Chapter 148 Chapter 148

Chapter 148 Chapter 148

The police car rushed through the ruins, and the lights illuminate the night ahead. (free full novel

A red dot suddenly appeared on the screen of the radio detection radar, and the scarlet ray flashed, reflecting the dark and dark eyes.

The next moment, Yan Hao slammed the steering wheel, the police car drifted in the scream, followed the red dot.


It should be a loud impact, but it is heard in Qinchuan’s ears, but it is like a muffled sound across the water.

That's because his ears are full of blood.

"Hey, your mother..." Ajie was so embarrassed that he got up from the ground, his body was covered with mud and sand, and he coughed out several red bloody spits. He shook his head hard, and his eyes were so easy to gather, and he stared at Qinchuan, who was not far from the ground.

Here, the place where they rolled down has a height of eight | nine meters. The ground is full of sharp stones and bayonet-like hard branches. It is really lucky not to be worn in the process of rolling. In comparison, Qinchuan’s luck is a little worse. He is half-squatting on the abdomen and can’t stand up. He can’t see the injury in the dark, but the blood in his fingers is constantly spilling on the ground.

"Wait... wait and see," Ajie gasped. "I will never let you go today, never let you live out of here..."

Then he did not delay the time, turned his head and went uphill, but also went to get the phone.

Qin Chuan did not know where the power came from, suddenly got up and flew over, like a raptor from the top down, and later grabbed Ajie!


This time, Ajie was really angry. He rushed out a few words of Burmese, and then he fell back and fell, and he put Qinchuan on the ground!

At the time of landing, Qin Chuan burst out with a bloody arrow. Ajie didn't wait for him to suffocate. He picked up his clothes and picked him up. It was two punches and roared: "I'm going to kill you, you are stupid! You stop, you stop them all!" It’s not a slaughter, it’s you die!!”


The ribs and internal organs were squeezed, twisted, and ruptured by the fists, and even the heartbeat was almost stopped.

Then Ajie’s meal, the fist was actually caught by Qinchuan’s blood-stained palm. Immediately, Qin Chuan kicked a kick in the chest, and quickly smashed the sternum!

That is the power that the beast bursts out at the time of sudden death. It is so fast and fierce that Ajie only feels that the sternum is hit by the front of the millennium hammer, and he slammed out for ten steps!

"...that," Qin Chuan gasped and said, "I will die."

He plopped down on the ground and climbed over to the phone not far away.

It was almost climbing, and blood was on the ground beneath him. Ajie’s blood flowed up and stood up, only to feel an inexplicable and ridiculous anger rushing straight to the top of the head, swaying on the gravel and rushing up, grabbing him when Qinchuan was only half a step away from the phone, 狠狠Push back later.

"You still have a sliver? What is stupid?!"


The cough made the trachea seem to be twisted into pieces, and Qin Chuan just sprang out a mouthful of blood.

"You fucking want to find death? I am fulfilling you!" Ajie glared at him and slammed into the broken trunk. He slammed his back collar and slammed into the tree, and the broken leaves fell down: " Laozi personally sent you on the road!"Then he went to the tree again - hey! !

The blood was spilled all over the floor, and the human bones slammed and chilled.

Qin Chuan couldn't help but pour, and the blood-colored barrier even covered his sight.

But in the daytime he could still see the distance, and the blue-red interlaced light reflected the canyon. He knows that there are countless policemen there, some of whom are ordinary, but more can call their names; they are waiting nervously for the emergence of a big drug dealer, waiting for the upcoming backwaters, no one knows that the traitors were here.

No one came to bid farewell to his death.

But at least, Qin Chuan thought, they all appeared together in a lot of pre-war mobilization, a lot of post-war celebrations, and a long time ago, when they first entered the anti-drug detachment at the welcome meeting.

Since there have been so many perfections, then the occasional shortcomings have little to do with it.

"Well, I am going to send you down with the slivers today," Ajie took the sharp-pointed sharp stones and said coldly: "Let's find them as brothers in the next life!"


The stone heads down and Qin Chuan closes his eyes.

But the expected impact did not come.

--Snapped! Ajie’s arm was caught by the person behind him, and then Juli turned him over and punched it backwards!

"You don't need to spend the rest of your life," a familiar male voice said. "He has always been my brother."

Qinchuan pupils instantly expanded.

"Strict..." he murmured, "strictly?!"

Ajie got up and was not completely lifted up and was severely caught on the tree. The face was a lightning-like, heavy and awkward punch. Hey! Ajie’s brain slammed into the tree, followed by a punch without a break, and even the temples made a clear squeeze!

"...!" Ajie coughed blood and grabbed Yan Yan, and ordered him to open him, then hugged his head. This reaction is indeed professional, because the next bullet hit a tree trunk behind him and splashed the wood chips!

"Are you okay?!" Yan Yan said.

Qin Chuan was full of blood and coughed a few times before he said something: "You... are you a fucking dog nose?"

"Radio wave positioning!" Strictly cold and cold, "Leu said that since it is a common frequency bombing, it has to rely on radio waves to trigger, so the command center urgently issued a number of positioning devices! The reinforcements are already on the road!"

Qin Chuan laughed weakly and muttered:

"But you only ran so fast... and said it was not a dog's nose."

After Ajie shunned the tree, he only felt that the Tianling cover was almost broken. On the spot, two dirty characters were drawn from the teeth. Numerous times of experience in the escape of life let him know that he can not hesitate at this time, he must let the other party immediately use the bullets, so he took a breath before he rushed to catch up, and rolled out with a sharp arrow, and rushed to somewhere - -

Yan Yan said: "Stop!"

It was only the instinctive reaction of his multi-year criminal police. Actually, he did not wait for the voice to land and he shot. In the night, a glimpse of the fire chased Ajie, playing the ground gravel splash, Qinchuan shouted: "Be careful! Knife!"

I saw that the dagger that had previously fallen to the ground was not far away. Ajie rolled on the ground and reached for it. The next bullet flew and the dagger flew out!When the shells landed, Yan Yan was about to change the clips, and I saw that Ajie jumped like a cheetah, kicking him back in the air!

Qin Chuan: "Can't you do it?!"

Strictly two steps, Ajie’s third foot has already flown to the nose. The exact number of fighting roads at this moment clearly reveals a different place from Qinchuan. He did not dodge, but dropped an empty gun between the lightnings. He held his elbows on the AJ calf. If this is a fight, then swiftly The reaction may not even catch the camera, he has both arms at the same time, rubbing around!

In fact, there should be no movement, but the sudden pain in the long bone cracking, or let Ajie scalp suddenly blow up.

thump! Ajie fell to the ground and stood firm: "I have said that Laozi is better than you, how can you not be convinced?!"

Qin Chuan is biting his teeth and moving away in the distance. He is mad at the words: "I have already spent more than half of his blue! The knife can't count!"

Yan Yan: "Don't be!"

Ajie's fierceness has been completely ignited to the top. In this case, he can still smash the leg of the sweeping hall and the two immediately wrestle together!

"What a damn touching, huh?" Ajie looked blue and sneered, "I can be a brother when I almost killed you. Do you think you are great?"

The two palms, elbows, knees, and so on, all of which bear the weight of each other, the muscles are tight, the bones are violent, and the bones of each other are overwhelmed. Strict physical strength predominates, one inch inch turns Ajie over and squats on the ground, because the face with distorted expression on the excessive force shows a smile, but it is even more terrible: "Yes, what is great, admire me?"

Ajie: "..."

"Do you want to sign a name for you?"

If Ajie can take the shot, then the high and pretty nose of Yan Yan must have been broken. But at this time they were dying each other, and Ajie felt that the rust smell continued to rise into the throat. He stuck it in his ear, and when he opened his mouth, blood leaked out of his teeth. He said, "You are breathing." do you know……"

After a few seconds, Yan Yan suddenly elbowed in Ajie's forehead!

The stalemate of the two men suddenly broke, and in the chaos, Ajie topped the leg bones and rolled out with the frontal angle of blood. The thrilling change only happened in half a second, the two opened a few meters away, Yan Yan rushed to say something, only listened to Ajie sneer: "Look back to see if your brother is still? Run! Silly!"

Yan Yan’s conditioned reflex is a head-on, not far away, and it’s empty, leaving only a pool of blood.

At the same time, his side face cold wind approaching, hehe! A resounding echo of the eardrum was smashed by Ajie's copy of the stone!

"Hey, your mother Qinchuan!!" Yan Yan said: "Get out of Laozi!!"

The night is dim, the black smoke is rolling, and Qinchuan is completely gone. Yan Jie was screaming at Ajie’s hand, and he was cold and could not be guarded by Ajie’s foot. He lost his balance and fell, and almost hit the stone cliff.

Just a few seconds of work, Ajie has already rushed to the distance, and the target is flashing in the distant fire. It is a dagger."I haven't killed you several times. It's finally time today." In the night, I saw Ajieyang's dagger, his eyes flashing like a wolf: "Give me a person to die-"

"Strictly!" Suddenly, the voice of Qin Chuan changed his voice: "Next!!"

An arc crossed the air and screamed, and it turned out to be a handle.

How many times the tacit understanding of birth and death came to the peak at this moment, Yan Yan seems to be behind the long eyes, completely did not see, the electric light stone escaped the dagger blade, the knife tip on his side of the face to draw a line of blood beads, while trying to raise hands ——

Snapped! The ninety-two type rotates, catches, and the bullet rubs the upper jaw.

When the violent wind blew, it was still, and all the scenes solidified.

Under the sky, I saw only the guns raised by Yan Yan. The crosshairs aimed at the target, hehe! !

The rotating bullets smashed time and space, tearing the night air, and reflected in the bottom of Ajie.

In the next moment, the warhead penetrated from his forehead, the back of the head shot, and the shell slammed into the ground!

"..." Ajie's expression finally solidified.

This man who has been in the mountains of China and Myanmar for many years, has long been unable to remember how many sins have been smothered, and finally fell awkwardly in the valley of the smoldering smoke, followed by the whole body.

The smoke from the floor was splashing and falling slowly.

--he died.

The blood flowed out of his round eyes, but the body no longer reacted any more, and the bullet holes gradually ooze a trace of brains.

Yan Yan’s hand was loose, and the 92nd style fell off the ground, and then he sighed and relaxed.

"Have you just married my mother..." Qin Chuan was in the rock and coughed several times.

The sound, only exhausted and breathe the next breath: "Don't dare to try, be careful that I am jealous of you."

Yan Yan sneered: "Oh, come."

Yan Yan turned and swayed up the stone slope, only to see Qinchuan backed by a mountain rock, his face was amazing white, the nose, mouth and half face were all blood. Just as AJie rolled down the stone cliff, he was stabbed by the branches. He couldn't see the depth of the wound in the dark, but the front of the coat was already wet and sticky. As long as it was close, it was a thick bloody face.

"The two brothers can't do it," Yan Yan took off his coat and blocked the bleeding mouth. He said, "It took a long time for the Burmese to die and toss."

"Do you know how crazy people are in Myanmar? It’s enough to buy a suite in Jianning. It’s a greasy middle-aged civil servant. It’s good to die... oh!”

Qin Chuan had a cold breath, and it took a long time to slow down and spread it on the rock. "I originally wanted to use the knife of the Jiang team to kill this kid. I concentrated on dealing with the spades... I I also specially gave the surname Jiang a powerful drug. Who knows that he was exposed so early, he didn’t have time to do it."

Yan Yanhu suspected: "Fighting medicine?"

Qin Chuan did not speak, and suddenly asked: "What did the kid say to you just now?"

Strictness seems to be enlightened, and he looks at him with a high conscience: "It doesn't matter."However, Qin Chuan is a good thing. In this case of bleeding, he couldn’t help but hold his elbows to prop up the upper body and lick his neck and ask: "Let’s say, talk about it. The rest of the time is not. More, there will be no chance to be embarrassed in the future, there is beer peanuts to give a hand... What are you doing?"

Yan Yan, with a low-hair emergency rescue signal, snorted from the nose: "If I were you, just shut up and rest, and fight for the reinforcements. When you arrive, you are still awake. You can see the grandson. Was taken into the police car."

Qin Chuan laughed.

"The Yan team is strict, the Yan team please reply, here is the 91 observation point..."

Yan Yan picked up the walkie-talkie: "The square piece j was armed and refused to be arrested and killed by Qin Chuan. I just applied for emergency assistance to the command car. How do you say this now?"

“‘nails’ sent a third wave of bombing to the command center. The drug bomber was already in place, and now the main target is only one kilometer away from the explosion zone!”

Yan Yan: "Hey me!"

Yan Yan got up and ran. He seemed to think of something in two steps. He turned back to Qin Chuan and threw a deputy, warning: "You are on your own."

Qin Chuan can't smile: "Come on you... oh, wait!"

Yan Yan turned back.

The distant fire did not go out, Qinchuan because of excessive blood loss, but not like the living person's face was actually reflected red, eyeballs bright. At this moment, they stared at each other, across the slashing stones, and each other's eyes reflected the other person's youthful expression.

"I feel that the spades k seem to like the sound of the East, you pay attention, just in case." Dunton Qinchuan Shen Sheng: "take care."

Yan Yan stepped back two steps, nodded and turned to the police car.

The engine roared away, and the night light swallowed the red taillights.

Qin Chuan regained his gaze and slowly looked into the night sky.

Very good, he thought, I am lucky than I am.

I don't know how many times, his thoughts gradually floated, and he returned to the chaotic afternoon. Yue Guangping hurriedly slammed down on the ground, and his bloodshot eyes stared at him. It seemed to contain a thousand words that could not be said. There were mistakes, regrets, regrets, attachments, reluctance, unbelievable... but only No hate.

"Isn't it just that you need to delay the time?! Isn't it said that the dose is not enough to kill?!" Qin Chuan trembled back and heard a voice in his heart: "How could this be? How could this be?!"

The fear of fear was torn in his mind, leaving the brain blank, until the man who had been hated for many years, who should be called "father", finally stopped twitching, kneeling on the ground, and completely breathing.

After so many years, he never observed his father's face.

It was not until the moment of yin and yang that he found that the face was so similar to himself.Until the end, he did not question the spades k about the poisonous doses. He seemed to be calmer and more awkward, and accepted the fact that Yue Guangping died. All his performances were so real and natural that no one had ever raised any doubts about him - there was no Lu, there was no spades, and even the fathers who were in the middle of the night and the mothers who remembered them were not.

The fangs are hidden in the bottom of the tongue until the last moment.

It’s too cold, Qin Chuan tried to bend his legs, but he couldn’t move anymore.

He had hoped that the spade k would die in his own hands, but it was the same in the hands of the police. If he took the gun on the execution ground, it would be almost the same. Although there was some accident in the middle, I couldn't live to see the **|color lottery, but the surname Yan Nazi is almost the same for myself.

Qin Chuan’s line of sight became more and more scattered. He closed his eyes and turned his stars into blurred light spots.

So sleepy, he thought, I have to sleep for a while...

Just sleep for a while.

The wind swept over the mountains, blowing long whistle, rushing to the red and blue rays to change the flashing night sky.

There was a rush of police sirens in the distance.


The police car rushed, and the flash in the canyon reflected the stern face. He pressed the next phone channel: "Old Huang, give me the position of 'nail'."

"Oh, I am still positioning it. This mobile speed is too fast to catch up. I will see..."

When sending a position, in the noisy background of the command car, he said: "Where are you going? Lao Yan! It is too dangerous! The provincial office just called and arranged for your investigation team to go to the Xiakou protection expert to demolish!"

"Protect a fart! Lead | Explosive device can be triggered by an electric spark, can you adjust the armed police to protect it?!"

"That can still be how to fight, speed up!" Huang Xingyu: "I said where you are, come back soon! Lu Bureau is sending people to cover the nails! Too dangerous!"


The cover is to give the undercover a chance to escape, but it is not applicable to the river stop. No one in this world knows him better than Yan Yan. "Red Heart q" is not just a deep throat that is nailed inside the drug trafficking group. From the appearance of Rong Junxiu, and then calm and dull attitude, it is impossible to cover up the real things in his soul. - A soaked hatred of blood, was honed by the violent anger for three years, and thus sharp and fangs.

"I will go to the ‘nails’ meeting.” Yan Yan dropped the sentence and threw the walkie-talkie on the passenger seat.

"Hey! Lao Yan! Do you want to fight like this, you fucking a life..."

"Oh, let him go!" There finally rang at the end of the Lu Bureau: "What do you know!"

Huang Xing: "...?"

Yan Yan's lips twitched a fleeting arc, while the accelerator pedaled to the end, the police car screamed down the mountain road and spurred toward the target!

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