Chapter 134 Chapter 134

Chapter 134 Chapter 134

China and Myanmar. (free full novel

Outside the town, the mountains are covered.

An off-road vehicle under the scorching sun crossed the mountain road, bumped up and down, and finally stopped at the gate of the temple with the sun. Several Burmese people jumped out of the car and took out a few large cartons from the back box. There were a variety of water and tobacco in the forest, and they squatted on the shoulders through the courtyard.

The driver came to the yew tree in the front yard, and the tribute to the lower body: "Uncle Wu Tun."

A thin, thin-shouldered old man dressed in a sallow squat, sitting on a shaded lounge chair and swallowing clouds, slowly screaming, pointing to the hills outside the courtyard wall pointed out: "still? ”

The driver nodded: "still."

Wu Tun is actually less than seventy years old, but the flesh on both sides of his cheeks is coveted. The deep wrinkles are down with the corners of his eyes. The eyes of the slightly cataract are unclear and look like more than eighty. Perhaps it was in the early years of the Golden Triangle to kill and kill too much, the face of God | rhyme compared with the average older people have a great change, always with some embarrassment and fierce.

"The management is also given, and the greetings are also played. It is useless." Wu swallowed the ash and said: "The police in Shan State have never been so difficult as this time!"

The driver whispered: "It is said that the border defense exerts a lot of pressure..."

Wu Tun didn’t say anything, and the fog of opium smoke covered him half a body. The driver waited for him, and he saw the old man finally move. He stretched out from the cool chair, and then pointed to the men who had moved out of the temple.

"When they are kneeling down, don't send anything."

The driver glimpsed, and then the heart will know: "Understand!"

Wu Tun slammed his hand and waved his hand, and the driver carefully withdrew his hand.

The yard was quiet again, and insects came from far away in the shade. This gallops the poisonous cockroaches of South Asia for decades, throwing opium smoke into the mouth and looking to the distant hills:

"The waste of Shan State..."

It is not the most difficult problem for him to monitor the surrounding police, whether it is the local police or the Myanmar military police. As long as the detained ghost son who burned three monasteries is not there, as long as the rabbits don't know where he is...

Wu Tun took up his old eyes and gave a sneer.



Yan Yan finally took his hand off his face, coughing and suppressing the boiling emotion. His eyebrows had already been red-hot by himself. "What line?"

Lu Bureau said: "Wu Teng's hiding place."

- Wu Tun!

There was a sound of drowning outside the door, which was the wife of Lu Bureau washing dishes in the kitchen. In fact, this kind of triviality usually invites the hourly workers to come to work, but today, the braised pork is used in the pressure cooker, and the wife can't bear to put a large pot of soup water in the sink and wait for the hour to work. The Lu Bureau is busy and fleeing with Yan Yan. The study had to be personally started by his wife.

The familiar dishwashing sound was not heard. He licked his nose and concealed the sourness in his nose. He asked: "Which river stopped to tell which temple Wu Wu was hiding in?"“Jiang stopped telling me that when he was preparing for the 1009 action, he had reported all kinds of progress to Wu Tunhui, far away from Myanmar, by encrypting the mail. This is what you said when you came back from Yuanlong Gorge. The confession is also consistent, remember?"

Yan Yan’s heart sinks slightly: “Remember.”

This is what Jiang stopped in the valley to tell him in front of the spades k. It is precisely because of this that the 1009 action has turned into an unfortunate drug dealer black and black from an unfortunately defeated anti-drug operation.

Yan Yan doesn't know how others will evaluate, but he can't deceive his feelings and conscience—in this case, whether it is for more than a dozen drug policemen who died in the past, or for more police and family members who have been implicated. Unbearable deception and blows.

"According to the data recovery of the computers and mobile phones that have been disabled in the river, we did find these emails. However, one thing that Jiang did not tell you is that when some of the emails are encrypted, the virus program is inserted once the email is sent. To decrypt, the virus is automatically implanted into the recipient's computer. As long as Wu Tun responds, the virus can pass through several layers of proxy servers and lock the geographical location of the email."

"..." Yan Yan stunned: "That is..."

"Wu Teng and his gangs, who have been in the Golden Triangle for decades, are all old-fashioned drug dealers. It is easy to hook up on this new thing." Lu Bureau saw a strict look at it. Mind, said: "Wu Tong returned to the address of the river stop, all concentrated in the Gaide mountain area near the town of Guizhen, Myanmar, and these addresses were recorded by the river, and sent to Yue Guangping."

The sigh of the mouth in the throat instantly fell back to the chest with the heart, and the half of the back was numb. He only heard the narrative in the ear and the river stopped in the mountain wind: "Every step of the 1009 action preparation is passed. The encrypted mail was prepared for Wu Tun, and he also said... cough, cough, cough, cough, cough!... He expressed his understanding..."

He coughed so hard that the spades K looked back at him, but no one knew why he stuck the accent on the word "representation".

Until the most time of life and death, the most isolated and helpless moment, he was still trying to convey the information. What was his feeling at the time?

Has he ever been disappointed with his lover?

Severe lips trembled and could not speak. Lv Bureau smashed the already small eyes and pushed the big tea jar forward: "Do you want to drink some water to calm down?"

"..." Severely swinging his hand to indicate that he does not need to

Hoarse asked: "That is, the temple where Wu Tun hides is near you?""You are one of the most flood-prone areas in Shan State. Not long ago, there was a truck that was driven from Manda to Mandalay. It was pumped out to collect the ice worth 1.9 billion yuan. This is just a car. The car dealers are now stunned.” Lu Bureau shook his head and said: “After learning this precious information, our public security department quickly communicated with the Myanmar side. The local government is very grateful to us. From last week At first, the Burmese military police and the local smuggling policemen in Shan State have already stared at a Buddhist temple in the Gaide Mountains. Although they have not been arrested, it is certain that Wu Tun will be hidden inside."

Yan Yan sharply grasped the key point: "They are waiting for the opportunity?"

Lu said: "They are waiting for the spades k."

Although I don't know what the specific motives are, the spades K's murder of Wu Tun is very obvious. Before the murder of three temples in Burma, the people of Wu Tunnai must have heard about it. He has now got the river stop, and he will immediately ask Wu Teng's hiding place. Even if the river stops the heart and delays the time, it will definitely not last for three weeks. Presumably, the spades k have long known about this in the mountains.

So why is the spade k not late?

Lu Bureau said: "The best guess is that Weng scruples the Burmese police and dare not act rashly..."

But the possibility is really too small. The largest police command center in Myanmar is coming to China. It is almost a county public security bureau. If Han Xiaomei is going to Myanmar, it is a proper way to be a policewoman.

"What is the worst guess?" Yan Yan asked.

"Maybe..." Lu Bureau hesitated for a moment, or swallowed the words "reported according to the line" and said: "It is Jiang's illness."

Yan Yan’s eyes changed at that time.

"This is just my guess," Lu said immediately: "The mountains of Gaide are more than 200 kilometers from the border. The jungle environment is very complicated, so it is more likely to be other factors such as terrain."

"..." Strictly hooked him.

"All in all, Wen Yan is bound to start with the temple recently. As long as he is a real person, the Shan State police who have already prepared it will immediately start." Lu Bureau patted Yan Yan’s shoulder and said: "I know you want to Let the river stop, oh, our old people, do not understand and do not want to interfere with your young people's feelings, love, such feelings... But one thing is undoubted, we also hope that Jiang will be able to come back alive, Shen Zhao Zhaoxue. ”

Yan Yan has been silent for a long time. Because of the rushing out of the air, his eye sockets were deeply trapped, which made the brow and the bridge of the nose more lonely, like the hard Jin Ge.

"I understand," finally he said. "I believe in you."

Lu posted a nod.

It’s not too early, Yan Yan got up and said goodbye. He has been delayed by Lu’s game, which is an hour’s chess time. He waved his hand and suddenly thought of something like it: “Hey, wait, this, put your hand on it. This thing is put down."

Yan Yan bowed his head and was holding the silver mobile hard disk in his hand: "What?"General Lu’s general came up and rushed over the hard drive: “Why? You led me to find a property company responsible. The procedure is the procedure, saying that it is not allowed to leak secrets, when public security discipline is playing?”

Yan Yan eyebrows twitching, his face is a bit odd.

Lv Bureau took out the envelope, just about to put the hard disk into it, and saw that Yan Yanqiang endured the smile and opened his mouth: "The ... Lu Bureau, the contract law stipulates that the acquisition of the company is to have a cooling-off period..."

Lu Bureau: "?"

Strictly slammed a finger on the hard drive, and smiled: "You will be counted by the empty city." Then I immediately rushed out of the study.

"..." Lu Bureau full of questions, eyelids jumped, and finally could not help but connect the hard drive to the computer, click on the video file.

The next moment, the exciting music played, the light shone on the screen. Animated Loli, with three big eyes and small eyes, jumped up and immediately lit up a line of characters -

Flying Little Girl, 52 episodes.

Lu Bureau: ".................."

After a few seconds, Lu called to open the door: "You are a surname!"

Yan Yan immediately ran from the corridor.


Covered mountains, wilderness forest.

Hundreds of villages are sporadically distributed in this endless mountain range, mostly relying on logging, livestock, and poppy cultivation. This is the largest drug cultivation and processing site in Shan State. Every household is equipped with hunting guns. Whenever the local government sends people to encircle, the locals will fight against the firepower, but they will simply escape into the deep forest. After the government forces have withdrawn, they will come back to continue planting yew and poppy fields, and continue to repeat things from generation to generation.

The cattle and sheep walked in the village, and the dusty sand on the dirt road was raised. There were large fields of green and green intertwined on both sides. A local car, the most common small truck, parked on a hillside with a telescope protruding from the window.

At noon, the smoke rose and the village gradually became empty.

The telescope was finally taken away, and Qin Chuan threw it in the back seat.

"Tell your boss, it's not yet. The nine waves, nine and a half, ten and a half, and eleven o'clock in the morning are not locals. The police have not given up monitoring."

The two horses in the car face each other.

The driver in the driver's seat has always been not convinced, and his mouth is a southwestern accent with a strong accent: "Why do you say this?"

"I have been a policeman for more than a decade. No one is more clear than me. The sleeves, buttons, laces and belt buckles are all exposed.

Qinchuan lazily said: "The clothes and pants of these people look ordinary, but the buttons on the back pockets are the same, they are unified, so they are not locals, they are plainclothes policemen." ”

The driver was suddenly stunned.

"Go back," Qin Chu said plainly in the eyes of several Ma Zi’s apparent changes. "The plain clothes turned back and sneaked back, and they began to have doubts."


The trucks ran through the rugged roads, and the mountains were undulating. After half an hour, the edge of the jungle was finally hidden, and the front window of the car suddenly became bright.A small village with only a few dozens of people is distributed on the mountainside, the tile house is sporadic, and the off-road team surrounds the village in the thick green. The truck finally turned off in front of the village. Qinchuan drilled out the door and squinted his eyes to the heights. He couldn’t help but scream:

"Rare passengers."

——In front of the second floor of the wooden building, the river stopped standing on the side of the handrail, holding a cigarette in one hand and looking at him with a condescending edge.

The deep and shallow green of the distant mountains overlap, the sound of the insects undulating, and the wind farther away brings the sound of the waterfall. Jiang stopped to pick up the cigarette case, and Qinchuan leaned back against the wooden railing. As a result, one ignited and smiled. "I haven’t smoked it for months, and I’m rushing.”


Qin Chuan took a long sigh of relief and said: "Maybe because I am not like you, I dare to feel the smoke from my pocket in the environment surrounding various drugs every day."

Jiang stopped his eyes and gave him a look. Qin Chuan did not move his eyebrows.

This is the first time since the night when Qin Chuan was arrested from home, the first meeting between the two of them. However, even if the enemy who does not share the sky, met in such a violent death, it is inevitable to give birth to a strange singularity.

"How are you?"


"You don't look like a patient who has just recovered from pneumonia." Qin Chuan stopped the half of the cigarette in his hand and raised his chin.

Jiang stopped: "You don't look like a policeman who has just ended his decade of vicious career."

"Hey," Qinchuan brother laughed happily: "Do you want each other, yes."

Jiang stopped without paying attention to the vagueness of the words. Qin Chuan didn't care. The front turned and asked: "Hey - since you came, does it mean that everything is ready now, are your boss ready to move to the boss?"

The river stopped smoking silently, and the layers of trees shaded the sun into a slightly green color, reflecting his skin color becoming more chilly. No one can see what he is thinking. He rarely sees him using a cigarette butt to the far side of the hill. He does not answer: "Do you know what I was looking at?"



Qin Chuan turned his head and looked in the direction he pointed.

“The China-Myanmar border line is 21,84 kilometers long, with 402 boundary pillars and innumerable inspection sites. However, the extremely complicated jungle terrain makes it very convenient to smuggle drugs, jade and wild animals, and it is difficult to contain smuggling. The sisters crossed the border with a lot of ferries and crossed the border. The Chinese were defrauded by the 'high-paying labor' to go to Myanmar for gold, and the Burmese secretly came to China to sell fake jade fake jade. In the end, most of these people were tricked into underground casinos and work. Drug abuse, beating, sharing a small packet of heroin mixed with lime powder with drug users from various countries in Southeast Asia. Because of the sharing of drug-using needles, they can infect hiv, and give birth to children with Chinese and Burmese origins, born with hiv, long When I was a teenager or a teenager, I was sick and died. The Chinese and Burmese governments provided free AIDS drug treatment, but it was useless. People who did not use drugs in many stockades were considered to be heretics. The smoke, wine, food, etc. of the materials have been brought into the water. The AIDS community has been flooded and passed down from generation to generation without end."Jiang stopped bowing his head and licked the ash. Qin Chuan narrowed his eyes and asked, "Are you familiar with these?"

"Because this situation also exists in the southwestern region. Daliangshan, Yuanlongxia..." Jiang stopped talking and lived, and after a moment he smiled and laughed: "...Yongkang Village."

Qin Chuan raised his eyebrows, nodded his head, took the last few cigarettes, and then turned his hand to put the cigarette butts on the wooden fence.

"I express sympathy for the status quo of Yongkang Village." He got up and said, "But there are some things that don't matter."

He walked in his trouser pocket and walked inward. Just then the wooden stairs creaked and I saw Ajie coming up: "What are you talking about, so happy?"

Qin Chuan turned his head and Jiang stopped still facing them, no sound.

"Inquire about wages and benefits." Qin Chuan laughed. "When can I leave this amazing place of mosquitoes?"

Ajie’s eyes glimpsed a little, and suddenly he only listened to Qinchuan’s thoughts: “Oh, yes.” He stepped forward from the holster on Aj’s thigh and pulled a pair of squats and shook: “ Finally, the thing is returned to the original owner?"


A few steps away, the hand that stopped the cigarette in the river suddenly lightly slammed and the pupil tightened.

Qin Chuan took the hand without the safety bolt | The gun pointed at Ajie’s head and smiled: “————啪!” Then he inserted the gun into his lower back and smiled away in the eyes of Ajie’s mentally ill. .

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