Chapter 152 Chapter 152

Chapter 152 Chapter 152

The black smoke on the steep cliffs, the stones were burnt and cracked, and the air was filled with the smell of burning leather. (free full novel

Long police cars lined up on the mountain road, and red and blue police lights illuminate the sky. Special police, criminal police, lifeguards, forest public security... Numerous uniforms rushed in and out, and the beam of the wolf-eye flashlight shook under the cliff.

"The second area is not!"

"The third search and rescue area did not find traces of falling!"

"Deep down ten meters, the search and rescue area will expand to the orange range, don't give up!"

The command car stopped and the Lu Bureau couldn't even get the coat, so they hurriedly walked around with several scene commanders. The girl hummed and asked: "How?"

"Not good." The Yu team was held by people. I don't know if it was frozen or tired. I only saw it full of red eyes: "Two people have fallen, and they don't see the dead, they don't see the dead, they should jump." Cliff. The search and rescue team has covered the entire red key area and has not found anything yet."

“Is there a broken body tissue?”

The rest of the team’s cheeks slammed, and the Wei’s deputy bureau, who came after him, heard the discoloration. Several people in the criminal investigation detachment, which was not far away, softened at the same time.

However, the Lu Bureau is staring at the Yu team, and the old eyes of the seams have a kind of ice-like calm.

"...At the moment...nothing." The Yu team paused hard and said: "Once there is a discovery, the lifeguards will immediately send the bags up and let us... identify them."

Lu Lu nodded and looked at his feet.

The bottom of the black hills burst into a cold wind, like a crack in the ground leading to hell, faintly heard the screaming cry when the yin wind surging.

"Hold the best hope, do the worst, and do your best." Lu said slowly, "Notify the strict parents and Yang Mei, let them be mentally prepared."

"Strict team!"

"Where are you, Yan!"

"Jiang team!"

"The rescue is coming, hold on! Hear, please answer!"


The shouts and screams gradually moved downwards, and they were rolled up by the north wind, and they disappeared and disappeared into the distance.

Drowsy, severe pain.

Just like countless rusty saws pulling the brain back and forth, Yan Yan slowly opened his eyes, but the line of sight was as blurred as a matte paper. For a long while, he finally slowly focused on the focus, and the pain of his limbs gradually climbed back to the nerve endings, but he couldn’t even call out, and the iron scorpion that was solidified in his mouth.

"...Will the river stop?" he thought exhausted.

Then he slowly realized: "Ah, I didn't die?"

Over the top of the head are numerous dense trees growing on the sides of the cliff, connecting the cliffs into a line of days. Yan Yan tried to move his arm, and the hearing finally recovered a little. He heard the sound of turbulent water coming from a distance, and the ground underneath was soft and cold.

- It is a river beach.

Countless laterally growing branches and rivers saved his life.

"..." Yan Yan tried hard to prop up the upper body: "...Jiang..."

"do not move."

The two words were weak and hoarse to almost illegible, but they were recognized in the blink of an eye – he gasped and turned his head, and it was Jiang’s stop, he was still alive!In an instant, the nerves are like electricity, and the current of joy washes the whole body from top to bottom.

Jiang stopped the whole person curled up in his arms, his side face between his neck and his knees, his knees bent to his chest; he only wore a short-sleeved t-shirt, and he seemed to have no strength to raise his face. Thousands of waves of light, reflecting his green and transparent small half cheeks, the wet black hair fell on the sand.

"How are you, Jiang stopped?" Yan Yan was shot with a strong shot, and his teeth rolled over and hugged him. The tentacles only felt that the temperature was surprisingly low: "What about your clothes?"

When he just exported, he immediately felt something, looked down and stunned.

His neck and chest bulging sacs are covered with fabric, and it is the jacket and warm clothing that Jiang stopped!

"Noisy! You fucking a bastard!" Yan Yan was furious and immediately reached for his clothes. But then he heard the end of the river’s extremely weak block, even though it’s lightly whispered: “It’s useless...”

"What are you talking about! We can live!"

Jiang stopped shaking his head and then gestured upwards with his side facing up. Such a subtle movement seemed to exhaust the strength he couldn't easily get down. "Do you know how we fell down?"

Strictly look up.

Layers of natural vegetation grow over the rock wall, and the top ten meters of the ground are covered with sloping rocks of forty or fifty degrees, and then almost vertical cutting axe chisel.

"We ran into a lot of trees, turned down from above... until we fell into the river. This is the downstream. From the time, it is probably a few miles away from the explosion."

Yan Yanran said: "You dragged me ashore?"

The river will not form a high tide and push them onto the river beach, only drowning them. After the fall of the tens of meters of life and death, what kind of hard struggles did the river stop, and then pushed him to the shore in the rushing water?

Jiang stopped without answering this question, or it may have no strength. "Rescue may... rescue can't get here. You take a break, wait until go upstream, you will soon..."

Yan Yan rudely put the clothes into his neck: "You shut me up! Tell me again!"

"You are a waste, you are like us..."

"You know a fart! Shut up!"

Jiang stopped his eyelids, and his lips seemed to reveal a trace of sadness: "...but I can't do it, strict."

He paused and said, "I can't see it anymore."

Severely bombarded and bombed, he was blackened in front of his eyes, his brain was blank, and he could not return to God for a long time.

"...what?" he stunned. "What can't be seen? How can you not see it? What do you mean?"

Jiang stopped groping his hand and reached over his chest, hugged him on the other side of his shoulder, and buried his face completely in the strong neck of the warmth. It is a gesture that is completely dependent on or even attached. It may be the first time and the last time in his life.

Even in the boundless darkness, I can clearly feel that the familiar heart beats at the ear and hits the eardrum.

"I don't know, it may have hit the head. Nothing, Yan Yan... Nothing, people have this time, don't cry."Yan Yan shook, turned over and wrapped his jacket around the river to stop him, holding him tightly in his arms.

"Don't cry," Jiang said intermittently. "I am very tired. I will sleep a little... Don't be like this. I am not cold at all. It is very warm. Your parents are good people. I am sorry for them. Yang Mei was dragged down by me. The boss is not small..."

Yan Yan gritted his teeth and pressed his head into his arms, constantly kissing the wet black hair with the taste of the river.

But how can the river be so salty, he thought slyly.

It’s so salty.

Jiang stopped the eyelids slightly, the pupils were dull and dull, but the eyes seemed to be thoroughly relaxed and satisfied. He can only maintain this position, even in such awkward situation, the outline of the side face and the details of the facial features can not pick any flaws, like white porcelain filled with water; his lips are grayish However, it is also very soft, and every squeaking in the whisper is close to the skin on the chest.

"It's very good. Finally, the tricks are still together. Let me chat with me. What do you want to do after you go out? This time, you should always be promoted. If you go home and inherit the mine, your aunt will be very happy……"

"Dry you," Yan Yan gritted his teeth. "I only want to do you, and then take you to get married."

Jiang stopped laughing silently, even though the smile was weak and almost invisible, "Okay."

Yan Yan’s shoulders trembled strangely, his eyes were blurred, and his throat was burning with soreness.

"You look so good," Jiang whispered. "Be obedient, don't cry, I will sleep for a while."

His whole body weight slowly pressed against his lover's chest and closed his eyes. At that moment, the sound was severely broken: "Jiang stopped! Don't sleep! Jiang stopped!!"

After a few seconds, the blood of the whole body was cold. He grabbed the squat of Jiang’s stop and forced him to hold his face. He shook his fingers and tried to breathe under the nose until it was confirmed that there was still a slight gas. It should only be temporarily trapped. When I was lethargic or coma, I felt that my tight heart finally managed to recover again.

"Don't sleep, it's okay," he said, nervously over and over again, putting all the piles of clothes on the river to keep him warm. "It's okay, I am holding you...nothing, nothing will happen."

In the distance, I heard about the movement of Sosuo. A figure appeared in the moonlight and slowly approached.

That is Wen Yan.

He was bruised and slow, and walked to the front and kneel down, staring at the river, and dragging long blood behind him.

"Why are you fucking still not going to die?" Yan Yan said a word from his teeth.

" see," Weng slammed his head and answered the question: "He has a reaction."

Yan Yan looked down and saw that the river in the coma was obviously tight and the breathing rate was short. It seemed very uneasy.

"Every time, even if you don't use your eyes, he can hear, smell, or feel I have believed that he hasn't completely lost consciousness for three years. He just went somewhere, and eventually Still have to wake up and come back to me."

Wen Yansen’s eyes showed an indescribable look, and he sternly recognized what it was.- The madman is completely mad after a long twist.

"Just this time," he said softly with the chilling smile: "This time he will go with me."

Wen Yan raised his hand and reached the side of the river to stop the white face. His five-finger nails were all turned open, and his flesh and blood were blurred, just like the bloody devil who had just climbed out of hell. Severely screwed his hand, slammed hard to the knuckles, and simply used all his strength to push away, roaring: "Take the old man!!"

Wen Yan fell on the sand, Yan Yan is like a fierce beast that was forced to fight back after being forced into a desperate situation. The consciousness was completely blank. He took off his coat and wrapped it in the river, then slammed it on him and grabbed his hair. On the ground!

"Hey!" Wen Yan spurted his mouth full of blood, and one elbow hooked his neck and threw it to the ground. He did not pay any attention to the ribs that he did not know had cracked a few. The fists squeezed the flesh and bones, and the internal organs seemed to be smashed into mud, giving a soothing friction sound.

"Why is it bad for me, huh?" Wen Yan screamed: "Why are you going to have something bad about me?!"

Yan Yan’s head broke through the blood, and his face was stunned. He kicked his opponent out and screamed at the mountain: “Because your life is absolutely!! You are a disgusting drug dealer!!”

Wen Yan coughed blood and fell to the ground, Yan Yan supported the body, but could not stand up, the sternum has already appeared a shocking depression. However, at this time, the pain has retreated from all his senses, only the mad anger flooded his head, pouring anger into every vein in the body; he almost climbed over, licking his neck, dying Put his head to the ground and the stone!


! !

Every squeaking sound is accompanied by a bloody splash, and Weng has been unable to make a sound. His fingers grabbed the Yanyan throat and used all his strength to hold the aorta!



The river stopped lying on the edge of the river at night. No one saw him slowly raise his arm, and the river reflected the outline of the long wrist and fingers.

He couldn't open his eyes, he couldn't make a sound, his ears creaked, and he couldn't hear even his short breath. His soul seemed to float in the void, but his right hand numbed for a long time in the messy clothes, until he finally touched a shape that was very familiar with the cold, and then held it weakly and tightly.

That is the gun.

Before the Jeep explosion, Yan Yan got the gun from the back seat and stuffed it into his back.

Destiny is like a delicate organ, which is closely intertwined at every node that may change. All the joys and sorrows, all the singularity, will eventually lead to the end of the past.

Jiang stopped his eyes slightly and pointed the gun at two shadows that were not far away.

Although he is completely invisible.

"Yan brother!"

"Yan brother!"

"Strictly -"

A shouting echoed the flashlight in the valley, and suddenly Han Xiaomei stood still and turned his head.

The search and rescue personnel struggled between the steep and slippery rocks, and Ma Xiangtou did not ask: "What?"

"...there is light there."

"what?""It's the river," Han Xiaomei narrowed his eyes. "It's a river!"

Search and rescuers rushed to lift their bodies and saw that Han Xiaomei had jumped down the rock with a megaphone, stumbled and ran toward the river, and even Ma Xiang could not stop: "Hey! Come back!"

"They won't die! They must have fallen into the river!" Han Xiaomei shouted and shouted, tears suddenly burst out: "As long as they fall into the river, they will survive! Maybe they are not leaving us now." Far!"

Ma Xiang was a word.

"Yan Ge! Jiang Team!" The loudspeaker spread the desperate shouts of Han Xiaomei throughout the valley: "Where are you! You are going back! Yange--"


"Yan brother..."

Just like the illusion that people appear in extreme despair, the sound of shadows and sounds is heard in the wind, and the mind is scattered.

The next moment of stalemate was broken, and he whispered his brain and slammed into the sand!


The shock caused him to look at Venus, and he couldn’t feel anything except dizziness. In the fierce pain that was infinitely stretched, he finally heard the sound of the intermittent sound in the distance, and it was Han Xiaomei!

Lifeguards have already found it here!

"Responding," Wen Yan's elbows pressed against the throat and gasped and sneered. "If they don't answer, they can leave?"

"..." Yan Yan's face is blue-red and purple, and there is no sound.

"When those people find your body, what do they say? It is a fake two drops of tears, a false and lengthy funeral for you, or a mocking of your idiot in your heart, jumping down to death, but nothing can change. ?"

Wen Wei’s closeness to the front of his face made him want to cry out of his hateful face, blood flowing from his nose, and each word contained a strong and undisguised malice:

"From the very beginning, you are destined to play a supporting role only in the tragedy. Strictly... you are just a waste."

The two of them were incomparably close to each other, and Yan Yan’s fingers were all pierced into the neck of Wen’s neck, and several blood ran down the fingerprints. However, at this time, for them, it seems that any harm or pain in the ** is nothing, and the violent and fierce face is distorted because of excessive force, and the side is turned sideways and slowly made. Two mouth types.

- Silly, forced.

Wen Yan looked at his gaze and saw that Jiang stopped and had to sit up for a long time. He looked at him with no eyes and his guns were facing them!

The river flashed a hot spot on the muzzle, and it smelled like a joke. It immediately seemed to see a joke: "Let's shoot, the river stops?"


"You can't see it right?"

Jiang stopped as if he didn't hear it.

"Let's shoot, or say you don't dare to just pull the trigger," Wen Yan gasped and laughed. "Is it killing me or killing the surname? You can't gamble and try?"

- I don't dare? Jiang stopped thinking.

The neutrons that popped up in memory smashed through the void, through the blood, and slid a clearer fragment of consciousness deeper. The sound familiar to me more than a decade ago sounded from the ear.






......The shell fell to the ground at the foot, and the river stopped picking up the earmuffs and suddenly heard someone asking:

"You are a student here?"

The river stopped looking back, and at the door of the empty shooting range, there was a tall, thin and tall man who was standing against the light and standing there with his back.


"Seven meters and ninety-seven, the results are OK."

"You flatter me……"

"But it's still a bad breath."

Jiang stopped only when this is a retired old man who didn’t know where to run, and he did not refute it.

"Not convinced?" The old man seems to see through his mind, "tactics."

Shooting is first of all, followed by the brain, and finally with the eye. Wind speed, distance, angle, heartbeat, and breathing, these factors must be perfectly unified in the calculation of the sniper, otherwise the difference is a thousand miles. When you pull the trigger, you pay too much attention to your eyes, but after graduating, you will be sent to the team. Which target will be fixed like a static target? ”

Jiang stopped packing his bags and was ready to leave. He shook his head with helplessness: "But the grassroots regulations have been changed. The elderly, now the police are afraid to shoot!"

"The police are afraid to shoot. Isn’t the criminals afraid?"

I don't know why Jiang stopped his heart and jumped and subconsciously stood still.

"There are always some kinds of police to face life and death. When you take the police badge and shoot, the legal provisions and the actual justice are under your trigger." The old man raised his finger to the left heart and clicked on the temple: "sound, feel, shooting Instinct, sensory measurement... Sniper relies not on textbooks or static targets. Young people, you are almost gone, go back and practice more."

Jiang stopped looking back and wanted to say something and stopped. The old man bowed slightly to him, and there was a trace of incomprehensible love on his serious, thin face, then turned and walked out of the shooting range.

It was the midsummer of the campus of Gongda many years ago, and the white light outside the gate was dazzling.

Yue Guangping's straight back was gradually drifting away, and eventually disappeared into the glorious and embarrassing years.

"Admit it, Jiang stopped." Wen Yan regretted that the face and half of his chest had been drenched with blood, but his eyes still flashed with unmistakable malicious pity: "You dare not."

At this time, he slammed his arms on the arm of his throat, tightening his left and right hands, and clicking! Wen did not expect him to be so embarrassed, his elbows made a crisp sound, and suddenly bent at a terrible angle!

He was heavy and stuffy, and he slammed his feet and flew back, desperately saying: "Jiang stopped! Now!!"

Wen Wei stood firm in a few steps, his eyes flashed fiercely, and he pulled his legs and slammed it!

Wind speed, distance, sound, heartbeat, breathing.

Jiang stopped the weak wheezing, and the wind sent every minute of the world's finest movement into his eardrum. Severe heartbeat, snorting gasping, vibration of clothing and air friction, the sound of soil being squeezed by the soles of the feet... The sound pushes everything into a plan, and then spins up in the depths of the brain to build a body projection.

Wen Hao volleyed to Yan Yan.

Jiang stopped raising his muzzle, and innumerable souls reached out from the void, and together with him pulled the trigger -

boom! !The gunshots were carried out in the mountains, Han Xiaomei’s footsteps violently, and the horror looked up.

Follow her line of sight through heavy grass and dark night, the beachside, bullets flying through the air, through the throat of the smell, raising an arc of blood!

Swords and shackles are still at this moment, short and short, but it seems like a long tragedy has come to an end.

Wen Yan knees on the knees, shaking a few times but finally no time, the body that lost vitality fell to the ground.

he died.

If you look at the body carefully, you will find that the position of the bullet through the throat is exactly the same as that of the self-proclaimed village doctor.

In both China and Myanmar, across thousands of miles, the bond of sin has suddenly broken.

Over the years, countless crying souls have been detached at this moment and rose to the sky.

"...Jiang stopped," Yan Yan lost his voice: "Jiang stopped!"

Jiang stopped his hand and leaned back after the gun landed.

Yan Yan rushed forward, the sharp roar changed: "Jiang stopped! Wake up, look at me! Look at me!!"

"Jiang team, Yan team -"

"Strict team!"

"They are there! They are there!!"

At the end of the river bank in the distance, the swaying light spots approached quickly, and the search and rescuers rushed to the side.

But Yan Yan can't see anything, and he can't feel it.

He embraces his entire world in his arms.

"..." Jiang stopped his lips and seemed to say two words. Yan Yan shook his head and listened to him and repeated it again. He said: "It's good."

His fingertips slipped on the tough side of his face, but he couldn’t feel anything.

that's nice.

The figure of countless comrades appeared in midair, with a familiar and happy smile, and opened his arms to him. Jiang stopped to smile, and walked to the years when the laughter and the bloody tears were intertwined, the feats and the battles were scattered, and the last time he turned back.

Yan Yan was on the ground, holding his body and shouting in a loud voice.

You are still alive, Jiang stopped thinking.

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