Chapter 147 Chapter 147

Chapter 147 Chapter 147

In the rear building, three bright bulletproof off-road vehicles stand side by side, and the surveillance screen installed in the car faithfully reflects the scene on the outside corridor. Two police action teams are rapidly entering into them and will soon arrive. The door is gone. (free full novel

At the same time, the final countdown of Ajie is coming from the car Bluetooth: "Three - two -"


The driver stopped breathing and was quiet behind him.

"..." The driver was stunned and could not help but ask: "Boss?"

The rear view mirror reflects the cold eyes of the spades k: "No hurry, wait another two minutes."

But can this be waited for? Line 2 did not explode as planned, let alone two minutes, delaying the time difference of a few seconds, the special police rushed to their ass!

The driver panicked and subconsciously wanted to ask the boss if he could detonate Line 2 immediately, and then he was here at the moment - hehe!

The closed door of the factory building was kicked off, and the tide-like special police swarmed in: "Who?" "Get off the bus, don't move!" "Police!"

"Fuck!" The driver yelled.

The two windows were lowered, and the bodyguard pulled out the micro charge | gun without hesitation. Even the blink of an eye did not arrive, the special police fire at the same time, the entire factory building was caught in a fierce gun battle!


"Command Center! Command Center! After the scene, the factory found that the three-car gangsters refused to take the gun and were on fire! It was fighting!!"

哒哒哒哒 冲 冲 冲 冲 冲 冲 冲 冲 冲 冲 冲 冲 冲 冲 冲 冲 | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |

"No, no explosion..." At the same time, the special police around him trembled, and then became a big bang: "No explosion!" "It didn't explode!!" !!"

Although most people think that even if the spade k is to be fried, it will not be blown up after the buyer enters the trading scene, and he will not be able to run it once the winter forest fire is triggered; but given that he had a criminal record of the plastic factory incident three years ago, Lv Bureau still insisted that the action team be equipped with a special bomb-propelled person to prevent him from being really mad, and would rather take his life to replay the drama of the year.

Several special police officers rushed forward to the bomb squad, but when they were not close, they only saw Kang Shuqiang pressing the headset, gesturing with a hand to indicate that they were retreating, and also slamming Lao Cai to the vice team: "Common frequency bombing | It’s too late! Just make a phone call and burst!! The explosion-proof group is on me, the rest are quickly withdrawing!!”

An explosion-proof shield on one side quickly stood up, forming a black protective wall centered on the bombs on the back of Wu Tun. The rest of the special policemen rushed out of the warehouse according to the heads of drug dealers such as Wang Pengfei. After the withdrawal of the large units, Kang Shuqiang put a half of his heart down: "Go! Go! Go! Explosion-proof group keeps up, ready to go -"

"Kang, Kang Ge," the special policeman around him shook.

Kang Shuqiang looked back, and the bottom of his eyes reflected the red light that suddenly went out on the bomb.

"!" Kang Shuqiang lost his voice: "Quick withdrawal -"

After two seconds, bang! !The body of the old drug lord was torn apart and was completely engulfed by glare. The explosion-proof police officer flew out like a broken kite, and the high-intensity explosion caused by 4 smashed the roof, and the steel gravel went straight into the sky!

The explosion rapidly advanced along all corridors, and all the way to the rear building, the entire ground was shaken vigorously in the shock wave.

The aluminum alloy materials that support the walls have been split, and the hurricane-like waves have even pushed the off-road body to the front. The driver almost ran into the front window. Fortunately, he was dragged by the insurance belt. When he was shocked, he only listened to his boss and smiled behind him:

"Look, isn't this a blow?"

The overwhelming pv tarpaulin collapsed and the police could not retreat. It lost its firepower in an instant. The three bulletproof cars were no longer blocked, and at the same time they started to smash the exterior walls of the factory and greet the gale!


"Reporting Command Center! An explosion occurred on the scene. Three suspected main target teams escaped! Three suspected main target teams escaped!!"

On the satellite monitor screen of the command vehicle, black smoke covered the sky, and the glare reflected the dignified face of everyone.

"I am jealous of his ancestors for the eighteenth generation, what is this grandson thinking?!" Chen has never seen the drug dealer of the spades k in his life. Unbelievable: "He used buyers, factories, and all drugs. When the bait?! But he is not on the scene?! He is not afraid of himself being killed?!"

No one said anything - it turned out that he was not afraid.

The police can't thoroughly understand a cold-blooded, anti-social, powerful firepower and out-and-out madman, especially when the madman doesn't even care about his life, and the police must start from the overall situation and seek stability at all times.

Lu Bureau asked the headset: "11 observation points report, now where is the main target team going?"

The communication channel quickly reported an anchor point, and everyone looked at the map. Wei's deputy bureau frowned and blurted out: "It turned out to be this! Sure enough, this is the only way they went down the mountain. I immediately took people to mobilize reinforcements!" ”

The deputy bureau of Wei is also going out, and the on-the-spot action of this kind of intensity, their leadership posts at this age should not be personally.

"Wait for the old Wei," the Yu team suddenly said, "Is this road already covered by a whole investigation team?"

"Yeah, what?"

Under a few gaze, the rest of the team's chest was slightly ups and downs, seemingly hesitant to say something, and then turned to the Lu Bureau.

Wei's deputy bureau was anxious, but this time he also found out that he was wrong: "I said what is going on, isn't it-"

"just in case

"The Lu Bureau slowly said: "I mean, just in case. ”

His short index finger crossed the dark green line representing the mountain road on the map, saying: "Is it possible for drug dealers to set up a third wave of explosives at the mouth of the gorge?"


Hey - the motorcycle stopped suddenly, and the front of the car lifted high and slammed into the ground.

Qin Chuan opened the helmet and saw the flames in the distance rising from the factory. The tents collapsed and all of them were reflected in his tight bottom.

Who detonated the second line, the spades k themselves?

But how is it possible? !In order to prevent Wang Pengfei from communicating with the outside world, the entire plant has been blocked by mobile phone signals, and only radio waves of special frequency bands can be accessed within a limited range. In other words, if the spade k wants to detonate the second line personally, it must have a cordless telephone with another common frequency system, and it must be rushed out of the wall of the special police to run out of the rear building, otherwise it is impossible.

So if it is not a spade k, who is the person who detonated the second line?


Obviously, it is only silenced. The device is slightly silent. Qinchuan is like a long-eyed back. It instantly activates the motorcycle and the air conditioner head, and stops with a long leg. The bullets are rubbed against the ground and splashed with sparkling fire!

"Sure enough, you," he said in a word.

There is a fine figure on the cliff in the dark, and the muzzle is emitting blue smoke.

That is Ajie.

"This is right for me." Ajie right hand holding a gun, holding the phone in his left hand, staring at Qin Chuan, the expression is like smelling a bloody shark: "Or I should say, really you? ”

Qin Chuan breathed a sigh of relief. The muscles on his shoulders and arms seemed to have relaxed, and he asked helplessly: "Can you tell me when was it exposed?"

Ajie blinked his eyes and did not worry at all. He slowly spit out a word: "Gun."

Time goes back to the beginning of the action -

"Qin Chuan is the gun you gave him today?"

Ajie, who heard the phone questioning over there, groaned. "Yes, I gave him a micro-rush, what happened?"

The spades k yo-yo: "But there is a ninety-two style in his arms."

"Nine-two style? Let's not bring this model." Ajie thought a little, then thought about it: "Oh yes, that should be the lost gun of Gongzhou Yue Guangping, who caught the grass in Myanmar. When I met Qinchuan one day, he suddenly asked me to take the gun back..."

"This kid may have to fight back."


"You don't have to go to the top of the mountain to observe the whistle, and immediately go back to the factory to find someone to take spare radio common frequency equipment. If Qinchuan is in the opposite direction, you will detonate three lines for him." The spade k paused and seemed to be awkward: "I will After saying that after Yue Guangping’s death, how can a series of performances of this kid lie to the old fox of the surname Lu... It’s not a disguise at all, it’s true feelings. If he doesn’t bring this gun today, he might not be able to reveal flaws, but It is estimated that he feels that he is fighting back, so he couldn’t help himself."

"You mean that he wants to avenge Yue Guangping?!" Ajie is hard to set the channel.

"No, not exactly."

Ajie was puzzled, only listening to his older brother with a play: "I prefer to think that it is revenge for himself, or that a smart person is venting his anger that is completely fooled..."

"It's a pity that I originally thought that he was the same kind of person as me." The spades k smiled, and there was an unconcealed regret in the eyes: "Surely, the same kind of killing is an inevitable thing."

·Qin Chuan tried hard to press the forehead. He seemed to be helpless and convinced. He said with a smile: "So I said that your boss is going to be a drug dealer. Why not be a god stick? It is both respected and financial. It is a pity. The academic world lost a wizard!"

Ajie obviously does not have such a sense of humor: "Do you think you got the name of the vote, can you go back to Jianning City Bureau?"

Qin Chuan laughed and put his hands on the handles on both sides of the motorcycle. This move made Ajie nervously slam, and saw the burning flame in the distance reflected on his side, and his half body seemed to burn.

"That time is worth remembering, but it is indeed the time to end." Qin Chuan said with respect, "Your boss is right, I am the same person with him -"

The voice did not fall, Ajie pulled out the silence | The device threw, cold and cold: "I see that your entire life is over!"


Remove the silencer | can improve the accuracy of shooting, that shot in the right chest of Qinchuan, but no blood - he wore bulletproof vest!

At that moment, the motorcycle slammed and rushed into the lightning!

The acceleration of the racing motorcycle is like a raging fire that wipes the air. When Ajie does not hide, hey! A shot hit Qinchuan shoulder, hehe! Another shot was close to the neck, and the shell slammed into the ground -

Everything happened between the lightning, the steel behemoth leaped and the shadow was close to Ajie!

Any normal person's reaction is to turn and run away, but it can't run at all. The inertia force generated by the locomotive and the rider is as heavy as ton, enough to instantly crush the prey into blood.

Ajie leaned back and the whole person was completely shrouded in the shadow of the sky.

Time seems to be infinitely stretched, and even the hot air, the distorted fire, the gravel that the car tires idly idling out, turned into slow motion in midair. Just in the freezing silence, Ajie held the gun up and the gun was pointed at somewhere on the locomotive -

Hey! !

Several bullets poured out, and the locomotive "Hey!" burst into a big fire.


Qin Chuan's feet were mammoth, and he was out of the air. He rolled up and pulled the gun on the spot. Even if it was slower than a hundredth of a second, the high-speed rotating locomotive crashed into the mountain wall and it became a terrifying fire!

Ajie smashed his empty gun and took an elbow to the top of the rock, and then went to grab the ninety-two in his hand. However, Qin Chuan volleyed in front of his feet, and the weight of that one was not the same. On the spot, Ajie was kicked back two meters.

"Hey!" Ajie ducked to the mountain rock, spit out a spit of blood, just got up, and the bullets were shot by the bullets!

This surnamed Qin did have two sons, and almost gave him the skull. Ajie pulled out the dagger, and with the cover of the night, he came out from the rock, and it turned out that Qinchuan pulled the trigger again, and the bullets followed closely!

"Not self-reliant," Ajie slammed four words in a cold, and threw his dagger.


The blade swung in the air, the next second Qinchuan palm splashed blood, the 92nd was hit by flying!

When!The dagger and the hand | The gun landed at the same time, Qin Chuan flew to win, but Ajie was able to predict that he had already approached him by hand, and he twisted him. Two adult men who are more than one meter tall and weigh more than three hundred pounds. They are like two males fighting in a wrestling battle. They roll down the steep slope along the gravel and slammed into a horizontal cross. Outstretched branches!

The collision was terrible. The thick branches of the bowl were broken, and the skulls were covered on both of them. Qin Chuan’s body was pulled out of countless blood.

Hey! Qin Chuan turned his head, and the iron fist slammed his face on the ground, and the wind blew the eardrum. The next second, his hand caught Ajie's fist, rubbing it, and the snoring sounded crisp.

Ajie inhales, and then Qinchuan bends his knees and slams out, and even walks back a few steps to stand still!

"Who is not self-reliant?" Qin Chuan got up and wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, gasping and laughing.

From the top of the slope to the slope, the stones in the darkness of the night, all stained with the bloodstains when they rolled down, and they looked shocked.

But the physical quality of the professional killer is like a monster. Ajie doesn't feel pain at all. He has regained his wrist and stared at Qin Chuan. The depth of his pupil flashed a cold blood.

"When Yue Guangping died," he slowly raised his mouth and asked, "Are you calling his dad?"

Qin Chuan's face does not move, but the eyebrows are awkward.

"You said that he drank the poison that he had handed over by his son. What was the mood before he died? Hey? Regret? Shock is unbelievable?"

Ajie stared at each of Qin Chuan's subtle expressions, slowly moving the neck and shoulders, the muscles were inflated, and the strong bones burst into a crack:

"Or... hate?"

The last word did not land, he had already rushed out.

Qin Chuan returned to God, but in the end half a second - Ajie's cold face has come to his eyes, a punch is enough to crack the gold gravel, and he will be thrown backwards!

Qin Chuan spit out half of the broken teeth, but fortunately, because of the fighting instinct to block the face, otherwise the lower half of the face will be broken. But this is so, his eardrum is still full of blood, in a few seconds of this loss of resistance, Ajie grabbed him is a knee-high, steel-cast knees enough to make the internal organs squeezed!


Qin Chuan squirted a lot of blood, and then he took a look at the chest, and the body flew out to the mountain wall!

"I said," Ajie chilled. "You have come to the end of your life."

Ajie walked step by step, grabbed Qin Chuan's hair and licked his throat. With his horrible power, it was no different to cut off the human throat and cut the chicken neck.

However, he did not expect that Qin Chuan was more resistant than he had imagined. He did not lose consciousness. He raised his hand and pinched his wrist bones.

"Just by you?" Ajie sneered.

Qinchuan teeth close tight.

The silent wrestling lasted for a moment, and Ajie’s finger touched a little bit forward, and the fingertips touched the opponent’s neck—

Suddenly in the distant factory area, a bright signal light was played in the night.

That is the direction in which the Spades K team retreated.


嗡——The headlights will be bright and white, and they will be clearly visible from far away. The spirit of the Burmese driver is alive: "The boss is here!"

Dangdang! The metal crash sounded from the back seat and it seemed that something had unlocked the lock.

The driver turned back: "You..."

When the voice just fell, he saw the young and timid young man in the front seat, a handsome face with no expression, and there seemed to be a sharp needle between the knuckles.

Immediately, his temple was cold, and the "spike" was pushed forward by the river to push the thumb to promote the brain.

"... giggles... slightly..."

The driver's eyes were violent, and the sound of mechanical contraction and blood was heard in the throat. After a few seconds, he fell on the driver's seat.

He didn't know until he died. The weapon that was going to kill his life turned out to be a sharpened hair clip.

Jiang stopped the car, pulled the driver's body out and fell to the ground, searched for guns and mobile phones, and then smashed the other's coat for himself, and slammed the door to start the jeep.

The mountain road ahead is getting brighter, and the team that sent the signal light is coming to him.

The river couldn't stop coughing and his hands shook slightly. After all, he was not a healthy and strong person. But his mind is sober-minded, even the hand knife of the spades in the back of the neck is only a pain in the depths of the brain, which can not affect the speed of thinking and decision-making.

He turned on the car radio, and the messy news of the team suddenly rang:

"Jie Ge is going back, ready to blast..."

"Line 3 is ready, Line 3 is ready..."

Rubbing, Jiang stopped the radio and found out that the driver’s phone pressed a string of numbers.

I must pick it up, I must pick it up... Jiang stopped me and muttered, and surely the phone was picked up after a few seconds. The background of the opposite side of the call is messy. It seems that someone is shouting: "The line is connected! Start positioning!"

That is the bald director of the Jianning technical team surnamed Huang.

At this critical juncture, Jiang stopped to find that he could still distract himself, and he could recognize the other party from the words.

Immediately an old man said: "Hey?"

"...Lv Bureau," Jiang stopped and muttered: "I was exposed."

"!!" Lu Bureau immediately asked: "Where are you! Quickly locate! Don't be afraid that we have sent people to save you, hold on!"

"Wen Wei set up a bomb on the way to retreat, it is the 'Line 3'." Jiang stopped the tail and shook strangely, saying: "You immediately let the technical detective locate this number, evacuate all police cars along the way, they will soon explode The action is fast...must be fast!"

"Where are you? What are you going to do? Waiting to be there for rescue, Jiang team! Jiang team!"

Jiang stopped the mobile phone and lost it in the vice seat.

Then he stepped on the gas pedal and the jeep slowly started, driving towards the brighter mountain road ahead.


At the same time, the stone cliff side.

The signal light was reflected in the eyes of Ajie. Suddenly he remembered something important. When he touched his pocket, he saw that there was something shining in the cracks of the stone more than ten meters away.

"..." He vomited and turned to Qinchuan, fierce and a little unwilling:

"Because your kid is lucky today, let you live two more years."

Immediately, he suddenly took a hand, and he did not love the battle. He pulled back and walked back."Cough and cough -!"

Fresh oxygen was poured into the lungs, and Qinchuan licked his mouth full of blood and coughed up. The brain that was almost blank at the time of life and death just returned to God, and at the same time came up with several thoughts: What do you mean? Let me leave? What is he going to do?

At this moment, the bright things in the corner of his eye, suddenly understood:

That is a mobile phone.

Ajie pulled away because he had to call Line 3 immediately, so as to trigger the bombing of the Xiakou!

Qin Chuan suddenly turned back, and the bottom of his eyes reflected a flashing police light in the distant night.

Hurry and run, there is a voice in your brain telling yourself.

He has already been exposed, even if he killed Ajie, he lost the only opportunity to attack the spades. The most important thing now is to hurry to escape. As long as he can get out of the way, he has already left a good path for himself in the early years, and he will have a chance to make a comeback later.

Ajie went to the stone and bent down.

He has not belonged to those people, he has left the team forever. Even if he is caught alive, he will be destined to spend it in the iron window for the rest of his life, until he leaves the world, and the result is not as good as death.

Yes, he told himself that it is better to die directly.

But at the same time, another voice emerged from the depths of my mind:

There are things in this world that are more unwilling to accept than death.

After the phone was extinguished a few times, it was picked up by Ajie, and the screen illuminated the face of the killer.

The red and blue rays reflected the eyes of Qin Chuan, and he turned.

In fact, even if he died here today, no one will know why he died.

Zero, zero, three. Ajie presses the extension number in turn, and the thumb moves to the key -

Just at this time.

The fierce wind screamed to the back of the head, Ajie conditional reflexes, the phone was far away!

"I am!" Ajie did not export a big bang, and Qin Chuan elbow pulled back his neck. That force road is simply reinforced iron bones, and it can't be shaken at all. The horrible inertia allows the two to squat at the same time. The sharp stone is cut into the flesh, and then they roll to the bottom of the cliff!

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