Chapter 139 Chapter 139

Chapter 139 Chapter 139

Looking down from the hillside, through the gray forests and ice-like streams in the winter, the villages and smokes are faintly visible in the distance - that is, the old village called in the old Zhangkou, and the police can sneak in the surrounding area. The last high-risk village. (Free full novel.

In the past two months, the investigation action group, which was led by the Provincial Public Security Bureau and implemented by the Jianning Municipal Public Security Bureau and coordinated by the public security agencies of the counties near Yaoshan, has dispatched several people into the mountains and scattered them in various villages. One by one, trying to get clues from suspicious people from the local people.

It is one of the most boring and most important means of criminal investigation. A large number of police forces are scattered in hundreds of villages scattered in the mountains, conducting mechanical trek and questioning every day, and in order to avoid the attention of drug dealers. All motor vehicles cannot enter the key areas, and the wading of mountains and waters depends on walking.

But what makes everyone anxious is that there has been no progress in searching for underground drug factories.

A few days ago, the provincial public security department had hidden many years of informants and was also the representative of the buyer drug dealer Wang Pengfei, "Lao Cai", and returned a precious clue from the mountain poisonous nest: the transaction will be carried out in the underground factory, the factory address is Within the range of 60 to 80 kilometers around Yunzhong Village. This time, the range of the needle-like touch of the haystack is classified into a limited area, but the time is getting tighter and tighter, and the search for the night is too late.

Fortunately, yesterday, in the anxious expectations of the leaders at all levels, Lao Cai once again transmitted the last heavyweight information - a small bag of soil samples taken from the gap between the spars and the car.

The sample of this bag was rushed to the Forestry Research Institute for analysis. The results of the trace showed different levels of soil and leaf quality, indicating that the car had repeatedly entered a redwood forest on the edge of the swamp in the past half-month. .

It is on the verge of marsh land, redwood forest, and 60 to 80 kilometers around Yunzhong Village. The comprehensive topographical elements allowed the task force to successfully draw the final case area, and the most likely place for the drug dealers to provide a foothold and a transfer station nearby is the stockade named Laojia Village.

Yan Yan personally took over the investigation task for this high-risk village.

Yan Yan finally checked the communication equipment for everyone and let them go. Lao Zhang took Ma Xiang Han Xiaomei along the steep slope into the jungle, Yan Yan stood in the car and watched them, until the three swaying figures completely turned into the black spots of the soybeans, and they recovered their gaze.

The car communication was noisy, and the voice of Wei’s deputy bureau was heard: “Reporting outside the village of Laojia Village, reporting the situation outside the hometown of the village. Have you arrived at the transit point? Please reply! Please reply!”

Yan Yan took off the walkie-talkie: "I heard it. The two sisters and Lao Zhang have already set off, and they are always in touch."

Deputy Director Wei said: "Go, move faster! Pay attention to covertness!"

Yan Yan promised to throw the walkie-talkie back into the car.

The village is surrounded by mountains, looking at it, and the heavy rocks are stacked like the legendary secluded Taoyuan.

However, everyone knows at this moment that there are many sinful crimes and life-and-death crises hidden in this “Taoyuan”.Before Yan Yan left Jianning, he was almost obstructed by everyone. Even Lu Bureau asked him to talk a few times and tried to convince him to withdraw from this extraordinarily anti-drug operation. Others did not know, but Lu’s heart was very clear that he was desperately thinking. What is the motivation to go to the front line, simply make it clear: Jiang stopped his life to embark on this road with almost no return, not only for revenge, but also for the ones he loves to sit back and relax. . If there is something out on the front line, how can the organization stop talking to the river?

Excuse me, you are ambushing in the enemy, we are sending your object to the front line and killing at the rear?

What's more, Yan Yan is the only son of his family. Don't look at Yan Jiaping's attitude that I donated this waste wood son to the country. But if there is any accident, he still can't rush into the provincial party committee with the rope. Going to hang?

Not only did Lu Bureau persuade, but even Liu Hall called to persuade, and several people took turns to bomb, but Yan Yan was like a stone, and he did not look back to death. At the end of the battle, Ms. Zeng Cuicui came forward and said: "Only a thousand days to be a thief does not have a thousand days to prevent thieves. Since you said that a drug dealer wants to kill him, let Yan Yan first start to force the drug dealer to die, this is not the case. Is it finished?"

"Let him go," Ms. Zeng Cuicui said to Liu. "My son has no interest, and he is not going to be scared to hide at home by criminal traffickers. He is not so waste!"

In this case, Yan Yan was finally allowed to follow the first police car from Jianning to Yaoshan.

Yan Yan looked around the mountains, and the silence was quiet. Even the sound of the birds was gone. He ordered a cigarette and looked at the peaks of the distant snow clouds, narrowing his eyes.

No matter whether you are smashing in front or not, you will break the bones in one step; all sin and hatred will be settled in your hands.

I will pick you up, Jiang stopped.


"Fifty, fifty will take away ... not in the middle, the last time the people came to collect fifty-five! The fifty-selling you are our New Year, the next year to go up the mountain to collect wood..."

"If you don't sell, you won't sell it! Fifty is not in the middle!" Lao Zhang squatted in his sleeve and greeted Ma Xiang: "Do not buy with them, let's go!"

Ma Xiang stepped on the leather shoes he creaked as he walked. Han Xiaomei took a small bag from her co-branded lv Chanel, and followed the old Zhang’s door in the angry voice of the villagers, and was almost smashed by the big white goose. Followed by.

"Come back! Come back!" The villagers really changed their minds: "Forty-eight forty-eight! Oh! How expensive is this mushroom!"

The old eyes glanced and saw that Ma Xiang’s invisible spot nodded, so

Turning from being good, I went back and saved money in the complaints of the uncles of the villagers.

"You lied to me, who came back to the county to collect fifty-five? Can you still have someone in this place?"

"Where can there be no one? Can there be no one?"

Lao Zhang was smeared with a few banknotes: "When is it a trick?"

"Just two months ago!"Under the cover of Ma Xiang, Han Xiaomei pretended to slip out of the door in an unintentional way, avoiding the big white goose wandering around the yard for two laps and squatting on the back window. Lao Zhang blocked the uncle in the front room, and seemed to unintentionally inquire while he was pulling east and west. "Can you still have someone here? I think it is very cold, no one wants anything!"

"You are arrogant!" Uncle was in a hurry, and a string of dialects was smashed out. Ma Xiang was so confused that he had to stand on the side and put on a tall, cold boss. He saw Lao Zhang listening to nod and sneering at him. Two sentences.

Han Xiaomei slipped back a little, and he was full of gray, and Chong Maxiang shook his head.

"Walk!" Lao Zhang is no longer entangled, pointing to the pile of black mushrooms that can't see anything in the corner. "Come in the afternoon, give me a bag!"

The villagers made a business, and they were too happy to agree.

"This family doesn't know." After waiting for the courtyard door, Lao Zhang finally explained to Ma Xiang what the dialect dialogue meant: "As the first two said, people often come to them to collect mountain goods, but in winter. After that, there will be no more outsiders. In the past two months, he has not seen the faces of strangers in the village. He has never seen any traces of suspiciousness, and there is no clue."

“The villagers who went to the mountains to collect medicines? Have you seen the traces of vehicles driving nearby?”

Lao Zhang shook his head and pointed to the foothills of the village: "The weather is cold, they are no longer in the mountains! Otherwise it is easy to encounter danger!"

Ma Xiang was a little helpless and asked Han Xiaomei: "How are you?"

"There is no passage, equipment or closed room near the back house. The only means of transportation is a tricycle. There are no other motor vehicles, and there are no suspicious facilities such as ventilation equipment or cement pools." Compared with Lao Zhang, Han Xiaomei's report has a lot of professionalism: "In short, it seems that this is not a big doubt."

Ma Xiang nodded.

"Hey," Lao Zhang couldn't help but ask: "How can you see the police in your city?"

"The family system does not produce poison, and you can see it with an experience. You don't need to talk about it. If you are a chemical compound, even the simplest 'kitchen drug' ice|toxic, you need to make it yourself. Equipment such as reactors, filter tubes, dewatering machines, and in order to deodorize waste and explosion-proof and fire-proof, strong ventilation facilities and cement reservoirs are indispensable, otherwise the ammonia chlorine smell can drift far away. Like our bureau The anti-drug detachment handled the case and regularly tracked the product flow of some specific equipment suppliers. This was the same time we Qin-"

Ma Xiang’s explanation was a bit of a fight. He didn’t speak for two seconds, and then he smiled: “If you don’t know what you want, you can’t escape if you get poison.”

Lao Zhang seems to understand and admire and nod his head: "You really understand."

“Hey, is this village east of the village?” Han Xiaomei deliberately opened the topic and smiled and said: “Come here, let’s go over and ask!” said the old Zhang’s eyes and speeded up. Go forward.

Ma Xiang raised his hand and rubbed his eyebrows. With his painful pain, he suppressed his heart and sorrow, and cheered up.


It is east of Houshan, Laojiacun, and two kilometers from the foothills.A steep mountain wall separates the village from the mountain road. The top boulder resembles a chessboard and stands under the sky. The dense layers of green and yellow are layered, covering most of the sky that the line of sight is. Only the birds are in groups, and they disappear into the forest.

"Tomorrow Wang Pengfei took people up the mountain, let them follow the route we just opened, all the way along the logo to the chess station peak, on the road for two people to pick up." Jiang disabled red pen on the map to draw a fine Thin line, then clicked: "According to Wang Pengfei's speed of horses and horses, it should be up to 9 o'clock at the latest, so the first batch of people started at this position at 8:30."

On the side of the two bodyguards, each staring at the map of the river stop, I saw his pen tip extended the route:

"Wang Pengfei is not an honest man. To prevent him from getting on the road, the first batch of people who pick him up all choose brothers who don't know where the trading place is and have not entered the factory. These people are brought by me. Until Shangyunzhongzhai After that, the second batch of people took over the first batch of people to change their classes and continued to lead the way. According to Wen Yi, the second batch of brothers was brought by Qin Chuan.

The red pen that Jiang stopped and painted a circle on a certain position.

"When Qin Chuan led the second batch of brothers to pick up Wang Pengfei, Wen Wei will send him the latitude and longitude of the trading place, which should be near the factory. When the time comes, check Wang Pengfei's deposit. If there is no problem, follow him on the normal route. Just take it. Any questions?"

Both people indicated no.

Jiang stopped to ask for an eyebrow, and saw a towering ancient wood under the cliff. The nickname "Ghosts seeing the cockroaches" and the head of the bodyguard who called the name Gonga Chi on the wanted order also shook his head without saying a word.

"Well, that's the time for this, let's talk to your boss." Jiang stopped collecting the map and said shortly: "Go back."

He turned and walked to the mountain. Gonache made a look, and the two men immediately followed.

In the past few days, no matter where Jiang stopped, Gong Achi was inseparable, and even the toilet was kept outside the pit. This should be the indication of the spades, and Ajie estimated that he had secretly smashed it several times.

However, Jiang Shu is the kind that no matter how much environmental pressure is, it will not show up.

The person on the face should eat and sleep. Occasionally, the spades will tell him what to do, and they will take Gonga Chi without hesitation. The rest of the village on the barren hills will also release water in front of each other. There is a strange sense of harmony.

"I just reported to the boss, and the boss agreed with your plan." Gonzach took the first two steps and stopped the river to help a dense bush. He was respectful and cold and said: "And, the boss asked us to go first. 'Transfer station' is closed, and we may have to pick up a shipment later."

Receiving goods?

Jiang stopped unexpectedly and snorted: "Let me?"

——The attitude of the spades k to Jiang’s stop is quite complicated. On the one hand, this kind of preparatory personnel task will be handed over to him. On the other hand, he will never let him directly contact any “white goods” and “blue goods”, or even Even the chemical raw materials are completely removed from the sight of the river. Things like this kind of delivery are handed over to him directly, that is never before.Gong Achi did not understand, only increased the tone: "Yes, the boss said so."

Jiang stopped nodding, so he was helped to cross the thorns, and he leaped forward his chin: "Let's go."

Goa Achi waved back and whispered to Ma Zi: "Go to the old village."

The jeep turned all the way through the peak of the chess game, passing through the bumpy dirt road, and the village of the remote and sparse hillside was near. Gonga Chi is more sophisticated, let his men park a few hundred meters away from the village, and then walk to the river to stop to go to their usual "transfer station" - a three-story residential building at the east end of the village .

Jiang stopped for the first time here, and Gong Achi indicated that he was standing outside the backyard and waiting to knock on the door. A few women saw a woman with a big waist and hurried out of the stove, and went through the backyard to open the door. With a puzzled look, she couldn’t stop talking to the river.

"¥!......" Goonga whispered a few words in the dialect, scared the women and nodded, and immediately greeted the police and asked him to go in.

Jiang Shu was used to being treated like this, and there was no expression on his face. He walked straight into the backyard.

The women lead the way in the front and enter the back room of the concrete building from the small door of the stove. It is a small hall, the standard small town self-built house decoration, with the Eight Immortals table and the sofa chair, it can be counted as the window is clear; several wooden crates are placed against the wall, each box is marked with a marker With a triangular sign - Jiang stopped and recognized what it was.

Ice | poison.

“Is it safe here?” Jiang stopped to sit on the sofa and took the hot water from the horse, and asked casually.

"Safe, the brothers used to ship, often go from here." Goonga opened the curtains and looked outside the house, asking the woman: "What about your man?"

The women cautiously slammed their hands: "The family is coming, people are talking, talking in front!"

"What, come?" Gonacchi’s face changed and he immediately warned: "What kind of person is this eye?"

"No, I don't know, the county has collected medicines!" The woman was shocked: "Would you like to call the old man?"

Sitting on the edge of the river stopped frowning: "Receiving herbs?"

However, Gong Achi listened to her saying this, relieved and explained: "The old village is backed by the mountains, and it is often not necessary to collect the goods from the mountains. It doesn't matter." He told the woman: "When the people left, the old man came in, the boss has The goods have to be picked up. You have to fry a few dishes, hot porridge and hot water, this ghost weather is cold and dead."

The women were too busy to promise and went out.

The two horses sat down and took a break. Jiang stopped no longer asking more questions. He relied on a small mouthful of hot water on the sofa, his cheeks were frozen and white, and the water vapor condensed the eyelashes, which was extraordinarily dark.

Gong Achi looked at the few boxes of goods on the edge of the wall, half a bow and pointed to the root of the smoke, the slope of the river stopped.He has killed several people in his life, and his family’s overnight rewards can be half a meter high. The rivers and lakes have long been a nickname, no matter who sees them, they must respect a ghost brother. He once thought that he could be regarded as a horn, and until he met the spade k, he was stunned by the hardships. From then on, he knew the difference between the rivers and lakes and the poisonous cockroaches.

But he didn't understand why this young and quiet young man would make Spades K so scrupulous.

- Yes, scruples.

The spade k does not kill him, but he does not trust him. He must be wary of him everywhere. Just like holding a piece of hot potato, you can't get it up and don't want to let go, but you still have to be soft and sigh.


However, it is a weak scholar who just succumbs to death.

"I have something on my face?" Jiang stopped his head and suddenly he was faint.

Gonache sighed with a heart: "-Nothing."

He took a sip of smoke and stood up and slammed his feet. He said: "I went outside to turn around." When he said that he was pushing the curtain, he didn't think that Jiang stopped and stood up: "I will go."


"I haven't been here before, and I don't know if it is safe to pick up the goods." Jiang stopped talking and was always calm and unacceptable. He said, "Let's go."

Gonach had to pick up the curtain for him.


At the same time, the front hall.

“The bosses in these two counties said that they can collect mushrooms regularly. If you go into the mountains now, how much will be collected, give this price – forty-eight!...”

Lao Yang was face to face with a local man in his fifties. Ma Xiang sat on the chair in the hall and drank water. He blocked his face with an enamel cup and whispered: "The village chief has a lot of money."

Han Xiaomei looked around and looked around and nodded.

The head of the village lives in the east of the village, and the back is the endless mountain. Not far from a mountain peak, the top looks like a chessboard, blocking the way the village leads to the outside world.

This is the only three-story cement building in the village. From the outside, you can see aluminum alloy steel windows and drainage pipes. The walls of the halls are covered with latex paint, and the floor tiles are laid under the feet. The refrigerators and electrical appliances are all available. Building a small villa is not much worse. The villagers said that it was because the village head’s son graduated from college last year and made money in the city to work. However, after Ma Xiang’s entry into the house, it was estimated that the son of the family entered the world’s top 500, otherwise The salary is not enough to build such a cement building in the home.

Ma Xiang made a look, Han Xiaomei nodded intently, and suddenly stood up in panic: "Oh, my key is gone!"

The village head is bargaining with Lao Zhang for lack of interest, and both of them are coming over.

"How can you be so careless about this woman!" Ma Xiang was also anxious. When he jumped up, he shot Han Xiaomei: "Don't hurry to find it, where is it lost? Where did you lose it?"

Han Xiaomei took a cry: "How do I know, what are you doing with me! What are you doing with me!"

Ma Xiang did not care, the village head was busy getting up to persuade, Han Xiaomei could not find the whole body up and down, a thigh: "Definitely fell out on the road!""Not looking for it!"

Han Xiaomei didn’t need Ma Xiang’s second time, and she twisted her head and rushed out of the hall.

The village chief seemed to be afraid that they would go around at home, and reached out and stopped, but did not stop, and quickly followed a few steps out of the door. I saw that Han Xiaomei had already rushed out of the front yard and went to the roadside for anxiously searching for the road. Going in the distance.

The head of the village looked at her as she went farther and farther. It seemed that she had no intention of turning back into the yard. This was a little relieved. She slammed her neck and waved her hand to the backyard, whispering, "Hey, hello!"

His mother-in-law, the woman who had just been a tall man, hurriedly came up with a spatula, and whispered as she sneaked into the front room and whispered: "Hurry up, the ghost brother brought people, waiting for you in the backyard!" ”

The village chief was surprised: "What?"

"I also brought a good brother, said that the big boss specified, to pick up the goods!"

The village head immediately turned back to the house: "Oh, then I hurry - you go to burn two dishes first, I will send these melons and go."

Han Xiaomei walked along the rough gravel road and sneaked back. At the same time, he sneaked back and squatted back. He saw the village head twisting his head into the front yard, and immediately stepped forward, trotting around the side of the concrete building, three steps of agility. On the wall, "Hey!" turned over the wall.

The self-built houses of the country houses are mostly built with chimneys outside the house. At this time, it was not ready for lunch, but there was a movement in the kitchen where the simmering water was used for cooking. Han Xiaomei’s cat sneaked through the window and saw the village chief’s wife’s wife’s enthusiasm. The stove is busy.

"..." Han Xiaomei screwed her eyebrows and slid into the backyard against the wall. She saw a large bundle of firewood piled up outside the firewood room.

She didn't pay attention and was ready to go back. But after two steps, I suddenly stopped again, looking back at the firewood that almost piled up into a hill.

——The area of ​​the firewood house is not small, how can it still pile up so much wood outside?

Han Xiaomei squinted thoughtfully, and suddenly thought of it when he was in the car:

“Village drug trafficking, or as a transit station for drug traffickers, is much better than hiding in the urban residential areas. Because the country’s single-family homes do not hide equipment, backyards, workshops, and firewood houses. The places of the class are all the focus of investigation; when we used to smash the whole village to make drugs, almost every household's production line was built in the backyard, which is one of the important features of the drug-making workshops in rural areas."

Firewood room?

Han Xiaomei was mostly under the eaves, looking to the left and right, the courtyard of the cold wind whistling, only the sizzling sound of the stove, but not even a dog.

She fixed her mind and slid through the courtyard to the firewood house. She flexibly stepped on the window and climbed the window, gently pushing the hidden wooden window open.

With this movement, the dim workshop lit up slightly, reflecting the messy piles of dewatering equipment on the ground, the distillation equipment, the metal round pot on the corner table and the bottles and jars –

And a box of unfamiliar chemical raw material barrels.

Han Xiaomei’s heart jumped wildly and grabbed his mouth!

"..."Throughout the whole number of breaths, she finally forced herself to loosen her cold fingers, her hands and feet softly crawling down the firewood, and biting her teeth, so that she would not make any noise.

The movement of cooking in the kitchen is still going on. In the empty backyard, no one can hear her lighter than the cat.

Han Xiaomei clung to the wall, passed under the window sill, and ran to the front house.

- Han Xiaomei did not see that, just as her back disappeared, a man with a knife and a neck with a green head flashed from the corner of the concrete building, his face was cold and afraid of people - it was Gonga Chi.

"Hey!" Until then, Ma Zi’s head finally couldn’t help but scream: “This family is a fucking dead man, and I don’t know when I come to the bar! Oh!!”

"What should I do now?" Jiang stopped asking.

Jiang stopped wearing black jacket jeans, his hands in his trouser pockets, and the whole person was completely hidden in the dead corner of the sights filled with debris. The two didn't say anything, only Gonachchi gritted his teeth, his eyes turned around, and after a few seconds, he said: "You can't let the sliver pass the news out, you have to kill the little girl. I am going to find someone to get started. You come to help me --"

"I can't face the police."

He said, "The girl is my former colleague. I am afraid that I can't get it."

This is very frank, and Goa is down.

"She appeared here, indicating that this transit point has been stared. Tomorrow, Wang Pengfei can't go from the chess peak. So, you should first inform his male owner, secretly lock the yard and let the police run, I will take it. Your two men are ready to evacuate. When you come over, we will report to Wen Wei again, let him send more people to clean up several policemen, otherwise you will be rushing, and it is likely to leak."

Goachi hesitated for a few seconds, "but..."

"Do you have a question about my decision?"

There is no doubt, and Jiang’s arrangement is completely meticulous. However, Gonga Chi firmly remembers Ajie’s instructions. At any time, he must hold 200% of the “Red Queen” in front of him to be guarded, protected and concerned. Therefore, he is subconscious: “Time is urgent, I think Not still as I said..."

Jiang stopped: "If you question my arrangement, it is better for us to contact Wen Wei first. I will tell you whether it is listening to you or listening to me. If the responsibility is wrong, I am responsible or negative."

Who is responsible?

...Do you still ask? !

Gong Achi has a spirit, and his brain has been reacted with cold water: "... OK, I understand, just do what you say!"

The river stopped moving to the top of the dagger, only to see Goatachi no longer hesitate, striding to the stove.


"You think about it again, fifty is really much, my two bosses must come to receive the goods often..."

- Hey!

The front door was pushed open, and Zhang was reaching out to give the village chief a cigarette move, and several people turned to look at it at the same time. I saw Han Xiaomei standing at the door, holding a bunch of keys in his hand, and then rushing through a stiff smile:

"Look... find it."

Ma Xiang's gaze transient: "I found it?"Han Xiaomei’s chest was slightly ups and downs, and the key was lifted and shook.

"If you find it, you can find it." Lao Zhang quickly concealed the round: "You have a lot of things in your city, be careful, or you can't find it if you fall back!"

Han Xiaomei went back to the sofa and nodded slightly to meet Ma Xiang’s eyes. The latter occlusal muscles were tightened, but the surface did not reveal the slightest clue. Only the mobile phone was pulled out from under the clothes, and a positioning information was quickly issued by Han Xiaomei's body occlusion:

Found the 'key', speed, and urgency.

The recipient was Yan Wei and the deputy bureau, and the information was sent successfully.

Ma Xiang's wrist moved gently and hid the phone back to the bottom.

After the church.

Jiang stopped to open the curtain, and the two bodyguards looked up at the same time, only to see him look grim: "The police came."

"what? What?!"

"Ghost brother?!"

"In front, we must withdraw immediately." Jiang stopped to tell the lower man on the left: "You local people are familiar with the road, now go out and see if the outside has been surrounded by the police, pay attention to concealment and not be found, see Come back at a glance."

The man had already been scared and pale, and rushed out of the door without thinking.

"You," Jiang stopped to turn to the stronger bodyguard on the right: "Come and come with me to move these boxes into the firewood, hide! Fast! No time!"

How can the bodyguards let Jiang stop his own hands to move the goods, not to mention the heavy wooden box that he moved and did not move, and quickly took over. At this moment, I only heard "Dangdang!", and suddenly Jiang stopped the box and fell to the ground. The wooden cover was forced to open, and the drugs wrapped in thick newspapers fell.

"I am coming to me," the bodyguard hurriedly squatted down and screamed, and the sweat was coming out. I thought that the master was really the same as the ghost brother said privately, but it was not necessary to do it. Also add chaos here?

Jiang stopped knowing what he was squatting, stood up silently, reached into his lower back and held a cold dagger handle.

"How much is this box?"

The bodyguard is in a hurry: "Two kilograms!"

“So little?” Jiang stopped and asked casually.

"Look at it, pack less!"

“Why don’t you decorate more?”

The bodyguard said that I know how the boss is so commanded. Why don’t you ask the boss yourself?

However, Jiang stopped asking questions and no one could ignore it. He had to quickly smuggle the drugs back into the wooden box and replied with enthusiasm: "At the beginning, Jie Ge stipulated that we should do this, and then stuffed the soybean rice in the box, so that the car was better than the security check. We can’t say the specific reasons, or ask yourself -"

The sound stopped abruptly, and the bodyguards were sharp.

Jiang stopped standing behind him, holding his mouth in one hand, and the sharp dagger wiped his throat silently.

Large stocks of large blood spurted out, and the students splashed half of the wall, and the gray-white drug bag was drenched into scarlet. The bodyguards were squatting all over the body, and the squeaking of the blood bubbles broke out in the throat, but they were all pressed back by the powerful hand of the river, and there was no movement.

After a dozen seconds, the bodyguard’s leg finally slammed a few times, and the struggling death suddenly ended.Jiang stopped a hand, the dead body fell to the ground, his eyes rounded, and he did not understand how he suddenly got off his hands.

Jiang stopped his palms with blood, and pulled a rag from the table and threw the dirty towel on the body.

He looked cold and his eyelashes fell, as if he had just lost an irrelevant rubbish. Just then, the messy footsteps came from outside the door, and soon it was far and near. Jiang stopped holding the knife.


The bodyguard who just went out to inquire about the situation came back.

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