Chapter 137 Chapter 137

Chapter 137 Chapter 137

Qin Chuan stared at the syringe in front of him, and the gold-rimmed lenses could not stop the obvious tremor of the pupil. (There seems to be a series of arguments around the free novel, but his ears creak and he can't hear anything except his own intense heartbeat.

"..." He gasped and looked at his side, only to see the white color of the river, and he stared at the tray.

The suffocating stalemate did not know how long it lasted. The spades k finally coughed implicitly and turned to Qin Chuan: "Would you like to come first?"

Qin Chuan can't say a word.

"Sorry," said Spades K, a bit of apologetic explanation: "It is privileged to stop at Jiang, so you should come first."

A bodyguard walked up and took the syringe from the tray and handed it to Qinchuan.

The bodyguard had an arm with two normal and thick shaved heads. Qin Chuan knew this person. He used to be seen in the rivers and lakes. He was carrying several bloody cases on his body. The level of murder of each of them made the case shocked for a while. Later, this person somehow went to the spades, and became one of the bodyguards. Now I want to come. It should be that the spades are like collecting stamps like collecting cold-blooded and extremely criminals.

There are countless thoughts in Qin Chuan’s mind, just like thousands of currents pass through the nerve center, but on the surface he only slides the throat:

"...the doctor’s testimony is full of loopholes, and it’s impossible to justify know it."

"I know."

"Then you still -"

Wen Yan interrupted him: "But that doesn't matter."

--that's not important.

For the innate anti-social personality of the spades k, the cause and effect and the ins and outs are not important. He does whatever he wants with his own preferences. Many seemingly unexpected decisions are logically rigorous, while others seem to make sense. The behavior is actually only due to his bad interest and the cruelty of nature.

Qinchuan's back molars were tightly snapped together, reaching for the syringe, as if an empty snake had been picked up by an empty hand.

The chest is undulating, but the oxygen is not absorbed, the heart is madly retracting the whole body, and the brain is dizzy.


Everyone looked at him, and suddenly saw Qin Chuan holding a needle in his fist and tightening his hand. He will throw it out!


"I'm sorry, I can't do it." Qin Chuan sneaked in the eyes of everyone: "I mixed with you to make a fortune and get rich overnight, not for this. If you don't believe me, kill me directly, don't bother. I am not your guinea pig."

Wen Yan sighed, and really did not say anything, waved his hand: "Take it down."

Needless to say that the second time, the "ghost seeing" went up and pushed Qin Chuan out. The latter was all the way, and when he crossed the threshold, he almost stumbled and disappeared outside the house.

Wen Yan didn't care, and smiled and stopped at Jiang: "What about you?"

The river stopped standing quite straight and his face was colder than ice."Halo | because of its purity is usually divided into opium, monoacetylmorphine, 'No. 3' low purity heroin | due to hydrochloride, and 'four' high-purity heroin | due to hydrochloride. Generally on the market 9 eight levels of heroin | because it has reached the white | powder state, but very rare, the so-called high-purity products are basically yellow sand color; as for the recent spread of more than 999 'five' net pure Hailuo | No one has ever seen it."

Weng took the shoulder of Jiang’s stop and pointed at the tray and said, “It’s right now, right in front of you.”

Jiang stopped humming and said: " are really willing."

"I have been willing to give you this laboratory-grade net-purified diacetylmorphine for a lifetime. How about hesitating?"

All eyes are concentrated here, and all the invisible hands are pushing him into the coldest abyss.

Jiang stopped opening, but did not say anything, silently breathing under the pressure to crush the body back to the body, just like the tip of the knife that scraped back and forth to twist the lungs into blood.

"...well." He finally spit out a word, hoarsely: "So I will not leave you in my life."

Jiang stopped to pick up the syringe, pulled out the plastic tube, and directly put the needle into the arm, and all the muscles of the brain were injected!


The air solidifies, the world is still, and even time is stretched into an infinite moment -

The needle fell to the ground, and the river stopped shaking and looked up. Looking at the spades, the bloody color rushed to the cheeks.

"...hahaha," Wen said with a smile, and then just laughed and couldn't stop laughing, holding the shoulder of Jiang's stop, laughing and burying his face in his neck.

"What is this?" Jiang stopped the tail and broke the tone: "What is this?!"

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha..."

Wen Yan laughed and couldn't speak, and he finally looked up and smiled at Jiang. He said, "High protein nutrition."

The river stopped standing in the same place, and it seemed that even the blink of an eye was forgotten.

"Just kidding, you are too thin, you need to add more nutrition." Wen Yan smiled: "The next time you are not allowed to smoke, have you heard?"

Jiang stopped completely unable to speak, his knees could not stop softening, his hands shivering slightly on his side. Wen Yan did not care, the relatives used his thumb to rub the broken hair of his forehead, and then told the bodyguard to go to the syringe that was thrown away by Qin Chuan: "Take the one... give it to me, be careful. ""

"This," he said, taking a syringe to the front of the river and smiling: "This is the laboratory level."

Of course

Then he laughed and turned to the door of the hall.

Jiang stopped almost exhausted his whole body to force himself to stand in the same place, only to see the bodyguards keep up, but suddenly stopped and stood up again, and smiled back: "You said that you have not left me in this life, after the trick Life and death are all in one piece - don't forget!"

Jiang stopped talking without saying a word, Wen Yan smiled and crossed the threshold.


"Big Brother," happened to be when Ajie came from the back of the mountain, and immediately walked a few steps to meet the front, whispered: "I didn't find the wreckage of the mobile phone, the mountain is too big. I am going to let people go further. Carefully search for the grass and stone seams within a radius of 600 square meters.To his surprise, the spades k waved their hands and said, "No need."

"Big brother?"

"We must start immediately, and then the snow will be closed later, and the buyer will not be able to wait until the place to see the machine."

Ajie nodded and couldn't help but ask: "That... have you tried?"

In fact, when he got off the bus, he had already heard people report the "test" in the hall. I saw that the spades walked forward, and Ajie immediately followed.

"It was the same as I expected," said the Spades K. "The reaction is almost the same."

Ajie frowned and doubted: "Is it wrong? Is there a problem with Qinchuan?"

They walked to the mouth of the village, and they only saw "Ghosts and Seekers" standing under the tree and explaining what Qinchuan explained. The latter's face was always wearing a mask-like face, but it didn't even stretch. .

Spades k seems to be very interesting, and after a long time, he waved to Qinchuan and said hello. However, Qin Chuan is a personal talent. After a slight twitching of his mouth, he even laughed as if he had never seen anything. He was polite and bowed.

"No, exactly the opposite." The spades look at the vast gray-skinned scorpion in front, faintly saying: "If you want to make a fortune, want to take power, and want to get rich overnight, it is normal humanity. People have weaknesses, they refuse to give injections. The problem, Qin Chuan's behavior logic is fluent."

Ajie said: "The river stops..."

The spades k did not answer, and the 哉 哉 哉 哉 哉 , , , , , , , , , , 。 。 。 。 。 。 In front of the village, the green field looked endless. The poppy field made a loud noise in the wind. He stood in front of Tian Hao and stretched out in the wind. He said, "Do you know the kind of person who is the most difficult to get along with in this world? ”

Ajie thought for a moment, "Is there no desire?"

"No, it is not to talk about materialism at all, only to pursue feelings."

Ajie is a bit confused.

"Love wants to live, evil desires to die, once love turns into evil, eighteen cows can't pull back... The more intense the emotion, the easier it is."

The bodyguards are not close as usual, and the sparse pulls fall behind. Ajie seems to understand something. I saw that Spades K turned and patted him on the shoulder and said, "From today on, stop at Jiang and don't let people go. Don't let him be alone with anyone. And-"

Ajie swallowed.

"Don't give him any chance to touch you." Spades k faintly said, "Go."

Ajie was a little embarrassed, clean and neat, and took the person to the team to do the final supply and inspection.

The spades k stand alone in the wind and look at the endless poppy fields. The most obvious is the barren hills of the mountainous area. The farther away, the black spots sweep through the stratus, which is the bird that flutters at the end of the sky. .

He narrowed his eyes and no one knew what he was thinking.

In the dark night outside the cave, there was a long sigh, and it was too far and near, like a beast to patrol back and forth. He couldn't remember how long he had been struggling with hunger, thirst and dizziness. The high heat made him twitch even in a half-awake; he only felt a cool liquid suddenly pouring into his mouth, seeking health. He couldn't help but swallow it. After a few small mouthfuls, the last drop of liquid swallowed into the throat.

"..."Perhaps because the thirst was temporarily relieved, he finally opened his eyes and tried to hear the crying in the darkness, which was very whispered and very depressed, just like the little animals shivering vigilantly in the nest.


The sobs stopped suddenly, and the moonlight fell into the Qinghui from the hole. He saw his thin partner huddled on his side, his shoulders burying his face in his knees.

"... Are you crying?"

The little boy immediately pouted and straightened up, shaking his head hard.

He barely supported his arm, but could not lift his upper body, gave up after a few hard times, and lay on the ground to reach out.

The little boy immediately held his cold hand in his arms and pressed it tightly with his body temperature.

His hands were soft and white, and although he was strewn with stucco because he struggled to survive for several days in the wilderness, he knew that he had received careful care from an early age. The little boy's hands are covered with various frostbite, scars and blood marks, his arms are of a young age, and his elbows are covered with obvious bones.

The contrast is so clear, but when the two children's hands are held together, they are unexpectedly harmonious.

As if they were born, they should hold each other tightly.

"Are you afraid?"

The little boy hesitated for a while, only to whisper: "Well."

"fear death?"

At the junction of the moonlight and the shadows, the clear eyes of the clear red light shook again, shaking his head for a while.

He laughed: "Cheat. Tell me, afraid of death?"

"..." The boy finally said softly: "I am afraid that you will die..."

He is stunned.

"As long as you survive... as long as you can survive..." Sobbing again

This time, it’s like a crash, it’s hard to hold back. The little boy curled up his body on the side of his partner, and the cry of despair and despair repeated over and over again: “I, I can die, I don’t matter, as long as you can survive—”

"As long as you can survive -"

The little boy has been dripping for a long time. He went out to look for water when the sun was not strong in the evening, and carefully lifted the water with the sunken stones. He was afraid to even sprinkle even a drop and came back to feed the high fever friends in the cave. His own lips were cracked, and the blood solidified into purple and black at the corners of his mouth. When he cried, he was moved again, and he poured out extra thick blood beads because of extreme water shortage.

But the pain of skin tearing, compared with the strong pleading contained in his voice, seems to be completely worth mentioning.

How can people have such strong emotions? The nine-year-old Wen Yan listened and cried.

Why would you rather die on your own, but also burn the last strength and pray for your beloved companion to survive?

He stretched out his other hand and wanted to touch the little boy's dark hair in the moonlight. However, the years of swirling and violently swirled and faded. After more than twenty years, the eyes of the spades k slipped from the air. The fingertips only touched the poppies swaying in front of them.

The spade k closed her eyes.

"I want to remember a lover who is dead..."

"I love you, Yan Yan, I hope that you will also become the unsurpassable winner."

"Strictly!!""Then you fired," Jiang said, stopping his teeth and screaming again. He said, "Just shoot, don't be jealous."


The little boy who was crying for him in the cave grew up. He stood up, as if he heard something, agilely turned and ran out of the cave, and let him not hear back when he heard the sound behind him; he ran through the torrent of time and space and came to the gray mountains of Yuanlong Gorge in winter. Holding the wacky policeman, his eyes sparkled with joy, pain and love.

Then he stepped back and turned half a step, and he turned his head to the remote smashing gun.

The spade k teeth bite so tightly that the cheeks are so cold and a bit weird, and the man in the distance is timidly stunned. After a long time, he finally looked up, opened his eyes and took a deep breath, and put his hand into his trouser pocket to hold a packet of powder.

There was a voice behind him: "Big Brother."


As soon as the spades K turned back, Ajie cautiously lowered his head: "The team is ready to go."

Preparing the cross-border off-road team to be ready to go, in the distant open space, a slimming figure that is very familiar in his heart is being closely watched by the bodyguards, bowing into the back seat of the car.

The spade k is motionless.

"...big brother?"

After a few minutes, Ajie, who started to be a little embarrassed, finally heard this: "Okay."

He looked up strangely, but saw that Spades K took out a bag from his pocket and threw it into the poppy field in the distance.

"That is……"

"Nothing," said the spades k, and did not let him ask again: "Go, go to Yaoshan."

The team slowly moved through the mountains and headed north.

After the smoke has not been scattered, the southern part of the swollen smog has buried the border jungle of countless exiled students and jade traffickers since ancient times; through the magnificent scenery of Xishuangbanna and the rolling Tianzhu Road, under the shadow of the sky, huge The Yaoshan group quietly stands in the middle of the plain.

Numerous police cars wear stars and wear moons, sparkling with red and blue light, and marching into the majestic mountains and mountains from the plains.

At the foot of Yaoshan.

Several police cars stopped at the gate of the county police station, and local leaders greeted them. I saw that the Jeep, which was the first one, had not stopped yet. A criminal policeman in black clothes had jumped out of the car, his hands were extremely neat, he took sunglasses in one hand and looked up into the distance.

He is extremely tall, his eyebrows are deep, and there is a tough face carved by a wind knife and a sword.

The looming mountain domes shrouded in the snow clouds, all reflected in the depths of his pupils.

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