Chapter 149 Chapter 149

Chapter 149 Chapter 149

The mountain road suddenly became bright and the three bulletproof off-road vehicles had already driven over. Free full novel (

In accordance with Wen’s original plan, Jiang stopped quickly bowing, lighting, and stepping on the gas gate to rush to the mountain road to meet the team. The driver on the third bulletproof car only saw the jeep coming up from the roadside. The lights were illuminated in the light stone fire, reflecting the river stop wearing a baseball cap and wearing a dark blue jacket. The driver recognized The familiar clothes, it is logical to recognize that they have recognized the accomplices, directly open the car radio: "The tail car is ready to meet according to plan, the tail car is ready to meet according to plan!"

- Accept?

The river stopped a little, and the mind turned to electricity.

He couldn't help but hesitate to look out from the vice-drive window. He only saw that the tail car had adjusted the speed. He was driving along with his Jeep, only half the gap between the bodies.

Then, the back door of the other party opened, and Wen’s body was found in the wind.

This action made Jiang stop to understand everything.

He grabbed the phone before he opened the front door!


The lights will shine like a white night, and there will be flashing warning lights outside the warning line across the valley. Countless special police are waiting.

In stark contrast to this, the large valley behind the police body is empty, and only the bomb-propelled personnel and the explosion-proof group are armed with hot glare lights, working intensively in the absence of light focusing.

Suddenly a police car came from far away and stopped outside the warning line. A chubby old man wearing a steel helmet didn't wait for someone to help, and he got out of the car, and the special police around him let them open a road, and they heard one after another: "This..." "This is not..."

"Lu Bureau!" The scene commanded the police officer to step forward: "The road here is too dangerous, how come you?"

Lv Bureau raised his hand to stop him, and the bloodshot eyes were all solemn: "What happened?"

“The six detonation points surveyed have been removed four, and the remaining two are being constructed at the same time!”

"Yang Guide -" a special policeman rushed to come: "The fifth tip has been eliminated!"

The subtle sounds of the surrounding voices linger in one piece, but Lu’s fat face, which has been aging for a few nights, is still tense: “Where is the last tipping point?”

The on-site command immediately waved people to take the map: "Here!"

The satellite map of the valley has been repeatedly magnified, and six red crosses have been drawn on the image of the interlaced image. Now there is only one spot that is still brightly scarlet. Lv Bureau looked at it for a moment, suddenly frowned, took the tablet from Yang’s command and carefully observed it for a long while, his face changed awkwardly: “No.”

"What?" Several special police instructors around him were nervous at the same time.

"..." Lu's short and short fingers clicked on the last red cross. If you listen carefully, you can find that his tail is slightly unstable: "This tipping point is at the narrowest point of the gorge. Once the explosion is easy to cause a chain reaction, it will form. The landslide of the entire canyon, when everyone has no time to retreat... Call the explosion-proof experts from the provincial hall, fast!"

Everyone is at the same time."Reporting the command car! Reporting Yang command!" At this moment, the buzz of the front observation post came from the radio: "The main target three cars are only one kilometer away from the ambush point, and are moving at full speed to the blasting point!"

The voice just fell, the lights on the distant mountain road loomed, and the engine roared closer and closer in the wind...

"Sniper is ready!" "Stop card preparation!" "Everyone -!!"

The door closed and slammed one after another, and then a large siren suddenly sounded!

"Come to cover the Lu Bureau!" Yang said that he could not force the Lu Bureau to push the police car, but in this extraordinarily chaotic time, suddenly Chen fell from the distant rock pile and shook it down, holding the mobile phone and shouting: "Lv Bureau -! The nail sent an urgent report!"

Lu Bureau smashed the flesh and smashed the phone with the flexibility that was completely disproportionate to his size: "Jiang team?"

The background of the mobile phone is the whistling wind. Even Chen, who is standing on the side, has heard it. It seems that the person who is calling is driving at a high speed: "The three cars of the main target are going to punch the card, and the car is not on the card."

Chen shouted: "Where is he?"

In the blink of an eye, Lu’s ear rang the words of the road just now:

"Qin Chuan said that the spades k seem to like the sound of the East, let us be careful, just be afraid..."

"! Let the special police go to reinforcements!" The snoring of the Lu Bureau and the answer of the mobile phone over the phone completely coincided with each other: "--When you are with the ‘nails!!”


Wen Yan explored the jeep from the back door of the bulletproof car.

The galloping two cars are half a meter apart. As long as there is a slightly staggered speed, he will be twisted into the bottom of the car and instantly become a pile of blood mud - but his volley is very stable, and both hands hold up at the same time. On the edge of the roof, the whole person got into the passenger seat, and “砰!” took the door with ease.

The three off-road vehicles suddenly accelerated and sprinted to the brightly lit police car array in the distance.

Weng sighed indifferently and turned his head to the back seat - his eyelids jumped.

The back seat was empty and his hostages were gone.

"Don't move," the muzzle was silent and the top of the head, the river stopped cold and cold: "Other shots."

The sound of the car was bumping and roaring, but the small space on the other side seemed to be solidified, and it was a few seconds longer than a few centuries. Finally I heard it and laughed. It seemed very helpless. I said, "It’s my fault. I should have thought that it would be easier for you to restrain you."

Jiang stopped saying: "It doesn't matter, I didn't expect you to vote for the net."

Jiang stopped holding the gun with one hand and the steering wheel three years ago.

The stress sequelae left by the car accident no longer have any effect on his superb car skills, and the Jeep runs smoothly along the narrow mountain road. Wen Yan’s body swayed slightly with the bumps, and the black outside of the window was so dark that he couldn’t see his fingers. The glass reflected his half-faced face. It seemed that he couldn’t feel the cold muzzle on his head:

“Is it?” he said. “You are wrong.”

The voice did not fall, he suddenly turned his head and took the gun. This move is no different from suicide. He slammed two muzzles and fired bullets. The bullets clung to the roof of his own temple!Jiang stopped his teeth and tightened. The gun had been released and jumped to mid-air under the action of recoil. Wen Yan reached out and grabbed it. Jiang stopped an elbow and slammed the gun. "Hey!" The third sound was gone. The bullets swept across the river and stopped the nose and broke the front window. The gun flew to the back seat!

Weng’s failure to win the gun, the reaction was extremely fast, and the vise-like hand went to grab the steering wheel.

Shooting the gun and grabbing the steering wheel, these two actions are not worthy of mad gambling, and can not be done by anyone who is less mentally ill. However, when the cold did not prevent the river from slamming on the brakes, the Jeep suddenly stopped, and the huge inertia made Weng’s body lean forward, and the forehead slammed into the dashboard; in the screaming bang, only the shackles and shackles were heard. wrist!

Wen Yan was together, and the right rib was very painful. He looked down and saw that Jiang was pulling a bloody knife from under his ribs. Then he slammed it harder. Wen Yan made a sigh in the blood rushing, and then the knife reached the throat.

"I have thought about it many times. If there is a chance, it is best to kill you later." Jiang stopped faintly. "Do you want to give me this chance to realize my wish?"

Wen Yan kept inhaling, and with this movement, the blade made a slight blood mark on his throat. Finally, he smiled and sighed: "You should have interrupted my two legs just now, and then I have to abandon both hands. What have you done early?"

The jeep parked in the middle of a narrow mountain road, with a cliff wall on one side and a steep abys on the other. Jiang’s eyes were bright in the dark, saying: “I really want to do this, but what do you do when you die, those drug channels, co-workers, internal and offline, who helped in the US? The blue gold formula you have studied, the smuggling route that has been sold to Southeast Asia and even North America for so many years, the heavyweight intelligence that is difficult to count, who will explain it?"

In the police car, in the communication channel of the mobile phone transfer, the sound of Jiang stop sounds in the current: " your life is worth more than me."

Lu Bureau’s eyebrows trembled.

The car window is constantly fierce gun battle, only seeing the rushing in the night | the front gun is constantly blowing fire tongue. The first layer of the special police wearing a bullet-proof vest was pressed forward with a layer. The three bullet-proof cars were already riddled with holes, and the drug dealers were still being scrapped. The drug dealers were still refusing to resist the body.

"Slamming the d-point, slamming the d--"

“D is ready!”

"Open fire!"

A drug dealer just poked his head out of the open door. Before he could throw out the earthen system|hands|grenade, a sniper bullet flew through the night sky and instantly penetrated his head.

Drip - the grenade landed with the body at the same time. After four seconds, the whole car exploded in the air!

The explosion caused the gravel to fall into the air, and it was all over the place. The Wei deputy bureau and Chen Qiqi, who were outside the demolition warning line, shrank their heads and were covered with sand."Hey..." "Cough and cough!" The two men are stunned and unable to shake their collars. Suddenly, there is a faint movement in the distance, and the explosion-proof team is jumping at the same time. A few seconds later, an exciting report sounded in the walkie-talkie: "The command center command center, the sixth tipping point has been successfully removed!"

The two leaders were in high blood pressure, and both of them began to falter. The scene commander surnamed Yang almost didn’t scare them.

"Old Chen is going to report Lao Lu!" Wei deputy bureau made a decisive decision: "Let the explosion-proof team immediately start to remove all the explosives | medicine!"

Chen was screaming. At this time, I didn’t see the shelf of the provincial special commissioner. The action was as flexible as a rabbit with a tail, and jumped up and ran to the police car: "Lv Lu Lu! Message -"

His voice suddenly stopped, only to see the Lu Bureau staring at the front window of the car. The car dealer in the distance was burning after the explosion. The fire was reflected in the sullen bottom of the old director: "...not good."

Chen: "Ah?"

Lv Bureau slowly turned his head, Chen was in opposition to him, only to listen to him finally hoarse:

"...just the explosion just sounded twice."


The gun battle seemed to be far away, and the sound of the hurricane between the trees disappeared silently.

"Do you want me to explain it?" Wen Yan’s black eyes showed a banter: "But as far as I understand the laws of the mainland, my crimes are enough to be shot back and forth. Even with the police investigation, it is impossible. In exchange for death, what is the point of honesty?"

Jiang stopped the plain road: "Maybe you can help you replace the gun with an injection, at least you can die with dignity."

Wen Wei seems to have heard something particularly funny: "Then you are not as good as killing me now, or you can die slowly. I am the most dignified in your hands."

The two looked at each other, and half a river stopped slowly, but the smile was so cold that the bones were chilly: "Don't worry, the police will have a way to open your mouth."

He pulled up the handbrake and was ready to start the car - but suddenly he heard it: "Wait!"

Jiang stopped raising his eyebrows.

"Do you want me to explain it?"


"If you have your participation in every trial

Then, I will tell all the secrets the police want to know, how about? Is it a deal? ”

The look of the river stopped as if it were a deep pool. From the roots of the eyelashes to the curvature of the lips, there was no emotion.

Wen Yan was hit by the blade and the blood was rolling down, but he didn't feel the pain, even the smile was more obvious: "You have this phone connected to the command center, maybe you can see my sincerity first. Do you know how the three children of Wang Rui, He Liang and Shen Xiaoqi died?"

Jiang stopped to remind him that Shen Xiaoqi had been rescued, but did not say anything.

It reminds me that it is useless. The paranoia of Wen Wei has already become ill, and in his eyes, Shen Xiaoqi is no different from death."In mid-July, I will remember the experience of our childhood. If I have had any regrets in my life, the lifeline may be the only thing I want to turn back the clock and go back to the past to stop and change; but As you said, for more than 20 years, it has been too long. Even if you look back, it makes no sense."

"This incident later became a stalk that I couldn't get through until I came back from the United States. When I found that you were standing on the side of Wu Tun, the stalk became a bleeding point. Every day I could feel it spread. Festering has gradually become a confidant."

"So you forced Teng Wenyan to kill Wang Rui and Li Yuxin to kill He Liang." Jiang stopped his eyebrows and said, "You actually want to execute your sentence, but you are not willing to die, so you can only find these innocent children." substitute."

Wen Wei silently, his eyes flashed: "I am actually willing to die under your hand, just like when I got on the bus, I asked why you didn't shoot."

The river stopped.

"But I am still very glad that you can understand what I mean." Wen Wei gently and authentically, "I have always loved you, Jiang stopped, as an exchange with the police, please hand me to the Lu Bureau."

If it was before, these three words would make Jiang stop being entangled in the poisonous snake of hatred and self-loathing, and even be forced to suffocate, but now he only feels very ridiculous in his heart.

"Sorry, I don't understand it. I have never understood you." Jiang stopped and smiled. "The person who is responsible for analyzing the motives of the crime is strict."

He stepped on the gas pedal and the jeep slammed and drove forward.

The side mirrors reflected the scene behind them, and the end of the mountain road loomed brightly - it was the lights, it seems that a police car was catching up from the rear.

Jiang stopped to look at the side mirror, and then heard the more and more clear laughter.

This person often laughs when he stops chatting with Jiang, but rarely laughs so painfully and without disguise. I don't know why Jiang stopped his heart and frowned. "What are you laughing at?"

"Just like Teng Wenyan did not kill Wang Rui, so she also died..." Wen Yan regretted: "So I just asked, why don't you shoot directly?"


Wen Yan took the hand of the river and suddenly began to tremble, just like holding the treasure of the price, and did not care for the thin neck muscles. He took the smile as if it were a relief, and slowly said: "In order to completely destroy the clues after leaving, in case the police tracked, I have loaded bombs in these four cars..."

Jiang stopped suddenly throwing a knife and slamming the glove box under the dashboard, and the pupil was tightened instantly.

In the illuminator, a squid is fixed at the bottom of the box, detonating|the device is extremely subtle, and it is actually two metal balls fixed by the electromagnetic wire -

"Continue to drive forward, don't slow down." Weng's tone seems to have a little regret: "This is the inertia trigger device. The metal ball can be detonated after three collisions. You just started the parking and the inertial force has caused it to collide. Once again, as long as you step on the brakes again, you will be blown up and broken.""I love you, I want to live with you." The voice of the spades is clear in the command car: "If you can't do it, you can die together."

All the leaders suddenly changed their faces, and the tea cup of Lu Bureau slammed to the ground!

"Reporting Command Center!" At this time, I only listened to the rest of the communication channel: "I have set up the level in front of the reinforcements. The Jiang team's car is only 200 meters away from us!"

Wei deputy bureau was furious and screamed: "No-"

Ringing the bell! The car satellite phone rang, and the Lu Bureau trembled and pressed the button.

"Reporting Lu, I just chased the river from behind." Yan Yan drove the police car, through the front window of the car, the Jeep taillights were reflected in his strange eyes: "Can you help me connect the channel of Jiang stop? He seems to have no intention of slowing down and meeting me. What happened?" gd1806102

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