Chapter 133 Chapter 133

Chapter 133 Chapter 133

Han Xiaomei cat was outside the corridor, and the ghosts and ghosts screamed at the east, and finally the monks did not pay attention, and they sneaked into the mark inspection department. (free full novel

A few minutes later, she squatted with her shoulder bag, her hands in her coat pocket, limping high-heeled shoes, and headed out of the city public security bureau.

When the hour hand is close to 12 o'clock, the stern look of the sitting room in the living room rises, and the doorbell rings in the next second.

"Scared me, when I came out, I also met with the director of the company to work overtime. I asked me to go to the Marks Division in the middle of the night. I had to say that the investigation box that appeared in the field yesterday was forgotten to register. No one sneaked in at night. Fill in the registration!” Han Xiaomei took a few bottles, jars and spray bottles out of the bag one by one, and wanted to cry without tears: “The director also trained me a few words, telling him what to tell the Yu team? I The good career path has just begun to be stained!"

Strictly speaking, Yan Yan did not send a half cup of distilled water to the kitchen. After returning, he put on the scar test gloves, mixed the powder of luminol and potassium hydroxide with water, and poured it into a spray bottle filled with hydrogen peroxide.

"Yan Ge, what are you doing here?" Han Xiaomei finally felt scared after knowing it. He whispered, "You... are you cutting your wrists at home to get the blood on the ground?"


Yan Yan looked at her up and down and went to the bathroom door and took a breath.

Han Xiaomei clung to the back, only to see Yan Yan holding a spray bottle to the ground, corners, wash basins squirting dozens of times, exit the bathroom to turn off the lights.

"Huh--" Han Xiaomei licked his mouth.

The washbasin in the darkness is a little bit, and the ground slowly slaps a small piece of faint blue-green fluorescent light, which is a bloody reaction!

"Do you know what is going on?" Yan Yan asked.

"I, I, I didn't see anything, I don't know anything!" Han Xiaomei licked his eyes with his hands: "Strict team, Yan Ge, Yan Caizhu! I beg you, I promise not to say anything after going out!" ”

"You should have learned in your police school textbook that the luminol solution is catalyzed by iron ions in the blood and emits blue light through oxidation, so it is used to detect blood on the crime scene. But if there are other strong oxidants on the scene, luminol It will also illuminate, so using hypochlorous acid bleach or urinary excretion to smear the scene, strong fluorescence will interfere with the judgment of criminal investigators on blood."

"I, I, I, I, we are back," Han Xiaomei said. "The strong fluorescence catalyzed by hypochlorous acid is very fast. The fluorescence catalyzed by blood iron ions is slow and can be scored by photo exposure. Distinguish..."

"But what should I do when criminal photography is not popular?" Yan Yan asked.

Han Xiaomei’s brain was desperately turning, but Yan’s deputy detachment Sen Han’s powerful gas field made her turn up.

"In fact, it is very simple." Yan Yan reveals a sneer, slowly saying: "As long as the scene is blocked, keep it dry, and the oxidant will evaporate after a few days of testing, and the iron ions will not disappear for a long time, even It will still make Lumino brighter in a few years."

Han Xiaomei silently: "Oh-"“I walked for three weeks, and no matter how much bleach was used that day, it should be completely evaporated in the case of complete drying. That is to say, these fluorescences are not hypochlorous acid, but blood.”

The fluorescence is very weak. On the one hand, there is a reason that it has been washed by the bleaching agent. On the other hand, because the amount of bleeding itself is not much, it is washed away by water, resulting in a very large area of ​​blood and water. The thinking of Han Xiaomei’s brain was knotted, and the subconscious asked: “Who is the blood?”

She couldn't wait to bite off her tongue when she spoke.

"Who can be," Yan Yan looked at the fluorescent shape on the ground and the flow table, and it was sinister: "Of course it is the bastard of the surname Lu."

Han Xiaomei: "..."



The red flag sedan was parked in the downstairs of the unit. The Lu Bureau got off the bus and refused the driver to help him carry the bag upstairs. He broke into the corridor door alone.

Then he turned the corner and immediately lifted his back and lifted his back. The steps were light and flexible, and strode into the elevator.

"I am back!" Lu Bureau opened the door in the key screaming, shouting loudly, put the purse under the armpit on the porch, and bowed his shoes off. In the kitchen, the sound of his wife's cooking was heard. He turned to loose shoulders, and then the action was in the air.

Yan Yan sat in the middle of the living room sofa, looking at him with a blank expression.

"You said this child, come and come, bring something." The wife came out of the kitchen with a ruddy and bright mushroom, stewed egg, braised pork, and a smile on his face: "This is not a big deal, give me an old lady. What skin care products - I said that I painted that, this old face is what it is, and it is a waste of painting..."

The old companion music went back to the stove to fry the slippery egg mushroom, and the space was only left to sit in the Lu and Yan Yan, facing the face.

"When the river stopped visiting Yue Guangping without permission, just half a year later, Yue Guangping died, and the river stopped." Lu finally sighed and sighed: "The country should have a rule that prohibits the captain from casually visiting the police chief. This sign is really a big murder..."


A glass of rock sugar chrysanthemum tea was placed on the desk by Lu, and then he slammed the big butt into the swivel chair and asked the reading glasses: "What the hell are you doing? You are still in the period of suspension of censorship, and you are not allowed to spy on any daily affairs and case-related information of the city bureau. Otherwise, you will be treated according to the disciplinary rules."

"You came to my house that night, what do you want to stop planning with Jiang?"

Lu posted a hand, "What?"

Yan Yan’s face is not moving.

"..." Lu Bureau picked up the teacup: "I have said it to you. I can't tell you the rest. It doesn't help. I am not an old Wei. You can be soft when you ask for a sentence." Rules and regulations are rules and regulations..."

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Lu Lu was almost smothered by tea: "What is this?"

"You were stabbed by the river and the surveillance video of the back door of the lakeside community."Suddenly quiet in the study, the two eyes were focused on the small, ugly silver mobile hard disk on the desktop, and they didn’t know what to think about. After a few minutes, Lu Bureau slowed down:

"Monitoring video has been taken away and sealed into the municipal bureau. According to the confidentiality regulations, except for the case-handling personnel, the property company is not allowed to restore and disclose the original video to any unrelated person without authorization, otherwise it will bear serious criminal responsibility..."

"But the company's internal leadership can be read." Yan Yan interrupted him and said: "Sorry, my dad has become the new boss of the property company."

Lu Bureau: "..."

Lu’s face, which was always chubby and smiling, finally showed an indescribable expression, which seemed to be a hard-pressed expression. From the mouth shape, it should be a sentence that he was born and slammed back: "I am a fairy board!"

"On the night of three weeks ago, you came to my house to visit Jiang and ask him an undercover plan. Unlike the wind that you later released, Jiang stopped not rejecting you, and he promised."

Yan Yan leaned back in the back of the chair, quenching the cold light in the eyelids under the sword.

"You discuss so that Jiang will stop you from stabbing and then escape from Jianning overnight. But there is a very dangerous point here, that is, Jiang stopped for at least several hours to run to the place where the police could not find it for a while. The wounds you are stabbing, even if you avoid major blood vessels and internal organs, can hardly last for hours in the cold rainy nights that lack rescue – so you have a good time difference.

Lu Bureau supported the forehead and was calm and speechless.

"Jiang stopped really left home at around 9:00, but you have been staying in my house until early in the morning. It is estimated that after the street cleaners start working, you are standing in my bathroom, carefully looking at the mirror to the lower edge, shallow You stabbed yourself a knife. You were a forensic doctor in your early years. The bodies that have been used in these decades have been hundreds of thousands of people, and they know the structure and blood vessels of the human body. The reason why they are less than outdoor is because the rain has come to the end. In the early morning of the next two days, the spot where you have been surveyed is very dark and remote. If you have a slippery hand because of low visibility, it is likely to cause an accident."

"After carefully tidying up the bathroom, you left my house and went to the assassination site, smashing the small blood bag prepared in advance, and it was discovered that the sanitation worker was sent to the hospital." Yan Yan said faintly: "Being shackled and self-satisfied The knife wound is different. If the strict inspection is found, the director of the provincial technical team is responsible for the injury identification. Director Hu is the master of the city bureau. As long as it is suggested in advance, he will not go to the serious Test."

Lu Bureau wants to refute anything, but Yan Yan did not give him this opportunity: "In addition to this, there is the same physical evidence that the community monitoring, but the video is not clear - when I was monitored by Fang Zhenghong a few months ago, One night, he was tracking downstairs and I was found. Afterwards, Jiang stopped me and transferred the video from the property company. At that time, Jiang stopped remembering the blind spots in the community."Lv Bureau kept the beating of the forehead and seriously said: "Strictly, I understand that you do not want to believe that Jiang is a traitor. But can you occasionally be awkward, condescending to the ground, and slightly trusting your leadership?"

"Leader?" Yan Yan sees a sneer in the eyes, saying: "Wei and the detachment know about your plan from the very beginning, otherwise the small blood bag that was smashed by the crime scene, serum chlorine penetration test Don't you show up?"

Lu Bureau: "..."

Lu Bureau finally sighed in the air.

"Yan Yan, strict police supervision, strict deputy detachment." He asked helplessly, "Why don't you believe that Jiang stopped at your home and stabbed you to lead me, then ran away, and I lied that I was stabbed in an affair. Is it actually to protect your baby melon wow?!"

"Because the person who cleans the blood of the bathroom with bleach is you." Yan Yan cold and cold, "Jiang stopped not mistaken my face towel as a rag."

The Lu Bureau of the old man is estimated to be killed and I can’t think of the last flaw actually coming from here. He sat silently in the big swivel chair, and the big round face that had been raised in just a few days was pulled, and only the eyelids jumped and couldn't stop.

"Do you have anything to say?"


Yan Yan did not lack ridiculously made a gesture of asking.

Lv Bureau finally couldn't help but ask this sentence: "You are a 30-year-old man, still fucking his face with a pink old towel?!"

Yan Yan smirked his lips without a smile. "The old towel has good water absorption, otherwise the taste of hypochlorous acid will stay until now."

The two have been watching for a long time, and Lu’s expression is complicated. I don’t know if I should praise Yan’s outstanding sense of investigation, or regret that I was actually planted on an old towel. That night, he didn't use his own coat to wipe off the last bleaching water. He was afraid that the wool fabric fibers would stay in the seams of the tiles, leaving behind a skeptical clue. But it didn't make it to be a self-deprecating thing. .

"--old, old!" After a few minutes of stalemate, the Lu Bureau finally shook his hair with a heavy emotion: "No use, hehe!"

Yan Yan leaned against the back of the chair, his thighs overlapped, and his hands hugged his chest: "So the river stopped really stabbed you?"

"..." Lu board nodded.

"Isn't I actively taking the spades?"

Lu Bureau had no choice but to nod.

There seems to be something screaming at the throat, making his throat blocked and staring straight.

“The river stopped to deploy according to plan, and sneaked into the Wutong and Wenyu drug gangs to undercover, preparing to wait for the opportunity to remove the entire underground drug trafficking route from the China-Burma border and even Jianning.” Lu Bureau said slowly: “This incident Highly confidential, with few insiders, has been approved by the Provincial Public Security Department Director Liu. We have promised to stop the river. If the task is successfully completed, he will be rehabilitated and the truth of the 1009 bombing three years ago will be revealed. The world."

"If it is not for the Lu Bureau to come to the door, I can still maintain the illusion for you for a while..."

"Do you still believe me? If you don't believe it, you are right.""... When I meet again in the future, it is a life and death enemy, and death is the best filter..."

"--Yan Yan," the vast sea of ​​clouds reflected in the end of the river, and he only decided to look at the figure of the lover, and said: "I love you."


Countless sounds oscillated in the eardrum at the same time, sternly bowed his head and gasped tightly. Crazy joy and extreme pain at the same time tearing in the chest, tearing the liver and intestines, screwing out the suffocation to the extreme pain.

Lu Bureau hands crossed fingers, slightly lowering his head, and shooting a sharp eye from the gap of reading glasses:

"You should be proud of Jiang, Yan Yan, he has already sent us the first very important line."

The author has something to say:

The surveillance video has a seemingly bug-like chapter.

In the plan of the Lu Bureau, Yan Yan would not find that there was blood in his family, so he would not rush to the home to spray Lumino. Flushing bloodstains with bleach is to prevent in advance the situation. In the case of the provincial department, the technical investigation with Lumino is to search the house, so the bleach is not a bug in the plan of the Lu, and the nose like a wolf is (^ -^vgd1806102

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