Chapter 150 Chapter 150

Chapter 150 Chapter 150

Gongzhou City Public Security Bureau. (free full novel

"What, there is a bomb in the car?!" The deputy mayor, Horan, got up, and the earpiece in his hand suddenly pulled the telephone line, and the phone made a harsh friction on the smooth conference table.

There was a lot of lingering around, and there was a lot of discussion.

The outside of the conference room window is at midnight, the dark dark ink can't be turned on; the fluorescent lamp is shining brightly from the main hall to the deputy and other leaders. At first glance, every face is hung with the same dignity. If you look closely, you can find everyone. There are different lights in the depths of the eyes.

"Okay." I only listened to the deputy mayor's chest and quickly undulating a few times before answering: "We are always waiting for the reply from the provincial and Jianning brothers. If you need any information and assistance, please feel free to contact us!"

The deputy mayor put down the receiver and sat down in the chair, sighing long.

In the conference room, there was no one in the room. No one noticed the left hand side of the deputy mayor. A middle-aged man wearing a dark blue uniform white shirt and a policeman on the chest was erratic. After he grabbed the phone, he whispered to the clerk: "I went back to the office to pick up something." Then he quickly walked out the door.

Go down the right corner of the building, push the office door open, and then close the backhand. It was only then that he finally revealed the horror and fear that was difficult to conceal. After a few breaths, he opened the mailbox again.

[If one day organizes an accident, you will immediately notify me of the various channels to ensure that the lines are immediately hidden. 】

[Other evidence that is relevant to you will be automatically exposed within 24 hours. 】

Closed eyes and zeros, strong remorse poured into my mind, such as Wan ants heart. If the spades k, who always have a devil-like smile, appear in front of him at this time, maybe he will lose his mind and rush to the end, but he can't end up with the other side - but it is too late to say anything.

He can't go to the same end.

He also has a career, a family, and everything that should be bright and bright.

After a cigarette effort, Zero Zero has finally gathered up courage, shaking hands to open the attachment, and began to send instructions one by one to the designated personnel according to the contents of the mail...

In the conference room, a clerk with a ugly appearance suddenly got up and walked through the crowd to the deputy mayor. The ear whispered a few words.

"...Sure enough." The deputy mayor showed a sneer in the eyes: "Monitoring him for so long, it is really showing the fox tail tonight. Is the technical investigation ready to intercept?"

The clerk nodded and whispered, "What should I do now?"

The deputy mayor coughed and stood up. The leaders of the large and small rooms in the conference room looked at them, but they only saw him look gloomy and solemn. He said: "I have something to do, go and go." Then the clerk took the head and went out.

The sharp-eyed person can see that at the moment when the gate was closed, there were several criminal policemen who were armed with bullets and closely followed up.

[Message starts to be sent, 1/13]

In the dark office, the screen of the mobile phone reflects the pale face. I don't know if I can't face the confidential news that I am about to send out, or if he has not even dared to look directly at this light, he hastened his hand to cover the screen of the mobile phone.The spades k set up a monitoring procedure for him through a simple technical means. As long as the secret is issued according to the instructions, he will receive the verification code sent by the program. After logging in to the secret server through the verification code, he can enter the database of the spade k and completely delete his own evidence of violation of discipline.

The last time, he thought.

- Although he will tell himself this time every time he gives in to the other person's coercion, every time he believes that this is the last time.

Zero and three trembled and spit out the hot air, just at this time -


The door suddenly slammed open and the light shone. Zero and three instinctively reached out and blinked, then madly lifted the phone and pressed to delete, but it was already late; the deputy mayor personally took a dozen people to rush in, the criminal police held his hand, regardless of his mad struggle , forcibly took the phone!

"No!! Give it back to me, give it to me, let me explain -"

"Take these thirteen numbers to the technical investigation tracking position, and immediately report it to the Ministry of Public Security, and notify the Provincial Public Security Department to prepare to arrest people."

Zero Zero Three finally realized that the general trend had gone, and desperation was soft in the chair.

"As early as last December, the undercover 'nails' that were inserted into the Wu Teng and Wen Wei drug trafficking groups by the province of S, found out your identity and determined that you are the key center for drug dealers to contact the upper and lower channels. "The deputy mayor is cold and cold. "In view of this, we have never been stunned, just to pass you through the last moment, and seize this protection network from all walks of life."

Zero and three face gray and white twisted, staring at the handcuffs, finally squeezed out a few words:

"The ‘nail’ is the year...the river...the river...”

"Yes. It was three years ago when Yue Guangping was killed. You secretly sent someone to the scene to try to destroy him, but he escaped and ran into the truck during the arrest," the deputy mayor said coldly. Former Gongzhou anti-drug detachment leader, Jiang stopped."

With a brush, the lightning-like memories are floating in the minds of the people -

"Zhao Bureau, surnamed Yue's door is really moving!" The man pointed at the residential building in the surveillance screen, looking at his horrified gaze, only to see a familiar back in the corridor entrance: "You See who this person is, how can he be here?! He is not already, already..."

Zero and three brains slammed into the air, and the figure turned out to be Jiang.

Isn't he "dead"? Why is he coming back alive?

Did he already work for spades?

k? !

If you can retreat after murdering the spades, then he is likely to have established a relationship or even cooperation within the drug trafficking group, which makes the existence of Jiang’s mouth extremely dangerous. How many secrets does he know now? Has he found out that the person who once protected the grass flower in Gongzhou is himself? Why did he go to Yue Guangping, is he planning to -

Zero and three palms sweated, and heard his voice hoarse and said: "...kill him."

"Zhao Bureau?""The surname of Jiang's 'death and resurrection', armed with a reluctance to arrest, because it may pose a great threat to Vice Mayor Yue, was killed on the spot." Zero and three bites and teeth: "Clean up, don't do field filing, so don't It’s too much noise. Do you understand what I mean?”

The face of the man is stunned: "Yes, understand!"


"...I didn't need it at all in the past," lost zero and three: "I didn't expose it at the time..."

"What do you regret is this? I thought you regretted that you should not cross the Leichi from the very beginning! In that year, you concealed, monitored, and stalked Yue Guangping, how much shelter was provided to Wu Tun privately. How many moves after the 1009 case occurred? Hands and feet, wait until the detention center to explain it slowly!"

The deputy mayor did not look at him any more, and sighed: "Take away!"

The two criminal police officers face up like a dead gray, and the handcuffs creaked with tremors and disappeared outside the door.


"Well, I understand," Lu said in awe. "I know."

Lu Bureau hangs up the phone, and Wei’s deputy bureau says “what’s wrong” on the side of the board. He only saw him grabbing the phone and sinking in the water: “Jiang team! You can still hear the Jiang team? Listen to me! ”

"Gongzhou Zhao deputy director tried to pass on the internal secrets. It has already been arrested. The mobile phone secrets have been intercepted by the technical investigation. We can follow the clues to touch the nest of the drug trafficking group. It is difficult for us to do our best!"

"The smell is not worth more than you, you have to come back alive! Our own lives are more important!"

"--The life of our own people is more important!"

Inside the jeep, the cold sweat slid along the river and the pale face gathered on the chin, and then dripped into the collar and pulled out a small drop of wet.

There was a sudden flash of light in the side-view mirror. It was that the police car not only did not slow down, but instead drove up, almost holding the jeep.

"..." Jiang stopped breathing and picked up his mobile phone and put it on his lips. His lips trembled slightly, but did not affect the tone and consistency of the tone. Wen Wei stared at him from the co-driver, only to see his nose beam reflected a straight and shimmer:

"Tell Yan Yan... Let him stop the police car and stay away from me."


The snoring of the Yu team has not been so sharp for many years: "Clear the roadblock! Fast! Fast!!"

This heavy level was originally set up to catch the spades k, but now it has become a race against the Shura. As long as the Jeep hits any road barrier, it is possible to trigger the bombing under the inertia. All police cars are wrapped in fireballs and bombed.

The lights were just around the corner, and the last road barrier that was just set was also pushed by the criminal police to the roadside. The next second, the jeep whizzed, thrilled through the level, and rushed into the night with the watch of more than a dozen police cars!

呲 那 —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— ——

Han Xiaomei, who is closest to the door, is excited and conditioned: "Hey!" and then he got into the cab flexibly.The impact of the closing of the two doors closed at the same time, no one had time to stop, the police car had rushed out.

"Noisy!" Yu team sighed, and also bowed into the co-driver, buckled the seat belt, and said to the walkie-talkie: "Everyone is ready to reinforce, pay attention to keep a safe distance, chase!"

Looking down from the heights, the Jeep rushed to the night, and a police cross-country followed the back of the car. Two or three hundred meters away, eight | nine dark blue police cars are whistling lights, the mighty chasing away!


"How is it?" Strictly squatting on the back of the driver's seat, yelling at Han Xiaomei's ear: "Can you fuck you? Keep up! Keep up! Don't worry what to do!"

Han Xiaomei wants to cry without tears: "Whoever says that women are not as good as men, don't pick and choose at this time... Doesn't this follow?"

With two twists and turns, the Jeep and the police car drove into the hairpin bend entrance almost simultaneously. Jiang stopped to look at the side mirror many times, his face seemed to be frozen, but the hands clinging to the steering wheel were white.

"Want to jump over?" Wen Yan seems to see through what he is thinking. "It’s useless. From now on to the downhill, all the way to the left of the car depends on the cliff. This speed jumps, you will only fall directly into the bottom of the cliff."

The river stopped answering.

Wen Yan looked at his cold side face and changed his tone of encouragement: "I thought you used to want to go with me."

"……Do not."


"I used to think so. If you can take you to hell, then death is simply not for me, but it is already a thought of the past. Later I discovered that I actually hope that I can see you in hell. I hope to admire you like those who have been killed by you, full of regret and unwilling to die."

Wen Yan looked slightly moving.

"After a person dies, there is nothing left. If you are alive, you can catch the family that has done business with you. You can support the families of the victims. You can finish the three years ago and the people who died in the explosion have not had time to finish.

Things..." Jiang stopped humming and said: "It takes more courage to live than to die. ”

Wen Wei has been silent for a long time, cold and cold: "But it is useless to think about it now."

"Yes, it's really useless. But at least let you know..."

Jeep Shanwei entered the corner, and there was only a red and blue warning light in front of it. It was a roadblock set by the police. The three bulletproof cars of the punching card have been blown up in succession, and the fire is burning and burning. The commander of the car and the Lu Bureau are anxiously looking forward to it.

Jiang stopped looking at Wen Wei, and his eyes sparkled with unmistakable ridicule:

"If time goes back twenty years ago, I will not hesitate to grab the rope and kick you down!"


"The front is the last level of the police! The back is the gorge!" Han Xiaomei screamed: "How to run a strict team! Tell me what to do!"



"Plug into the right path and squeeze him inside!" Yan Yan pulled out Han Hanmei's gun: "Yes, lead him half a body, keep the same speed, don't overtake!"

Han Xiaomei thought that he would take his gun to his head, and he was full of fear: "I, I, I will listen to you! Don't be impulsive!"The police car suddenly accelerated, and squeezed into the gap between the right side of the jeep and the mountain wall. He only listened to it. The side mirror of the police car was hit by the rock and disappeared into the darkness.

At this time, the two cars went hand in hand, and Yan Yan turned his head. Through the window, he was right on the jeep and stunned.

"Remember to keep the same speed and try to be stable. It is time for your female driver to prove his strength." Yan Yan inserted the gun into his holster and tightened the laces of the hiking boots. He said: "If you want to be, if you want to Let me fall, Han Xiaomei, just wait for Laozi to find you in the middle of the night!"


Han Xiaomei looked at the rearview mirror and was scared to lose the three souls when he arrived. Yan Yan opened the rear door in the gallop, and the biting cold wind suddenly poured into the compartment!

"..." Jiang stopped looking at the vice-drive window and sweared aloud. I saw that the police car was leaking out of the body and was almost suspended in the air. It seemed to be climbing to the jeep.

Does he want to die? !

Jiang stopped and stepped on the gas pedal, and Jeep smashed out most of the body. Yan Yan grabbed the empty hand and angered: "Han Xiaomei!!"

Han Xiaomei's grievances echoed in the wind: "Jiang team accelerates and blames me?!"

"Tell Yan Yan to let him stop! Go back!" Inside the jeep, Jiang stopped holding the phone and said: "It's too dangerous, I think of it!"

There was a heavy voice in the speaker: "What can you think of?"

Jiang stopped his eyes and shivered a little, and in a few seconds, the words were pulled very long. The two ends of the call were silent. Finally, Jiang stopped taking a long breath and calmly replied: "This is my will, I don't regret it."

After the pause, he gently said: "...tell Yan Yan, I love him."

Wen Yan was on the co-driver. If he looked carefully, his cheeks were tight, and it seemed that the teeth were biting very tight.

Jiang stopped the phone and threw it into the back seat.

"The front is the command car, you can't do it." Han Xiaomei is about to cry out. Suddenly the body runs over the gravel and violently shakes: "Ah, trough! You hurry!"

"Close to the point! Closer!" Yan Yan grabbed the door opened by the police car and the other hand went to the rack on the roof of the jeep. However, it was always too far away: "Come on! Don't be afraid!"

"I don't work hard! There are bombs on the Jiang team. What do you want to do when you jump up? Don't think about it again?! Ah?!"

The police car went against the wind, and the cold wind made it difficult for people to open the door. Yan Yan looked back into the car: "I know his mother!"


Han Xiaomei was horrified and looked at the rearview mirror, which reflected the strict face. His hair was blown up in a mess, his thick brows were twisted like a knot, and there was an inexplicable tension in the temper:

"But Jiang stopped me only, there is nothing but me! I don't save him, who else can save? Can I let him die alone?!"

What Han Xiaomei wants to say, but nothing can be said.

"Follow the river to stop!" Yan Yan said: "I want to jump!"

The Jeep and the police car went hand in hand, and rushed into the police car group, breaking the cordon.Both cars have no signs of slowing down and pass through the level in the eyes of the crowd. Everyone and all the cars were escaping in the four rounds. Only Wei’s deputy bureau looked at the figure that was half-hanging outside the police car and rushed forward two steps out of control: “Strictly!”

Lu Bureau grabbed him, and Jeep rushed to the ground and stalked Wei's shoulder.

"You don't want to be an old thing!" Lu said.

Wei’s deputy situation was gray, and he was arrogant and arrogant, and he was judged by two people: “But, but...”

Suddenly exclaimed around, interrupted his embarrassment. At the same time, the Lu Bureau and the Wei Deputy Bureau turned around and saw that countless people saw it with their own eyes. Yan Yan leaped and rushed to the top of the Jeep.

It was faster than blinking, but time seemed to be still at this moment. Severe hair, collar, and jacket hem rise from the wind, from the back of the spine to the legs and the legs are extremely tight muscle lines, the police lights are painted with red and blue interlaced halo.

Then he put himself on the top of the jeep, hehe! !

Wei deputy bureau lost voice: "Be careful!"

The Jeep body shocked, the river stopped the boring and pressed it up and looked up at the roof.

At the time of the millennium, Yan Ji seized the jeep roof frame and stretched his arm muscles.

Then he pulled up with one hand and a long leg first climbed over the roof and turned his body up.

He leaned tightly between the two aluminum frames, one hand "咣!咣!" Re-twisted the two windows, and then poked from the top down.

The window lowered, revealing the pale face of the river.

They stared at each other at this speed of life and death, and the wind was like a myriad of sharp blades, tearing each other's eyes into pieces.

" slowly," finally sternly cracked the corner of his mouth, gentlely said: "Your object will pick you up."


The co-driver came to the metal to ring, only to see the roots of the left thumb twisted to the point where ordinary people could hardly do it. In the limit of almost breaking the bones, the handle of the birth took out the ring!

I stabbed the flesh of his hand and turned it up, bloody. But he seemed to have no feeling at all, opened the door and spoke out of the car, and narrowly stared at him with indifference.

"Well," in the air of the sword, his words are full of chill: "I will send you down first." gd1806102

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