Chapter 145 Chapter 145

Chapter 145 Chapter 145

Jiang stopped to make a fierce, but was swept faster and more sturdy on the tree, and reached out to touch the inside of his right ear, not to gently "hmm?" (free full novel

- There is nothing inside the auricle.

He reversed his left ear, and then pulled off the dark gray cashmere scarf from the third and the fifth. He left the hillside without mercy. When the cold wind was poured, the river stopped for a moment, and Wen did not care about the resistance. He slammed into the inside of his robes and touched his neck, but he was empty and did not touch anything.

How can it be?

In the command car, Yan Yan greeted the leaders of all levels of the car with gaze and calmly spit out two words: "No."

"...Nothing?" Wei’s deputy bureau couldn’t help it: “You are not always connected with the Jiang team channel, what is it?”

"We have cut off the link."

The time was not only Wei's deputy bureau, but even the team, Chen Chu, Lu Bureau and so on almost stood up: "What?!"

Three hours ago, the chess game peak -

Wang Pengfei's team gradually appeared at the end of Panshan Road in the distance, and Jiang stopped standing alone on the high cliff. He pressed the communication headset in one hand, and the rustling and current rustling noise only listened to Yan Yan carefully: "After arriving at Yunzhongzhai In case the situation is wrong or you feel dangerous, you will find a way to destroy or bury the liaison. The command center will send a group of people to sneak into Yunzhong Village to search and rescue you. I will come to you no matter what happens, understand? ”

The engine roared from far and near, Jiang stopped and said: "Understood, I am waiting for you."

Then he turned the tip to the position that just blocked the tip of the ear and greeted the direction of the team.

Two hours ago, Yunzhongzhai -

Qin Chuan was distracted by Lao Cai. When he just turned around, he saw Jiang stopped and leaned close to him. He almost stuck it in his ear, and raised his hand to cover his half of his face: "When you smelled, you gave Lao Cai a fight." I will pay for it, so he will advise the surname of the king..."

From any point of view, Jiang stopped raising his left hand and only covered his mouth shape to prevent being eavesdropped.

But what no one can find is that at the same time, his ring finger gently wipes the inside of the ear tip, so he unconsciously took the button keeper:

"You don't have to be alone with the surname Wang along the way, lest he be born -"

Qin Chuan’s upper body was exaggerated and leaned back. At the moment he was wrong, he did not see the ring finger of Jiang’s stop in the corner of his mouth. It seemed to smack something with his teeth.

"I said the Jiang team, you have a large number of adults, and you still want to live a few years, you will let me live a life..."

The river stopped standing in the same place, and his face was inexplicable. It seemed that he did not understand what Qin Chuan’s sincere ridicule was. There was a bodyguard outside the two steps staring at the river with vigilance, but he did not find his throat moving gently, swallowing the button into the throat.


"Do you suspect that I have news with the police?" Jiang stopped to turn his head, and his eyes seemed to burn with anger: "Is the evidence? What news do I have? Or are you just looking for me?"

This repressed posture makes Wen Wei even more condescending, so when looking at the top down, it is even a bit cold and inquiring.But then the fierceness was changed to the gentleness of the frightening war.

"I don't need to find any evidence, Jiang stopped." He regretted. "Like you know me, I know you too."

Jiang stopped his eyebrows and jumped sharply, but it was already late--When he slammed his hand, he hit it in the back of his neck, and Jiang stopped to feel black!

"In those days, you said that it was the happiest and most hopeful day for you." Wen Yan whispered close to his cold ear, "I'm sorry, let you wait for so many years, it will be good soon."

For example, the bloody residual sun melts into the sky, and the two children on the side of the stream are stepping on the water with bare feet. The evening breeze brings the clear laughter straight to the sky, reflecting the shining star.

"Why are you always so happy?"


"But you look very happy."

"That's because I can see you!" The little boy slammed a handful of water and giggled in the dodge of the little friend: "After you know you, every day is my fastest day!"

Not like this, not at all -

Jiang’s consciousness disappeared quickly, and he tried his best to reach out to the little boy who was playing in the void, but he missed it.

The next moment he closed his eyes and fell into the dark abyss.


The river stopped silent and fell, and was immediately caught. Wen Wei explored the nose and pulse, and relaxed a little after a few seconds.

He stopped the river and stopped, but he didn't feel any weight. He saw that the blood in the throat that had lost his scarf had turned into purple and black, and he could not help but scream twice, muttering: "It's pitiful."

Jiang stopped without consciousness, and his eyebrows were still wrinkled.

Wen Yan didn't mind, so he took him down the steep slope, and saw that Qinchuan took people from the factory to the far side of the store, and quickly walked forward and said shortly: "There is getting over there."

"What reason do you use to come out?" Wen Yan asked as he walked.

"I said that the inspection of the goods said that there is a small weight, and asked Jin Jie to ask for two, otherwise the weight may not be fatal."

Wen Wei nodded.

"and also……"


Qin Chuan seems to be a bit vocal, but still said: "There are two of our brothers in the storeroom..."

Wen Yan smiled and asked: "If all of us are out, will Wang Pengfei still be honestly staying inside?"

Qin Chuan was a slogan.

A jeep was parked in the open space, and the driver had already waited on the side. Qin Chuan took two steps and opened the rear door.

Wen Yan leaned into the back seat of the river, and then pulled out his hands from the sundries pocket and rubbed his wrist to the buckle.

"If I don't bring them out, they died in Shan State a few years ago." Wen Yan clap his hands and said, "You will find this line for a long time and you will find that sometimes you don't die." I can't do anything."

Wen Wei may be still younger. As a boss, most of the time it seems that there is not much shelf.

But it just seems to be that he always reflects the real and cruel side in some careless details.

Qin Chuan nodded and said, no longer say more, sideways for Wen Yan to open a road.But just at the moment he was sideways, the handle of the back holster was exposed from the jacket, and the stunned sight fell on it. What seemed to be found, the eyelids suddenly jumped.

In a flash, Qinchuan has turned over and asked with a low head: "What to do next, is it still going according to plan?"

Wen Yan stood on the side of the jeep, and across the window was the unstoppable river in the back seat. He did not immediately answer the instructions of the subordinates, but indulged for a moment before telling the driver: "Don't panic. When he wakes up, you go out again, and the route has been given to you."

The driver’s mouth is the Burmese: "It’s the boss, I understand how to do it!"

Standing in the heart of Qin Chuan, I understand very well that this is to let the river stop in the car to see the whole process.

Weng then walked to the factory and walked out and touched the cigarette case. He took one and handed it to Qinchuan.

"I quit," Qin Chuan did not hesitate to refuse.

Wen Yan seems to be a little funny, and did not insist, he ordered a cigarette: "You are not as good as the river."


"Jiang stopped at the first time I gave him a cigarette. He never took the initiative, but he never refused. You swear."

Qin Chuan laughed: "Boss, that's not to be so suffocating, it's called to get away. And I just want to make a fortune and save my life. From the very beginning, the appeal is different. How can I put a ratio?"

Wen Yan looked at him and looked at him with a smile on his face.

"--oh," he asked suddenly. "Do you remember your mother?"

Qin Chuan did not keep up with the speed of his topic change. "Of course remember. How?"

"White asks, I don't remember." Wen Yan pointed to the jeep that had been separated from him. It meant that Jiang stopped: "He should remember, but he never said, hiding." ”

Qin Chuan thought about it and said: "Maybe because it is not important. And it is already a thing of the past, and the old mention is useless."

I don’t know what to say.

In front of the poison, he put his hands in his pockets and crossed the rugged stone sarcophagus. He did not hesitate. There is no emotional clue from his back, no mood to see, and no signs of continuing to move as planned.

Qin Chuan’s palm was slightly damp, and he slammed it hard, and coughed with just the right doubts and hesitation:

"Right, I didn't say that I was responsible for calling that-"

At this time, they had already walked to the front of the factory. A dark green aluminum tent was standing under the canopy, lit by the lights of the stars, and the mountains and trees surrounding the distance were deep and deep, and the cold wind swayed. Like countless dead arms waving in the dark.

Wen Yan suddenly stopped.

Qinchuan’s voice suddenly stopped and stopped.

"You used to be a policeman," he only heard and laughed. "You said the terrain nearby. If the police are staring at us, where should they set the ambush point?"


A hundred meters away from the height, inside the telescope, two figures standing in front of the warehouse, faintly can distinguish from the action they are talking.

But the distance is too far to monitor what the content of the conversation is."A91 observation point calls the command vehicle and calls the command vehicle." "The main target 偕 the same person appears again in the observation range, please instruct!"

Several provincial and provincial expert directors looked at each other, and Lu Bureau grabbed the microphone: "Is the same person a 'nail?'"

"No." The special police observer in the canopy immediately denied it. "I will pass the scene map!"

With a bang, the live image was buffered on the satellite screen of the command car, and all the probes were pasted. Huang Xing did not need to give instructions to the Lu Bureau, and immediately began to sharpen the image. However, the operation was not completed. The Lu Bureau and the Wei Deputy Bureau also recognized who the same person around Wen Wei was:

"Qin Chuan?!"

"...nails?" Chen said, "What about nails?!"

Lv Bureau suddenly turned back, no accidents, Yan Yan's face was exactly the same as himself. The two police officers and young men looked at each other and Lu signed a gesture.

Yan Yan nodded, and said nothing, turned and rushed down the command car.

"Strict team!"

"Yan brother!"

Gao Panqing, Ma Xiang and others rushed in from outside the warning circle. They saw the strict pace and the wind. They held the police car door with one hand and held the gun. Ma Xiang only had time to hold the passenger car glass: "How is the strict brother? ...How is Jiang Ge?"

"Almost confirm the exposure, we need to rush to the scene immediately." Yan Yan Shen Shen, head does not return to the door: "Depart!"

In just a few seconds, the police cars that were prepared early

The headlights lit up, the engine made a dull roar, and then rushed out of the cordon!

"If it is me?" Qin Chuan calmed down from a short period of incomprehension, blinked around and looked around for a few minutes. "We are at twelve o'clock in front, two points in the northeast, and the gap formed by the rock in the mountain. Next, and all the bottoms of the tree that are obscured by the line of sight... these are the points where you can ambush."

"Then if you are me, what are you going to do?" Wen asked.

Qin Chuan did not hesitate: "Set fire to the mountain."

The two looked at each other, and Qinchuan’s lens flashed with a cold and firm look.

Every second seems to be pulled too long, Qinchuan wears very little, but the back neck has exuded a fine sweat, and the wind has blown through the bones. But he still looked back at the angry drug lord in front of him. After a whole cigarette was exhausted, Wen Yan finally threw the cigarette butt and smiled. "You are too embarrassed!"

The tone finally spit out from the throat of Qin Chuan. He laughed too, and the knuckles pushed the frame. "So I will do it now?"

The angle of his tail sound is very clever, not too urgent, and very calm, if you really nod and say a good word, he must immediately turn to move the petrol can.

"No," Wen said faintly. "I have sent people to clean up nearby. Even if the police stare at it, the nearest observation point can only be set..."

He raised his chin forward.

- This action was faithfully reflected in the telescope's focus. An observer moved and almost silently asked the comrades who were lying on the side: "Is this person looking at us?"

"The trough," the special policeman whispered. "What is he doing?"“Besides there, everything is clean. That is to say, the angle and scope of the police’s observations are very limited, and even if the action team is at the forefront of the risk of exposure, it needs to start from the action to the scene. At least six minutes."

Qin Chuan was heard a few words in a few short words.

"what happened to you?"

"...nothing," Qin Chuan slowly said. "I was thinking... Fortunately, I have never been a policeman in the past few years."

Weng seems to be very happy: "Of course you don't. Only one who is committed to catching me stops."

He always put his hands in the trouser pocket after throwing away the cigarette butt, and he didn't know what he was holding. It is this dangerous unknown that has caused Qinchuan to be in an extremely tight state from now until now. However, at this moment, he finally saw him move, and his left hand squeezed a piece of paper from the trouser pocket and shook it in front of Qin Chuan: Hold it."

- There is a string of mobile numbers on the note.

thumping! A loud bang, the heart in the throat finally fell back to the chest.

"...well," Qin Chuan no strange, took the paper into the chest pocket: "When I receive the signal, I immediately dial this number."

Wen Yan nodded and patted Qin Chuan's shoulder:

"We have known each other for more than ten years and have always trusted each other. I hope that at a critical time, your ability will match this trust."

Qin Chuan nodded, Wen Yan smiled and said: "Go."

Qin Chuanli answered that he was pulling his legs to the distant production plant. Wen Yan stared at him and gradually drifted away, until a few tens of meters away, only slowly took out the phone from the right pocket, dialed a number:


The call is Ajie: "Big Brother?"

Wen Yan turned to the warehouse where Wang Pengfei and his entourage had just entered. He did not care that he was showing his back to the observer in the ambush point. He only listened to him and asked: "What is the gun that Qinchuan gave you today?"

I don't know what Ajie explained at the end of the phone, and I squinted at the eyes, and the darkness of the abyss was faintly bleeding.

"I know. I will do it according to my arrangement..."


In the telescope, Wen Yan took people into the warehouse of the black hole, and then several guns and horses together to close the aluminum door.

“Reporting the Command Vehicle! Reporting Action Group!” The observer hurriedly said: “The main target entered the scene and the transaction started!”

Chen slammed his fists and tried hard. The calm voice of Lu was sounded at the same time in every speeding police car, every ambush waiting for the special police, and every communication channel in the square:


The sky is hidden, and night falls. Looking down from the heights, a dozen criminal police and special police teams emerged from the plains of the mountains, and they rushed to the middle of the mountain from all directions by the cover of darkness.

At the same time, in the warehouse locked by all police forces.

Snapped! Wang Pengfei finally couldn't help but fall into the cup. Huo Ran got up and said, "What about the name of Qin? Is the spades k coming or not? No, I said that even if you have blue gold, you can't do this. Let the buyer dry here. What do you want to do?!"The two bodyguards brought in by Qin Chuan also looked at each other and knew nothing about it. Among them, the older one took out the phone and wanted to make a phone call, but then: "Hey?"

"what happened?"

"No signal."

Lao Cai stood behind Wang Pengfei. I don’t know why my heart suddenly jumped very fast. My face almost changed color. I immediately grabbed my thigh tightly and stabilized the trembling for no reason.

"We have honestly brought money and brought people to trade! I don't want to do business, just say, play with my Wang?" Wang Pengfei ignored the bodyguards and rushed to the door: "I fell Going out to find your boss, moving a big cargo is so slow? Are you going to move a container?!"

Lao Cai is in a hurry

Catch up: "Hey boss, boss, you wait first..."

Wang Pengfei gave him a glimpse: "Don't stop me! Don't do business, don't do anything, Wang can't stand this -"

His voice stopped short, and his yellow eyes slammed twice. He said: "What sound?"

The warehouse was suddenly quiet, and the dim light was extinguished, only to hear the whistling sounds of the wind outside the mountains.


The sharp sound of crying like a smile oozes out from the silence. Not only Wang Pengfei, but even his Ma Zi’s man has a goose bump in an instant: "This, what is this movement?"


"Who is there to pretend to be a ghost?" Wang Pengfei was angry and suddenly saw a dark corner in the depths of the warehouse. He was angry and angered from his heart, and he did not want to rush to the past: "Who, give me out!" Gd1806102

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