Chapter 136 Chapter 136

Chapter 136 Chapter 136

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"Love is to die - not to be so happy -"

Yan Yan walked into the box, waved the waiter to retreat, and then closed the door with his backhand. The sounds of all kinds of ghosts and wolverines on the outside corridor became smaller.

There were a few empty bottles on the coffee table, and the cigarette butts and lemon peels were scattered on the table. Yang Meiguang's feet curled up on the sofa, one hand on the forehead, the hair draped, and the white suede slipped from her white shoulders on the sofa armrest.

"How?" The door was closed, and she immediately raised her red eyes and asked hoarsely.

Yan Yan did not answer, picked up only half of the bottle, cut a small piece of lemon into the bottle, drank two mouths to wipe the mouth and shake his head.

Yang Mei is sitting up straight: "What do you mean?"

"The news came from Burma. The local police in Shan State, surrounded by the temples in the mountains of Gad, had a counterattack in the round-up, and the death and wounds were heavy. Jin Jie broke out."

Yang Mei's face is white.

"Wu Tong was taken away by the spades, and the river stopped."

The box was dead, and Yang Mei’s lips were slightly shivering. I saw Yan Yan standing in the middle of the room and drinking a complete bottle of wine in one mouth before gently placing the empty bottle on the coffee table.

"You drink less, don't stay up late, eat more." Yan Yan calmly said, "The body is your own, you have to maintain it."

" are not in a hurry?" Yang Mei trembled in disbelief. "Wang Ge is in the drug dealer's nest. I don't know what is going on at this moment. It may be exposed at any time. Once it shows flaws, it may be worse than death." ... you are not in a hurry? You still have to sleep and sleep?! Do you know how many horrible people are this kind of spades?! He is a natural anti-social--"

"I know. But we can't do anything, you have to recognize this fact."

Yang Mei seems to glare at him without knowing Yan Yan.

"The hardest thing for people is to accept their own incompetence. Even if we are anxious, we will be anxious again, and we will not be able to eat any more, and we will not be able to improve the status quo. There are always things that people can’t help, take care of themselves. It is the greatest comfort to them."

Yang Meihong’s eyes are once again shining: “But, but...”

Yan Yan sighed, reached over the coffee table, and licked Yang Mei’s messy hair.

"Only forcing yourself to stay in the best condition at any time can catch it when the opportunity comes. Even if it is only a trace, it may become an opportunity for the final turn, do you know?"

Yang Meizhen sat stiff, only to see Yan Yan smiled and stood up again.

Compared with Yang Meichu’s time, he has changed a lot during this time. Yang Mei still remembers that he is handsome, walks and winds, bounces the Swiss army knife, and slams it into the top of the bar. He makes me say that I want a bloody Mary. You will now give me the momentum of black blood. The arrogant arrogance overflowed from every pore in his body, and in the nightclub of the drunken, he walked like an automatic illuminator.But now the glory has settled down, deeper and more restrained, and it has become a breathless atmosphere in the bones. Only the faint lines of the years flowing in his eyes can reveal a hint of emotion.

"I went back," Yan Yan nodded and turned to the door.

"……and many more!"

Strictly follow the footsteps.

"Jiang Ge... Jiang Ge has been waiting for you." Yang Mei looked at his slender back and asked, "You will pick him up, right?"

"Even if he doesn't wait for me, I will bring him back." Yan Yan faintly, opened the door and walked out of the box.


In the early morning of the forest, the birds screamed, and the morning sun gradually faded over halfway up the mountain. There was water vapor floating in the verdant jungle at the foot of the mountain. The Jeep team at the mouth of the village is connected end to end, and a dozen horses are transported back and forth between the big house and the team. It is all about knife and ammunition and a box of "white goods".

Jiang stopped standing in the shade of the tree, wearing a jacket on his shoulder, and saw two bodyguards dragging a non-adult guy around him - it was Wu Tun.

Wu Tuo's yellow coat was full of blood, and a sleeve was empty, and the whole face was black and gray. I couldn't see whether it was alive or dead. Jiang stopped staring at him from afar, until he was near, suddenly saw Wu Tong's eyelids turn over, and his eyes turned out of his pupil, as if he had stared at the river.

In an instant, the two of them stared at each other, and Jiang stopped to look down. The eyes were all indifferent to things.

“¥!” The Burmese bodyguard slammed a few words and threw Wu Tun into the back seat.

Jiang stopped turning to the big house and stood still without taking a step – I don’t know when I stood alone.

It’s Ajie.

Ajie black vest camouflage pants, arms with both hands, the muscles of the arms are extraordinarily fine, and there are several white scars on the light brown skin. He was scratched by shrapnel during the round of police arrest last night, wearing only one mitt and the other with a bandage, and the edges faintly reveal dark bloody blood.

The two watched for a few seconds, Jiang stopped to walk sideways, but at the moment he passed by, Ajie grabbed his elbow.

"I was you last night?"

Jiang stopped his head and was a little farther away. His eyes were clear and clear. It was clearly silent: "Are you sick?"

"The police just happened to catch up with that time, and then just happened to be stuck in the hillside where I ambushed. Even more coincidentally, I also prepared a high-powered machine gun. The process of the local military police in Shan State is clear to us. There is no layer. Layer reporting and approval are not able to get such heavy fire weapons, which means that the police have taken our action plan for a long time."

Ajie’s body was slightly tilted, and it was almost stuck in the ear of the river. He said gently, “Is it you?”

Although it is a question, it is entirely a statement.

Not far from the team, many people sneaked into the eye, but did not dare to look at it, and soon rushed to look away.

Jiang stopped saying: "If you are sick, you will go to the hospital." Then he pulled out his elbow and went to the village.However, in the next second, he was dragged from behind, and Ajie dragged him to the tree in a half-baked way. The river stopped and walked back with his footsteps, almost being stumped by the bushes. It was not until he got off the dirt road that he was pushed back to the tree, and then his neck was caught by a powerful hand.

The two were only half an inch apart, and Ajie’s warning was cold and cold: “I was a big man last night, but I can’t have it next time.”


"I don't know what Big Brother thinks, but you don't really do things. We can all see this. Honestly, the days are better, it's better than tossing, do you understand?"

The river stopped and looked back calmly: "Do you have evidence?"

Ajie did not answer.

The evidence is of course not available. The fierce gun battle took place in a lightning-like manner. After a few minutes, it was rushed to end. There was no time or no conditions to produce any Shan State police. All questions can only be based on suspicion.

Jiang stopped his lips and slowly picked up a subtle and awkward curvature: "And..."

Ajie was puzzled, but he only saw him raise his eyebrows and whispered with such a smile: "...even if you have evidence, what about it?"


At that moment, Ajie’s palm was subconsciously exerted, and Jiang’s neck was stuck, and the trachea was paralyzed.

It didn't take long for him to pneumonia. The cough was so shocking that even the blood star was smashed out. Ajie slightly surprised, hurriedly let go, just saw Jiang stopped the whole person half-squatting on the ground, holding the ground with one hand, licking his lips with one hand, and violently trembled his shoulders.

"..." Ajie took a half step to stabilize: "What happened to you?!"

"Cough! Cough, cough - cough!!"

The cough stopped suddenly, and the river stopped as if it had been sprayed from the throat, and I saw bloodshot from the fingers!

"...coming people! Come on!" Ajie rushed to the dirt road and shouted to a few roaring horses. "Call the doctor in the stockade, fast!"


After half an hour.

Jiang stopped the suit and leaned on the back seat of the off-road vehicle. He closed his eyes slightly. The only Burmese doctor in the vicinity of Shili Township was wow wow and talked to a bodyguard. A few bodyguards nodded to indicate that they understood, and shortly said in z: "He said that there is no big problem, but to smoke less."

When Jiang stopped, he opened his eyes and sighed and said: "nonsense."

Burmese doctors are stunned.

Jiang stopped and asked the bodyguard: "Thirsty, is there warm water?"

The bodyguard nodded and wanted to go, but seeing the doctor still slowly picking up the box and ringing the jealous piece of j, he could not help but hesitate. But this time, Jiang will stop and use his fists to hold his lips against his lips. The bodyguards will turn to think that the two will not speak Burmese. One will not listen to Chinese, and they will turn away with confidence.

He got off the front foot and Jiang stopped suddenly raising his eyelids.

The doctor who was sitting on the side and slowly picking up the medicine box had to get up. He only listened to Jiang and said softly, "Don't move, don't look at me."

That is obviously Chinese, but the doctor has lowered his head like a mirror and still packs things up.“China’s shanghai Yaoshan Village is 80 miles east of it, and there is a 'new goods' on the ground floor. After a week, it trades with 'Huoke'.” Jiang stopped to sit still, his head turned inward, and he could not see him from the window. The lips are slightly swaying, the voice is as light as a whisper, but the word size is astonishing:

"very urgent."

The doctor's finger slammed three times on the box and said that he knew it.

Jiang stopped saying: "Be careful."

The doctor lifted the packed medicine box and finally got out three Chinese words that were hoarse and awkward: "You too."

The door opened and closed, and the small space around it was quiet again, as if nothing had happened. Jiang stopped a person leaning against the window of the car. After passing the bodyguard to deliver water, he looked at the water as usual and suddenly remembered something like:

"Right, what time is it, when will it start?"

"There are still some things that haven't been counted..." The bodyguards are unknown.

Jiang Shu seems to be a little impatient: "You go to ask Wen."

The bodyguard had to go and take it.

Jiang stopped to stay in the car to keep his eyes closed, his facial muscles relaxed, his expression calm and calm, even if a professional psychologist came to hold a magnifying glass, it was impossible to find the slightest tension or anxiety from his face.

However, time passed by, and the bodyguard had been away for more than half an hour, but there was no sign of going back and forth. Jiang stopped to look out the window and saw the team not far from the open space on the side of the village. The crowd gathered together in twos and threes. It seems that something is wrong.

...something happened?

Jiang stopped his eyes and was sinking, and the window behind him suddenly knocked twice. As soon as he turned around, he saw that the door was opened from the outside, but what happened outside the door was not the bodyguard just now - it turned out to be Qinchuan!

In the midst of it, it seems that some of the worst premonitions come true. Jiang’s heart is sinking, but his face is not strange: “What?”

Qin Chuan's state of mind is faintly different, and there is no pretense to chill, directly making a "please" gesture: "Follow me."

Jiang stopped not moving: "What?"

Two people sit and stand, confront each other for a moment, and finally

Yu Qinchuan slowly smiled:

“The village doctor just used the mobile phone to send a message to the outside world, and I caught it. The spades k said that you would ask a few words in the past.”

Instantly the river stops the pupils to expand extremely!

But then he calmed down, in front of Qinchuan's face station on the ground, the whole collar, and then said: "Good." Then took the lead to the big house.



The loud whip sound cut through the air, making the eardrum tight. The paulownia floor of the big house was immersed in blood, and the village doctor was beaten and bruised. Even the strength to get up was gone, and then it was a whip - hey!

The blood foam splashed on the ground, and the handcuffs picked up the collar of the village doctor: "What did you send? Who told you?!"

"..." The village doctor said vaguely a few Burmese words.

That should not be the answer that the thugs hope to get, because then he was slammed on the ground with his head on his head, and the torturer slammed the past and listened only! As soon as the sound came, the village doctor spurted a few broken teeth!"Don't you say? What did you send out?!"

"He was hiding in the middle of the mountain with a mobile phone. Qinchuan was too late to find it with several people. He threw his mobile phone into the foothills. Later they went up and searched and found the signal of the Burmese police in the valley. Instrument." The spades k paused and said slowly: "Ajie has arranged for the villagers to go fishing."

The network signal in the village is extremely poor. In many cases, it can only be contacted by car satellite communication, but the information can be intercepted by the team. If the Myanmar police enter this area, they can only carry their own communication equipment.

Jiang stopped to look at the village doctor who looked like a blood hyacinth on the ground. "Looking for it?"

"There is also a piece of debris, and the possibility of data recovery is not great."


"Jiang stopped," said Spades K, who was gentle and authentic. "They said that the last person who was alone before the doctor delivered the news was you."

The river stopped to make a sound.

"Do you have anything to say to me?"

In addition to the increasingly loud whipping and the increasingly hoarse pain, no one has heard anything around. However, the rest of the bodyguards couldn’t hide their eyes, but they couldn’t hide them. They flashed and were full of murderous murders.

After a long time, Jiang stopped smiling and looked at himself with a self-deprecating look: "What do you want me to say?"

Spades K said: "It is indifferent to express opinions, clarify, explain, beg for mercy, sophistry. What do you want to say? Your brother, you can't play too many tricks."

"That's because you have already convicted me in your heart, so it's not necessary to say anything, isn't it?"

Wen Yan smiled and looked at him.

Jiang stopped to be too lazy to talk to him, and went straight ahead. At this time, the hitter was going down with a whip, and the blood was poured on the wall with a scoop of blood, and the village doctor who had not even heard the sound even squeaked out a scream!

A layer of blood infiltrates every brick in the house, and every inch of the wall is sewed, and the sand and cement are dyed into a purple color that never fades.

The river stopped for a long while, and the village doctor did not know that several bones had been broken, and the distortion was not adult. The bloody sound of "嗬嗬" continued to be heard in the throat.

"Give me out," Jiang stopped.

The village doctor’s sight was scattered.

"They believe that the person who is connected with you is me. When people are willing to believe in one thing, no amount of evidence is important. So if you give me out, you can not only live longer, but also protect the real undercover of the police. ”


"However," Jiang stopped the voice, and continued with a very slight but sure voice that everyone could hear: "You have been lurking in the village for so long, but today it was suddenly discovered. Do you have no heart in your heart? A little doubt? In the end, it’s just a bad luck, or because of other sinister reasons you can’t imagine, you have to think about it.”

The facial expression on the bloody part of the village doctor seems to have changed.

Jiang stopped saying: "I don't think it's like you can survive today, but even if you are on the road, you have to be an understanding ghost - what do you say?"Everyone in the room looked different, only to hear the heavy breathing of the village doctor. After a full half of the smoke, I heard the village doctor intermittently and extremely hard to squeeze out a tone: "... pen... pen..."

His teeth have been knocked out and it is very hard to talk.

As soon as the spades K gave their eyes, they immediately sent paper and pencil.

The village doctor was full of blood and grabbed the pencil. At that moment, the depth of the pupil was extremely warm, and he took a look at the river. Then he turned over and kneeled in front of the white paper on the floor, slowly looking up and scanning the face of everyone in the room.

As if I felt something general, these bodyguards who were used to the dead were actually a little cold-hearted. Several people even sneaked under the clothes, and then they saw the sight of the village doctor stopped.

- It is set in the face of Qinchuan in the crowd.

The thief was talking about it. Suddenly, I saw the village doctor’s body lifted, and the heartbreaking roar of thunder and thunder blew: “——Say good things go back and ask for rewards. You think that killing me, no one can stare at you. Is it a traitor!!"

Qin Chuan lived.

"You must not die! You must not die! You must not die -!!"

When the town was four times, the air was silent. Then, no one thought that the village doctors acted so fast, so embarrassed, holding a pencil in both hands and piercing their throats!

The blood is centered on the throat and criss-crossed.

Quickly accumulated a bloody red blood on the ground. In the next second, the village doctor lost his angry body and squatted on the ground. After twitching twice, he would not move any more.

He can no longer feel any pain, and the soul is freed from the torture of life and death, and it rises to the void.

However, his eyes are arrogant, as if he still wants to continue to look at something more important than life and death in this world.

"..." There was a dead silence around him.

Jiang stopped his head and looked as if he was shocked.

"That..." The voice of Qin Chuan finally rang, and the black peach k spread his hand, his face was inexplicable: "Although I want to express my innocence... but his logic does not make sense, I don't need to explain Everyone understands, right?"

Spades k did not speak.

Jiang stopped slowly and stood up. Almost all of his strength was used to let go of the sleeves that were tightly pressed into the palm of his sleeve, and there was no buzz.

Everyone looks unpredictable, and there seems to be some kind of condolence power that gradually takes the oxygen out and turns everyone's lungs into extremely distorted shapes.

The stalemate lasted for a few minutes. Finally, Qin Chuan sighed and muttered: "Well, it seems that there are more than one suspect now... Who will tell me what to do next? It doesn't matter. I have never experienced it yet, it’s really irritating."

The spades k beckoned, and Jiang stopped to stand up without saying a word.

"This kind of thing happens occasionally, but fortunately we have a way to tell the truth." The spade k is unusually calm, and it seems that the dead body on the ground did not cause any emotional impact on him. Then he added one sentence:

"That is to say, both of you have the last chance to argue for yourself."

Qin Chuan Shantou saw the river stop, Jiang stopped to stare at his feet.The spades k raised his chin to his confidant bodyguard: "What I just prepared, get one more and get it."

The bodyguard went away, and a few more appeared in the door of the big house, but this time there was a tray in the hand.

"I know that you are against this, but this is the last way I can choose. Rest assured, a little bit, not to send the beginner's life immediately."

The bodyguard strode across the threshold and as the things in his hand became clearer, the look of Jiang and Qin Chuan could hardly be suppressed. It was two syringes.

The syringe is a slightly turbid white liquid, although only a few milliliters, but anyone who has been exposed to drugs will never be unfamiliar with it -

That is Hai Luo |

The spades k-shoulders stood in the same place and took turns to look at the two of them. It seems that there are some regrets: "Would you like me to help, or do you come by yourself?"

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