Chapter 135 Chapter 135

Chapter 135 Chapter 135

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The door of the boudoir was pushed open by the shackles. An aging figure appeared at the end of the promenade, a gray-scarred face with no expression, squatting in the blue and white moonlight rustling on the ground, like a ghost straight through the courtyard, to the back door of the temple.

The grass outside the stove, the two men have long waited for a long time, see him come and immediately bowed and bowed: "big boss."

Wu Tun used the Burmese language to cold and cold: "Go, go to Daluo."

The two men joined forces to smash the grass. It was just a thick layer of turf. With moonlight and flashlight, a black bulletproof off-road vehicle was hidden under the turf!

The mountains in the darkness are like the big iron-clad mountains that surround the three thousand worlds in Buddhism, and the village valley where the temples are located is like a sacred hell surrounded by a group, and all the visions that can be seen by the people are surrounded. Wu swallowed the car and picked up the old eyes and looked out into the mountains. He knew that the Shan State police were ambushing around the temple, but no one thought that he could escape day and night.

The average person driving on this steep mountain road will only end up with a cliff and a broken bone, but he is not afraid.

He has been operating in the mountains of Gaide for several years, and he has already opened a secret passage in the mountainside, which is the day to go to the unfinished gold shell.

The off-road vehicle did not open the high beam, and only by the unclear moonlight, skillfully touched the temple out of the dark. Wu Tun’s decree pattern was particularly obvious because of his tight mouth. Two of his men drove next, and the other used infrared night vision binoculars to look outside. After bumping up and down for a while, they finally left the mountain road and drove into the jungle.

The man sighed and whispered in Burmese: "The big boss, the police did not move, we are safe."

Wu Tun slowly nodded.

Under the agreement, I finally turned on the high beam and reflected the surrounding jungle.

At this moment, suddenly there was a whistling whistle in the distance!

Several people were shocked at the same time, and their hands lost: "Big boss!"

Wu Tun shouted: "Don't stop, listen to my command!"

The off-road vehicle stopped in the sharp rubbing sound, and then suddenly changed direction, stumbling into the jungle of crisis in a completely strange road. At the same time, in the distance, a horse on the hillside of the forest put down the military night vision telescope and turned his head and said: "Jie Ge! They changed their way to the direction of three o'clock!"

"..." Ajie snorted without a word, and plunged into the car: "Catch!"

A light illuminates in the dark, just as the monsters wake up and open their eyes. Immediately after the roaring, the tires pressed over the bushes and thorns, and fanned in the direction of Wu Tun’s escape!

But at this time, a sudden sound came from the depths of the jungle: Hey! Da da! ——

Ajie's eyelids jumped on the vice seat.

In an instant, the fire tongue of the machine gun squirted without warning!

The bullets slammed like a torrential rain, and all the people in the car were conditioned and rushed forward. The warheads, wood chips, and window glass flew in the darkness of the fingers. Ajie looked back at the bullets and only listened to his hands and asked: "We were ambushed?!"Ajie’s eyes flashed coldly: “No, it’s a government army.”

After the arrest of the oriole, the Shan State police had been stalking for a half-month in the vicinity, just to get rid of them and Wu Tun, and it was not surprising. But the strange thing is how the government troops will appear here accurately, and why can they bite them right away in the first place? !

This kind of critical moment, no time to think about this. Ajie bent down and took the mortar from under the seat. He rubbed his shoulders and gritted his teeth to open the window. A shuttle bullet flew past his hand. But this killer who has been bleeding for many years is not afraid. Half of the body is out of the window. Just listening to the sound immediately discerns the most intensive reversal of the gunshots.

The towering trees and the ash of the sky burst open, and the screams of the Shan State military police were endless, and the machine gunshots appeared a short gap.

But Ajie did not give the other side any chance to breathe.

He squinted against the blast of the buggy, and seemed to enjoy the mourning of the enemy, shifting the muzzle at an angle, and it was a loud noise - bang! !

"They fired!" The driver panicked and snarled in Burmese: "The big boss! There are more than one group of people behind!"

The gunfire fired the night, but Wu Tun was completely unaffected. The old drug lord who had spent a year in the armor was used to killing. Until then, he was still very calm: "The panic is a big deal! It’s the smell of the Shan State police. They are being concealed! Let them bite the dog. go with!"

The voice did not fall, and several shuttle bullets did not know from which direction to shoot, and the side mirror was crushed. The driver's hand shook, and the off-road vehicle almost fell into the ditch. Fortunately, after the first time, the tires popped out, and the whole car was a drama, swaying into the woods.

"Two o'clock direction, toward the sound of water!" Wu swallowed: "Listen to my command!"

The all-in-one black buggy crashed out of the bushes, and the fierce gun battle behind him was followed, and was covered by the bang of the waterfall. The two men are not knowing where to go again. Suddenly, I saw a flash of light on the bank of the river in the distance. It turned out to be a flashlight!

Wu Tun Shen said: "Parking!"

The off-road vehicle stopped at the beach, and Wu Tun didn't wait for people to help. He jumped and strode to the direction where the flashlight was lit up. Under the hand, holding the gun and hurriedly catch up, I saw a black and strong middle-aged man on the bank of the river, and there was a motorboat behind him!

"Wu Tunshu," the middle-aged man is obviously the confidant of the grass flower a faction, and it is no nonsense to meet up. He whispered directly: "I am here according to your instructions.

Ready, what is going on in the woods? ”

Wu Tun’s complexion was dark: “When I heard it, I was blocked by the police. Can the boat be opened?”

"You can drive." The middle-aged man paused and his voice was slightly lighter: "But you can only sit two people."

Wu Tunyi decapitated, did not hesitate, took the gun from the middle-aged man, turned and shot twice!

The two bodyguards who escorted him out of the temple had not responded. One of them had a shot on his head and threw himself down on the ground.The middle-aged people did not think that they could even look at the body and put Wu Tun on the motorboat. The water pool under the waterfall leads to the big river. At night, the water is rushing. The middle-aged man sits in front of the steering wheel and screams in the sound of the water: "The other side has been arranged! You can meet it at any time! Wait for the people on the border." , we will immediately go to Yunnan!"

Wu Tun did not answer, and the thick and loose eyelids shimmered with fine light.

In his life, he was used to slap his back with a knife and his head with a gun. He was experienced by the drug dealers in the Golden Triangle. The more dangerous and horrible moments have come. Every time as long as the dangers are saved, there will be blessings in the end, and it seems that the Buddha is blessing himself.

As long as they escaped from Myanmar, a large number of treasures were buried in the vast mountains of the Chinese mainland, enough for him to comfortably spend the rest of his life. No matter who is the one who knows how to kill him, he will kill him, or the Shan State military police who can’t stop killing like a fly. These people don’t want to catch him a hair.


The motorboat finally landed, and the heart rushed to climb the rocky beach and helped Wu Tunyu out. The two drowned and walked up the river bank, and they saw the darkness of the night looming over the river. The sound of the wind over the forest was mixed in the sound of the water, but no one else.

"...who?" The confidant looked around and wondered: "The people in Yushan said that they are here to meet, where are they going?"

The damp river cement is in a rustic atmosphere, with a hint of shovel.

Wu Tun’s heart suddenly sank.

"Yushan! Hey!" The first two steps in the heart, whispered in Burmese: "The swallow is already here, you guys! Yushan!"

Wu Tuning stepped forward and pulled his heart, but it was already late. Just listen to the silencer | The device slams softly, and the ventral chest bursts with bleeding flowers. The next second silently falls backwards, and the body weight falls to the ground.

In an instant, Wu Tun knew that the worst premonition became true: "...what, who?!"


Ten dozens of lights lit up, and the night turned into white, and Wu Tun’s conditional reflection blocked his eyes. Then he only heard a laugh, and he was familiar with the blood, but it was terrible to the creeps. In an instant, his entire internal organs became ice:

"Long time no see, father."

More than a dozen jeep vehicles surrounded the river bank, and countless bodyguards in front of the car looked at them. The vacant land is full of corpses, and the broken meat is countless. The sacred blood of the "Caohua a" is soaked in every stone seam, and flows along the rocky beach to the river.

In the middle of this bloody hell, his son's demonic slender figure stood against the light, his hands in his trouser pockets.

Wu Teng rushed to breathe: "How do you know... How do you know that I will walk the river?!..."

Then his eyes gazed and his voice stopped.

- A handsome young man standing side by side with the spades k, wrapped in a cloak on his shoulders, only revealing a pair of thin and pale hands overlapping.

Wu Tun knows the answer.

"I haven't had time to tell you," Wen Yan patted Jiang's shoulder and smiled to the face of Wu Tun. "Now he is ‘my’ red heart.”

·The gate of the village opened, and the bodyguard pushed forward according to Wu Tun’s collar. The old drug lord fell on the wooden floor of the hall.

"When I came back from the United States with the blue gold formula six years ago, I thought your time was over."

The torches are lit up from the roots of the hall, like a fire dragon, and the space is bright and white. Wu swallowed up from the ground, only to see the sound of leisurely passing through many bodyguards, standing in front of him, like a young demon who was bathed in black blood and crawled out of the ground from hell.

"But I didn't expect that your people could steal the recipe and even develop a simpler synthesis. After learning that Red Heart Q is selling for you, my life plan is interrupted for the second time."

"..." Wu Teng shook his head and looked up. Jiang stopped his face with no expression. He was guarded by two bodyguards and stood in front of Wen’s two steps away.

"Fortunately, I have the opportunity to correct this mistake," Wen Yan said with a slight voice, with a smile: "Like I win back to the Red Queen."

"I won't tell you about the synthetic formula," Wu Tong clenched his teeth: "You are a ghost, early death, don't dream for me! Even if I am dead, it is the boss of the Golden Triangle, you don't want to replace me!" ”

“The Golden Triangle has already fallen, and the governments of Southeast Asia are staring at the area. Poppy planting is no longer likely to bring huge profits as it was decades ago. Just like alkaloids will eventually be replaced by synthetic products, new spirit control drugs. Gradually rising, the old lion will one day go to the end."

Wu Teng opened his mouth to squat, Wen Yan slightly leaned over and whispered in his ear: "If you have not trained the river to stop and check me, maybe I will give you the end of the old age... but you took me away from me. The only brother."

The torch creaked, the river stopped silent, and the eyelashes fell quietly.

Wen Yan pity overlooks Wu Tun: "You will say."

He turned and walked to the front of the river to stop, pulled out a dagger from the back of the waist, and used the shank to stop the river and swept a few hairs behind his ear. He will always have

Kind of patience that is incompatible with the surrounding environment, under the eyes of the crowd, countless fires shine in his abyss-like eyes, and the singer flashes a touch of gentleness:

"Go, prove it to me."

Jiang stopped without hesitation, took the dagger from his hand and stepped forward.

"What? What do you dare to do?!" Wu Tun panicked: "Red heart q! You can't remember that I was the one who brought you out of the kennel, only you can't-"

When the voice just fell, he was smashed on the ground by several bodyguards. Wu swallowed his eyes and saw that he had stopped kneeling on one knee and held his left index finger.

"I remember," Jiang stopped faintly. "But I found objects that are more worthy of allegiance."

Not far away, the spades k smiled and looked back.

In the next second, Jiang stopped his hand and fell, and the sharp tip of the knife pierced Wu Xun's finger, and he flew his fingernails!

"Ah, ah-"

The screams rang through the hall, and the river stopped moving. His blood-stained hands held the middle finger of Wu Tun and inserted the knife tip into the fingernails:

“Where is the synthetic formula?”


Inside the house.Wen Yan stood by the window, and the screams that were intermittent in the distance in the lobby stopped and rang. I don't know how long it took. He finally heard footsteps behind him. When he turned back, he saw Jiang holding a bloody dagger across the threshold. He said shortly: "I cut his arm into a skeleton and he explained it."


“Industrial synthesis in a village in Yaoshan, s province, the new synthetic formula and a large number of 'blue gold' stocks are sealed in the underground factory, is the secret treasure of Wu Tun. The specific address of your people has been recorded, if we can catch up, You can start right away tonight."

Wen Wei was undecided and waved and said, "Come here."


Jiang stopped to go forward and stood, and then he held the dagger's bloody right hand and was smothered and held his wrist.

"From a long time ago, I didn't feel anything about people and things around me. Sadness, joy, thoughts, and expectations. These naive emotions are like a blank screen. Psychologists say that lack of emotional projection belongs to antisocial personality, literature. The words 'naturally inspired' or 'God's gift' are used to explain the source of emotion, but in fact, a little chemical powder can easily control the secretion of dopamine in the human brain. The so-called 'ecstasy of soul tremors' or 'sadness of sadness' However, it is a problem with an injection. I began to know that if there is a god in the world, then God should be white | powdery."

"But the chemical synthesis of the gods can not control me," Wen Yan looked at the river and whispered: "Only you have let me touch that kind of ... feeling."

They watched each other in the moonlight, and Jiang calmly asked: "What feels, what? Regret?"

Wen Wei was silent for a long time. Twenty years ago, the life-saving rope hanging in front of two children passed through the void again in an instant.

"There is also expectation and joy." He finally said that the knuckles that were full of blood in the river leaned against the lips and gently printed a kiss.

It is like the breath of death, or the scales of snakes, passing by the surface of the skin.

"You haven't recovered, you don't leave tonight." Wen Yan said softly, "Tomorrow we set off from Yunnan to go to s province Yaoshan and take Jianning."

Jiang stopped looking and smiled: "Yes."

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