Chapter 155 Chapter 155

Chapter 155 Chapter 155

He ran away. (Free full novel.

The anti-water little prince Qin Chuan, after miraculously deceived the judgment of the attending doctor and the surveillance of all the plain clothes, took advantage of the short gap between the guards and the shackles, successfully broke free of handcuffs, turned the window and disappeared without a trace.

It took less than half an hour for the Lu Bureau to learn about the situation and the emergency control. However, there was no such shark in the sky. From the handcuffs of the hospital bed to the outer wall of the window sill, his DNA was covered. The visual inspection fought two days for the surveillance video. Finally, he only found his blurred half back and the hand raised in the wind at the exit of a certain highway.

That gesture seems to be saying goodbye.

No one knows why Qin Chuan chose to run away that day, perhaps because he finally rehabilitated to the point where he could act, perhaps because of the negligence on the way to guard the shift. No one can touch the clues of Qinchuan’s elusive good and evil. Lu said: "It may also be because I have been waiting for you."

Yan Yan: "Ah?"

"Oh, what do you think about when we were talking in front of his bed that day, in fact, he was awake, and he kept listening in his ear. When we went out, he immediately climbed up and ran away. You think this how to explain?"

"..." Yan Yan was speechless for a while, Lu Bureau sighed: "Since I don't want to go to jail, why did you want to be fascinated?"

Lu Bureau stood in front of the office window, swaying the chrysanthemum sugar tea in the enamel big tea pot, sizzling hot, and a thin white mist on the reading glasses. He was so determined to look at the busy streets in the distance, with shimmering shimmering eyes and a long sigh:

"Qin Chuan, this person has the righteousness and loyalty in his character. It is the responsibility that I did not do." Lao Yue just walked that time and I suspected him. At that time, he actually had time to rest on the cliff, but he showed this person. The appearance to the outside world is too easy, and when it has never been fixed, it is changing from beginning to end..."

"Old, old!" Lu Bureau finally made a self-deprecating summary.

Yan Yan wants to say comfort, but he doesn't know what to say. Lu Bureau turned and walked to the big desk. He signed the notice of the investigation and lifted a paper wanted order in front of him. He narrowed his eyes with emotion.

"...I will catch him back," and finally snorted.

Lu Lu nodded, both of them were watching the wanted order, and Qin Chuan's face was looking back at them.

"Wait for you?" Jiang stopped at the head of the hospital and slammed the "Dna methylation in the practice of forensic practice (author Philip)", laughing: "--what are you doing, your feelings with Lu It’s too rich. The surname Qin’s running is definitely not planned by him alone. It’s very likely that there are accomplices in the acquaintance. The reason why I chose it just because the time of the day just matured, where is there so much?

Yang Mei sat on the sofa in the single ward and drank the seafood soup, so that she could drink and sneak, and nodded. She is not familiar with Qinchuan, but Qinchuan once smashed her face on her Jiang Ge, so she is still the third place in her vengeance book. The fourth place is the Gongzhou nightclub foreman who got rid of her diamond necklace. The five are the ktv bosses who are rushing to buy business with her next door.As for the first and second place, they are all dead.

"Hey, you are drinking, still drinking, still drinking!" Yan Yan taught her, "This is what I want to send you to Jiang Ge to make up your body. How can you drink it! See you for two months. Circles, the head does not wash the makeup is not changed, and later want to marry and marry?"

Jiang stopped just to speak out to maintain Yang Mei. When he heard the word of marriage, he also had a sense of urgency and stared at Yang Mei reproachfully.

"Why do you marry?" Yang Mei wiped his mouth and said coldly: "The old lady is also very good. I earn money to buy a bag to buy a house to buy jewelry. On weekends, I go to eat a big meal on a yoga class with Han Xiaomei. ?"

"Although, but..." Yan Yan has not given up.

Yang Mei’s next sentence made him speechless: “No, but the profit of the night house is turned over three times a year, and the old lady has money!”

Strictly aware of the wealthy benefits, I have to admit that this is very convincing.

Jiang stopped laughing and shook his head, and once again opened the latest masterpiece (signed version), and asked casually: "Is the investigation notice issued?"

"Early, I will not wait for the New Year." Yan Yan said: "But according to the latest progress, he may have escaped from the province, and the hope of catching it in a short period of time is more embarrassing."

Jiang stopped: "I think he may go abroad."

"Going abroad?"

Jiang stopped over a page and screamed "唔": "Qin Chuan does not do things. He is used to killing people by knife. He likes to stay behind. When he first loyal to the spades, he will secretly show Wang Xingye, otherwise I will not leave a flaw in the civil monitoring, so that I will be caught by the Lu Bureau. In addition to Wang Xingye’s lack of success, I estimate that he has other contacts and may have already paved himself for himself. A back road."

If Yan Yan thinks thoughtfully, Jiang stopped and said: "I think you should have seen this point well. Qin Chuan is very different from ordinary people. The good and evil in others are fluid. He began to lure him into the water more than ten years ago, not only because he was the only son of Yue Guangping who owed a lot of money, but also because he smelled the side of Qin Chuan who was similar to himself - they all liked to control evil in their hands. Feeling. Qin Chu deliberately asked Ajie in front of me to return to the 92nd police gun, using the muzzle to refer to Ajie’s head to fight, in spite of Ajie’s suspicion, because he enjoyed that kind of In the heart of the people, the thrill of the chestnuts is taken from the fire. Compared with Weng, Qinchuan’s heart is just a little more than a curse.”

"If possible, it is best to bring him to justice as soon as possible," paused the river and stopped summing up. "Otherwise I am afraid that he is very

It may gradually evolve into a second spade k under the influence of external force. ”

Will Qin Chuan take the road of no return?

No one can tell this, but Yan Yan feels that his heart is more than a spade, not just a spell, but also something else.

However, this will only be known when he will catch Qinchuan in the future.The result of the Jiang stop has not been down, Lu said that it is because the provincial department has been in contact with the Gongzhou City Bureau. Since the deputy director Hu came to do the transcripts, Jiang stopped accepting several interrogations. Every time he came out, he was more nervous. However, because he always waited for the results, his mind would be calm. Down, and Yan Yan said that even if he really sentenced him to a few years of prison, he was not afraid. He brought Philip’s latest work and Prajna Paramita into the detention center. When he was released, he was a versatile knife master. .

Yan Yan smiled and said that her husband can't do anything else. This must give you a visa to apply for medical treatment. You can rest assured.

When the spring of March began, Jiang stopped to be discharged from the senior single ward, and officially ended the days of Yantai City Bureau, home, hospital, hospital, hospital...

His hair not only grows out, but also grows very soft and black. Even Yan Yan is amazed, and when he gets empty, he can touch it. However, Jiang Shu has become accustomed to the sense of neatness of bareness and coldness. Euphemism expressed his wish to cut the board. This time, not only is it strict, but even Yang Mei, Ma Xiang, Han Xiaomei, and other people who are normal and normal have expressed strong opposition. He had to give up.

In the end, it was still comfortable at home. Jiang stopped eating and slept for a long time. When he was bored, he went downstairs to go to the community park to feed the kittens. Ms. Zeng Cuicui sent a soup every two days and fed him like a big baby, which made him feel that he was getting fat soon after he was discharged from the hospital. He found that he had weighed three kilograms.

“Strictly!” Jiang stopped from the bathroom and said: “You promised to take me to Gongzhou with five pounds. Come and see!”

Yan Yan looked at the ball in the living room, and immediately began to squat up and said to himself: "If you have fat, you can eat meat..."

Jiang stopped to go to the Gongzhou Martyrs Cemetery. This is the first time he has made this request after he exploded from the 1009 plastics factory.

Yan Yan is not reluctant to drive him, mainly because the doctor said that Jiang’s heart and blood vessels are still weak and unable to withstand too much emotional fluctuations. Lu also felt that from the performance of Jiang’s stop, he is likely to be in front of the tombstone. past. Until the weather was warmer, after mid-April, the results of the review were very good. Yan Yan finally stopped the door with the permission of the doctor.

Different from the literary works, when they arrived at the cemetery, there was not only a cloudy rain, nor a cloud of fog, but the weather was very good. The buds of the branches of the branches sprouted, and a cluster of small flowers swayed in the wind on the green grass. Even the gray tombstones reflected the faint gleam of the year.

Yan Yan said: "I will find you a Mazar for a while, how can you stand for so long?"

Jiang stopped talking, holding a bouquet and walking a few times in front of a dozen tombstones. I don't know what to mutter in my mouth. For a long time, he finally couldn’t move, and he lifted his trousers and sat on the floor, and he took a long breath.

"Well, I will stay alone," he said casually. "I will go out to find you later."

Yan Yan patted him on the shoulder, touched the cigarette from his pocket and put it in his trouser pocket with one hand.Interpol is one of the most dangerous occupations in the peacetime. The older the criminal police, the more able to see how evil the evil people in this world can be, how good the good souls can be, how valuable life is, and death and parting. How easy it is.

Just because life is too fragile and easy to die, it is necessary to use the attitude of expecting reunion to bid farewell to the deceased, and to protect the living by strict punishment.

Yan Yan walked out of the cemetery, took a deep breath and mixed the fresh air of the grass, and suddenly felt the phone in his pocket.

"Hey, Lu Bureau?"

The Yu team proposed to be retired, and Yan Yan’s official succession was also put on the agenda. After being promoted to the right place, even if it is the middle-level leadership post, it is not convenient. The Lu Bureau and Wei’s deputy bureau seem to be catching the last few days, and the next half of the life is enough. Just now, if you see him, you can’t help it. To slap the sleeves, the strict confrontation between the two people has produced a considerable psychological shadow.

"Where are you hiring cats and dogs, Gongju?"


Yan Yan has not had time to argue that this special is that you personally approved the fake, only listened to the Lu Bureau continued: "The Ministry of the Ministry of the treatment of Jiang stopped the approval."

Yan Yan cheeks tight: "How?"

There was a rush of air over the phone, and it sounded like a long sigh. Lu said: "In the end, it is thanks to Laoyue!"

Among the points where the river stopped all possible touches, the shooting of Qi Sihao was not very serious, because he had already invested in the spades and sold the strict presence to the drug dealers, so this is controversial. What is really serious is that he had done things for Wu Tun when he first entered the police, and several demolitions that were later covered by the spades. Hu Weisheng is one of the typical examples; and after the 1009 incident, Jiang stopped “dereliction of duty”. The individual tigers in the upper level of Gongzhou have planted the things they have done with him, and now they are completely ignorant.

Although it is said that there is a difference between the merits and demerits, but the specific merits, how much, the amount of water inside is very deep, and it is an endless stream of picking up the skin.

s Provincial Department, Jianning City Bureau and Gongzhou City Bureau tripped for two months, and finally finally alerted the Ministry of Public Security. At the beginning of April, the Ministry of Public Security sent a thorough investigation to transfer a large number of old files from a decade ago. When the Qing Dynasty stopped the early violation of the case, he found a lot of evidence that he was planted, so he arrested two people at the speed of light. Retired municipal party leader

After further investigations in the Ministry, I found that some of the leaks in the early years of Jiang’s stop were later supplemented by various means.

- It is Yue Guangping.

After Jiang stopped to express his identity to Yue Guang and proposed the 1009 action plan, the old director quietly turned over all the problem files in his early years and filled in the instructions and signatures. He did this by putting the pot on himself. Although the compliance was not enough, in the future, if a river was stopped in the future, Yue Guangping could serve as a barrier to encircle the last buffer.

The deceased has gone, and Yu Yin is still there. Before these old files were exposed, no one knew what Yue Guangping had done. Even Jiang himself did not know that he always had a pair of aging strong hands supporting the invisible umbrella."The public prosecution is not going to happen. The party has seriously remembered that it will be inevitable. Let’s go back and let Jiang stop and resign and resign..."

In fact, it was expulsion, and he could not put on his uniform and return to the police team. But compared to public prosecution, this ending is very good and even worth celebrating.

"...I understand," Yan Yan said for a long time, feeling: "Okay, it doesn't matter... I will tell him."

Lu Bureau slammed two sentences and hung up the phone.

Strictly squatting on the mobile phone, taking a deep breath and setting the mind, stepping towards the spring and green cemetery. His shoes gently stepped on the soft grass, passed through the heavy gray stone monument, stood in the river to stop, bowed his head and smiled at his bright eyes.

"This is the case. Lu Lu called now, he said..."

The blue sky is like a blue wash, and the clouds are flying and fluttering. Then thousands of golden light is like the golden arrow that the gods shoot. It runs through the heavens and the earth in the world, illuminating the vast mountains, rivers, cities and villages in the southwest of the motherland.

In the Gongzhou Martyrs Cemetery, there are heavy pines and cypresses, and countless stone monuments stand up to the sky.

Jiang stopped his face in the palm of his hand. Although he tried to suppress it, he could not control the shaking shoulders. The hot tears rolled down his fingers and dropped on the yellow land buried with his loyalists.

Yan Yan pulled him hard and pressed his forehead to his shoulder and sighed long.

The apricot flowers are like rain, and they are smashing, smashing through the rows of peaceful and silent stone tablets and the river to stop the red and wet eyes, rotating in the wind straight into the sky.


one year later.

9:30 in the evening.

In the flat of a residential area in Lucheng Road, Taiping District, Jianning City, the ground is covered with survey boards, and the sound of criminal photographs is endless. The squatting man carrying the suitcase rushed to the scene, and the police line was crowded with curious people, and the intern police rushed to drink two sentences from time to time.

"How is Yan Ge?" Han Xiaomei did not change his color, and he rushed his body to raise his chin.

"I know that the robbers will be guilty because of the unevenness of the points, but they can still make a life and still fucking." Yan Yan took over the signing of the police record board, and did not raise the instructions: "I will immediately send a notice to the train station. Bus station highway toll station, traffic police brigade transferred tonight from 6 to 9 o'clock in the north section of the Yucheng Road monitoring video sent to the physical evidence technical team, Ma Xiang! The lost diamonds of the waist code used to give the mark for comparison! I What about the two dogs? Is the forensic in place?"

"Who is your two dogs!" Philip said: "Calling Director, Director!"

Yan Yan smiled, the probe looked out the door: "Hey, why are you still not here?"

A car came from a distance, and in the eyes of the public, slowly stopped at the gate of the community.

Associate Professor of the Jianning Police Academy, the deputy professor of the army, got out of the door and put his hand in his pocket. He gathered the windbreaker shackles in one hand and walked through the crowd in a lot of discussions. The intern policeman has long been accustomed to it. He smiled and said hello to him, handed over the glove shoe cover, and diligently lifted the cordon for him.

Jiang stopped talking, thanking him for his sly smile on the far side.No one can see the smile of Qingjiang’s eyes. He put on his gloves and slammed into the red and blue staggered flashing lights and strode to the crime scene. Gd1806102

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