Chapter 140 Chapter 140

Chapter 140 Chapter 140

Hey -

The curtain was suddenly opened, and the short bodyguard who had just gone out to explore the road stepped in: "It seems like... um?!"

The corpse straight hooked him. (Free full novel.

The bodyguard stunned and stepped down and subconsciously turned around. But at this moment, the river hidden behind the door stopped and slammed forward to the side of the neck!

The people who followed Jiang’s stop were all personally selected by Ajie. The professional level was not the same as that of the ordinary horse. The bodyguard between the electric and the stone fire actually felt the wind, and turned around. The blade slipped from the side neck!

Blood arrows come out and succumb to the door. Jiang stopped and did not expect this knife to lose his hand. In an instant, the bodyguard turned around with his neck roaring, and when he smashed the dagger!

Jiang stopped his eyebrows and jumped. He took the dirty towel that had just been wiped by his body and pulled it around. He bolted the bodyguard’s neck with lightning, and squatted on the vest and stumbled him. Then, the hands are staggered.

Cockroach -

The whole body of the bodyguard quickly rose red and purple, shaking his hands and scratching the lifeline on his neck. The throat broke out with a horrible sound of the bones slowly starting to be misplaced.

Jiang stopped his hands and fingers and changed his face, but his face was expressionless. The struggle of the bodyguards has gradually weakened, and it is at this moment of life and death.

"You!" Gonzach sneaked in and screamed: "Stop!"

The voice just fell, click!

The fragile sound of the neck bones is horrifying, and the bodyguard neck is stunned. The seven bleeds bleed and the head hangs at an indescribable angle.

Jiang stopped pumping back the towel, and the body was so soft in the face of Gonga Chi.

Not so spacious, there were two fresh bodies in the back hall, and the air solidified to the point of suffocation. Gotham gnawed his teeth and stopped at the river, saying: "It's you-"

Jiang stopped not answering, I saw the other hand touched the waist, and immediately flicked to catch the dagger!

However, Gong Achi's action was faster than him. Just when Jiang stopped his finger to hit the handle, he kicked the dagger and kicked it. "Dangdang!" slammed into the corner!

Jiang stopped fishing, but he moved his hands to have the opposite of the appearance of the sharp and hot, seeing Gong Achi want to pull out the things in the back waist, the first reaction is not to pull out the leg to run outside, but He hit his shoulder up.

Gong Achi was caught off guard. The guns in his arms were knocked out when they just came out. The inertia caused the two men to pick up the wooden boxes at the same time. The impulse immediately crushed the wooden crates, and the drug bags were scattered. !

Hey la la la -

Glass slag, broken planks, and sealed bags were all over the ground. The river stopped sliding for two or three meters before hitting the corner.

He gritted his teeth and swayed, and the corner of his eye glimpsed the ground gun on the ground not far away, and rushed to grab it, but it was already late. The wind whistling in the ear, the next second, Gontech rushed to slam it and knocked him over, and the two rolled over and blew several packs of ice | poisonous pieces!

"You brought the police!" Gonzach is like a giant bull that is irritated: "I have slaughtered you and killed you-"

Hey la la la!The sound of the wooden box being crushed from the back hall into the front room, the old Zhang Yizheng talking about it, several people screamed at the same time.

What happened? Han Xiaomei was shocked and asked Ma Xiang with his eyes.

Ma Xiang shook his head, and his heart was quite suspicious. When he just thought about asking questions, he saw the village chief his wife hurriedly walked in. The look on his face could not cover the panic. He didn’t look at the others and went straight to the village chief and whispered. A few words.

Just in this moment, Ma Xiang saw the village chief's face change drastically.

--what happened? Have we been discovered? Is the back house still hiding their accomplices? !

Ma Xiang thought about the electric turn, and then saw the village head forced to calm down, and got up and smiled: "Sorry, sorry, our house's stove collapsed, I have to look at it, you should drink tea first, first drink tea. "He said, he hurriedly followed his wife and went outside."

A heartless heart suddenly went straight to the heart, Ma Xiang rushed out: "Wait!"

When the voice landed, the village chief did not stop, but he panicked and accelerated.


Ma Xiangjing jumped over the coffee table and took the whole table down. He almost rushed to grab the village head!

The teapot and the teacup fell to the ground. The old Zhang stood up and only started to scream when the woman was screaming: "What are you doing? You let go! Let go!"

"Stop!" Han Xiaomei suddenly reacted, and crossed the wall of tea, and hugged the woman who was thicker than her waist. The shovel was rushed from Ma Xiang’s head. However, Ma Xiang was too late to be shocked by the cold sweat. While catching the village chief who was constantly struggling, he shouted: "Old Zhang is going out to the police! Fast!!"

Lao Zhang realized what was happening and hurriedly saved the front room, but it rushed back in a few seconds: "The front yard is locked! Mom! The key?!"

"Mom, you don't want to run this group of dog strips!" The village chief saw the dew, but he did not hide it. He yelled at the scorpion: "Ghost brother! Ghost brother-!!"


Hey! Wu Hongling flew down the mountain road. When the landing, the whole body almost fell apart, and then galloped forward without stopping, and the weeds in front of the barren field were crushed into powder.

"I am taking a group of reconnaissance and rushing to the location of the 'key'. I repeat it. I am leading a group of investigators to rush to the 'key' location. Everyone is careful not to open the police car and not to be able to pull the siren! Surrounded by the sudden entry and keep alert, all good Silence

|, to avoid stunned nearby drug trafficking gangs. Do you understand? ! ”

There was a chorus in the walkie-talkie: "A group understands!"

"Support group understands!"

Yan Yan loosened the walkie-talkie, grabbed the steering wheel with a mountain road drifting in both hands, and the wheel stopped in the harsh friction sound. The window was a three-story cement building. Yan Yan took the gun and got out of the car. He looked up and saw that the front door was actually guarded by the iron general, and he was very sad.

This kind of village neighborhood is close, and generally it is not so tight in the daytime, unless there is no one at home for a long time, or -

I don't want people inside to go out.

Ma Xiang has never sent any text messages. Is the person inside exposed? !The roar of the vehicle engine was uploaded from the distant mountain road, and it was approaching this side quickly. It was the investigation of a group of reinforcements.

Strictly squatting for half a second, stepping back and running on the wall, like a healthy leopard, flicking over the ground, then holding a gun, sticking to the wall, passing through the empty front yard to the closed door And go -


Ghost brother?

Ma Xiang reacted at the moment when the village chief yelled out: "Be careful! There is an ambush behind!"

His voice did not fall, the village chief daughter-in-law launched a madness, and seized Han Xiaomei’s hand and took her out!

Han Xiaomei's body is useless even after the special training of the police station. As the saying goes, the top ten will be the top ten. If there is no weapon with a single gun, she is not the opponent of such a powerful shrew, and she slammed into the overturned coffee table on the spot. The mother-in-law stunned and ran out of the house. The head of the village shouted and shouted: "Go to the ghost brother! Call the ghost brother to help kill these few sticks, fast! - Hey!"

Ma Xiang flew up and the head of the village opened, and the road rushed to the woman who wanted to stop her from the rescue. Suddenly the ankle was stunned by the village chief. When she arrived, she almost fell and turned, and the woman had screamed and saved. The house.

"Hey, stop her!"

"Stand up!" Han Xiaomei reluctantly beat a squid and ran out.

The village head also wants to stop Han Xiaomei, Ma Xiang bloody, and reflexive kicks to knock him down, go up and hold it is to open the bow and two iron fists, hit the village head eyes of Venus ear hole bleeding, and then hand-picked the ground broken tea The lid of the cylinder slammed down!


The head of the village head was partial, and the teapot cover was smashed on the ground against his temple, and it was torn apart on the spot.

"I am your ancestors!!" The village chief violently screamed, smashing Ma Xiang to mention the fist, he was cold, and the upper body was pushed forward by the giant force, almost spurting out the old blood, it was originally taken by the old Zhang from the bench legs. There was a stick behind him, and he almost squirted his stomach out of his throat.

Ma Xiang: "Make it beautiful!"

However, Lao Zhang has been working at the grassroots level for a lifetime. He has never seen a more intense and bloody warning than a drunken fight. At this moment, this battle has already shocked him. In the chaos, he did not even pursue victory. In the short two seconds of the time, the village chief took the opportunity to climb up and use the ground to pick up a thing from the hall sofa, frantically shouted: "Mom's old man killed you guys x -"

That turned out to be a short hunting | gun!

Ma Xiang’s brain was blank, and the body had automatically responded, twisting and throwing the old Zhang’s head.


The first loud noise, the bullet hit the ground through the coffee table, the shell flew past the upper arm of Ma Xiang, and shot the bleeding line.


The second loud noise, the door was slammed open, the people came up with a lightning shot, the village chief arm shot, the ground gun missed.


The third sound was the fire of the guns, and the bullets hit the wall and pressed into the wall!

Ma Xiang looked up and cried: "Strict brother!"

The only thing that broke into the door was the sternness. The next moment, from behind him, there were more than a dozen plainclothes criminals. Innumerable black hole guns were raised: "Hands up! Don't move!"The village chief sighed and mourned on the ground with his bloody hands. The two police officers quickly stepped forward and kicked the guns involved. After searching, he picked him up and blocked his mouth. He was afraid that he would scream and scream at the drug gangs that may exist nearby. . Someone came up to help Ma Xiang, but Ma Xiang did not care about it: "Yan Ge, they have an ambush behind! His wife just ran out to rescue the soldiers, Han Xiaomei chased it out!"

Yan Yan blinked and pointed his eyes to a few people: "Let me go and see."



"Ghost brother! Ghost - ah! Go away! You hoe! Go away!!"

The scream of the village chief's wife came from far away. At the same time, Jiang refused to turn up Gonga Chi and got up, but he didn't stand still and only felt a punch in the back of his head.

Gong Achi’s arm is thicker than the human thigh. This puncher is enough to break the human brain. In the blink of an eye, Jiang did not return. The backhand gripped his wrist was a beautiful shoulder-slung, the killer exceeded 100 kilograms of weight plus inertia, and the wooden box was crushed in a loud noise!

"I fuck!" Gongachi was so upset that she didn't expect Jiang to stop such a seemingly weak wind. He was so agile, seeing that he was going to grab the gun on the ground, and immediately climbed up and hugged it from behind. He lived with him and raised his hand and slammed his hand to the ground.

boom! The impulse caused the two to fall to the ground at the same time, tumbling and hitting the wall, and countless walls of gray gravel fell down.

Gonache is resentful: "You dog day, you -"

The chopping of the Zhongjiang stopped him with his elbow in the forehead, and the blood was blindfolded. However, Jiang stopped unexpectedly against the fight, and even in the pain, he still screamed and grabbed half of the broken glass bottle on the ground.

, a buckle on the head of Gong Achi!

The blood was mixed with broken glass crumbs and spurting, and Gonga Chi turned his head backwards. Jiang stopped the gap and barely got rid of it. He hadn't had time to stand up. He only heard the noisy and noisy outside, and then several snorings rang at the same time:

"Your majesty is not allowed to move! Raise your hand!"


Han Xiaomei screamed: "Yan Ge!"

The river stopped suddenly.

Behind him, Gonacchi, who was covered in blood, staggered and stood up, unable to prevent his elbows from holding the neck of Jiang’s stop!


Jiang stopped black in front of his eyes, and the blood rushed to the top of his head, but he could not make a word. Gong Achi's entire arm muscles bulged, horrible, and the evil spirits were still increasing a little, leaving the river to stop the throat and screaming.

Oxygen quickly evacuated and the eardrum slammed.

But in such a critical situation, he could still hear a familiar voice faintly outside the house: "Put her down, surround it... don't let go..."

That is strict.

Jiang stopped the five fingers and shivered, grabbing a twisted white mark on the floor.

"There is no ambush found for the time being, and the investigation will continue to be surrounded by the search. Repeating the investigation will continue to surround and search for..."Outside the backyard has been surrounded by layers, only Yan Yan with several criminal police gun into the hospital. He released the walkie-talkie and put a gesture under the root of the inner wall. The criminal police immediately noticed. He followed the direction of the finger and came to the firewood room. He turned into the window and then the probe showed a big indication. The secret number found.

Sure enough, the family-style drug-making workshop is inside.

"Send someone to guard the scene, don't move anything for the time being, avoiding attention." Yan Yan lowered his voice: "The rest of the group informed the situation, what did you find?"

A reply was sent from the channel: "Reporting the strict team, no one on the second floor, temporarily safe!"

"The third floor found drug tools and a small amount of guns! Temporarily safe!"

Yan Yan nodded and looked around the entire backyard.

The firewood room, the stove room, the sundries room, the chicken shed in the vegetable shed, and looking at the mess, it is possible to hide everywhere. At the end of the corridor built along the back floor, there is a small door, which should lead to the back hall of the first floor. At this moment, the curtain seems to be still shaking slightly.

Yan Yan’s gaze fell on it, and suddenly there was a heart that didn’t know where to start.

"Yan Ge?" Ma Xiang gently called behind him.

Strictly walked a few steps forward and stood still.

At the same time, after the house.

The stalemate passed by, the police had surrounded it, and time was running out - Gonach knew this clearly.

He stuck his arm in the arm and stopped his neck. At the same time, he reached out and tried to get the gun on the ground. He only wanted to use the river to stop the hostage and escape the sky. But I don’t know if the fate has been fixed. After the broken wooden crate, he could not reach the handle in this position.

", call..." Gong Achi gasped and screamed out of his teeth: "You fucking... you don't want to run, even if hell, I will drag you, Laozi. Dragging you to death -"

Hey! Jiang stopped the neck bones and blew out.

Jiang stopped his lips half-opened, and seemed to be doing the last bit of effort to open and close slightly, as if he was shouting someone, but he couldn’t make any sound at all. The vertigo caused by extreme ischemia and hypoxia is engulfing his consciousness. The soul seems to be gradually breaking away from the pain, floating away from the body and flying uncontrollably into the void.

Even if Zen is so careful, if you stop, you will never realize that your life will end here.

Everything is so unpredictable, so fast that people can't wait to say goodbye.

Yan Yan... He thought vaguely in his mind.

The last scene was in the Yuanlongxia Valley. When Yang Mei pointed his finger at the infrared light, he actually wanted to look back and look at it with a glance—even if it was just a glance. However, he knows that no matter how elaborate the performance is, it may be destroyed in the most insignificant details. Destiny will be arranged so that things that are not cherished at ordinary times will become a luxury that cannot be reached at the end of life.

The stiff white fingers that stopped the floor of the river loosened a little.


He stared straight into the gray ceiling, his eyes narrowed, his lips moving, and the last voice could only be heard by himself.

Strict, sturdy -

At the same time, outside the curtain, Yan Yan stopped his footsteps: "Someone called me."Ma Xiang subconsciously: "What?"

The two words have not yet landed, and I saw Yan Yanran turned and stared straight at the end of the corridor that was not far from the distance: "You didn't hear?"

Ma Xiang is preparing to bring people to search the stove, but has not responded to what is the situation, just see Yan Yan suddenly pulled his legs and rushed over there!

"Sleeping brother!"

- Hey!

The curtain suddenly picked up and the pile was knocked open. Gong Achi was on a head and didn't have time to see who the person was. Then the whole person was smashed backwards and was beaten by the oncoming punch.

"Your mother x..." Gong Achi broke his mouth, and when he was not finished, he was caught by the head and caught his head. He slammed the wall and slammed the wall!

The head of the human head can hardly reach the wall, and the blood of the big stock is pulled down with the cement pieces. Gonah was struggling to survive, but soon he felt that the opponent’s explosiveness or temperament was unimaginable. He grabbed his entire head like a cast iron and slammed into the concrete wall again!

Hey! Hey! Hey! !

The wall is cracked and the blood is sprayed like a note. Finally, more policemen rushed into the house, and they robbed Gonacchi, who was constantly twitching in his body. In the noisy, he only listened to Ma Xiang and said: "Respond to the death of Yan Ge! Let's fight really dead!! ”

Gonzach's face was full of wall gray mixed blood mud, was imprisoned by several criminal police, and finally saw the face of the coming.

- The policeman was framed and his face was rough and cold. His head is extremely high, and the back of his knuckles is soaked with blood, which is obviously expressionless, but even more terrible than the fate of the gods crawling out of hell.

Gonzach’s head was blindfolded from behind, and even pushed out.

"Wake up, the river stops..."

"Jiang stopped! Wake up, look at me!"


A fresh air suddenly rushed to the throat, and the body that stopped the squatting of the river seemed to have passed the electricity, and suddenly coughed up!

The cough was faint and dark, and the river stopped the whole body curling up, and the bloody stars squirted to the ground. I don't know how long it took him to exhaust his cough, but his hands and feet are still unable to control, and even the upper body can't do it.

"Great... you look at me and stop, look at me..."

- Who is calling my name?

Jiang’s line of sight is all a double image. I only feel that the house is full of people.

It is the police, he thought.

What should I do now? Was it caught? Did the action fail? What should I do next?

It’s too embarrassing, and he clearly realizes that it’s too embarrassing for him to look like this. It’s probably not so ugly in this life. I don’t know what people will see.

He wanted to raise his hand to block his face, but his wrist was separated more forcefully. At this time, he finally felt that he was not lying on the ground, but was held in his arms. The heat was constantly coming into the limbs from the place where the large skin touched.

"..." Jiang stopped unconsciously trying to say something, but couldn't see the thing, just shivering and opening his mouth, he felt that he was familiar with the breath in the bone marrow and hugged it."It's me, Jiang stopped." Yan Yan buried his cold face in his neck, and the voice shuddered. "I'll pick you up, I finally picked you up... look at me again, ah. ?江停?"

Jiang stopped to hear the voice of the ear, and slowly froze. Gd1806102

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