Chapter 153 Chapter 153

Chapter 153 Chapter 153

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The old cracked door panel of Tsuchiya was pushed open. A thin and thin hair, looking at the boy who was five or six years old, held a plastic basin of water that was not commensurate with his height, and swayed across the threshold. (free full novel

At noon in the midsummer, the people in the village went to work in the fields, and the quiet dirt road only heard the noise of the buzzing noise. The sun passes through the dense redwood trees, and the scent is sprinkled on the front yard. The basin of water is splashed with the pace of the little boy, reflecting the golden light of shaking.

Finally he stopped and struggled to bend the basin on the ground. A pair of rough and dry hands picked up the towel and looked up and shouted: "Dad."

There is a humanoid object lying on the broken bamboo chair.

This can only be said to be similar to the human form. He is thin and deformed, with yellow pus. The ulcer caused by the injection spreads to the limbs and gives off an indescribable smell. If it is not a face, it still barely maintains the facial features. No one can contact the monster in front of him.

"Dad," the little boy raised his voice and said a sentence.

The man did not respond.

The little boy hesitated for a while and wrung the towel hard.

He has been very skilled, using a towel to wipe from the neck of the man, carefully rubbing the most severe place near the vein of the arm, washing the yellowed towel in the basin and wringing it out; he repeats the above steps diligently and diligently. So, a little bit of the place where he can wipe the whole body can be wiped clean, until the basin of water has become muddy, the man keeps the strange and quiet and meek, not as painful as usual. Just a trace.

The little boy doesn't understand, he is still too young.

He only rejoiced that he did not beat him today, then laboriously picked up the basin and slid back into the house as soon as possible.

In the evening, people from the lower land returned to the village one after another, and smoke was emitted from the roof of every household. The wooden door opened again, and the little boy held a gap bowl, holding the porridge and the dirty viscera that could see the bottom. The pickles that had been marinated for a long time, and the men who had not moved all afternoon, carefully Road: "Dad."

His father did not respond.


The man was still motionless, and his stiff face was covered with gray.

I don’t know where the fear came from suddenly caught the boy’s childish heart: “Dad, have dinner!...Abba! Abba!”

The bowl slammed over and the porridge flowed to the ground, drowning the ants under the tree.

"Wake up, Abba!" The little boy rushed to shake the man, even though the body had exuded another rancid smell that was different from usual. The neighbors heard the sound of the door probe, and the whispered voice rang from the bottom. The little boy screamed: "Dad! You wake up to see me! Abba! Please, Abra!!"

"I beg you!! I beg you - Abba!!"

Shouting through the village, gradually becoming a cry, long time echoed in the gray-green sky.

The memory turns into dust and rushes to the distance.

"...this boy is full-handed, how come it has not been taken away for three or four years?"

"Hey, I have a lot of villages, and I have a white face. This one is dead, that one is dead, and his family is dead...""Who knows if there is any disease! I dare not touch him!"


The little boy sat on the low earth wall, and the sun was shining behind him, giving him a golden glow on his hair and ear tips.


He snorted back, and a few stones were thrown in front of him, and he almost fell down. The child who dragged his nose screamed: "The funeral family! The funeral home!" Then he ran away.

The little boy kept silent and licked the thin arms that were sore.

The sunset stretches his lonely figure, and with the sand, he casts into the ridiculous field.

"Jiang stopped!" In the distance, the aunt of the welfare institution was impatient and screamed: "Come here! Someone is looking for you!"

I don't know what to think of, the little boy's bleak eyes are bright, and the big black and white eyes suddenly glow with hope. He jumped down the wall and madly ran wildly. A pair of small feet snorted and slammed on the ground, through the hollow sloping bungalow, through the pitted playground; the short road seemed to be long in the dream, and finally The gates of the welfare homes, which are incomparably familiar with these thousands of days and nights, are far and near, and the pupils of the little boys are getting bigger and bigger, and they are full of joy.

He saw it.

Like countless times in my dreams, there is a car outside the door that he has never seen before in his life. His body is bright and sparkling, and his little friend is being led by an adult, smiling. Open your hands.

"I will pick you up, Jiang stopped."

"Say you never betray me, I will take you away."

... betray you, Jiang stopped thinking vaguely.

The pain is turned into warm and sour water, soaking his body in it. At the same time, his soul seemed to hang in the clouds, and the high light shone with the white light, so that he could not open his eyes.

Someone is crying, someone is calling, and more people are calling his name. The footsteps were accompanied by the sound of the iron bed rolling on the ground, but those were already very embarrassing, as if they were farther and farther away from the invisible barrier.

The deep sea of ​​memory swept over and covered the last dream.

"Are you happy?" asked the spades in the young age.

Wen Wei rarely laughs like this. He has been reserved since childhood. He has a graceful attitude. He can make people feel like they are self-satisfied. Even when they are most happy, they only slightly raise their lips. With a smile, the focus is on the park.


"Jiang stopped?" He asked again with such an undisguised smile. "Are you happy?"

It may be a dock, or it may be a factory, and the background environment is already blurred in the depths of memory. Jiang stopped the note very late. Many of the fragments of the young were finally faded and faded. Only a few unforgettable details were imprinted on his mind: he only remembered that he was wide-eyed and looked straight ahead, a group of people could not see the face. The adults are on the edge of the open space.

In the middle of the open space, several men were tied to the ground, biting each other, and making a beast-like, mad and mad cry.

Several syringes fell to the ground and blood was still attached to the needle."You are not happy enough," said Spades K, laughing and then turning to his men, naturally telling him: "Take these two kidnappers two more."

Someone came to the tray again, and there was an empty syringe and white powder on the plate. Xiao Jiang stopped his eyes and he was uncontrollably recognized what it was. Many years ago, the pungent odor of the midsummer and the raging flies appeared again in front of him. The father who had ulcerated pus on the recliner closed his eyes.

He recognized what it was.

"Are you happy?" Spadesk asked happily, "Jiang stopped?"

White | powder dissolves in the syringe, the needle punctures into the vein, and the devil's fluid is injected into the blood vessel a little. This scene coincides with a certain picture in the depths of memory. The liquid level in the syringe is lowered a little, and it is reflected in the bottom of the little boy who was carrying the big water basin.

"Jiang stopped?"


"Happy," Xiao Jiang stopped shaking, and the voice said in detail, "Happy."

The spades k hugged him into his arms, his face filled with excitement and satisfaction deeply rooted in the soul.

"I am also very happy, the culprit is finally punished, no one will dare to start with us... You see, it is so fascinating to control or destroy a person."

Xiaojiang stopped to breathe, but could not suppress the strange trembling.

"Do you think about me," the little friend said in his ear, "I am going to the United States."

……United States?

"The formula there is better, the technology is more advanced, you have to wait for me here. When I come back, I will be able to bring back very powerful new drugs, so that everyone will be shocked, even those who dare to confess to me. The old man can't imagine it."

He laughed again, kissed Xiaojiang to stop the soft hair, and the eyes flashed with the child's desire for new toys:

"At that time everyone must be directed by me, listen to my orders, I am their king."

"Only you are the brothers who are on equal foot with me -"

- Only you are my brother.

The slang of the ear became mature and became thick and low. The time passed by in the blink of an eye. Jiang’s shoulders widened and his height stretched. He once again stood at the noisy celebration feast. When he looked up, he saw his pale face through adult glass windows.

The familiar whispers in hell are coming through the mobile phone, mixed with electric rustling, like a demon in the ear with a smile:

"Remember the new medicine I told you? I came back with it."

"Traditional alkaloids will eventually be replaced by synthetic products. They will go to the grave with the old man and be buried by the times. The river stops and abandons Wu Teng. He is destined to live soon. The future is me and you."

Colleagues on the side of the body are making troubles, laughing, swearing, toasting, and all the familiar excitement is separated by a transparent glass. Suddenly, there was only one person left in the whole world, standing alone at the floor window, staring at his dark, trembling pupil.

There was footsteps behind him.

The young criminal policeman who seemed to be awkward seemed to be a little cramped. He raised his glass and said, "That, the Jiang team..."

Jiang stopped to see his reflection in the glass moving.He is perfectly controlling himself, holding his mobile phone and not returning his head. He only raises his hand and swings backwards. The five fingers are slightly open to the palm of his hand. It is a rejection gesture with obvious command:

"I know, go."

The young man opened his mouth.

Jiang stopped aggravating tone: "Go."

The young man was stiff in the air, his face was suddenly white and white, and he looked a little funny. But fortunately, he did not entangle more, turned and walked away with a light foot, went to the noisy crowd, went to the jubilant celebration banquet, and was quickly taken away by more elated young policemen.

Jiang stopped to hang up and looked back.

No one saw the look of his eyes flashing, he stood so straight, and watched Yan Yan return to the normal world -

Backlighting traces his sideways profile, from the shoulder to the back waist like a sword, casts a slender reflection behind the floor-to-ceiling window, and squats along the floor of the auditorium, but no matter how hard you try, you can’t reach the crowd. .

Can't pass, he thought.

He can't let people discover that after the captain of the Jiang dynasty was calm and calm, a little boy who was too thin and ridiculous was holding a plastic basin that was taller than him. He crossed the threshold and tried to go to the midsummer pale. The bright, screaming, noisy afternoon gradually melted into a nightmare that could never wake up.

"...The blood pressure is forced, and the situation is very dangerous..."

"The risk of craniotomy is very high, and family members must be mentally prepared..."


"Jiang stopped! Jiang stopped you to wake up!"

"Jiang Ge beg you!"

"Jiang team! Jiang team!!"


Who is calling me?

Jiang stopped thinking.

He floated from the iron bed and fluttered, flying to the vast night sky.

"Jiang team! Everyone has an appointment to go to the old cattle house to watch the ball, are you going?"

"There is something in the evening, don't go."

"Jiang team, will you go on the weekend hot pot?"

"Hey, let's play."

"Jiangjiang Jiang team, the city held a badminton tournament, the people in the squad were signed up..."

"I have something else to do."

The familiar figure slaps back and shoulders, one by one, and the laughter gradually goes away.

The clouds are concentrated, and the moist water vapor is like a spider web, covering every corner of the city hall building. The river stopped through the dark and deserted corridor, and the silhouette was stretched and stretched in the stairwell, and the footsteps echoed for a long time.

He locked the office door, pulled the curtains, and came to his desk alone. A few thick materials were taken from the lockers in the locks all year round. The notebooks filled with various intelligence charts were spread out. The red and blue two-color handwriting on the map of China and Burma marked countless hidden trails; the computer screen issued The faint fluorescence, reflected in the side of the river, the ice-like side of the face, outlines the light and shadow.

"What are you doing?" The spade k smiled and asked.


"So late, what do you do overtime?"

Jiang stopped without answering.

The big drug lord opposite the call didn't mind. Gentle and authentic: "We have a number of demolished homes that have been arrested by the branch. Just like Hu Weisheng's last time, you can find a way to get rid of it and don't let the 'Blue Gold' thing be noticed by the police. ”Jiang stopped talking and was not shocked: "Good."

He put down the phone, but just before the hang up, the voice of the spades was heard from the opposite side: "Wait."


"You have added too many classes recently, you have to pay attention to your body. There is an apartment in Yazhiyuan near your city bureau, and room 701 in the first district b, is specially prepared for you. You can take time to sleep after working overtime, or It’s not convenient to see people doing things, but you can also deal with them in the past."

Jiang stopped his eyebrows without a trace of expression, saying: "Know it."

He put down the microphone.

The large office restored its silence, and the tables and chairs were covered with a touch of gray. Jiang stopped to raise his head. There were more than a dozen names on the whiteboard on the wall. The dense arrow of interest formed a spider web. The center was a box with a playing card.

Spades k.

He reached out and slowly and forcefully drew a fork on the board, and the tip of the pen was deformed with the stroke, hehe!

The pen tip is broken.

The red ink was sprayed on the spider web, and it was like a few bloody tears, and it was silently hitting the office floor.

“One day,” he thought, “One day—”

The calendar was flipped by time and creaked.

The page stayed on October 8.

[When trading tomorrow, all large cargo and firepower armed forces will be transported to the ecological park base - Hongxin q]

[Receiver: Rivet]

The window popped up on the screen and the message was sent successfully. Jiang stopped to raise his hand and shut down the computer. Then he got up and took out the prepared gloves, shoe covers, rags and cleaning agents from the bathroom, and began to clean the entire apartment in an orderly manner, completely eliminating all the traces he had entered here, even a fingerprint and a hair. Let go.

After tomorrow, the spades will disappear from the underground world, and no one will know that there has been a red heart in the world. Gongzhou Anti-drug Detachment Changjiang Stop has no direct contact with the drug trafficking group. Room 701, Building B, Yazhiyuan District will become an unidentified “black house”, which will be forgotten forever in the corner of this huge city until several years or ten years. Later, the demolition was turned into ruins.

All sins will end, as the nightmare continues from the midsummer many years ago, and finally disappears with time.

Jiang stopped to step out of the apartment, closed the door, and stood in the empty corridor. He finally looked back at the 701 three figures hanging on the door panel, as if a heavy chain was cut off behind him. For the first time in many years, he screamed hotly and walked up the stairs briskly.


Jiang stopped to touch the phone, which is the new news of the team.

[Jiang team, busy for half a month, after tomorrow's action, everyone wants to go out for a drink, are you coming? 】

A smile appeared in the eye, Jiang stopped typing the word "good", just click to send, think and hesitate.

They will be amazed. The captain who has always refused to accept the sudden request for a dinner party is a bit strange.

Will it be embarrassing? Will it make everyone feel uncomfortable?

Or they just just pick it up, do you want to wait until tomorrow, and then try to ask?"..." Jiang stopped his thumb and hanged for a long while, finally deleted the good one, and seriously entered one word and one word - "Tomorrow." Then he clicked Send and put the phone back in his pocket.

The fresh wind outside the corridor is wrapped in salty wet steam, coming from behind.

Jiang stopped his hands in his pockets, and his face unconsciously emerged with a smile of expectation, striding forward.

The clouds are drooping, the leaves are flying, and the Gongzhou city lights under the huge canopy are on the scene. He has been walking all the way through the sea of ​​people, through the smoke-filled scene, through the collapsed flames and the future of falling apart; he walked through three years of lonely sleep, the scarred soul from Wake up in hell and pulled the trigger to the devil.

The bullets that were late for many years screamed out of the muzzle, picked up the bloody fog, and sprayed on the southwestern Liao

Above the broad territory.

This time I finally got it, he thought.

He leaned back and closed the already heavy eyelids. The shouting of the heartbreaking heart faded from the ear, and the soul drifted into the distance with a strong disappointment. In the daytime, he seemed to be very happy, very light, and the pain was like a tide. He stood on the steps in front of the Gongzhou City Bureau building and looked back down.

"Jiang team!" Those familiar figures are still hooking their shoulders, laughing and waving at him: "The action is over! Let's drink with us!"

"Don't always work all day, go with everyone!"

"Yeah, it's finally over!"

"come quickly!"


Jiang stopped laughing. He didn't remember that he had laughed so happy, and strode down the steps.

The wind screamed from the ear, and the steps that could be run to the end in a few steps suddenly became extraordinarily long. Soon Jiang stopped anxiously and tried to reach out, but he couldn’t touch his former teammates anyway. He could only watch them jump and say goodbye, laughing and turning away.

Waiting for me, isn't it promised to take me with me?

Waiting for me!

How could the Jiang stop not make a sound, and the throat was blocked by something sour. He was desperate to run forward, but the distance was not shortened by the slightest. He only felt the pain of burning the internal organs, and finally exhausted his whole body and squeezed out the sound:

"...Hey! Wait for me!"

"Let me go with you!"


In the moment when the voice landed, it seemed as if the curse was lifted, and Jiang stopped suddenly.

He found himself still standing on the steps, and his teammates quietly waited under the steps. A short distance from the sky, the wind of the world came from the sky, mixed with a sharp number crying, rushing to the distant horizon.

Jiang stopped reaching out and palms up. He heard the voice of his whimpering sound:

"Don't leave me alone..."

"I have always been... I always want to go with you..."

But the teammates laughed, shaking their heads one by one, and regretfully replied: "No, Jiang team, this time we really have to go."

"There will be a day to meet!"

"You have already revenged for everyone! Come back soon!"

Jiang stopped stubbornly standing in the same place, rolling hot tears down his cheeks.Do you still have to leave me alone? he thinks.

"No," the teammates squinted at him, and they seemed to be happier: "You haven't been alone, haven't you found it?"

Jiang stopped his eyes and turned his head back.

I don't know when it started. Many years ago, the unruly and sharp-minded young criminal police came to him, his face became more mature, his body became more solid, and his eyes full of tears stared at him, full of pleading and hope. .

That is strict.

Jiang stopped, and then Yan Yan extended a hand to hold him tightly, the other hand waved to the distant teammates, like a grateful farewell.


Jiang stopped to struggle back, and the shadows that were once within reach were farther and farther away. Only the familiar laughter echoed in the ear, mixed in the wind and flew to the sky:

"This is really goodbye, Jiang team!"

"I will see you one day!"

I will meet again someday -

Time flies backwards, the river flows up, and the devastation after the explosion is restored to its former appearance. The scars are turned into nothing, and the heroic shoulders glory to heaven.

In the hospital ward, the person in the hospital bed finally slowly opened his eyes.

"Jiang stopped!"

"Jiang team!"

"Doctor! Call the doctor!!"

The cheers ringed, and more of them were sobbing. On the corridor, Ma Xiangli screamed and cried, and Yang Mei sobbed softly on the shoulders of Han Xiaomei, who was smeared with a snot.

The gaze of the river stopped gradually, and it fell into focus on a pair of deep, bright eyes. They could only see each other's reflections.

"..." Jiang stopped moving his lips, and the oxygen mask he wore after the operation made him unable to make a sound, but Yan Yan smiled red and smiled: "I understand."

Jiang’s eyes also showed a smile.

Even if I am so riddled with my old age, I still have you looking for thousands of miles to break through life and death -

Thank you for taking me back to this world before meeting again. Gd1806102

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