Chapter 143 Chapter 143

Chapter 143 Chapter 143

Through a hillside covered with towering trees and layers of vegetation, a small path becomes the only way to the peak of the chess game. (Free of the whole novel, a group of long suvs of the team gradually appeared at the end of the mountain road, a small amount of whistling flies, circling toward the top of the cloud in the distance.

Wang Pengfei is nearly fifty years old and his body is overweight. He has several layers of messy ivory tourmaline rosewood rosary on his wrists. This person probably lived in the coastal area for a long time, very unaccustomed to the mountains and cold, several layers of sweaters and down jackets to wear him more bulky and bloated, a person almost occupied the entire row of the back seat, the old Cai squeezed only close to the car window.

Jiang stopped sitting on the side, the waist was habitually straight, and his hands were naturally placed on the overlapping thighs. Wang Pengfei looked at him skeptically. He probably felt that the red heart in the rumor was too thin and simple. He finally thought about coughing for a long time. He smiled and asked: "Hey, are you not so cold?"

Jiang stopped answering hotly but not coldly: "My locals, used to it."

Wang Pengfei nodded with a smile, and tempted to ask: "This deep mountain forest, trouble you personally pick up, how can you not bring a few people? The spades k opponents are too distressed?"

On the side of the body, Lao Cai’s cheeks were tight.

Jiang stopped slowly and looked at Wang Pengfei. He smiled eccentrically and pulled down the charge zipper. Wang Pengfei saw a miniature microphone clamped inside his collar, and then he saw that he pressed the switch: Hello, where are the people?"

The communication channel screamed a few times, and the voice of "Ghosts and Seekers" was tight: "The target team just passed the third stage of the journey and is heading for the fourth stage. It is expected that after half an hour, the game will be turned over and finished."

Wang Pengfei’s eyes were straight.

"The people along the way are the spades k, who will always escort us into the cloud in the village." Jiang stopped meaningfully: "Seeing is not necessarily true, Wang boss, I thought you should understand the rivers and lakes for many years."

Wang Pengfei: "..."

Jiang stopped to smile at him and motioned to see the green forest on the outer layer of the window. I don't know if it is a psychological effect. Now Wang Pengfei looks at the slightly swaying canopy in the mountain peak. It really has a strange feeling of wind and wind.


Ma Xiang took the wheat from the sturdy Gonta and took it to the clothes. He rushed to the cab and gestured a k. In the rearview mirror, I saw only a strict nod, and reached out to connect the channel: "11 points are ready to follow up 11 points to prepare for follow-up, and the target team will turn over the chess peak in half an hour and finish."

There was a rustling sound in the channel: "11 groups are following up! Finished."

Yan Yan threw the car walkie-talkie back.

The police car that was temporarily asked by the forest police to be transferred to the fascinating color was followed by a positioning spot on the navigator that stood on the river and rumbling through the forest.


The winter mountains are too dark, and at four o'clock in the afternoon, the sky has already darkened.The extended suv stopped in the open space in front of the village, the first car has not stopped, Lao Cai will be busy jumping down, open the door to help Wang Pengfei. Then Jiang stopped and got off the bus. I saw that Qinchuan strode away from afar. Lang said: "When you are half-day! This is the weather of his mother who died, why have you gone so long?"

Qin Chuan wore jungle jackets, leggings trousers and hiking boots, with guns and magazines in his waist, and the fine costumes were accompanied by the gentle-looking Phnom Penh glasses. Wang Pengfei didn't recognize him at the beginning, stayed close to the spot and suddenly found a piece of memory from the familiar glasses. The whole person slammed back: "Is it you?!"

Qin Chuan is innocent.

"Ah? How are you?!"

Jiang stopped coughing softly: "The Qin sub-squad has provided us with a lot of conveniences over the years. It is a very trustworthy ally. If you have ever dealt with Wang boss before, or have misunderstood, please ask the king. The boss has a lot to say."

I don’t know what Qin Chu had done to the surname Wang when he was a policeman. Wang Pengfei looked at the ghost expression and pointed at him: "That, that, that is now..."

"The goods are not here, in the factory warehouse, there are two hours away from the village, and then I will navigate." The voice just fell to listen to the phone, Qinchuan snorted: "Sure enough."

He took off his gloves and took out his mobile phone from the right pocket of his coat. It turned out to be a new news from Ajie. Jiang stopped the corner of the eye and looked at the screen of the mobile phone. Only a dense road map was displayed between the lights and the fire. The Qinchuan stared for a moment before he closed the phone and smiled: "Let's go, otherwise it will be dark." It is estimated that it will not be reached."

Wang Pengfei didn't want to scream and turned and got on the bus.

Qin Chuan shrugged helplessly, and naturally plugged the phone back into the jacket pocket, and turned to Jiang and stopped laughing: "I went there to see if the oil was added, then let's see it."

Jiang stopped his eyes flashing slightly, and suddenly he pulled up and followed: "--wait!"

Qin Chuan is not clear, so stand still.

However, the pace of the river stop did not stop, naturally leading Qinchuan to the far-off car that is refueling in the distance: "You used to deal with Wang Pengfei?"

"Hey..." Qin Chuan thought for a moment: "Oh, no, just grabbed a few of his family's demolished homes, and probably got him a few batches of goods. Who knows that he reacted so much."

Two people walked side by side through the weedy open space, Jiang stopped: "Wang Pengfei this person is very suspicious, the surface looks very embarrassing, the actual heart is very revenge. When you are on the road with him, try to avoid direct contact with him. It is a priority to arrive at the trading place safely."

As a result of Jiang’s stop, there is no such thing as Qin Chuan’s words.

Thick, but his character is not the person who can say such words. Sure enough, Qin Chuan smiled: "Hey, how can the Jiang team tell you these things, you can hear me really..."

Jiang stopped calmly: "Because I just rushed to fight with him on the road I just came, so I will give you a sentence."

Qinchuan’s footsteps suddenly condensed.Lightning quietly, Jiang stopped his fingertips from the edge of his jacket pocket.

But the next second Qinchuan went forward, it seems that the pause just was a little surprised: "Ah? How come up?"

"..." Jiang stopped his breath: "Oh, I also dealt with him that year. It was in Gongzhou. Once the police had surrounded his trading place, the grandson of the surname Wang took the hand to go. When I was a ghost, I slipped from the policeman’s gun. I didn’t want to mention it, but when he saw me, it’s not good enough, so I said a few more words.”

Qin Chuan said: "The original Jiang team has also lost his hand, is it really deliberate?"

At the same time, Jiang stopped the two fingers with a corner of the phone and gently smashed it out of the Qinchuan pocket.

"It’s really awkward," Jiang said. "Wang Pengfei didn't have so much cooperation with Wen Yan. He didn't even have a relationship with Wu Tun, and he couldn't do anything for him."

At this time, the two men were walking in front of the Hummer. The horses slammed the gas barrels and saw them coming up and immediately got up: "Qin Ge, already added, let's get off."

Qin Chuan nodded and smiled and turned to Jiang: "Let's do it, then let's say so. You are staying in the cloud and waiting for their boss to come back right? Then let's change again..."

Jiang stopped his eyelids and jumped.

The cold, hard phone is clinging to the inside of his cuff, and as long as he raises his hand a little, it is possible to fall.

"--Yes," Jiang stopped to interrupt Qinchuan and said: "I don't know what the arrangements for evacuating at night."

"What is not clear?"

Jiang stopped the back and had a slight cold sweat, but the surface was sparse. He just had a mouth, and he hadn't had time to make up any words on the spot. He suddenly only listened to the back: "Hey! Hey! Sorry, sorry!"

When Qin Chuan turned back, Lao Cai panted and rushed over and grabbed him: "Oh, I said Qin Ge -"

Qin Chuan was paralyzed.

In this sacred god's effort, Lao Cai has already glared at him not far away, sulking with a sullen face: "It doesn't matter, our boss is ill! What do you say? You don't want to do this. Business, it’s not that we want to play any flower, but he and he..."

Qin Chuan was pulled through the open space, forced to pull his hand back and stood up: "What happened?"

"He doesn't want to go with you!" Lao Cai slammed his feet and stopped behind Qin Chuan, just covering the river stop not far away: "The boss said that you two have been a bit too late, you once said that you want to engage Is it true that he is dead?"

"..." Qin Chuan mouth twitched slightly.

"I'm going to get rid of it," Jiang said in a hurry to drop the next sentence. He opened the horse and strode to the bush behind the house. He quickly took out his mobile phone with his back to the open space and entered the password that he had already seen. The mobile phone was successfully unlocked, and the topographic map sent by Ajie just appeared on the screen. Jiang stopped taking his own mobile phone and took a photo, uploading and clicking to send.

A few seconds later, in the Yamashita headquarters, the Lu Bureau phone slammed.

All the leaders who are waiting for anxiety are getting up at the same time.

Jiang stopped collecting his mobile phone and turned around and walked out of the bushes if nothing happened."...I really want to kill your boss, you have already started a few years ago, there is no need to wait until now. Anyway, it is only two hours, I will withdraw when I go to the trading place, if I am still awkward. Don't do this business if you don't want to do it, ah."

Qin Chuan patted Lao Cai's shoulder, no longer yelled at him, stepped on the grass and walked up to the front, and slammed into the river and stopped: "What is this?"

"Nothing big, the grandson of the surname Wang honed."

The mobile phone gently slipped into the palm of the hand from the river cuff, and he stared at Qin Chuan's eyes. At that moment, the two faced each other, but they were close to each other.

Lao Cai’s words are still behind him: “Oh, Qin brother—”

"There is no end?" Qin Chuan turned his head.

Jiang stopped his wrist and moved, and the mobile phone didn't know what to do. He immediately entered Qinchuan's right pocket.

Lao Cai squinted his eyes, and after two seconds of speech, he raised his hands helplessly: "Well, then I will go back and persuade my boss. Hey! Who knows what he is wrong with? What is this thing!" He said, turning around and striding It is.

Qin Chuan turned his head suspiciously, and Jiang stopped to recover his hand.

His face, which has always been calm and relaxed, can't see the details of what happened just now. Even the eyebrows don't move. They just leaned over and raised their hands to cover their half-side faces. At the same time, they were in Qinchuan ears. Whispered softly: "When I heard someone give Lao Cai some money, he would advise the surname of the king. You should not be alone with Wang Pengfei on the way, saving him from happening."

The voice did not fall Qinchuan's upper body leaned back, slightly opened a little distance, the eyes of the light jingle: "...jiang team."

Jiang stopped: "?"

"Small still wants to live a few more years, you have a lot of adults, let me live a life."

Jiang stopped: "........."

Qin Chuan’s face was sincere and regrettable. He was polite and bowed, and he lifted his foot on the car.


The team started slowly under the hazy sky, and the Hummer adjusted his head in the open space and headed for the village.

Qin Chuan will take Wang Pengfei’s team to hide the long-established underground drug factory.

After the transaction, the spades k took the lead to return to the cloud in the village, and then they went down the mountain together.

However, the road map of the trading place has been sent to the command center. The Provincial Criminal Investigation Corps, Jianning Criminal Investigation, Anti-drug, Technical Detachment and Special Police Explosion Brigade will dispatch a large number of elite firepower to surround the trading scene. Can this group be active for many years? The mega-drug drug-trafficking group annihilated in one fell swoop, and it took a look at the next battle that could not be prevented.

The north wind blew the whistle across the top of the mountain, and the river stopped to take a sip of cold rust, and the tingling of the lungs made him feel refreshed.

There was footsteps behind him, and the bodyguard came forward to ask: "Jiang Ge, do you go to the back room to rest?"

- They really won't let him stay alone for too long.

Jiang stopped silent and turned to the village. The bodyguard chased behind him: "Hey, Jiang Ge, have you seen a few ghost brothers? Why didn't you come back with you?"

"We separated the two cars and they were behind."The bodyguard didn't dare to ask more, only snorted, and suddenly heard the engine roar at the end of the dirt road in the distance, and subconsciously blurted out: "Hey? They are back!"

How can it be? Jiang stopped unexpectedly.

Sure enough, it wasn’t Gonach and his two horses who had already died and could not die anymore, but the horse-drawn carriage that had just left soon – Qinchuan!

The bodyguard wondered: "Is Qin Ge falling something?"

Jiang stopped to change his mind.

I don't know why I saw the Hummer turning back. At the same time, his eyelids suddenly jumped, and the unintentional heart slammed into the throat. The next moment, the tires stopped in front of him, and the window was lowered.

Jiang stopped to raise the face that had no blood, and no one could notice that his face turned a little white at the moment. I saw the eyes of Qinchuan, which was like laughing and laughing, behind the window. It meant the mobile phone, and the river stopped shaking:

"Hey, Jiang team." He smiled. "I suddenly have something to talk about."

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