Chapter 154 Chapter 154

Chapter 154 Chapter 154

On the night of the incident, all the injured were rushed to the nearest county hospital in the mountain for preliminary treatment. The special police officers with serious injuries were transported back to Jianning First People’s Hospital by the provincial special helicopters, including Yan Yan and Jiang Shu. . Free full novel (

Yan Yan, holding the coma on the road, stopped crying and screamed. When he entered the hospital, he was still unwilling to push the bed. He must take the hand of Jiang’s stop and personally send him into the operating room. His lively and violent temper, even Ms. Zeng Cuicui, who had heard the news, could not help but suspect that the Lu Bureau had misreported the injury. However, the strict father knew the profit, and when he rushed, he took his son to the examination bed.

Sure enough, just a few minutes later, Yan Yan suddenly began to cough up blood, his body stunned, and then fell into a coma.

This is an impact internal injury caused by the cliff. At that time, there may be no feeling at all, but a very dangerous situation will suddenly occur afterwards. Fortunately, the strict father had a foresight. The nurse who was in a hurry immediately rushed over to push Yan Yan into the operating room. After the rescue, he was relieved of the danger of the next morning. The recovery speed was very good. On the third night, he could tremble himself. The corridor wall 扒icu gate went.

Jiang stopped lying in the icu, his situation is not so lucky.

The blood in his head is like a serial bombing. When you are on the cliff, you don't know where it hit. When you land on the shore, your eyes should have a sense of light, and then you can't see it. This is only the first bombing of the serial bombing. The doctor said that if conservative treatment is used, vision may indeed recover, but the second and even the third bombing may erupt after a few days, and the speed of life threatening will be fast. It is too late to take treatment, so it is best to cure the symptoms now and immediately open the skull.

However, the danger of craniotomy is self-evident. Jiang stopped himself to be able to dominate the fate, and there is no legal family.

Yan Yan made this life-critical decision for him.

The technology of Jianning First People’s Hospital is still very mature in this respect. In addition to financial support and post-operative care, Yan’s family can’t help the essentials, and can only give everything to modern medicine and mysterious fate.

A few days later, the deputy dean personally performed the first craniotomy. The postoperative examination showed that the situation was not very good, and then the second craniotomy was carried out; the life indication of the river stopped once dropped to a very low level. After the operation, the doctor told Zeng Cui embarrassedly that the patient should be out of the coma within half a month, otherwise the situation would become very unpredictable.

What does it mean to be unpredictable?

Yan Yan did not dare to think.

He goes to icu every day, sometimes in the door, sometimes outside the door. Yang Mei stayed with him, Ma Xiangli, Han Xiaomei, Gao Panqing and others, as long as they have time. The days turned around in the anxiety, Jiang stopped to the last day of the half-month period, and finally opened his eyes weakly in the band of everyone."You have built a good road to build a bridge, and you have to be filial to your aunt in the future. Do you know?" Zeng Cuicui couldn't make a tear, but at the same time, she used her unintentional care to fall into a piece of pointed nails and lick her son. ear. Yan Yan, a big man in his thirties, was screamed, but he knew that he was guilty, and he rushed to write a bond with his mother, and then respectfully held his hands and sent his mother out of the hospital.

After waking up on the day of the stop, he immediately fell into a coma. The doctor said that it was because the body was too weak and needed self-repair in deep sleep. Fortunately, Ms. Zeng Cuicui can trust her daughter-in-law to live in a single ward. The imported medicine does not need money to go inside. Considering the fact that Jiang stopped the body that was almost completely collapsed, his recovery speed is already very gratifying.

The only point is that the doctor should not use too much eyes in the future. It is best to stop the mobile phone or TV in a few months, so that you can't get old eyes after you get older.

This is not a problem. As a person who is quite talented in the attack, Jiang stopped waking up and faithfully executed the doctor's advice. He was faintly leaning on the bed all day, because the whole person was half-awake and awake, not to mention mobile TV. Except for Yan Yan’s handsome face that had been completely ruined, he almost did nothing. Look.

From Gongzhou to Jianning, from the provincial government to the city bureau, all the investigators of the large and small special commissioners went to his bed, but the formal investigation must wait until he is more awake before he can start. Lu Bureau Wei's deputy bureau also came. Wei's deputy bureau's face was full of painful expressions. He pulled his strict hand and hesitated again and again, only then suddenly sighed: "I knew that my niece was a fool when I saw your stinking pouch. I shouldn't stop her, oh..."

Yan Yan is all over the body, saying that fortunately you stopped, your prostitute is one meter tall and one hundred and three weights is the instructor of the women's special police team. If you don't stop, my life can not be saved.

Compared with the inconsistency of the Lu Bureau and the euphemism of the Wei Deputy Bureau, Yang Mei’s dissatisfaction with Yan Yu is very obvious. She is so persuaded: "Jiang Ge, you are a little farther away from the surname. He is not very concerned about his reputation. He is also very strange in his behavior. When you take it with you, it may damage you in the public security system. Tall and positive image..."

"I think I am normal?" Yan Yan strangely said.

Yang Mei angered: "You put Jiang Ge on the bed and feed it. This is normal!"

Jiang stopped his eyes and closed his eyes. He didn't know what to pretend, and he was drinking the porridge that he had to feed with Yan Yan. He looked like a self-contained soft light.

Looking at his appearance, Yang Mei finally realized that the water poured out by Jiang Ge, who had been married, had already been completely unable to return to his own camp, and had to sigh and sigh.

Jiang stopped this drug-affected confused state and maintained it for several days before finally recovering to awake and reluctantly to go to the ground - this is very good for anyone who is self-respecting and eager to restore self-care ability. It is worth celebrating.That day, he finally completed the matter of going to the toilet independently without the help of strictness. He supported himself by washing his hands against the wall, and his heart was filled with a sense of accomplishment mixed with sadness. He wiped his hands and looked at the mirror when he looked up. He saw that his pale face had no blood, and his eyes had a few traces that were hard to find. He couldn’t help but suddenly feel a sadness: I was so fast. Is it old?

When you are young, the temperament of the moment seems to be close at hand, and the most precious years of life in the blink of an eye are all gone.

Jiang stopped thinking about Yan Yan. He felt that he was different from himself. He was still very young and handsome. He couldn’t help but think that he was embarrassed at the beginning. Otherwise, the little spark of love is estimated to be impossible to get out of the diamond.

"Women--" Yan Yan shot the door outside: "What are you doing?! Are you fucking into the toilet?! Do you want me to hug you out?!"

Jiang stopped his spirit and said that I was thinking about something messy. The man’s husband only looked at his face like something. I obviously won by IQ and personality.

"Come on!" Jiang stopped to answer, took a breath and looked at himself, nodded with satisfaction, turned and prepared to go out.

Just then, suddenly he looked at a certain detail in the mirror, suddenly like a thunder.


"What's the matter?" Yan Yan kept his teeth outside the door, and he was very dissatisfied with Jiang’s behavior of not stopping himself to go to the toilet. "You just fell into the toilet and can’t get up, right? Now I know the importance of my husband. Right? I regret not regretting it? I dare not go to the toilet alone next time..."

When the door was opened, the door was opened and the river stopped and the face turned blue.

"What happened to you?"

Jiang stopped his black and white eyes and stared at him, his eyes flashing with grief, confusion and shackles. The suffocating silence lasted for more than ten seconds. Finally, I only listened to him slowly and asked the question of the direct attack on the soul:

"What about my hair?"

Yan Yan: ".................."

Three weeks after the operation, the late crisis was finally brought to the front of the Jiang team.

Jiang stopped his lips and shivered, pointing at his head: "What about my hair?!"


Yan Yan madly beat the bed, the heartbreaking laughter shocked the entire ward.

The river stopped at the head of the hospital, blinking in one hand and twitching in the corner of his mouth. His entire back of his head was shaved before the craniotomy. Three weeks of recuperation did not restore the tormented hair follicles too much, and only a hairy layer was grown at the moment; the bare back of the head and the forehead were dark. It’s just like the Qing Dynasty’s man’s rat tail, which is quite backward. It’s quite a postmodern and non-mainstream style.

"There is nothing so sorrowful, you are so good-looking!" Yan Yan opened his mobile phone photo album, very diligently turned to Jiang to stop watching, and saw the screen recorded on the screen after the brain stopped from the light and bright The whole process of the emergence of a layer of green skin, and then the growth of small fluff, changed the 360-degree display of what is called the fourth illusion of life, the husband thinks you are very cute.Jiang stopped to feel that his heart was screaming: "Then everyone I have seen during this time..."

“Yes,” Yan Yan said seriously. “Do you see that everyone doesn’t say anything?”


"Even the forensic director of the bureau, the two dogs, praised your round head shape and perfect occipital bones. Ma Xiang also said that you are slick. Your scalp is very cute, not so cold, suddenly It has become very popular."

Jiang stopped shaking and said: "... why don't you wear a hat for me..."

Yan Yan seriously answered: "Because I have sent these photos to the city bureau chat group, I want everyone to know that I love not a superficial appearance, even if one day you are bald and old, the Mediterranean, I love your noble soul!"

The two have been looking at each other for a long time, and they are sincere and sincere.

The river stopped suddenly, and the pillows were taken up and fled. "You give them out!"

The ward of the ward slammed, and Yan Feifei also fled into the hospital corridor, and finally could not restrain the second wave of crazy laughter.

There are still few people in the senior ward. Only the nurses found the head of the gossip from the duty room. I saw Yan Yan and laughed at the door: "Jiang team! Don't be so shy! Jiang team! Don't worry when you are lying. I can see it! Open the door for me, I can't see your beautiful face. I want to suffocate! Fast! One day is not like three autumns!"

Hudi slammed the door open, and Yan Yan stopped catching it, almost plunging into the door.

Jiang stopped laughing and laughing, forcing his face: "Damn! Come in!"

Yan Yan laughed and couldn't breathe. He stopped the river and hugged it. He took it in three steps and dropped it on the hospital bed.


The door behind him was knocked twice, and Jiang stopped to look at the probe and rushed out of his arms.

That is the Lu Bureau.

Later, Lu was followed by two middle-aged people who had a head-to-head look. One of them was seriously recognized as the provincial department Chen, and the other was very strange. The two were obviously not as knowledgeable as the Lu Bureau, their faces were awkward, and their arms were wrapped in bulging briefcases.

Yan Yan had already completely released himself in front of this group of people. He got up and clap his hands and asked: "Hey, what is this?"

Lu Bureau calmly entered the house and pointed out that Chen said: "Chen Chu." Also refers to another middleman: "Gongzhou City Bureau, Deputy Director Hu."

Jiang stopped to realize what he was sitting up.

"About the Jiang team before Gong Gong

Some cases sponsored by the state, as well as the specific circumstances discussed with Yue Guangping three years ago, although the Jiang team has already explained to the provincial public security department, it has also achieved certain understanding and trust, but in the end it is still necessary to do to Gongju. A final explanation and explanation. In addition, regarding Qi Sihao's affairs, we also need to do some transcripts to go back to research and treatment. ”

Yan Yan stopped at the river, and when he met the river, he also looked over and looked at himself.

The eyes actually have no special meaning, purely subconscious, like habitually looking for a certain dependence.

Yan Yan’s heart is slightly hot."Considering the seriousness of the Jiang team's injury, Chen Chu, as a special assistance for our province, will help him to sort out the situation with Deputy Director Hu." Lu Bureaubo coughed and chopped, and Chen was ours. The suggestion of this person is very obvious, and then I waved to Yan Yan: "You come with me, and I will give it to them temporarily."

Yan Yan did not move immediately, but stood in the same place, slightly aggravating the tone: "When Jiang stopped this time, he had already obtained the authority letter and emergency solution signed by Liu Hall personally..."

"So?" Lu said with an eyebrow: "Are you more than Chen’s idea? If you don’t want to sit down, can you sit down?”

Deputy Director Hu was a little bit stunned and stood up, not suffocating, and he couldn’t help but smile. Chen’s innocence nodded slightly to him.

"Let's go," Lu Zhang personally came to pull Yan Yan, and politely rushed to the river to stop a dagger: "That will trouble you, Captain Jiang!"

Yan Yan squeezed the shoulders of Jiang’s stop and walked out of the ward with Lu.

Jiang stopped his lips and squatted. He kept watching Yan Yan leave, and the door of the ward slammed shut. The room was restored to silence and quiet. Chen took out the recording equipment and cast a "can start" look. He sat back against the white pillow and coughed hard.

Deputy Director Hu sat in the armchair straight, holding a voice recorder and a notepad.

"...About the 1009 action, my secret plan with Director Yue Guangping and our investigation of the internal phenomenon at that time." Jiang stopped deeply and hoarsely said: "The specific situation was like this..."

"Is Qi Sihao's business going to be troublesome?"

Yan Yan followed the Lu Bureau, the two walked into the elevator before and after, and the metal door slowly closed behind them.

"If Lao Qi just steals the stolen goods, it will be very troublesome."

Yan Yan waited for the following, while pressing the upper floor.

"But he also sold the high-purity 'Blue Gold'. The blue gold sentencing is completely different from the traditional drugs." Surely, the Lu Bureau continued: "Undercovers usually have certain authority. The more advanced the harder the undercover task is, the more Big, before the river stopped, Liu Hall promised on the phone that he had been arrogant and eager to take the right, so now that Gongzhou wants to make a fuss, it is not good to hit the face of Liu Hall in the dead. There is still a lot of it, hahaha-"

When the spades k came back from the United States, they couldn’t put their own people into the Gongzhou City Bureau, which was purely because the iron bucket had become the goldfish tank under Wu Tun’s hands. Although Jiang stopped “dereliction of duty” three years ago, many people took advantage of the opportunity to shell the shells and gave the most black pots to the dead. But if they really got to the bottom, Jiang stopped in the early days of Gongzhou’s heavy black curtains. The role of the eye.

"Not to mention," Lu said coolly. "You and Yang Mei don't both say that they didn't see who killed Qi Sihao?"

Yan Yan: "..."

Yan Yan ridiculed himself in the look of Lu Bureau, and the elevator door slowly opened in front of the two.This floor is a single-person intensive care unit. The corridor is relatively empty. At the corner, two plain clothes are guarding an inconspicuous ward door. See the Lu Bureau and stand up immediately.

The Lu Bureau indicated that they had gone a little further, and then they opened the door and showed the scene in the ward.

Yan Yan breathed and held it.

The deserted ward was pale, and the bed was lying alone, with a ventilator and a life device, and the right hand was shackled on an iron bed frame.

That is Qin Chuan.

"According to your previous request, the medicine is over-allocated several times. When you turn back, you put the account beyond this part." Lu said with his hands on the bedside, looking at Qinchuan's thin and calm face, faint. "But he hasn't shown any signs of awake so far. It should be the cause of head injury. The specific doctor can't explain why."

Yan Yan’s heart sinks: “If you don’t wake up...”

"That depends on whether he has the luck of resurrecting like the Jiang team!"

"..." Yan Yan silently, his mind is a little embarrassed.

When he remembered that he arrived on the same day, Jin Jie was smashing Qinchuan’s head to the tree, and the brain damage should be left at that time.

"For him, it may be better to be in a coma." Lu said with a sigh: "But he knows that there are a lot of secrets inside the Wenyu Group, and it makes sense to carry out follow-up investigations on us, and only when he wakes up can he If you are judged, whether it is good or not, you must always have an account before the law, and you must have a statement about the victim."

When he mentioned the victim's three words, he gave a stern look.

Yan Yan whispered: "The one that hurts me, I am willing to forgive the book."

"Well? Not twice?"

"Once, the medicinal liquor is poisoned. The mastermind of Jiangyang County who attacked the police was not him. It was Jin Jie who bought Tongyu Shengrong."

The Lu Bureau did not expect this, and it fell.

"Old Qin is a smart person -

—! Yan Yan sighed long and said: "At that time, he should have had an agreement with Wen Yu to save him once he was in prison, but Wen Wei was only responsible for the command, and the actual operation was Jin Jie. Explosive jail, such a thing, can not be murdered, Lao Qin took the initiative to help Jin Jie top a pot, is a helpless display, anyway, he is not bad this thing. ”

"how do you know……"

"Yue Guangping has been in the hands of Jin Jie for three years, otherwise he was at the Qinchuan home that day, when he attacked you and stopped the river, why didn't he move the gun?"

Lu Bureau silently: "Oh-"

"Actually, his move is actually quite smart. Jiang stopped saying that when he was in Myanmar, he and Jin Jie had been doing quite well. It should be that this matter has buried the introduction."

Both of them are awkward, and Lu Bureau sighed: "Qing Ben Jia, who is a thief, hehe!"

"- If," Yan Yu hesitated, and asked: "If Lao Qin wakes up and actively cooperates with the investigation to provide information, you think the court should be almost..."

Lu Bureau shook his head. "It's hard to say that public officials know the law and break the law.

Yan Yanran lost."Right, talk about this." Lu Bureau seems to suddenly think of something like: "Fang Zhenghong has received your grace, not to say anything, my heart is still very grateful. If you ask, maybe he is willing to give an understanding. The book will help Qin Chuan’s sentencing. What do you think?"

Yan Yan greeted Lu’s invisible gaze with a glimpse of his eyes, and he did not speak for a long time.

"...forget it," he said after a long time.


The ward of the ward was bright and the contrast was that the white space was even more deserted. Only the flashing green light on the monitor showed that the rest of the bed was still there.

Severely and sighed.

"Qin Chuan is very successful in the final encirclement campaign. If it weren't for him, the second wave of explosions would be even earlier. Lao Kang's group of special police and undercovers were estimated to be on the spot. And he almost dragged on the cost of life. Jin Jie, although you had expected a third wave of bombs at the mouth of the gorge, and the explosion-proof team had been sent there to start the bomb-removal, but if there was no time difference of ten minutes that he played, the police’s losses would be better than It’s big now."

"In addition to the actual role, he also tried to let Spades K miss the best escape opportunity, so that the police have time to rush to surround the team, and then when the spades k self-care, he personally gave him a fatal blow. Although this program has failed, the subjective awareness of meritorious service does exist."

"What about the old things?" Lu asked an eyebrow.

"I am willing to make every effort to ask the court to take into account these meritorious performances, and even do not have the merits of success; but there are some things that cannot be done." Yan Yan smiled: "If the old party understands the book, come to me, Then I will ask for him, but I will not take the initiative to ask him. Otherwise, where is fairness for those who are clear and innocent?"

Lu’s eyes flashed with a complex look. He got a satisfactory answer, but he was a bit stunned and reached for a strict shoulder.

At this time, the door was knocked a few times, and the nurse came in for drug delivery. The two of them left the ward and led the chief physician to the downstairs office to see the brain scan, discuss the follow-up treatment plan and possible wake-up time. In the end, the Lu Bureau was still worried about Yue Guangping’s only son, but Qinchuan’s status quo is really no way. I can only hope for time and miracles.

When the phone was ringing, he held the reading glasses and said, "Hey, the Jiang team is over, let's go."

"Your situation is very complicated, the Gongzhou City Bureau will carefully study the treatment method during this period -"

Jiang stopped and said: "I understand that I am completely responsible for the organization."

Deputy Director Hu was somewhat satisfied with the appearance. He nodded in a perfunctory place and turned to the ward door.

Jiang stopped and struggled to get out of bed: "I will send you two."

Chen looked at it and couldn't bear it. He wanted to tell him to lie down, but Jiang stopped to be more awake than the old-fashioned chief of the technology, and insisted on sending it to the elevator. Just as Lu and Yan Yan came downstairs, everyone went into the elevator and went downstairs. Yan Yan helped the river stop and slowly sent the three leaders to the door of the inpatient building."Well, let's go back!" Lu Bureau handed a slap in the back of his head, scolding: "Don't do the right thing, mix it with it! Rest well and leave the hospital early, more than ten cases are waiting for the quarterly summary, Lao Weizheng Thinking about finding you!"

Yan Yan: "Know know..."

Lu Bureau turned to Deputy Director Hu, just to say something, just then there was a sudden commotion in the bustling hospital hall, and there was a faint scream in the crowd, and they all screamed back.

"Hey, why?!"

"Look at this quality!..."

Lu's keen sense of the sixth move, the eyelids suddenly jumped wildly. At this time, I saw a man rushing out of the crowd and went straight to the side. It was a plainclothes criminal policeman upstairs!

"Lv! Lu is not good -!"

When the hearts of the people collided at the same time, Lu Bureau blurted out: "What happened?!"

"The suspect, the suspect Qin Chuan," plain clothes look sullen and pale, shaking: "He, he -" gd1806102

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