Chapter 138 Chapter 138

Chapter 138 Chapter 138

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The bonfire in front of the house burned in the night, the whole lamb was turned over, and the oil beads fell into the fire.

The hall was full of alcohol, and several large round tables were filled with people, but at this time they all fell down. Even if there is still no complete loss of consciousness, he still squints and squats, leaning against the wall, his face full of greed and lameness.

There is an indescribable smell in the house. If someone has ever heard it, it should be immediately realized that this is a special atmosphere.

"Our boss Wang said, the goods are good goods, according to the appointed time, he personally brought people up the mountain to pick up, no problem!" A lean and lean old Mediterranean man put the chopsticks on the table and smiled: "But I still want Ask, where are we going to pick up the goods? The local area is about to snow the mountains, we are not familiar with this place..."

Ajie drank a sip of wine, faintly said: "It’s okay to be unfamiliar. When Wang Pengfei went up the mountain, we sent people to pick him up and enter the village. Then we went to the underground factory together."

"Oh, that's what it is, but this is the deep forest -"

"You have been working under Wang Pengfei for a few years, Lao Cai. The surname Wang knows how to deal with us, so don't worry about your boss."


The Mediterranean, known as Lao Cai, did not find out, not too reconciled, stealing from the distance.

On the open space outside the hall, the spades k were facing him, and he was slightly inclined to chat with a young man nearby. They stood close to the campfire, and the jumping fire reflected on the young man's side face, reflecting the straight nose and the light in the depths of his eyes.

In such a noisy environment, I can't hear what they are talking about. I only see the young man answering a few words from time to time. The attitude is gentle and calm, and the dialogue can be regarded as having something to do. The spades k seemed to be very pleasant. He turned over and laughed and said a few words. The young man also showed a slight smile.

Suddenly, the spades k felt like something, and headed back to this side.

Lao Cai immediately lowered his gaze carefully.

When he looked up again, he saw that the spades k had left with the wine, leaving only the young man standing by the campfire.

Lao Cai excused the water out of the hall, and went to the bathroom behind the house. No one around the door jumped out of the window and went out to the front yard through the night color. The young man still stood still, and stretched a pair of slender hands to slowly roast on the fire. Lao Cai slowly walked over and looked forward. When he came to the front, his body shrank, and most of his people were hidden in the shadow of the eaves. Coughed and laughed: "What about roasting fire?"

The river stopped snoring, and the bonfire reflected his face slightly red, and he said, "It’s cold in the cold, and it’s roasting and roasting."

Lao Cai persuaded and snorted: "Winter is coming, will spring be far behind?"

"Winter winter, where is the spring."

Lao Cai still wants to say something. At this time, the guards at the entrance of the front yard are estimated to want to release water and take a few steps to the distance."You are too courageous!" Jiang stopped his attitude suddenly, his head did not turn around, and he lowered his voice and shouted: "Wang Pengfei is not a fool. If something happens, you will be killed by the buyer and the seller! Who will let you Come here?"

Lao Cai’s eyes kept moving around in vigilance around him: “Nothing, the surname Wang still trusts me for the time being. Liu Hall is very anxious to ask how the Myanmar side can’t pass the news?”

Jiang stopped the throat and slipped.

"...their people are dead."

Lao Cai’s pupil shivered slightly, and “ah” sounded every two seconds. “It’s quite good, and it’s not guilty.”

He said that he woke up his nose in disguise: "Yes, there is no clue to the factory address?"

Jiang stopped shaking his head and the movement was very slight, but Lao Cai could see the dignity of his eyes. "A few days ago, my heart was too anxious, I did something wrong. They are now very resistant to me. But 'he' every time. It takes about six hours to bring people out and add back. Counting the inspections, footwork, and recycling, the factory should be within 60 to 80 kilometers."

Lao Cai frowned and asked: "Can't narrow the scope?"

"..." Jiang stopped and said, "I will try again."

Judging from his reaction, Lao Cai knows that this requirement is estimated to be difficult for some strong people. But before he was in danger, the Lu Bureau of Jianning City talked to him, especially mentioned a point - Jiang stopped this person, as long as he really wants to do something, then how can he try to find a way to do it.

Lao Cai’s eyes turned to the heart and gently snorted: “Right, Lu let me tell you that you’re ‘home’.”

Sure enough, Jiang stopped immediately reacted: "Well?"

Lao Cai is actually just following the instructions of the Lu Bureau. He can’t write a good law for a moment. He simply made an action to lift his arms and show off his muscles: “Hey, eat and sleep, body times It’s awesome to eat. Lu let me tell you to work hard, don’t worry!”

This was a rather poor compilation, but what he expected was that Jiang stopped to believe it. Some cracked lips in the cold wind bent, and he smiled and carefully "squeaked".

Lao Cai feels a little embarrassed.

But if you do this, you can't eat it, it's true to climb up the bar. Lao Cai bit his teeth and hurry to hit the iron: "So you pay attention, it takes a lot of trouble. You listen to me, if you can determine where the underground factory for storing large goods is -"

At this moment, Jiang stopped his eyes and saw what he was seeing, and his face changed slightly.

There is a corridor corner not far from Lao Cai. It has been blocked during the day and it is a dead end. But now there are footsteps that are gently coming out from behind, and it’s in Lao Cai.

At the same time as the sound was heard, the footsteps stopped.

A half-length figure appeared behind the wall, and it was cast on the ground by the moonlight, just like the ghost of the upper body from the darkness.

"If you can determine where the underground factory for storing large goods is -"

During the electric light stone fire, Jiang stopped his eyes and lifted it. He was facing the old Cai’s gaze and made a silent voice."--I, we," Lao Cai saw what the mouth shape represented. When the blood was on the top of the head, it rushed to the top of the head, and instantly became a bitter ice. From the scalp to the eardrum, it exploded!

"We," he couldn't hear what he was saying. He had saved him many times over the years.

"Our boss will never treat you badly, how much thank you for the fee, or give you the number after the transaction is completed!"

The silence of terror shrouded everything.

"..." Jiang stopped watching the old Cai, and seemed to be unaware of the people who slowly walked away from the distance. There was no lack of ridicule and laughed: "Thank you for the fee."

Lao Cai didn't dare to move, but he didn't dare to look back. He looked straight ahead and looked at him.

"I am here with peace of mind, how much money can be obtained, how can I get it with Wang Pengfei, what can he give me? Do business well, then it will snow again, everyone will go home early, go to the branch It’s not good for both of us, understand?”

The old Cai’s forehead was sweating down, and I saw that Jiang’s hand was still on fire, and the other hand waved impatiently:

"Tell your boss, don't save your mind on the counter, let's go!"

The bonfire swayed and the noisy banquet was heard, and there was no movement behind him.

Lao Cai stepped back two steps, and the leg stomach in the trousers was shaking and choked:

" don't know who you are, you are walking!"

The river stopped, and Lao Cai stalked his neck and strode away.

The hall was restored to a quiet state outside, and the river stopped quietly, still standing by the campfire and roasting his hands. After the corner of the corridor, the half of the figure solidified and did not move. After a full smoke, I finally learned that the cable was ringing, and a footstep stepped on the gravel branches and walked to the front.

Jiang stopped to look back, only to see the smell of alcohol on the body, laughing in the flames: "You have not gone yet?"

I don't know if it is an illusion. This tone always gives a subtle sense that is difficult to describe. Jiang stopped laughing and didn't talk. He only listened to him and asked: "I just saw someone passing by here. Who is it?"

"Oh, that's the name of Cai."

"What is he doing?"

Jiang stopped without snoring, greeted Weng’s gaze, and ate it for a while, then laughed and asked: "I told you, in case I also eat it, I will do it."

Wen Yan said: "How come? What do you think?"

"Little things, and they have been processed, forget it."

Wen Wei was unmoved, and he smiled at him.

" broke the casserole and asked for the end." Jiang stopped finally reluctantly compromised. "He came to inquire about where we put the big goods, saying that Wang Pengfei is willing to give me a thank you fee. I have sent him, now you Look at the killings, whatever you want."

The smile of Wen’s eyes finally got some true meaning. He shook his head and shouted: “Wang Pengfei’s work has never been enough. I have already discovered it. The name surnamed Cai just chased Ajie in the inside and asked where the factory is, but touched it. A soft nail, it is estimated that you are ready to speak, come over and hit the hard nails."

Jiang stopped asking casually: "What do you still do with the business?"


Jiang stopped looking at him.

"How?" Wen asked."This kind of insurance can also be taken, not afraid of being slashed by the surname Wang?"

"There are some serious people in this line, not all cows and ghosts." Wen Xiao smiled, and seemed to care completely not to sneak in himself, but also made up the sentence: "Don't say that the buyer is slick, even the police. When you smell the smell, the business has to be done."

Jiang stopped the action unexpectedly: "... Are these blue goods so big?"

This batch of "Blue Gold" was originally Wu Tun. After mastering the simplified synthesis procedure, he opened up an underground factory in the depths of Yaoshan, carrying large quantities of new fentanyl compounds on the back of the spades, and then at a relatively low price. Sold to the southwest, Myanmar, Laos. Because of its remoteness and limited conditions, the output of this underground factory is not too high. Compared with the golden triangle of the last century and the present northeastern part of Myanmar, it is quite a small witch.

But the spades k came in person, not the goods themselves, but more important than the blue goods - simplify the synthetic formula.

He took a group of people in this village of deep forests for so long, and he must have made clear the formula and production process in the underground factory. If there are not many of the remaining inventories of blue gold, you can actually sell them all at once, and even destroy them on the spot.

"--It's quite big." Wen Yan was careless. "You have to hurry and sell, otherwise it's a pity."

In the end, how can it be imagined that the huge amount of drugs will make the spades k feel like a pity?

Under the blaze of the fire, the river stopped and the depths of the eyes were dark.

Suddenly, Spades K changed his tone: "But don't worry."


Jiang stopped the fire and looked up, suddenly his left hand was held.

The shimmering shimmer of the spades k is gentle and deep, although he does not have such feelings at all, but at least imitates it like:

"Even if I run into the police, I won't let you do anything. As you said, in this life, we are afraid of death, we will all be together.

. ”

Even if we die, we must die together.

- However, under the dark and cold river, another person came back from the river, struggling to open the door, holding the last breath of oxygen and grabbing his hand to the brighter river;

On the stormy mountain road, g65 crashed into the mountain wall in the mad tail. He knees on his knees and grabbed his teeth and climbed to the police car, dragging the man out of the twisted cab.

Before a long time ago, the man was covered with dust and blood, and the palm of his right hand was still with the blood drawn by the bottom of the bottle, standing in the crowd and the flashing lights, with a sharp body and a command car. He is on the opposite side.

There has never been a promise of co-death between them, and it may be because of this that the story will not end in the end.

Jiang stopped at the staring of the spades k and smiled slowly. He didn't pull back the hand he was holding. Just now he stood here and looked up at the same angle. He saw Lao Cai exaggeratedly clenched his fist and bent his arm. He said, "You can sleep and eat! Say, you are 'good at home'!"

The smile at the end of the river is clearer.He took such a smile and looked at the spades again. He replied: "--OK."


A few days later, early morning.

The rugged five Hongling light jumped on the mountain road, passing through the rugged woods and weedy slopes, and finally climbed up the mounds hard and slammed out.

"It's here!" The old policeman at the Yamashita Police Station is a part-time job. The main business of the year is actually farming. The mouth spits out a strong local flavor: "Get off the bus from here, and go back to the old village. This road is good to go, no effort! On a few slopes, a river, your male baby is carrying a girl, and most of the hour will come!"

In the back seat, Ma Xiang’s mouth twitched with Han Xiaomei, who was innocently spread his hand.

Both of them were dressed in peasant homes in the 1990s. The second-generation juvenile Ma Xiang wore a Beijing-style watch and a leather-covered artificial leather shoes. The rotted girl Han Xiaomei shouldered a lv old flower. At the same time, Chanel lg's booth was hung, and the two men were hung on the neck with a gold chain that would be dangerous if they touched the water. Han Xiaomei obviously did not adapt to her new necklace. She had already stretched her hand into the collar and scratched it several times. Now all five fingers are yellow.

"I said the Yan team," Han Xiaomei asked with a bitter face: "Can you have a gold-plated one in the next game? Would you like to buy a stainless steel platinum?" Lu said that we are investigating the 3a-level key action. The equipment can't be smashed into this way. Can you really reimburse the medical expenses of looking for skin allergies?"

"The people in the mountains don't recognize platinum. You are buying medicines in the county. The more gold you have, the better." Yan Yan turned back from the driver's seat and hoarsely said: "Ma Xiang, your accent is very wrong so far. When the user inquired about the news, try not to open it. I have taught the old Zhang with the villagers. You and the two will look at it later, listen more, and observe more. Once you find the clues of the nearby drug dealers, you will return to report immediately. I am waiting for you in the car."

Ma Xiang Han Xiaomei listened to nod, Yan Yan turned to the old policeman named Zhang, and politely: "My two disciples will hand it over to you. Be careful, don't expose, pay attention to safety."

Lao Zhang has never seen a bigger leader than the director of the police station in this life. In the past few days, he has seen all the officials from the provincial hall to the city bureau. He has long been very scared, and he has repeatedly waved his hand: "Don't dare!" Don't dare!"

Yan Yanqiang pulled the muscles of the mouth.

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