Chapter 142 Chapter 142

Chapter 142 Chapter 142

Jiang stopped the mobile phone, and the technical investigation office was quiet. Huang Xing took the two of his apprentices to work nervously after positioning the instrument. Gong Achi was slammed on the side by his plainclothes. (Free full novel. In addition to this, everyone is staring at the river and staring at the river, only to hear the repressed breathing around.

"Hey," the voice of the spades k with a smile came from the phone: "Jiang stopped?"

Yan Yan was sitting on the edge of the table on the side of the river, and squeezed it by the hand on his shoulder.

Jiang stopped to bow to him and said to the phone: "Hey."

Spades k asks: "Are you still near the chess peak?"

Jiang stopped saying: "Yes. Your person said that you have something to tell me?"

Lv Bureau asked Huang Xing with his gaze. The latter has already developed cold sweat under the hairline of higher and higher in recent years. While staring at the screen, he used the mouth to indicate: "Take a little longer! Try to be a little longer!"

But this is very difficult. First of all, Jiang’s stop is not a leisurely thing to talk to, and the longer the talk time drags on, the greater the chance that the flaw will be discovered by the other party.

The phone is not in the air: "Yes, the goods are coming, I only think of a few words to swear you, so I ask you to pick up the phone."

"What do you want to marry me?" Jiang stopped asking.

The spades k suddenly fell silent.

One second, two seconds, three seconds. Time has become extraordinarily long and difficult, and the silence of every moment has been infinitely stretched, and everyone’s heartbeat has slammed into the throat.

Why doesn't he talk?

Did he discover something? !

The invisible string in the void gradually tightened to the limit, and at this moment, I suddenly only heard the spades k open again. What everyone expected was that the tone was very concerned:

"You are dumb, what's going on? Is it uncomfortable?"

"...I'm fine, I blew a little wind on the mountain road." Jiang coughed twice: "They are burning hot water in the stove, just two drinks."

The spades k seem to be nodding their heads on the phone: "That's good. Is it cold outside?"

"not cold."

"Are you tired for a long time?"


Everyone in the audience was weird, no one knows how this big drug lord suddenly started chatting - but for the nervous technicians, the delay of more than ten seconds is not worthy of the drifting driftwood, the red and green light of the signal tracker It flashed into one piece.

"If you can't eat it, I can send someone to pick you up and let Gonach get a few of them. Are you optimistic?"

Lu Bureau suddenly raised his head, and Jiang stopped and Yan Yan looked at each other.

Strictly and silently do export-oriented: "Hang a hang, don't panic-"

"Well," Jiang stopped answering the phone casually, and paused again: "But in this case, after returning, Jin Jie has a handle to say."

If you don't look at this nervous scene and listen to the sound, the various subtle and true emotions in Jiang Shu's words are grasped to the extreme, and will never cause any doubt.

Sure enough, the spades k smiled: "Why do you care about him, and you don't know why he likes his mouth."Jiang stopped silent for a moment and said, "Forget it, I will stay here. Where is the goods?"

There was only a rustling sound on the paper, and the technical investigation was still nervously calculating the triangle position. Lu Bureau, Wei Deputy Bureau and others were not leaning forward in the upper body, but only listening to the mobile phone over there, the spades k actually asked a question at this time:

"Why don't you ask me where?"

The river stopped.

Not only him, but also Yan Yan and Lu Bureau, and so on.

"Where are you?" Jiang stopped responding quickly and immediately hesitated in a tone of voice.

"I am in the factory, a few hours drive from the stockade. If you are away from you, you probably have a long distance."


Jiang stopped his heart and suddenly looked at it with Yan Yan.

"Well," Jiang stopped pressing a growing sense of strangeness and asked: "Are you coming to pick up with me? Or are there other plans?"

"I am not going, the mountain road is not convenient, you bring them to the cloud in the village - the so-called goods is Wang Pengfei that line of people, forgot to tell you, I just changed my mind to let them go to the mountain to trade today."

The room full of people breathed together.


"Yes, they will arrive at the chess station peak in an hour or so. You will lead them to Yunzhongzhai. Then I will send the factory specific route to Qinchuan, let him take Wang Pengfei from the village to the factory to meet with me. This time, we still use the method of separating money and goods. After the transaction is completed, we will go down the mountain, Wang Pengfei will say tomorrow."

Jiang stopped suddenly and turned to look at the Lu Bureau. The latter was quickly sending a message to the Provincial Public Security Bureau, and at the same time severely made three words: "Come, no, and!"

“Is it too late?” Jiang stopped to ask the phone. “When the transaction is completed, it will be late at night. You will come to me from the factory and then go down the mountain...”

Spades k laughed.

"It's too late," he said with a smile. "The inspection of goods is actually very fast."

Several technicians were sweating, Huang Xing was anxious to stand up from his seat, and madly rushed to the river to stop gesturing: Don't hang! Wait a second time! Drag again!

River stop: "But..."

Without a word, the phone was hanged up easily by the spades.

"Fuck!" Huang Xing loudly screamed, Lu Bureau immediately asked: "How is positioning? Range

How much can I determine? ”

The tracking machine squirmed and spit out a few sheets of paper. The Huangxing index finger pressed hard to look at the Lu Bureau: "The basic circle of the deep forest is not in the specific place! Finally, it can only follow this radius! Mom, the grandson anti-reconnaissance The experience is too rich, can hang up the phone just before we catch the signal, not in the Myanmar to be chased after it?!"

Lv Bureau studied with the old eyes for a long time, and snorted: "Thinking more, in Myanmar, he is chasing the strip."

Huang Xing smothered the cold sweat on his brain, and Lu was beckoning to stop at Jiang. He asked: "What do you think of the Jiang team?"

The river stopped hesitating for a moment, "...I don't know why the spades k suddenly traded in advance, but it is not a good sign before the battle. How many police forces can you put in the chess game peak and the cloud?"Lv Bureau supported the reading glasses and looked at the people from the provincial public security department from the lens gap.

"This, this incident is really sudden..." The director of the opening was a bit familiar, and he looked at him with sternness. He recognized the old acquaintance who had dealt with in the 502 drug-making case. It seems to be Surnamed Chen.

Director Chen’s face could not stop the embarrassment, saying: “We have not been able to find the base camp of the drug dealers in these days. The provincial police force is basically scattered throughout the key suspect areas of Yaoshan. If the drug dealers plan to be tomorrow If you trade, we can mobilize the special police explosion-proof brigade to smash the clouds in the middle of the night - but now Wang Pengfei suddenly went up one hour later, even if he is convening people immediately, I am afraid it is difficult to plan for it."

Lu Bureau sinks into a sigh of relief, slowly said: "Jiang team."

The people at the Jianning City Bureau were very familiar with the old director. Yan Yan’s original ass sat on the table. When he heard the tone of the words, he suddenly slipped from the table to the ground and twisted his thick brow to go forward. .

However, Jiang stopped to raise his hand and stopped him, saying: "I understand."

Yan Yan’s face stood in a sullen manner.

"There is really no other way. It is impossible to change a group of armed police forces from the sky to attack the villages. - Not to mention that the thieves first smashed the king, even if they can hit the cloud in the village, it is no good to catch the sputum. Lu Bureau took off the reading glasses and wiped out a soft cloth from the pocket to wipe it. He said: "In my opinion, the quickest way is to count the meter. The Jiang team will go to the chess station according to the arrangement of the game. Buyer Wang Pengfei, our people are closely behind, and join you in Yunzhongzhai. After the handover of the Jiang team and Qinchuan, they will try to get the underground factory road map issued by Wenyu, and then send a signal to the command center; Can determine the transaction address, I will go with the old Wei, Lao Yu personally with the special police, take him a scene."

The Chen Department of the Provincial Office did not say anything, and it was obvious that the expression was acquiescence.

Lu Bureau sighed and said: "Yan Yan."


"You are responsible for bringing the Jiang team to the chess station peak, ambushing Wang Pengfei on the spot, and then secretly escorting the Jiang team to Yunzhongzhai, no problem?"

Yan Yan’s throat was violently swaying, and he was low: “No problem.”

Lu Lu nodded, it seems that the commitment to Yan Yan is still reassuring, put on the reading glasses, beckoning around.

Wei, deputy bureau, Yu team, Huang Xing, Chen, and several provincial leaders took the first two steps around the large desk of the technical investigation.

“Wu Teng and Wen Yu’s drug trafficking groups have been active in the Golden Triangle and China-Myanmar border for ten years, causing incalculable social harm and people’s losses. This time we can surround him in the province of S God-given opportunity. You all know that the Ministry of Public Security and the provincial party committee attach great importance to this cofferdam action. Countless pairs of eyes are staring at us. Only success is not allowed to fail. These nonsenses don’t need me to say more; whether it’s national justice or self-interest This layer of relationship must be understood in everyone's mind."

The Lu Bureau is a transparent person, and the words are silent around.Even if you don’t care about the principles of justice, the people present have their own realistic needs: the younger generation of police wants to make meritorious deeds, want to be promoted, or want to avenge their robes. The older generation is reluctant to retire. The hate of the flag fell and I wanted to keep the glory of the flag on the road. Therefore, everyone is desperately in the same direction, no one will be afraid of death at this time.

"Old Wei, you and the Yu team and the local leadership to do another ambush deployment, I have to call Liu Liu to do the final ventilation. Time is running out," Lu Bureau looked at the watch, looked up and stopped at the river, a word Dignified and calmly said: "Then please, Jiang team."

All eyes are on the lookout, and under the eyes of the public, Jiang stops his eyebrows as cold as ice:

"I know."

In the jungle, three police cars lined up in a row. As the road went up and down, the special policeman with the live ammunition was sitting on both sides of the rear compartment. The tight silence soaked every inch of air and sinked into everyone's lungs.

Yan Yan carried a gun around his waist and put on a bulletproof vest. The police car in the middle of the police car reflected his gloomy eyebrows. Jiang stopped from the co-pilot and looked back slightly. I saw that Ma Xiang and the few special police officers did not look at them. They went back and whispered: "I will put down a few hundred meters in advance, so as not to be Wang Pengfei. Found."

Yan Yan did not answer, one hand held the steering wheel, the other hand in the river stopped to explore, touched the small button contact on the inside of his ear, and smiled bitterly.

"What are you laughing at?"

"You guess this button is where I got it?"

The river stopped talking.

"Sanchunhua tree." Yan Yan's index finger gently flicked in his ear and said: "Second-hand goods."

Jiang stopped this and suddenly remembered the smuggling action in the 502 drug case, which was strictly undercover by Yan Yan - but he now remembers that the first thing that appeared in his mind was not the case.

A clue or summary of experience, not even a thrilling piece, but the secret kiss that he printed in a hurry to cover the sternness.

At the end of the river, there was a slight smile on his eyes. "Do you still carry it with you?"

"Lucky, how meaningful it is." Yan Yan pinched his ear: "Although disgusting... point."

Jiang’s smile is frozen in the bottom of his eyes: “Ah?”

Yan Yan immediately said: "But I have used it several times and never dismissed it, really."

"..." Jiang stopped thinking that you are quite paying attention to it. I just swallowed the communicator into the mouth and spit it under the sofa. Then, when no one noticed, Yang Meizhen took it out from the bottom of the deck and wiped it clean, otherwise it was life. Are you still disgusting? The rich second generation is quite a lot.

"What do you think? All your husbands don't want to give up, don't you know?"

Jiang stopped and glanced back, and whispered back: "The next thing to go home after work, go to wash your feet, otherwise I will abandon you, understand?"

Yan Yan: "How are you doing so much in the trough? My husband is busy making money to support the family, how come sweating..."

Jiang stopped to reach out to the unscrupulous hand, but Yan Yan had to drill into his neck. After the number of twists and turns, the steering wheel slammed, and the big police car came out of an s-shaped plane. All the special policemen in the rear compartment looked up at the same time. The two immediately sat down and did not dare to move."Yong brother, are you all right?" Ma Xiang shouted at the back of his neck.

Yan Yan: "Shut up and sit back!"

The car was restored to silence again. After a long time, Yan Yan carefully cautiously picked up the eyelids and slid to the side, and was hitting the gaze of the river.

"..." Yan couldn't help but laugh, whispered: "You still see, the husband will leave the car in the ditch!"

Jiang stopped saying: "Look at what happened to you. Look at it less..."

His voice stopped short.

The three police cars were connected end to end, whistling forward. Through the heavy gray forest, the target location gradually appeared behind the hillside, which is the only way for the drug buyer Wang Pengfei to play chess.

The first police car suddenly stopped, and the red light was on after the car, and then the brakes were pressed.

"Strict brother and strict brother, ready to put bait." The voice of Gao Panqing on the first car in the walkie-talkie: "Lv said that Lao Cai, they will arrive in about ten minutes, and the first special police brother is already in place."

"Yes, I know."

In order to ensure agile action, Jiang stopped wearing a black jacket and pulled the zipper to the top, only revealing a cool white chin. Yan Yan took down his dark gray scarf and tore the trademark of the scarf hem with the canine teeth, and then carefully carefully attached to the neck of the river and stared at his dark black pupil:

"It’s a glance. If you live together to ninety-nine, isn’t it a day or a day? No problem.”

Jiang stopped smiling.

"When you are not at home, I often look at you," Yan Yan pointed to his temple and whispered, "In my mind. I want to see how many times I see it."

Ma Xiang pulled the door open, and the special police officers got out of the boat and quickly searched for ambush vacancies in the grass. All of them were aware of the pace and voice of the cable.

However, only the two of them looked at each other in the cab. Jiang’s eyes were sad and gentle. He got up and pressed his head in front of him. He bowed his kiss on his messy black hair and said, “I live. By the time ninety-nine, you are ninety-seven."

As if the soft feathers swept past the point of the apex, and suddenly looked up, the river stopped and turned and got off the car, and walked through the woods to the intended joint location.

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