Chapter 151 Chapter 151

Chapter 151 Chapter 151

Yan Yan looked up and looked at Wen Wei, and bowed down to ask Jiang to stop: "Can he fight?"

Jiang stopped a little bit awkwardly. He instinctively went to see the front window of the car, but he couldn’t control his eyes to look at Yan Yan. After looking back and forth several times, he finally found his reason and shook his head: "Yes, general!"

Yan Yan has not let go of this tone, just listen to him and say: "It is similar to the square piece j!"

Yan Yan: "..."

"You can play the most!" Jiang stopped loudly. (free full novel

Wen Yan's hand twisted the wrist bone with the shackles, and the flesh immediately cracked and hemorrhage. In the severe pain, the subconsciously released the roof frame and the body was picked up by the wind. Fortunately, he grabbed the other hand tightly and swept in the air!

Hey! Wen Yan raised his arm and was blocking the fast and incomparable whip leg, and it made a dull crash.

He was actually very stable in the next set, but under such a fierce and heavy impact, he slammed and almost planted the car.趁 空隙 趁 , 趁 趁 趁 趁 趁 趁 趁 趁 趁 趁 趁 趁 趁 趁 趁 趁 趁 趁 趁 趁 趁 趁 趁 趁 趁 趁 趁 趁 趁 趁 趁 趁 趁 趁 趁 趁 趁 趁 趁 趁 趁 趁 趁

Jiang stopped and said: "Strictly! Be careful!"

The voice did not fall, he slammed the steering wheel, and made a very dangerous driving action while Jeep crossed the corner, and pressed the side of the passenger car to the sharp mountain wall. I only listened to "跐-" in the dark, the sparks in the dark, the metal friction sound tears the eardrum, it is the edge of the door hit the rock!

Most of the body has been drilled into the car, but the hand is still holding the edge of the roof, so that as long as the dagger is seized, it can immediately re-explore the outside of the car. But this also caused his back to be completely exposed, and he would be caught in the gap between the body and the rock wall!

His fingertips had already touched the blade, and he felt the danger at this moment. He gave up the dagger and the whole man suddenly slammed into the roof. This reaction speed and explosive power are quite amazing. Just as he climbed to the top of the car, the snow behind him was accompanied by a loud noise. The door was hit by the wall and the whole piece of steel flew out for dozens of meters. !

Hey - when!

The twisted door swayed and swayed from the madness, followed by Han Xiaomei, who was trailing, crashed into the cliff.

As long as half a second later, Wen Wei has been squeezed into blood. As soon as he looked up, he was facing the sternness. Now both of them are leaning on the roof of the car. One person is holding the roof frame and almost face to face.

"Hey!" Yan Yan said: "Turn down Laozi!"

Wen Yan was smashed in the middle abdomen. He was previously stopped by the river in the same place, and he blew his mouth. He was so sullen that he stretched his arms and stretched his elbows tightly. neck.

The two are like two beasts, and they are smashed in the square of the roof, and they can't even see what part of the opponent they hit. Yan Yan was strangled with Venus, and he twisted his elbows, only to feel that he was holding a hot rock. He only heard the devilish voice ringing in his ear. Every word was like a tooth. Extrusion from the seam: "I didn't expect it, the first time I saw the enemy is your life, huh?"In the darkness, the five blood beads on the arm squatted down, and it was the deep five fingers that broke into the muscles.

"Stupid," Yan Yan said in a difficult way: "You fucking a fart... Love!..."

Yan Yan suddenly let go of the roof rack, this is a fateful move, in an instant he completely lost the point, all relying on the smell of his arm did not blink and get off the car; the next second only listen! His old fist was under the ribs, and the cracks between the fists suddenly made the sound of the flesh and blood being squeezed.

Wen Yan slammed the bleeding star, Yan Yan had turned over and sat on him, punching his face and squatting!

Hey! Wengtou’s head was fierce, and Yan’s iron fist was on the roof of the car. The knuckles suddenly left four depressions on the metal.

At this moment, the body suddenly jumped, and the eyes of both of them slammed forward. Jeep had already passed the checkpoint. There was no police car in front to illuminate. By the yellow light of the headlights, I saw only the side of the front wall, and the volley extended. A large black shadow, the height is exactly aligned with the roof.

Is it rock? !

This speed hits the roadblock, it is not a bloody head, it is the entire head can fly out on the spot. Yan Yan yelled forward and tried to keep the whole body close to the roof to avoid the impact. However, Wen Wei stopped his throat in a moment, and hardened his upper body!

"..." Yan Yan was stunned and couldn't speak, his throat creaked, and he could only look at the black shadow, and his brain was blank.

"Go to hell," Wen Yan said.

Next second, oh!

Countless tiny dead leaves cover the face, it is the bush!

Most of the body was submerged into the crisp and sharp bushes, like thousands of rainstorms on both. Wen Yan was so stunned that he couldn’t open his eyes, and Yan Yan couldn’t help but eat the dusty leaves. He finally broke his hand on his throat; in just a few seconds, it was as long as the end of the world, and finally “sounded” a wind. The Jeep finally drove out of the bush.

"Cough, cough, sputum..." Yan Yan was embarrassed, but there was only one thought in his heart: Laozi is really a fucking life!

Wen Wei gasped and said: "You are fucking really big."

Yan Yan punched his face with a punch: "I am a policeman who is not a bad defender, you know a fart!"

Smell a spit of blood, the eyes flashed cold, suddenly caught the fist that came again, and the joints were reversed. Yan Yan only felt the electric tingling and crawled into the nerve center along the muscles. He felt a pain in the spot and only heard the cold and cold road: "Nothing goes wrong? Dreaming!"

Then he tried to pull back his arm and borrowed his strength.

The punch broke into his sternum. Yan Yan and Lien Chan are too late to get out of balance, the body loses balance and slips behind the car!

If it slips down, the door that twisted into a twist is his end. Fortunately, on the occasion of a thousand miles, Yan Yan grabbed the tail end of the roof frame with one hand and was able to stabilize his body shape. He had not slowed down yet, and the face was a heavy punch.


Yan Yan squirted a sip of water and almost spit out the stomach from his throat. In the pain, his arm was stretched and his arm was stretched and he was dragged to the cross; he was too late to counterattack and was thrown over his shoulders, and vacated and turned around, hehe! !Yan Yan Yang Tian | slammed on the roof of the car, more than 80 kilograms of weight will produce a depression in the steel plate!

"Idiot," Wen Yan coldly said, "You don't even have the qualification to die with him." Then the hard elbows from top to bottom, hitting Yan Tianling cover!


"- Reporting the command car! We have already started to bend, and the Yan team is playing with the main target on the jeep!" Han Xiaomei's pointed tail echoed in the walkie-talkie: "What now? Please give instructions!!"

On the display of the command car, the real-time positioning of each police car is a small blue dot, which is moving forward along the mountain road on the map. There were several pieces of paper on the table filled with scribbled scraps. It was a rescue plan that was urgently proposed and immediately rejected in the past 20 minutes. From the provincial hall to the municipal bureau, several leaders were stunned and unable to do anything.

"What to do, Lao Lu?" Only the Liu Hall was condensed in the headset.

Lv Bureau hesitated to open his mouth, just want to say something, suddenly only listened to the technical investigation, Huang Xing changed the tone of the shouting sound: "Lv! Lu Bureau! Not good!"

It’s not good that these three words are like three steel needles. They are stabbing the nerves of the leaders who are already overwhelmed. When they are all, they all stand up: "What happened?" "What happened?!"

Huang Xing holds a fax in his hand. In the fluorescence of the display, he only sees his face blue: "When the local forestry department just sent it, real-time satellite image..."

What Lu Bing realized, rushed to the front and grabbed the piece of paper, only to keep an eye on it, he held his breath.


哗 —— The roof dust was hit and slammed down, and the river stopped looking up.

Yan Yan leaned back and crossed his arms, and he resisted the other's elbows when he was just a thousand times. The long and cruel wrestling made the expressions of both of them slightly distorted, and the sweat dripped down from his face.

"...Who...the mother is going to die together..." Yan Yan gritted his teeth, his eyes were particularly sharp and painful because of his pain: "You are going to die, I want to stop living with the river...!"

He suddenly bends his knees forward, it is a lightning-like, sharp and poisonous upside down gold hook; when he blinks his eyelids, he only feels that the door is hit by the wind, and he is unbalanced and unbalanced, and falls off the car!

Strict squid slammed up and grabbed the aluminum alloy frame. He turned his head and saw no one behind him.

Wrote on the road? Still being crushed into the bottom of the car into a meat?

Yan Yan was so embarrassed that he couldn't help but breathe, and the sweat was mixed with blood and dust, and he got into the shirt collar from his strong neck. Suddenly he saw something, and when he looked down at the rear of the car, Wen Yan was still breathing on the bumper and clutching the spare tire. His steel-like fingers burst into the blue veins, and the power was indeed quite amazing. In the wake of the car and the whistling wind, he could barely fix his figure and could not fall.

"I am!"

Yan Yan blurted his mouth, but there was no way to do it. He had to grab the edge of the door and wrap it in the cold. When he just sat down, he took a sip of cold air and pressed his abdomen to find a warm and sticky blood.The Jeep slammed into the air, and the river stopped a steering wheel, and it was magical to get around the broken gravel under the mountain wall: "What happened to you?"

Yan Yan’s eyes were shimmering, and the palms were rubbed on the side of the trousers. “Nothing.”

"You are hurt? Show me!"

"Nothing, no. Be careful!"

Twenty meters ahead, there is a pile of sloping stones flashing from the right side of the lights, the original mountain road is almost blocked, as long as it hits a certain car destroyed. In the blink of an eye, the river stopped stepping on the gas pedal, pulling the handbrake, and the rubber tires screamed and screamed, screaming through the rock, and the dark night in front of the hell came face to face.

The driver's door has disappeared, and Yan Hao grabbed the safety handrail and shouted in the hurricane: "Why don't you drive the high beam -!"


Yan Yan was biased, and the rearview mirror reflected the deep and clear face of the river.

"It’s almost out of oil," he whispered.

Yan Yan Kong is tightening.

"Strictly, you listen to me." Jiang stopped quietly, looking straight at the front window of the car, next to his left is the bottom of the cliff: "You have a dagger under your feet, and the back seat is still on the ground." Have a gun, try it first, can you touch it; now the road is too narrow, and you are close to the mountain wall, the risk of jumping is too big..."

"shut up!"

"I will drive the car to the left when I wait for three or two. When you shout, you will jump immediately. The cliff below may be several tens of meters. If you didn't jump out, then..."

"Tell you up to talk about it!" Yan Yan finally got a gun from the back seat, savagely plunged into the river and stopped the holster, then picked up the dagger, opened the sundries, and stared at the pile of bombs.

The metal ball was wrapped in a dense wire, seemingly separated by a slap, but he knew that the collision was only an instant.

Even if the river stops on the horrible death trail to the last moment, when the gasoline is exhausted, the tires will naturally stop.

Their lives are already in minutes

Countdown for the unit.

"I am awkward," Yan Yan took the knife and brushed it on the wire. He hoarsely said: "How do you get this stuff? Can you directly break the line? I cut which line, or I just removed the dashboard." ?"

Suddenly Jiang stopped to reach out and took his palms and bleed his fingers.

"You listen to me, Yan Yan," although the lights can only shine out of the square, the river stops at the bottom, but there seems to be a layer of calm and soft glimmer: "I have never told you anything..."

“In fact, there are problems in emotional perception that are not only me, but also me.”

Yan Yan stared at him.

Jiang’s stop is extremely cold, but his palm is dry and sweat-free, as if no matter what happened, he could not shake the firm and steady strength of his soul.

"My entire youth and even youth, I suspect that I have some kind of emotional disorder. I don't have family, I don't want to make friends, I have no touch on love. After work, my opponent has no personal concern. I only have something to say to my superiors. Those same The brotherhood of the dead together is only an obligation in my opinion. I have isolated myself from all social relationships. Of all the known human emotions, the only thing I can truly understand is abhorrence."Jiang paused and said: "I hate Wu Teng, hate the self-controlled, I want to destroy their ubiquitous interest network, but there is almost no other feeling in my heart."

Yan Yan tried to suppress, but still could not help the sour heat in the nose, he took the hand of Jiang stopped.

This tight handshake seems to be able to pass more power to Jiang. He smiled and said: "Until I met you."

On the right side of the Jeep's right side near the mountain wall, the collapsed stone shovel is increasing at a speed visible to the naked eye, as if it is indicating the unusual road conditions ahead.

Gasoline is getting closer to the bottom line, warning that the red light is constantly on.

"If I meet you when I am young, maybe a lot of details about the fate will be different. Even I may start a good relationship early. But fortunately we are not too late to meet, at least let me have time to face up. I have not dared to face up to myself, and the feelings I never dare to admit - I want to take revenge, not because of any responsibility or obligation, because I really miss those comrades who are getting along with each other, thinking about the point I dare not face."

Jiang stopped taking a breath, he didn't look at Yan Yan, and there was some strange trembling in the tail:

"I also let you jump over, not because of human nature or sacrifice, but because you are my lover."

The wind suddenly disappeared, and it was quiet, and the long night spread a long road in front of the eyes.

At the end of the journey, there was a flash of stars.

Yan Yan leaned over and printed a kiss at the corner of the river, hoarsely said: "You open the door, I will count three or two, we will dance together."

Jiang stopped smiling and seemed to have a little sadness: "But I am on the cliff..."

This mountain road is clockwise, and it seems that as early as the beginning of the story, it is doomed to the end of today.

But Yan Yan still insisted: "You open the door."

When the river stopped looking, the two men gaze briefly in the darkness, and Yan Yan took a rust of hot rust and licked his lips.

"..." Just like the countless gentle compromises between them, Jiang stopped the steering wheel and opened the door of the driver's seat.

The next moment, he only felt that he was holding his hand firmly and tightly, and he pulled his fist out of the driver's door and climbed the swaying roof.

- What is this going to do?

Jiang stopped to respond, suddenly saw the red and blue light flashing in the rearview mirror, several police cars accelerated to catch up at the same time, the north wind faintly heard the loudspeakers shouting, but the content is vague and difficult to hear.


The river stopped humming and turned around.

Strictly grasping the roof with both hands, the foot is on the door of the driver's seat, the whole person hangs out of the car, facing away from the cliff, as long as it is slightly lost, it will fall into the abyss!

"Don't be afraid! I am protecting you!" Yan Yan said in the cold wind: "I am here!"

"...What are you doing?!" Jiang stopped anger and said: "Go up!"

"Jump! I am holding you!"

"Go up!!"

"Front... nine hundred meters..."

The police car that is rushing is getting closer and closer, and only a few words have finally come with the wind. That is the voice of the team that has been called dumb:"The road is completely sealed..."

"...The mountain collapsed, the road was blocked 800 meters away, and immediately jumped! Repeat the road 800 meters away, please jump immediately!!"

After the rear of the car, Wen Yan’s eyes narrowed sharply.

Yan Yan and Jiang stopped at the same time and turned around and looked forward. The headlights crossed the black fog, and the black wall in the distance looming over the sky was rapidly coming from far away!

"Have you heard?! Jiang stopped!" Yan Hao's violent temperament almost broke: "Give me out! Immediately!"

"You fucking me up! Count me for you!!"

"Jump!! Otherwise, I will die with you, my mother will die!!"

The huge mountain after the collapse of the landslide is in front of you, as if the god of death is spreading its bones, hanging in the air, drowning the pupils of the river.

"Jiang stopped, listen to me, I love you, this time both tricks are winners." Yan Yu's tone suddenly turned into a pleading, shivering and said: "Come, don't be afraid, I must hug you... Jiang Shu !! Fucking me out! You fucking me to jump -!!"

The boulder is coming.

The out of control roar reverberates in the foothills, the next second, the river stops

I rushed out of the compartment.

Looking down from a height, the whole world is silent. Yan Yan was slammed into the air by the impulse, and the wind whistled at high speed. He opened his arms and wrapped them tightly around the river.

Jeep hits the mountain wall -

boom! !

A bright fireball burst between the heavens and the earth, in the glare, two inseparable figures were thrown into the arc and fell to the unknowable cliff. Gd1806102

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