Chapter 141 Chapter 141

Chapter 141 Chapter 141

At the foot of the mountain, the temporary headquarters. (Free full novel.

A row of village bungalows and several Iveco police cars formed the command center of the Yaoshan Extraordinary Anti-drug Operation. The police all camouflaged in plain clothes. Everyone was in a hurry. The forensic doctor lifted the two white-clothed bodies from the car and lifted them. Into the temporary anatomy room.

Looking out from the window with a single-sided visible film, the village chief’s family and the head-breaking Gong Achi were escorted by the criminal policeman who was carrying the live ammunition and slammed through the open space.

"The stern team?"

"Strict team!"

Yan Yan nodded and waved his hand to stop the police on both sides of the door and let go of the bus.

The river stopped wrapped in blankets and leaned against the corners of the last row of seats. The head rested on the side of the window, his face was pale and his eyes closed, and he could not see awake or fell asleep. Two plainclothes watched the dangerous and unidentified suspects and saw Yan Yan getting on the bus. They suddenly stood up: "Severe team? Is there any order?"

"Lie let me see, let's go ahead."

Yan Yu’s level here is very high, and the two people are not suspicious of him, and they have left.


When the door closed, the sound seemed to be directly hitting the heart. Yan Yan stepped forward and opened the blanket. I saw the handcuffs on the double wrists of the river and the stunned eyes. The bright reflections pierced the heart. Yan Yan took the key that had been prepared for a while and rubbed it down. He asked, "How come you are here?"

The river stopped answering.

He doesn't seem to know that Yan Yan is here, he doesn't look at his eyes, he doesn't listen, he doesn't say anything.

The scar on his neck has already shown cyanosis, and the light from that shape can feel the pressure on the trachea at that time. That is the real life and death line, as long as it is a few seconds later, the neck bone bent to the limit will be broken.

Yan Yan’s fingers trembled a little, and he touched it slightly, like a careful touch of a treasure that had cracked and could be broken at any time. After a long time, he finally squeezed out a sentence:

"...How much do you hate me, Jiang stopped?"

The eyes of the river stopped and trembled, and the frequency was invisible, and then the face was slightly stunned. This little action irritated Yan Yan almost in an instant.

"You just want to let me hang my heart every night and every night, and finally I am thinking about you and tormenting myself to death, right?!"

Jiang stopped slowly curling up his body, bent his knees, and buried his face in the trembling arms and the narrow gap between the windows. From the point of view of Yan Yan, I could only see the black hair and a small brow, and the small side of the face that was reflected in the arm was white. He reached out and tried to pull the face of the river, as if he wanted to make him alive. Out of the hard protective shell, I finally couldn’t help but scream at the volume: "You talk to me! Jiang stopped! Look up at me!"


The door was knocked twice from the outside, and the voice of the man was heard: "What happened to the team? Is it okay?"

"..." Yan Yan gasped, and after a few seconds, he said: "Nothing!"

The man hesitated for a moment before he walked away.The river stopped to shrink more tightly. He crossed his fingers and his hands fell, blocking the small cheeks and ears that could not be covered by the arms. The gesture seemed to be bound by an invisible shackle. The bloodstains of the drug dealer had already solidified from the palm of his hand to the inside of the arm, under the dust and dirt, vaguely revealing a trace of blood stains left by him in the desperate struggle.

Yan Yan grabbed his hand violently, forcibly separated, grabbing his hair and raising his face: "I know everything! I already know! What do you want me to do, huh?!"

He couldn't bear to endure a low sigh, and at that moment he saw what he was -

Jiang stopped the eyelashes and wet, and the eyelids were covered with bloodshot eyes.

As if it was stabbed into the meat by a red-hot steel needle, the severe heart suddenly huddled together, and even the breath was forgotten. When he reacted, he had already pulled the chin of the river and kissed it against the tight, cold lips.

At the beginning, it was just an impatience, rude, painful kiss. Jiang stopped being forced to raise his head on the window, Yan Yan stood on the side of the seat, and the upper body almost completely shrouded his scarred lover. Living.

The last time their lips and teeth were so close to each other, it seemed to be a matter of the last life. The anger of the mountain and the tsunami gradually faded away, and the thoughts and love that could not be restrained once again came out, bitter and sweet, drowned. Every inch of taste buds and senses, pour into the throat.

"Jiang stopped," Yan Yan muttered over and over again, "Jiang stopped, Jiang stopped, Jiang stopped..."

His sturdy arms wrapped around the river to stop his neck, and the five fingers were inserted into the black and shiny hair of the back of his head, while he continued to deepen the kiss while reading the curse that made him fascinated. Jiang stopped soft and resisted the tight body collapse. His shoulders and lips were constantly shaking, and Yan Yan kissed from his wet lips to the nose, and then his eyelids finally heard his hoarse voice slowly infiltrating: "...Why are you here?!"

He has no strength, and the tail sounds so full that he lacks strength.

Yan Yan pulled back a little distance and tried to rub his messy hair, forcing him to greet his gaze: "Why can't I be there?"

Jiang stopped shaking his head and said nothing in his nervousness.

"You thought I would think 'Oh, Jiang stopped betraying me, it turned out that he always lie to me' and then he stayed at home and did nothing at all. You pointed my gun at me, my heart Can it be dry and crunchy, and I don’t want you anymore?” Yan Yan is closer, and the two of them are almost attached to each other: “You love me, and you are struggling to survive.

I want to protect me before I climb. Do I not want to protect you? ! ”

"I want to join hands with you from the battlefield, triumphantly, and then don't want to shoulder the shoulders and wrap the body. You don't understand? Jiang stopped? Have I ever left you behind me? I used to be deliberate because the criminals were too fierce and the case was too complicated. Don't tell you the clues, let you wait in the back to wait for me, worry and sleep, can't you swallow?!"Jiang stopped his throat as if he was blocking the bitter hard block, which made the throat more painful. He raised a bloody hand, his fingertips shivered and cold and stiff, struggling with his cheeks and pulling him. The face was close to himself and a quick kiss was printed.

Yan Yan bowed his head and pressed him completely on the back of his chair, completely into his arms.

When Jiang stopped kissing, his eyes were slightly squinting. From the eyelashes, he looked at the neck and arms of the sturdy muscles. It seemed that he could paint through his eyes, and he would have a strict appearance, skin color, breath, and a straight nose. Even the collar is imprinted when the side neck is turned over, and it is always engraved in the heart.

But he couldn't tell, his language function seemed to be limited to the things related to the murder. Other gentle words were burned in the depths of the heart, and they were combined with the feelings of the Seven Commandments. .

"It doesn't matter, it doesn't matter..." Yan Yan whispered in his ear, "All passed, you can go home, you can go home..."

Jiang stopped and fell on the back of the chair and shook his head.

Yan Yan walked to the door and opened a slit. Han Xiaomei, who was pulling the grass in the distance, asked for a hot towel, closed the door, and came back to sit next to the river, pulling his hand and slowly wiping it. Until the entire hot towel was dyed black and red, the blood of the river was completely wiped clean, revealing the mottled scratches and bruising on the arm.

It was all left in the fight and clamped in the fight. Compared with the two drug dealers who were strangled by a knife and alive, he was already very clean and clean.

Yan Yan holding his hands into his arms: "Would it?"

Jiang stopped looking at the air and began to answer the question. It took a long time to ask a question:

"...why are you here?"

This sentence is exactly the same as it was just now. Strictly resisting the temperament just want to persuade, just listen to him and mutter: "You are here, I will be distracted, will be shackled, in case of crisis, my first instinct is very It may not be a desperate attempt...but now the situation will fail if it is slightly distracted."

Strictly stayed.

"I didn't appear here to protect you," Jiang said slowly. "Not for you."

He took a long breath and buried his face in his palm.

It was actually very hidden and helpless, but Yan Yan actually understood it in an instant. He reached out and took his upper body into his arms. He kissed the black hair on his head and whispered, "I understand. I came here too. Not exactly for you, but at least let you know, in the end, no matter what decision you make, I support it."

Jiang paused and smiled. Just wanted to say something. Suddenly, the single-sided visual window in front of him was photographed several times: "Strictly! Strictly you open the door to me, fast!"

- That turned out to be Wei's deputy bureau.

"It’s too late! Strictly!"At the same time, the two men held each other and looked at each other. Yan Yan immediately got up and opened the door of the bus. It was actually outside the Wei Bureau with Huang Xing. He hadn't had time to ask what was so anxious, and then he understood the reason for the rush to get angry - Huang Xing's mobile phone with a physical bag was ringing.

Yan Yan grabbed it and saw a strange number on the screen.

Then the ringing came to an abrupt end.

"..." The air was quiet and the three faced each other. Huang Xing nervously rubbed his hand, a pair of expressions that almost wanted a myocardial infarction: "This phone was found from the suspect Gonga Chi. I just had to do the data analysis and it suddenly rang. What should I do now? Do you want to play? go back?"

Wei deputy bureau asked: "Do you know who this number is, just hit it back, in case it is a spade k?!"

"I, I, I will check it out!"

Huang Xing was also stupid, and immediately turned around and ran back. Wei's deputy bureau quickly grabbed him and couldn't help but laugh: "Check what, still have time, I think you have a skull in the skull..."

In the midst of chaos, one hand stretched out and pulled away the physical evidence bag from Yan Yan’s hand.

Yan Yan looked back and saw that when he stopped, he did not know when he got off the bus. After pressing the transparent plastic paper on the phone keypad, he successfully solved the password lock.

Jiang’s focused side face was reflected by the faint glimmer of the screen. It seemed that he was not aware of the strange atmosphere. After looking at the missed call, he only looked at his eyes and looked up and said, “Not a spade k, it’s Jin Jie. ”

Wei’s brow was wrinkled, and at this time the phone slammed again with a text message:

why do not you answer?

In the process of handling the case, the criminal police must handle the news of the accomplices received by the mobile phone with special care. Otherwise, it will not be able to lead the snake out of the hole, but will also provoke a snake. Wei's deputy bureau just had to pick up the mobile phone. Suddenly, I saw the river stop and sink, and opened the text message to play two lines:

Jie Ge, surnamed Jiang, has caused trouble, it is difficult to engage. Not convenient to talk.

Wei's deputy bureau opened his mouth and held back. He watched Jiang stop and clicked to send it. He thought about adding another one:

Call back later.

The message was sent successfully.

Several people's eyes were fixed on the screen, but the phone was quiet. In the air, it seems that the root string is getting tighter and tighter. I don’t know how many minutes have passed. Just when Wei’s deputy bureau can’t help but start to tremble, the screen is again.

One brighter!

Ajie’s reply finally came late, and Wei’s deputy bureau rushed over and looked at it. He immediately breathed a sigh of relief and saw only two words on the screen:

Hold fast.

five minutes later.

The door of the interrogation room was pushed open, and the cold wind whistled. Gonacchi looked up and looked up. He saw the Wei deputy bureau striding into the house, hehe! Take the phone in front of him.

Confession from the bottom of the wide prison, resisting the strict home to the New Year. Gong Achi's mouth is close to the clam shell, just hate to turn his head, just listen to the Wei sub-bureau sternly spit out a few words:

"There is now a chance to sin!"

Gong Achi's pupils could not help but tighten.

"Do you call the phone yourself, or do I take it to your escort in the next door?"

·"Go outside to guard, except for the three members of the Wei Deputy Bureau, the Yuzhi Team and the Technical Investigation Team Director Huang, no one is allowed to approach this room. Do you understand?"

Han Xiaomei, Ma Xiangqi, who has already returned to normal casual wear, should have closed the door.

The main house of the bungalow has been converted into a temporary command post office with a large map on the wall, a stack of file materials on the table, satellite communication and positioning instruments all placed on the ground. Jiang stopped sitting in the sofa behind the big desk, his face was completely pale, and the shirt was buckled to the top and could not stop the terrible mark in the throat. Yan Yan stood beside him and clasped his hand.

Lu Bureau turned to look at the two of them, and looked very serious, but did not immediately ask questions, but first handed a cup of hot tea in front of him, only Shen Sheng: "Jiang team was wronged However, people have a lot of misunderstandings, and you still have to pick you up on the bright side. Please forgive me."

Jiang stopped to wave his hand to indicate nothing, and the voice was hoarse but he opened the door: "Tomorrow buyer Wang Pengfei wants to bring people up the mountain, relying on the chess game peak, Qin Chuan will bring people in the cloud to meet them."

Lv Bureau and Yan Yan looked at each other and saw each other from the other side's eyes the indescribable dignity.

“Reliable?” Lu asked.

Jiang stopped nodding.

"What have you seen and heard since this time? How much is the drug dealer's firepower equipment in Yunzhongzhai? Where is the specific location?"

Jiang stopped answering and asked: "Who is the insider of your provincial party committee?"

Lv Bureau did not say anything, but he tore a piece of paper and wrote a string of numbers with a pencil. The pen tip clicked: "This is his siren."

This information is strictly known long ago, but Jiang stopped the eyebrows but could not help but one: the siren sequence was actually within the top ten.

In the provincial or municipal councils, the police number 001 is the exception of the public security director, and then from the deputy director to the leadership of the various levels of 002, 003, the top ten of the police number can be considered important. The severity of this can be seen.

"After you left Jianning, I entered the hospital because of a stab wound. Then, as we expected, this person sent a close clerk to monitor our ward, revealing the fox tail and being stunned by Liu. However, the news is still highly secret. Before we completely shut down Wu Tuanwen and the drug trafficking group, we still need to use this traitor to deliver false news to the other party."

Lu Bureau took a breath and took out a lighter to burn the paper into ashes. He said: "You can rest assured that not only Jianning, but also the Gongzhou City Bureau, we will immediately hide the locusts hidden inside. Implement arrests and kill them all!"

Jiang stopped watching what kind of emotions were flashing. After a long time, he briefly touched the lips and turned his face to look at the map: "...take it for me."

Lv Bureau took the map off the wall and Jiang stopped the pen to draw a heavy point on it.“Yunzhongzhai is located in this latitude and longitude, located in Songshan Peak of Yaoshan Mountain. It is a three-hour drive from the foot of the chess station. Every household is more or less involved in drug transportation. Half a month ago, Wenyi came to Yunnan from Yunnan. Later, a security bastion was established in the local area, and then contacted Wang Pengfei’s agent Lao Cai..."

The office is quiet and silent, only the river stops hoarse and steady narrative.

"...the thing after that is almost the same as that that Lao Cai passed. We used all the methods that we could think of, and we could not determine the specific location of the underground factory. I don’t know where Weng will take Wang Pengfei and his party to the end. In addition to this, there are still some questions that have not been answered. For example, how many drugs are in the underground factory, Wen Wei will simplify the synthetic formula and get it hidden after the hand, and then --"

Jiang stopped the sound, and Yan Yan could not help but ask: "What?"

"... Weng seems to be particularly eager." After hesitating, Jiang stopped saying: "He should have been very suspicious of me. I also know that the police have been stunned here, but they still prefer to take risks. Contributed to the deal. This is inconsistent with the general behavior patterns of drug dealers."

In the countries with the strictest drug trafficking sanctions, drug dealers rarely take the initiative to provoke the police. The whole transaction chain is the lower the better, the less the better. Because the money of the profit-making industry of drugs is endless, and once it is caught, nothing can be done. Therefore, the more drug lords are less willing to cause trouble, the more they dare to quit their lives. Family.

Can you let the smell of this level of poisonous cockroaches make a crime, how much blue gold is hidden in the underground factory?

Hundreds of millions? More than a billion?

Even dozens of billions?

Even the Lu Bureau could not imagine it. Frown asked: "Wang Pengfei can eat so many drugs?"

Jiang stopped shaking his head: "A few years ago, I arrested Wang Pengfei's demolition in Gongzhou. According to my observation, this possibility is very small."

Lu Bureau

Taking a breath, the reading glasses flashed with a suspicious look.

"Lu Bureau! Lu Bureau!" Suddenly the wooden door was shot in the mountains, Ma Xiang eagerly said outside: "Yan Ge! Are you still inside?!"

The Lu Bureau made a look, and Yan Yan stepped forward and opened the door: "What happened?"

"Wei Bureau persuaded the ghost to see you, let him cooperate with the party j to call back, but after dialing, the opposite is the spades k!" Ma Xiang anxious red face pointed to the direction of the technical investigation office not far away: "They Now in the yellow director, the spade k said that it is going to land... want the red heart to answer the phone!"

Lu Bureau and Jiang stopped at the same time Huo Ran got up.

At the Technical Investigation Office, Gong Achi was squatted in the interrogation chair, and Wei’s deputy bureau held the phone in his ear. All the technicians around him didn't look very good. They only listened to the sound of the monitors in the monitors.

"The goods that are in a hurry are already coming. You stop the river and I have something to slap him."

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