wish. When he was 18, he dreamed of going abroad for a wedding, so he..."

Yan Mu’s resentment has turned into a cry: “You listen to him. When he was 18 years old, he was full of brains and stuffed. The only wish in life is to be the boss of Jianning’s underworld, wedding? The wedding is What? Can my wife eat?"

Jiang stopped: "..."

Strict mother tongue and long heart, full of pity and love almost overflow through the microphone: "Stupid child, he is jealous of you."

Jiang stopped raising his hand and rubbing his eyes. This gesture was exactly the same as that of the night when he was smacked. He looked up and sighed with a sigh of relief. He looked at the red dust and looked extraordinary. He said, "Don’t go abroad, the city bureau. Just look for a food stall at the door to have a meal."

"That's how it works! Our family's wedding is not so perfunctory! I don't want the next generation to repeat the regrets that I told you with Yan Shu!" Yan Muzheng said: "I was a big lady at the time, you Yan Shu is just a high school. The language teacher, the combination of our two is opposed by everyone, can only scribble a rushed wedding..."

Jiang stopped the brain and made up a series of love stories that abandoned the family's elopement and married, and started to sing. The next sentence that didn't mean Yanmu was:

"Even the team is just Xiali, Xiali! Say good Ferrari Porsche Les Lamborghini?!"

"Since then I have vowed to myself. When my child got married, I was looking for 88 Ferraris to build Ningcheng! I gave birth to my son, I sent a wife's diamond crown, gave birth to my daughter, I accompanied the dowry diamond crown, and the pigeons were few eggs. I don’t follow the five-carat! Lao Yan, Lao Yan, did you hear it? Old Yan?!”

Yan father holds a small book: "Arranged!"Jiang stopped: "..."


"Don't go around Jianning City, I am afraid that the tricks will not be criticized by the Ministry of Public Security." Yan Yan said with a smile: "Listen to my foreigners, the lawn fountain buffet barbecue, only the nearest relatives and friends, the total number of people is controlled. Within thirty or forty. In addition, there is no charter, and Lu Bureau Wei Bureau must book their own tickets. After all, they must pay attention to the impact."

Yan Yan half-squatted on the sofa and stopped in the river with one hand. The two men leaned against each other and watched the soap operas crying on TV. They only listened to the phone in the phone, and they could not reach out and slap her son’s head: "You A small sand sculpture, do you think this will be enough? Minger I will let the tailor come to discuss the dress with you, as well as wine, flowers, venues, jewelry..."

Jiang stopped one eye to watch the heroine in the TV series, and the other eye looked at the latest work of Director Huang Xing. The glasses were all smashed and stunned. "Why do you want jewelry, not a girl."

Yan Mumei said: "Think more, it is your aging mother and my jewelry. I am so hard to raise my son to marry, isn't that a good reason for me to buy new jewelry?!"

Jiang stopped: "..."

On the phone, there is a reading glasses with a reading glasses, a martial arts drama, an eye-catching financial newspaper, the strict father: "..."

"Get mom, just do what you said, go back and talk to the wedding company." Yan Yan’s attention to Jiang’s stop is shifting from professional books to TV dramas, and the heart is burning. Three words and two sentences are about to be hanged: "When you do anything, you can do anything. Go back to your son and honor your five-carat pigeon eggs. Love you, please!"

"Where are you coming from five carats? Is the salary at the level enough for you to buy a pair of shoes? You are a small defeated family..."

Ms. Zeng Cuicui’s smile was hanged up, and Yan Yan’s face was pressed against the sofa. The whole person was strictly under his body: “What do you think?”

The two are closely attached, from the chest and abdomen to the lumbosacral to the four legs, even the breath is only less than half

The distance of the palms.

Jiang stopped his cheeks slightly warm, but he was calm and calm: "Reading."

"Reading, huh? Whose eyes are old on the TV?"

"No sight..."

"I didn't aim at what you saw, the actor has me handsome?"

Jiang stopped his mouth and was stunned by Yan Yan. At the same time, he bowed his head with great deterrence. When his lips opened and closed, he almost stuck on his nose. It was a bit of a malicious distance:

"Think about it again, is there a hero in your actor?"

The river stopped making a sound and shook his head.

"Is husband the first handsome in China?"

Jiang stopped talking and nodded.

"What are you looking at?"


Yan Yan put his hand a little loose, Jiang stopped breathing, and immediately resisted and smiled: "Look at you."

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