Chapter 146 Chapter 146

Chapter 146 Chapter 146


The large piece of plastic cloth that blocked the rows of shelves was opened by Wang Pengfei. In the dust that fluttered in the sky, the strange and strange sound suddenly surfaced and appeared in front of everyone.

"This, this, is this?" Wang Pengfei bounced out like a rabbit and walked half a step: "Is it you?!"

Wu Teng was tied up in the shelves by the five flowers. The whole person was already like a bone. He stared at Wang Pengfei with a big red eye and a big eye. The hanging throat was sent from his mouth. (Free full novel.

"--I am jealous of you, a spade k, what the hell is doing?!" Wang Pengfei was furious: "Come on! Come on!! This business is not done!!"

Everyone was stunned. The two bodyguards left by Qin Chuan were also shocked. They couldn’t stop it. I saw Wang Pengfei rushing to the door of the storeroom and reaching for the lock. Surprisingly, however, no matter how he was slamming the door latch, the door that looked not heavy was not moving.

The storeroom was locked from the outside.

Wang Pengfei trembled and took his own gun, and the metal door lock was oh! boom! Shoot two times. When the cockroach is crisp and squeaking, the shell falls to the ground, and the metal door lock is deformed, but it cannot be pushed.

"What's the matter... This, what's going on..." Wang Pengfei finally picked it up and grabbed the bodyguard indiscriminately: "What do your boss want to do, huh?!"

The bodyguard was also frightened and could not answer.

Lao Caiqiang tried to persuade with a sigh of relief, but suddenly suddenly froze at this time:

"Wait, what is bright there?"

Looking down his sight, everyone found out - behind Wu Zhan, who was tied in the shelf, seemed to be flashing in the darkness, emitting a faint red light.


"I am jealous of you, a spade, what the hell is doing... What do your boss want to do, huh?!"

After the storeroom door, several aluminum alloys were nailed and the door panels and walls were firmly fixed. The sound insulation effect of the building materials of the temporary factory building is very good. Wang Pengfei’s roaring through the wall can only reveal a slight difference.

The spades k look the same, with a few hand-held miniatures | charge | gun bodyguards, through the corridor in front of the storeroom, in the winding ramp, a few turns, the eyes suddenly open.

- Three black bulletproof jeep parked side by side, with the front of the car facing the exterior of the building.

"Boss," a man with a night imaging telescope greeted the whisper: "Jie Ge just informed us from the observation post that the outside strip is coming up in all directions, and it will take about five minutes or so to cover our way down the mountain. ”

Starting from this direction, there is only one road down the mountain.

"Just wait for them to come over." Spades K: "The third line has been set up?"

"Yes. These days, the pits, tree holes, and stone crevices were dug, and the veterans used to calculate the rock wall support points. All of them were buried with 'medicine'. As soon as the strips came up, Jie Ge sent a signal. Line 3 is there right away -"

The bodyguard opened the door and the spade k sat in it and asked, "How is your Jiang Ge?"

"Looking at his driver and saying nothing yet."The skin of the spades k shines with a hint of bloodthirsty enjoyment.

His eyes crossed the high-rise glass windows of the factory, and the more the mountains and the mountains and the jungles, the more the mountains and the jungles; the hills and slopes, countless special police officers were climbing the rocks and quickly approaching where he was.

But these people will never touch him a hair.

"When the first line is dialed..."

The voice of the spades k is always very pleasant, but it is like talking to himself:

"He should wake up."


In the storeroom, the horses tied Wu Tunsong a few times, and the sound of inhalation suddenly sounded around.

I saw a bunch of colorful wires fixed behind Wu Tun. The wire was a device that was difficult to distinguish, a bit like a telephone. The top of the tape was written with the words "Line 2", red light. It is from this device.

Although Wang Pengfei couldn't recognize it, it was an old poisonous insect with blood and blood. He felt a very ominous premonition in his heart: "This, this is, what is this?!"

Ma Zizhi did not go straight: "Telephone?" Then "嗷!" was thrown out by Wang Pengfei.

"It's fried|bomb..." The tremble of Lao Cai's teeth screamed from the dead: "...I saw this thing in Burma, it was a common bombing | bomb..."

A few horses lost their voices at the same time: "Fuck!" "What?" "What?!"

Lao Cai could barely stand, and he bit his teeth and squatted down. He only fainted after a few glances. Wang Pengfei rushed up and grabbed it: "What is the frequency?! You say it again?!"

"It, its trigger device is a common frequency system, that is, the thing that was removed from the cordless phone, it must have been made a short circuit. As long as someone dials its phone number, which extension number is used, which short circuit system will pop out Electric spark, ignition lead | explosive device -"

Wang Pengfei roared: "What, lead | explosive device?!"

Lao Cai’s face is like a dirt, and he is shaking and pointing to the “telephone machine”: "You, look at that..."

Wang Pengfei looked down at his fingers and went to the ground.

There is a white powder around the bombs. The powder is mixed in the dust. If you don’t see it, you can’t see it, but you won’t know it if you see it.

That is not Hailuo | Because, that is rdx.

After the blaster

4 high-explosive plastic fried | medicine!

At this time, outside the factory gate.

The two groups of special police officers were respectively attached to the wall, and the special police team leader Kang Shuqiang made a look under the helmet. The vice team nodded, and kicked the door and flew back. The lightning tree between Kang Shuqiang rushed in: "No movement! Raise your hand!" "Police!!"

- The sky is empty.

After the gate turned out to be a closed corridor, there was still a mess left in the rush to retreat. The corridor leads straight to the darkness, and something is faintly reflecting the light under the tactical flashlight.

what is that?Kang Shuqiang waved, the two groups of special police sneaked in, followed him to quickly sneak into the end of the corridor - the road suddenly broke out three, the left and the right did not know where to go, but in the middle is a closed door, posted There are four words in the storage room.

Eight|nine-way aluminum alloy seals were nailed to the door, which sealed the storeroom, and the door was now screaming and shouting.

Kang Shuqiang and other special police officers gave birth to a suspicious moment: This is the trading scene? What is inside?

"Boss," the deputy team whispered.

The on-site action was the most unquestionable. Kang Shuqiang took a seal with a flashlight and found that the nail marks were fresh and not strong. When the machine made a gesturing, the two small components headed for the martyrdom, and at the same time, the front door of the warehouse door: "Remove!"

Needless to say that the second time, the special police sharply took the door to the front -

In the storeroom, some people rushed to shoot the door, and some people liked to go to the window. But the ventilation window was up to three meters from the ground, and it was not going to go up. Everyone was screaming madly, and the madness and crying screamed the eardrum.

It was just outside the door at this time - hey!


"Opening the door outside!" Someone screamed: "Opening the door outside!!"

The ladder that climbed the window all fell down, and even the belt crawled to the door: "Help! Let us go out!" "Help!!"

Lao Cai didn't know where the strength came from, and he staggered and stood up. He picked up a shelf bracket scattered on the ground and squeezed it into the crowd.

How can things develop like this? he does not know.

Like the suddenly exposed Burmese village doctor, he certainly does not know that his fate will be rushed to stop on that day. In short, the situation has developed to an irreparable point. It is neither meaningful nor time to pursue the cause. Undercovers like them, the last few minutes of life are precious.

Dangdang! !

Lao Cai picked up the steel bracket and slammed it on the door panel:

"The outside people listen! Don't come in!!"

Surrounded by screaming and quiet, but Lao Cai did not care, screaming at the door: "There are bombs in the bombs!! Quick retreat, there are bombs! Bomb!!"

"Mom, what are you doing?" Wang Pengfei rushed up, and then grabbed Lao Cai’s neck and slammed it to the ground. Several people rushed to scream at him: "Take the old man shut up!"

"kill you!"

"To shut up!!"

However, Lao Cai’s head struggled and struggled. Several sturdy big men couldn’t help the thin old man. He tried to climb to the door and screamed: “Come on! Don’t come in! Don’t come in—!!”


Qin Chuan stepped on the uneven stones and boarded the mound.

This highland is next to the factory area. According to the plan that was confessed before the news, the motorcyclist who took him back after the explosion had already waited there, and he came up to call Qinqin.

Qin Chuan did not respond, took the infrared telescope, and looked down the steep slope in the hunting cold.

In addition to the spades k, which are both lack of emotional cognition and natural madness, and turned into any criminal, seeing this scene must be soft.The halfway up the hillside where the factory is located, there are countless red and blue warning lights flashing in the jungle, and several escape routes have been shackled. On the open space in front of the factory, there are countless safety vests flashing in the night, which is the special police full-speed parcel transaction site.

The motorcycle driver’s phone rang, and he switched on and fed the phone: “Qin Ge, Jie Ge is looking for you.”

Qin Chuan was careless: "I said where is your Jie Ge hiding?"

The motorcyclist said: "We don't know the big brother's business."

"Well," Qin Chuan took the phone and put it in his ear. "Don't leave him alone when he retreats. Hey?"

Ajie’s voice is mixed in the whispering voice: “Are you ready?”

Qin Chuan took out his mobile phone and the paper that Wen Wei gave, and entered the number on the note number one by one. Pressing the dial button, he smiled and said: "What is this ready? It is."

Ajie Shen Sheng: "The special police team has already entered the factory gate and is entering the warehouse. I count down three times and you play the first extension."

The first extension - the first high-intensity common-frequency bombing on the mountain road, its amplitude and coverage is enough to trigger a small-scale landslide, which will prevent the special police inside the factory from retreating, while blocking the police's subsequent reinforcements. All pathways.

There are countless red and blue lights on the lens, noisy engines and vocals, and even reflective strips on bulletproof vests are so familiar.

He used to be one of them.

Qin Chuan lowered his eyes. "Okay."

On the other side of the mobile phone, AJ’s cold countdown came out: “Three—”

"Quick retreat... fast... don't enter..."

Dangdang! The last aluminum alloy seal slammed on the ground, and intermittent shouts came from behind the door. Kang Shuqiang

The brow jumped and the sub-team whispered: "What sound?"

"Fried|bomb... quick retreat..." Someone slammed into the door and the voice finally became clear: "There is a bomb | bomb! There is a bomb | bomb!!"

Kang Shuqiang: "I am!!"


The explosion-proof group armed with a shield flew, all the special police officers retreated at full speed, and several flashlights were waved on the walls of the factory corridor.

"Lineman!" Kang Shuqiang's earphones came to the arrogance of Lu Bureau: "The informant is inside! The informant is inside!!"

Kang Shuqiang took the shield of the little warrior, and the flying foot smashed the person to the back, and gnawed the top shield and rushed to the warehouse door.


Qinchuan mobile phone is connected, press extension number 001.

Bang! ! !

The explosion rushed to the sky on the halfway up the mountain, and the 100 meters around it was as bright as white, and the air wave smashed seven or eight police cars into the jungle at the same time.

The mountain boulder rolled down, and the strong shock wave even rushed to the factory. The whole workshop was shaken four times, and Kang Shuqiang, who was caught off guard, ran into the warehouse door!

In the command car, the fire shines through the glass, illuminating the reading glasses of Lu and the horrified face of everyone.

In the police car, Yan’s foot on the accelerator pedal was slow, and he turned his head incredulously to the side window.On the back seat of a jeep in a highland outside the factory, Jiang stopped as if he had just awakened from a nightmare, and couldn't help but fall into another nightmare. He slowly opened his eyelids and the half cheeks were exploded.

"..." Jiang stopped his struggles twice, and the wrist bones squeaked. The driver heard the movement and said a few words from the front seat, but it was Burmese and was vague in the aftermath of the explosion.

Jiang stopped breathing hoarsely, "...what?..."

"The boss said, please watch it!" The driver finally changed to a blunt Chinese, saying: "This is the first time, he will pick you up after three explosions!"

Jiang stopped as if he had been stunned, and the beautifully shaped lips shivered, his face burning in the burning white. Then he leaned down and panicked, seemingly afraid to look at it.

The driver grinned.

- He only thinks that the person sent by the boss is not threatening at all, that is, weak and timid. If the sliver is the same as him, it is no wonder that waste.

But what he didn't see was that Jiang stopped his body and reached his hiking boots. He pulled out a hairpin from the boot and accurately poked it into the lockhole.


"Fuck!" Qin Chuan was rushed by the air and two steps, and spit out the sand in his mouth: "This is too close! I almost got blown out!"

"After the host number is dialed, the radio transmission of each extension number is limited by distance. If the extension is not received by the extension system, the trigger device will not be triggered. Your position is already the farthest. It is."

Qin Chuan is easy to clean the sand shovel: "Do it, what now?"

Ajie said: "Ready to trigger Line 2."

The wind was sharp opposite the call, and it seems that Ajie is moving fast, but he doesn't know which cave he is hiding on the top of the mountain. Qin Chuan straightened up and stared at the factory warehouse where Wang Pengfei and others were being held. The trigger device of the No. 2 bombing bomb was there.

He clearly knew that the SWAT team should be breaking.

Obviously so dark, and so far away, he can report the names of those special police officers without looking at them, and even think of the nickname of the special police captain called Kang | Master.

He just can't remember which nickname was the one after the celebration.

"The man who has retreated from the big brother is ready. After the explosion of the second line, the team will rush out of the factory and retreat to the mountain road, which is the third line. Mom," Ajie did not know what to see. Low and low snoring: "Now that road is blocked by police cars, like the market."

"Rushing out?" Qin Chuan asked.

"As long as the explosion rushed out. 4 buried on the 3rd line, enough for the sliver to die eighteen back and forth."

Qin Chuan was relieved and nodded.

"Hey, the special policeman has to go in." The voice of Ajie on the mobile phone slammed: "The second line is ready to lead|explosion, three-two-"

The door panel broke open and was torn apart. Wang Pengfei’s fists had not yet reached the face of Lao Cai, but he was stagnation in the air, and then he was kicked out from behind!

"Not allowed to move! Police!"Numerous footsteps rushed, and after the riot shield, there were countless guns. A few drug dealers, Ma Zi, were soft on the ground, and even did not even resist. They were rushed to the police.

"Fried | The bomb has exploded! Where is the bomb? Where is the bomb?" Kang Shuqiang rushed up to help Lao Cai, simply incoherent: "Fried | where is the bomb?!"

What he wants to say is that the bombs on the halfway up the mountain have already exploded. What do you mean by "there are bombs and bombs inside", where? But the confusion and excitement are not clearly stated.

Lao Cai’s face was full of blood, and he hurriedly sighed. He seized Kang Shuqiang: “No, not yet, no explosion...”


Lao Cai reached out in despair.

Everyone looked up and looked forward, Kang Shuqiang's pupils tightened instantly!

The explosion on the back of Wu Tun | The device is flying fast and flashing, more and more urgent. The speed of red light flashing seems to be coming from death, and soon it is no longer extinguished, completely lit up into a line -

Ajie finally stood still, cold and ice:


There was a strange smile in the eyes of Qin Chuan. Then he hung up and dropped the phone.

Stone cliff.

The motorcyclist suddenly came forward: "-you!"


When the gunshots sounded, the motorcycle driver couldn't even see what was happening, and the eyebrows had already had a black hole.

"..." He opened his mouth weakly, and the body was thrown down, and the blood mixed with the brain and slowly broke into the ground.

Qin Chuan took off his glasses and threw it, buckled his helmet and kissed him on the hot barrel. Then he casually inserted the 902 into the holster and ran onto the motorcycle.

Down the steep stone wall, hundreds of meters ahead, behind the factory area -

The three jeep lights at the same time, and the wall in front of the car was pale. That is the man who is ready to retreat from the spades. They will rush out of the factory after the explosion, and the burning police car will cross the mountain road and disappear into the vast forests of the southwestern land.

Qin Chuan raised his eyes, and the cold light flashed at the bottom, and the engine suddenly started.


The off-road motorcycle turned into a sharp blade and instantly opened the cliff! Gd1806102

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