Chapter 144 Chapter 144

Chapter 144 Chapter 144

"..." Jiang stopped silently and asked: "What is it?"

Unexpectedly, Qin Chuan only smiled and did not speak, then immediately threw his hand over the phone. Free full novel (Jiang stopped to catch it, the screen shows the call, the phone is the spade k!


“Is it in the clouds?” Weng is as soft as ever: “Cold?”

The person of the spades k, as long as the mind is a little normal, it is impossible to see any real emotions from his expression or tone - because he does not have this thing. He might have been quite happy talking about it for a second, and the next moment he took out the gun and pulled the trigger, not to mention the transition, and even the omen would not be there.

Jiang stopped saying: "It's okay, not cold."


"Also okay."

Wen Yan said: "Then come up."

Jiang stopped his heart and hit: "What?"

"I miss you." The call was over, and he smiled and said: "I want to show you something."

The cold sweat behind it seems to have been taken over, and then it became a more difficult to say.

Jiang stopped his eyes flashing slightly, and then he no longer spoke. He handed the phone back to Qinchuan. No one knows how much effort he used to maintain the calmness of the tone:

"The boss asked me to go to the trading place with you."

Qin Chuan didn't mean it: "Come up."


The Hummer climbed through the half-man high mounds that were stacked in a row, and the hood continued to tremble in the bumps. Outside the window, the sky was getting darker and darker, and the rugged mountain rock whizzed past the windows and the car was silent except for the bang.

The driver is a confidant designated by Ajie. He is obviously well-trained. Apart from occasionally opening his way to Qinchuan to confirm the route, he has never heard anything. Qinchuan's arms on the first officer looked at the front and kept this position unchanged from beginning to end. It was impossible to see any movement from his unmoving facial contour.

The river stopped sitting in the back seat like a stone statue. In the dark, he saw his pale cheeks on his side, and he kept guards on his left and right.

No one noticed that his eyes slid gently and landed on the watch on the right side of the bodyguard – it was almost an hour before he sent a road map to the command.

Has the police successfully surrounded the trading location?

After arriving at Yunzhongzhai, I took the road to the scene, is it still far behind?

"Don't move," suddenly the bodyguard on his right stopped.

Jiang stopped his hand and stopped in the air, calmly said: "I just want to take the bottle of water."

The bodyguard took the mineral water bottle behind the front passenger's chair and unscrewed it. Jiang stopped to reach out, but just after the action, he was held down by the other party, and then handed the bottle to the river to stop.


The air was solidified, and only the Qinchuan eyelids were lifted in the rearview mirror.

- Jiang stopped finally opened his mouth in this tight gaze, so he was fed a few mouthfuls of water and shook his head and said no.

The bodyguard loosened his hand, tightened the cap and put it back in place.Jiang stopped his arms in the gaze of the bodyguard and stopped lifting his hands. He didn't even move his fingers.

In the rearview mirror, Qin Chuan regained his gaze.

On both sides of the dirt road are the same mountains and trees, silence and drama. This road is long and almost endless. I don’t know how long it took. The body suddenly slammed and stopped.

Qin Chu took the lead to open the door and jumped down. He vigorously moved his shoulder and said: "Hey! We are here!"

Hey - a few car horns rang, Wang Pengfei's long-distance off-road team came one after another, stopping not far away.

Jiang stopped the bodyguards to get off the bus, looked up and saw that they parked on the mountainside. The dense trees in front of them were covered, and the high places were showing scattered lights. It turned out to be a row. Temporary factory buildings built on mountain roads!

"Hey, this battle." Wang Pengfei took a deep foot and walked forward, holding a cigarette and sighing: "It is the big boss of the Golden Triangle, and the surrounding terrain, even if the strip has a thousand eyes, can not find it, and The factory built in the mountains is also unambiguous, just like the industrial and mining enterprises - rich, really rich!"

“Award,” a young male voice rang from a distance, saying, “But it’s all tents.”

The river stopped looking back, and the spades k were coming with a few men.

Wang Pengfei’s eyes were bright and his face was eager. He shook hands when he rushed forward. But the spades k didn't seem to notice his diligence, and they ignored the hand of the big jadeite in the air. They just nodded their heads and said hello. Then they walked straight to the river and said with a smile: "You can finally come."

Jiang stopped to answer this question, and looked at the black-and-white bodyguards on the left and right sides. He opened the door and asked, "What does this mean?"

"what do you mean?"

Jiang Shu did not bend around like him: "Have you ever issued a hard command that would not allow my hands to move more than ten centimeters?"

Wen Yan looks the same: "Where, there is that they understand it wrong." Then he waved the bodyguard to retreat, and then took the shoulder of Jiang’s stop. It seemed that the feelings were very good. He took him and went to the hillside. .

Wang Pengfei quickly chased after him: "Hey, I said, the goods of the 'Blue Gold' -"

Wen Shantou did not return.

Wang Pengfei didn't mind, and he was suffocating in the back: "We are as you said, away.

The shore account is ready, as long as the goods are finished here, you can send money immediately by calling! The price is good to discuss, before we say that the discount does not have to be given, or I will give you this number - how? ”

Wang Pengfei struggled to hold the ground with one hand, and opened a short five fingers in one hand, and scored a number.

“Hey?” Wen Yan smiled. “Why?”

"Oh! This is not the business is getting bigger and bigger, it is not available on the purchase!" Wang Pengfei was helped by the people, and he did not take the gas to climb the hillside: "I see this factory is good, anyway Your production line is not going to do anything in the Southwest. It is better to wait for our transaction to be completed. You can give this mountain to the younger brother and add it. Can you do it?"Wen Wei is undecided, pointing to the lush mountains in front: "This mountain?"

Wang Pengfei nodded hard.


The surname Wang’s never imagined that the spades K had promised so casually, and they were happy.

However, before he even had time to enjoy the color, he only listened to the spades. He said: "But the Constitution|law stipulates the integrity and indivisibility of the country's territory. This mountain in front of you is the People's Republic of China, not mine, how to send it. For you?"

Wang Pengfei: "..."

The expressions of all the people under the surname Wang are very wonderful. If Lao Cai is behind him, Wang Pengfei can fall down from the hillside.

Wen Yan smiled to see the river stopped, the eyes were sparkling.

Jiang stopped by his arm on the side of his body, just like when he came along the way, even with his hands raised, countless people stared. But he didn't seem to mind this silent groan, only smiled at Weng's eyes: "What do you want to show me?"

"Are you in a hurry?" Wen Yan did not answer.

Jiang stopped saying: "No hurry."

Wen Yan raised his chin forward: "Then you have already seen it?"

At this time they have climbed the steep slope, the front is a vast open space on the mountainside, and the temporary factory area is close at hand.

Obviously, it is impossible to build a masonry concrete building in the old forest. The warehouse is built with high-strength aluminum alloy frame and reinforced pv tarpaulin, although it is still slightly rough, compared with most simple smuggling workshops hidden in the mountains. This is already a model of fairly stable and stable safety production. In particular, the outer layer of the dark green tarpaulin and the ground-based track are mixed with the green of the mountains and the mountains. Even with aerial photography, it is difficult to find clues.

"did you see it?

No one knows what medicine he sold in his gourd, and Jiang stopped hesitating and nodded.

"Well, this is it." Wen Yan smiled and screamed and waved: "- Qinchuan."

Qin Chuan came forward and only listened to him: "Ajie is waiting for you with someone inside. You first go in with the boss of Wang to take samples, and I will come back later."

Wang Pengfei immediately forgot the fool he had just received: "Hey, where are you going?"

Wen Yan patted Jiang’s shoulder and said casually: “I haven’t seen my brother for a long time, and I’m talking about feelings.” Then he waved his hand to Qin Chu’s imperative style, so he’s in front of everyone’s face. The river stopped and turned and went.

"..." Wang Pengfei stunned his handsome back, only to feel that the legendary drug lord was simply thinking that it was a single out, completely unpredictable like the brain is not normal. But the two traffickers who do not have the ability to do this are subject to people. As long as the goods are in the hands of the spades, even if he is really sick, there is no way to do it. He has to scream "嘿-?!".

Qin Chuan has long been used to it, took the key to open the door of the warehouse, and smiled: "Please, boss Wang."


In front of the remote factory, Wang Pengfei and his entourage followed Qinchuan, and then they saw that the warehouse door was closed. At the same time, the two close-knit backs went in the other direction and gradually disappeared into the telescope."Reporting the command car, here is a two-six-hole observation point." In the canopy 100 meters away, the special policeman is extremely slightly facing the headset: "The buyer has entered the trading place, but the main target has a 'nail' out of the observation Scope, currently unable to distinguish its intentions, what should I do?"

In the command vehicle, leaders from all levels of the province to the county raised their heads at the same time.

The engine was turned off outside the car, and a camouflage forest police car had not stopped. Yan Yan, who had rushed from Yunzhongzhai, jumped on the walkie-talkie, wrapped in a cold wind and entered the command car. On the face of Lu's frowning lock.

"How is this..."

Wei's deputy bureau immediately interrupted the question of Yan Yan's unexported gesture.

"..." Lu Bureau sank in the tense air for two seconds, decisively said: "Keep watching, don't act."


Lv Bureau put down the headphones, and this is the time to turn to Yan Yan: "I am looking for you, what is the situation? Why did the Jiang team not stay in the village, and Wang Pengfei and his party came to the scene?"

"do not know."

Everyone glimpsed, but only the strict look was unusually calm.

" don't know?" Lu was accidentally repeated, and his hand was stretched out: "Take me the contact channel of the Jiang team to listen to me."


The river stopped smoking, took a few mouthfuls, threw it underground, and pedaled on the dead leaves of the ** to make a slight rustling.

"You have sold one after another, I can't guess at all. I really want to do business with Wang Pengfei?" Jiang stopped holding his hand on his shoulder and tried to remove it: "No one here. Don't pretend to be a brother."

Who knows that not only does not let go, but also tightens

Some: "Jiang stopped."


"If there were no such things happened three years ago, what is the relationship between the two today?"

They almost squinted their heads and walked side by side through the blue-gray woods under the sky. The steep slopes in front of them suddenly fell, forming a sharp gap that connected the valley covered by vegetation.

It’s already some distance from the factory building, not far from the hillside where they just stopped to climb, and even can see the team that Wang Pengfei stopped downhill.

Wen Yan stopped and looked at him from a close distance.

"...there is no difference with the present," Jiang stopped the response very flatly, and then asked: "Are we talking about not mentioning things three years ago?"

Weng didn’t seem to hear it. “When I fell into the valley twenty years ago, I asked you to pull the lifeline first?”

They looked at each other, and they were very close to each other. Even the past that had been buried in the deepest part of the memory was taken out and spread out in broad daylight. All the details could not be hidden.

However, at this moment no one can see the turbulent undercurrent under the water.

The mid-summer evening star, the distant city lights, from the end of the horizon gradually show the mirage, and then through the rice fields, wrapped in the evening wind, boasted."I don't know, Wen Wei." After a long time, Jiang replied hoarsely. "It may be different, but it has been a long time ago... It doesn't make sense to mention it again."

Wen Wei looked at him for a long time, and finally took back the hand that had been firmly on the shoulder of the river, and folded his hands in front of him.

It’s hard to imagine that he is a drug dealer when he looks at his hand. The old man who formed the long fingers and the bow, and the restrained temperament, is obviously more like a performer. This was once a doubt that made the river stop thinking. .

Why is he able to do this?

The village medical pencil broke into the dripping blood arrow from his throat. The Burmese monks were burned and twisted the blackened body. The whole border was full of depression and despair in the AIDS village... The stench of countless bones and the accumulation of countless resentment The sins of Cheng seems to have no effect on the culprit.

Is it true that, as the old saying goes, mortals are extremely sinful, but can they live for a long time?

The so-called justice and justice that countless people insist on will become too ridiculous.

"Don't move," suddenly stopped talking and said, Jiang stopped to move: "Let me take a good look at you."

The pupil of the river stopped shaking, but it was hard to notice, and his right hand hanged down.

"When you die, youth is no longer; nothing, all bruises... Will you still love me until the end of time?"

At the beginning of the river, I thought that Wen was asking questions, but then I found out that the vocal and leisurely tone of voice was actually that he was talking to himself.

"Oh, not asking you, asking myself." Wen Yan seems to see through what he is thinking, smiled and said: "I often give birth to this question during the three years of coma, especially in the middle of the night, I Standing at the bedside and staring at you."

Fortunately, Jiang stopped, and others may have been chilling to stand up:

"What about the answer?"

"No solution. Because I can't imagine it." Wen Yan suddenly turned his head and smiled and asked: "Do you know what the most profound image you have in my memory?"


"It was the year when I just researched the molecular formula of the new fentanyl compound in the United States, and I was going to take it back to China. I was very bored, and I made a photo of you. It was a sneak shot, you are Out of the Gongzhou City Bureau, holding the police uniform jacket in one hand, the shirt cuffs on the arm, the shoulders with the police rank; you strode down from the steps of the detachment building, the whole posture is extremely fine, as if nothing can tie you Stop a little, or look back."

"I don't know what made the photo stay in my impression so far. No matter how many things happened, no matter how many people you killed, you can't erase the gesture of the captain of the river."

Wen Yan slightly narrowed his eyes, as if to relish what it is like.

Jiang stopped his sight but crossed him, looking down the hillside, his face changed suddenly -"So I can't get the answer to this question from the bottom of my heart, because I can't imagine that you are no longer youthful, no longer glorious... As long as you exist here, for me," Wen Yan slowly retreats half a step "It will always be the policeman who wants to catch me."

- With the action he retired, the scene below the hillside was fully revealed.

Ajie is taking a few men through the open space and approaching the team of Wang Pengfei. The two horses who stayed in the car looked at the wind and saw that they were not right. They just rushed down and had not had time to ask the police aloud. They were shot and killed by Ajie.

Immediately dragging the body down, forcibly opening the fuel tank cap and inserting several long pipes into the fuel tank of each car - the oil pump!

"They can't use this," Wen Yan said easily.

When the river stopped in the heart, it suddenly snowed, and the subconscious raised his hand. It seemed to be trying to touch his right ear. Then his wrist was caught by a hand and he asked: "What? Want to signal the police?"

Jiang stopped to turn around with lightning and heard "Hey!" Grab his ankle. In the next moment, he screamed at the door, and Jiang stopped to vacate the volley, and the upper body leaned back, which was able to avoid this fierce and precise blow!

There was no warning at all, and the river stopped silently and whispered something, and then slammed the giant force from behind. Wen Yan pressed his back against the trunk and slammed his elbow and stuck it on him.

Side face whispered: "I want to take it off with my own hands, but I don't want to take you all the way in front of them, so I can only watch people tightly, not letting you have the opportunity to move it... ”

"What the disease did you fuck?" Jiang stopped his head and covered his face.

Wen Wei was slightly surprised, and then laughed: "I really don't see the coffin without tears. OK, then I will come and say hello to the Yan detachment." He said that he kept this all-round posture, twisting the arm with a hand iron wrench Elbow, the other hand reaches out to his right ear -

Inside the auricle, that's where the button communicator is stuck! Gd1806102

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