Chapter 132 Chapter 132

Chapter 132 Chapter 132

"Our Provincial Public Security Office is responsible for investigating this incident. You must give us the most authentic and detailed information about the former Jiangdu anti-drug detachment. (Free full novel. Now we can be sure that your problem is very big.) The problems of the Municipal Public Security Bureau are also very big! These problems require us to squander one by one, and never allow any deception and concealment!..."

The three heads were sitting in front of the bed, each holding a notebook and recording equipment in their hands. Headed by a deputy director, claiming to be surnamed Zhao, Yan Yan had seen it in the past when he handled the case. It seems that he was specialized in discipline investigation.

Yan Yan facelessly leans on the bedside, and the right hand is still stuck with a needle in the infusion. He only listens to Deputy Director Zhao. "Although we have mastered all your evidence of violation of discipline, we are no longer asking you anything." However, after the leadership of the research, I decided to look at you for so many years of police, give you the last chance to save yourself, see performance determines whether you can get the organization's leniency!..."

"Lie?" Suddenly, he interrupted his passionate speech.

The deputy director Zhao’s interrogation skills were really negative. When he was obviously stunned, he frowned. “I said, your city’s public security bureau also has problems. Now is not the time for you to ask questions.”

Yan Yan said: "I want to see Lu Bureau."

"What do you want to see in the Lu Bureau? Do you want to make a series connection, or a confession? No!"

Yan Yan fainted, "I want to see Liu Hall."

Director Zhao’s face suddenly changed, and the person in charge of the laptop tried to stop and say, and reached out and stopped. He wanted to persuade but did not persuade him, only to listen to him slamming the bedside table.

"Strict deputy detachment!" Director Zhao said with anger: "You have always been a stubborn enemy in the eyes of the organization. Do you still want to bear up against it now?! I don't care what background you have, what is the future, we come here this time. It is the last chance to live for you! If you don't take the opportunity to take the opportunity, don't blame the organization!"

The other two people couldn't sit still: "Old Zhao, hey, Lao Zhao is sitting down!"

"The words are not so asked, let's talk about it..."

Deputy Director Zhao is angry and points to Yan Yan’s nose: “I will see this for a while, do you want to see that? Who do you think you are? Before you can figure out all the problems, you better recognize my identity! You— —"


Yan Yan suddenly pulled out the infusion needle. In the blood star splash, the pickpocket slammed everything on the bedside table to the ground, and the loud noise made everyone shock!

"What is my identity? My family last year saved a hundred million in poverty alleviation in the province! I am corrupt or tax evasion. If you don't know anything, you will be a prisoner!"

Deputy Director Zhao stayed, and when the ward died, he only listened to the screaming hysterical screaming of the ear drums: "I want to see Lu Bureau! Lu Bureau does not see Liu Hall! Liu Hall does not see Laozi to go to the provincial party! Fuck, Laozi What crimes have been committed, go to the provincial party committee to make it clear!!"


The infusion bottle was smashed and smashed to the ground, and the broken glass of glucose was splashed in the room, and everyone was frozen.


After half an hour.

The same hospital, the same hospital building, the ward upstairs."It's what you see." Sitting in the bed in the light blue sick suit, he put down the big tea pot and slowly said: "The second reason, he admitted that he is the red heart."

Deputy Director Zhao rushed back to the provincial hall to complain, and the other two responsible persons, after coordinating with the provincial and municipal bureaus, also went to the Lu Bureau with a complicated face. There are only two people in the open and spacious high-duty ward, Lu and Yan Yan. The door is closed. Through a small glass window, you can see Gao Pan Qing Maxiang and others who are worried about staying outside.

The haze has covered the day, the smell of disinfectant water floats in the air, and even the lungs are filled with this sultry taste.

"I immediately left from your home, this time is almost nine o'clock at night, the rain has already been very big. I rushed out of the community, is preparing to take a taxi back to the city bureau to report the situation, but did not expect Jiang stop I kept following it, and suddenly I stabbed me after a short confrontation. I fell to the ground and lost consciousness. When I woke up, I was sent to the hospital. The whole process is almost like this. More details are still under investigation. The reason is that you can't tell you one by one."

Lu Bureau helped the old reading glasses, and the positive color looked strict.

The latter did not say a word.

"He still likes you, Yan Yan. The reason why he didn't do it at your home, but chose to track out to the remote areas of the community and then murder, should be trying to figure out your relationship in this matter. If not for saving You, to catch Qinchuan, led him to show up in front of me. It is estimated that he will stay in your side for more than two years." Lu said with a sigh of emotion: "The matter is here, it is God's will."

The thrilling explosion of Deputy Director Zhao just like the return of the light before the bonfire was extinguished, and then suddenly disappeared and disappeared.

Yan Yan was silent and reached out to touch the smoke, but touched it.

Lu Bureau fell from a family to visit his gift box and pulled out a pack of cloud smoke, and even fired him: "Hey, you will smoke."

The click was light, and Yan Yan lit the smoke with a light blue flame. The fragrance of nicotine quickly penetrated every inch of nerves. His handsome and tough face was blurred in the smoke, and for a long time he finally couldn’t see a smile: "- God."

Then he raised his eyes and asked: "God makes you send Yang Mei with an infrared transmitter and ran to Yuanlongxia to save me?"

Lu Bureau sneered at him and laughed: "You kid is suspected of me? - To be honest, I don't know about Yang Mei, but she is down with the investigation team.

Confessed to the end of the sky. Jiang took her before leaving, but she was afraid to stay with her in Jianning and would say more adverse things to the police in the future. However, after discovering that you were surrounded by Jin Jie and others in Yongkang Village, Jiang stopped carrying the ‘Caohua a’ Wu Tun, and let Yang Meizhi go out and let her have a chance to save you. ”"He acts as a red heart for Wu Tun, and then he has no way to rely on the spades. These are true. But it is true that you don't want to kill you anyway." Lu Bureau waved his hand and said: "People are quiet and complicated." From the different perspectives, the same thing will present a variety of contradictory facts. In short, if you can survive this kid, it’s a blessing!"

- Is that true?

Severe eyes narrowed, and faint suspicions emerged in the depths of his eyes.

Lv Bureau knows what he is thinking without looking at it, but he is too lazy to talk to him: "Don't be lucky, if I know where Jiang Stop and Spades K are, I can not inform the provincial party committee and the provincial police, send a large number of special police armed police to destroy This is a big drug lord? I am a police chief. Is it possible to send a non-staff female lineman to go to the mountains and carry out the task of such a high degree of danger? Strictly, I see you this is the basic The logic is forgotten!"

Indeed, if Jiang Stop is colluding with Lu, then he should follow a large number of criminal police, and there should be only Yang Mei.

Yan Yan’s hand with a cigarette paused in the air, and I didn’t know what to say.

"I understand your thoughts, Yan Yan." Lu Bureau probably also felt that he was too strict, slightly relieved the tone: "But the nature of Jiang stopped this person is like this, you have to learn to accept the reality."

Cigarettes are fascinated by the stern sight. When the river stopped, the words stopped again from the ear: "This journey is long and difficult and endless. Once you step on it, it is difficult to turn back... People who can wear the flag to the end of life are after all A few, more people left, lost, or lost into the ramp, and can no longer fight side by side..."

"Strictly," Jiang stopped watching him in the car that day, and there seemed to be an inconspicuous shimmer in his eyes. He said gently: "You must learn to accept."

Yan Yan slowly smoked. At the moment, in the ward, he finally understood what the complicated and unsounding light of Jiang’s eyes was.

- That is pity.

It is not sympathy that he has just experienced the betrayal of Qin Chuan, but pity he is a man in his thirties, but still holding such deadly innocence.

"I understand," Yan Yan finally hoarsely, smothered the cigarette butt and stood up. "You can feel peace of mind, I will cooperate with the provincial hall, a few stupid... those ‘investigation groups’.”

Lu Lu nodded and breathed a sigh of relief for finally persuading him.

"Before the problem of the river stop is not clear, you are temporarily excluded from the work of the city bureau - don't worry, this is also a normal procedure. If you follow the rules, you should be temporarily detained, but your mother..." Pouting and coughing: "After all, the son is eager, so... I have temporarily taken a special grant... let you stop at home."

The Lu Bureau can be quite subtle, but Yan Yan can imagine the scene of Ms. Zeng Cuicui's hand-held gold hoop sticking to the Tiangong. A few years ago, this was obviously the most annoying and hesitant to avoid. Now, suddenly, a hint of gratitude and warmth emerged from the bottom of my heart.

I was born with such a son who is neither worry-free nor filial. They are actually unfortunate - he suddenly thought.Yan Yan suppressed the sadness, and finally nodded to the Lu Bureau, turned to go outside the ward. At the moment of the U-turn, the white mist of the cigarette was scattered, revealing that he had a handsome and unruly side face. I saw that there were a few thin lines under the eye, like the years of penetration. **, a lot of scars that precipitated in the depths of the soul.

"... Strictly," Lu said suddenly from behind.

Yan Yan stood still.

"Yang Mei said that she was far away. She only saw Gong Sihao, the captain of Gongzhou, who died, but did not see who was shot." Lu’s deep voice came: "-have you seen it?"

Yan Yan did not move, as if there were no fluctuations in breathing.

"...maybe it is Jiang." I don't know how long it took, and finally he was stunned by the sandpaper and said: "It was too fast, actually I also..."

After a pause, he whispered again: "It should be."

Lv Bureau nodded silently, and Yan Yan pushed open the door, as if to escape something, and did not go back.


From that day on, there was endless questioning and interrogation.

What happened to Yuanlongxia that day, what people have appeared, what have been said separately, and they have to be repeated word by word, even the most subtle tone and change of mind can not be let go. Under such high-intensity intensive trials, it is difficult to conceal or distort a particular thing, and a massive repetitive narrative can be confusing and frustrating.

Although Deputy Director Zhao was an impatient newcomer, the follow-up was all interrogation experts. Their skills were more systematic and theoretical than the long-term criminal police. In the face of these war-torn old men, even if they reveal a little flaw, they will become an opportunity for total defeat.

The "rivet" smell is the spades k, and this incident was passed back to Gongzhou, shaking the entire southwestern public security system. All the relevant personnel who were recruited by Wen to be recruited in the year were taken down. Soon after, the relevant person in charge of the recruitment system was processed.

Qi Sihao, together with Gongzhou City Notary Public Office, Hazardous Waste Destruction Company and other relevant personnel, was involved in the investigation, theft, and the sale of drug-trafficking major crimes. The case was quickly investigated. The drugs to be sold to the society through the hands of these people have high-purity heroin|16kg, methylbenzene|propylamine 62kg, and a small amount of various types of benzene|propylamine derivatives

Biology, both in terms of nature and social harm, can be called a serious case.

It is worth mentioning that they also sold at least 300g of "blue gold", but because the director of the notary office was buried in the sea of ​​Gongzhou KTV, Qi Sihao did not know how to die in Yuanlongxia, other drug dealers also early or The relationship between the late annihilation, the new fentanyl compound has disappeared in the vast sea, and it is hard to track.

In addition to this, there is a sensation in the southwestern police: three years ago, the 1009 plastic factory bombing was again brought out, the current mayor personally took the lead, the task force re-established, ready for a full-scale review and re-examination.This time, the task force is different from three years ago. They are vigorous and vigorous, and they have no scruples. Not only is Room 701 of Yazhiyuan Community, but all the lives of this person in Lianjiang have been completely uncovered in the sun, and they are held by a magnifying glass. Check. When I was connected with the grass flower a, I was bought by the spades k. It was the investigation of the arrest. Several corporate CEOs were pulled down overnight.

But in fact, not only everyone, everyone knows.

Drug trafficking groups are still active, and these are just the tip of the iceberg. More, deeper, and more complex interests are concealed under deep water. Without deep throat, I don’t know when to wait until the day I was exposed.


But these are all related to Yan Yan.

After half a month, all the trials ended and he finally recovered his temporary personal freedom.

He left Jianning or the early winter, but he went into the day when he went home. Yan’s mother came to the hospital and picked him up. She saw her son’s son slowly coming out of the gate, and even the always pungent Zeng Cui couldn’t help but blink.

Yan Yan did not say anything, and gave her parents a tight hug.

"Go home." Zeng Cui patted the sturdy shoulders and said, "Go home."

Many years ago, when she took her son's head, it was as easy as taking a ball, but now she has to find out to get a strict shoulder.

Christmas is coming, the pots on the entrance of the lakeside community are wrapped in a circle of red and green lights. It looks very beautiful from afar. Each unit crossing is hung by the property with a honeysuckle blue and white vine, and it is decorated with golden bells. . Yan Yan came down from his parents' car and went into the elevator on the top floor alone. He hesitated for a moment when he opened the door, or pressed the fingerprint on the door lock.


The orange light illuminates the living room and is reflected on the large white sofa.

A thousand miles of the Milky Way outside the window, thousands of lights. In the kitchen, there is a bone soup. The whole room is steamed with delicious heat, and white fog is on the floor-to-ceiling glass window. The river stops barefoot leaning against the pillow pile on the sofa, holding a hot cup, from the line. Raised his head in chess and smiled and asked, "Why are you coming back so late?"

Yan Yan stood quietly at the door.

“The soup is cold,” Jiang stopped to raise his foot in the direction of the kitchen. He smiled and said: “Wash your hands to the rice and bring the saucer to me.”

The snoring of the kitchen faucet, the collision of the dishes and spoons, the friction of the cloth and the squeaking of the kisses all sounded from the sky. Yan Yan heard his laughter from the porch all the way into the kitchen, he closed the door, sleepwalking to the sofa and watched the coffee table.

Jiang stopped to say: "Pour three spoonfuls of soy sauce into the bowl, two tablespoons of vinegar, and chop the garlic for a while. I didn't add spicy to my bowl?"

Yan Yan opened his mouth and his lips shook slightly.

"Strictly!" Jiang stopped from the sofa and asked the kitchen, "I heard no!"


Yan Yan looked at the coffee table in front of the sofa, and the tail sounded with a strange shudder, saying: "...heard."

The dreams fade away, like gray tides, sweeping away the sensual touch.In the living room, only Yan Yan stood alone, the sofa was empty, the kitchen was dark and quiet, and the floor-to-ceiling glass window was cold and clear; there was only half a cup of residual tea in front of him, which was already cool.

His fingers were deeply inserted into his hair, his palms squinting, and he took a deep breath and looked up.

That person is not there.

The man who used to spend the day and night with him, and promised him the future, and finally after a series of horror, the name of the river was stopped by the gun.

He has already left.

Yan Yan seems to have lost the feeling of cold and hunger. He is like a wandering soul. He takes off his coat, changes his slippers, walks through every room in the house, turns on the lights one by one, and then closes them one by one. He seems to confirm that the fort is safe, independent, and isolated from the world; just like an empty shell wrapped around himself, tightly stitched, and the wind does not move, it will firmly resist the atmosphere and laughter of thousands of families outside. Outside the cold wind.

Then he went back to the living room, sat on the sofa, looking at the floating dust floating in the darkness, not talking or moving.

In fact, he should feel very tired, but it is completely singular and not exhausted, but from the spirit to the ** have entered a state of almost blank, nothing.

The lights came in from the window, and the light band crossed the high nose from the cheekbones. His eyes were unconsciously squatting, and the lower half of his face was deeply hidden in the darkness.

At half past ten, the wall clock pointer gave a faint green light.

The wash is gone.

Yan Yan stretched out his hand to the side, but his fingertips slipped from the air, and the sound was as if it was an illusion: "Good night, Jiang stopped."

Then he seemed to have stood up with the darkness and finally stood up and walked into the bathroom.



The cold water washes the washbasin and stops shortly. Yan Yan eyes, nose, red hair, stand up expressionlessly, from the automatic heating of the stainless steel frame

Take out the face towel and bury the face full of water drops inside.

The water dripped from his elbow and dripped on the marble counter.

No matter how lonely, long long nightclubs come.

Yan Yan took a breath in the towel and looked up at the self in the mirror. He stood for a few seconds, then suddenly felt something slowly, took a sniff, and looked at the face towel in his hand.


Yan Yan smelled the towel and scented it to the nose. This time it was confirmed that it was not an illusion. After the cloth was stained with water, it was clearly faint, but it smelled a bit pungent... the smell of chlorine water.

Such a light smell will definitely not be found by others, but Yan Zhen has been running the poisoning scene for so many years, and he has been running more on the poisoning site. He is particularly sensitive to the smell of ammonia and chlorine produced during the reduction of methylbenzene|propylamine, even one. A little bit is enough to provoke his occupational disease, even in the case of the soul at this moment is no exception.

He thoroughly wet the towel and smelled it a few times. The heart suddenly rose into suspiciousness - not the taste, but very similar, it should be...


Yan Yan turned and walked into the toilet, took out the bottle of household sodium hypochlorite bleach from the cabinet and shook it. I don't know if it was a psychological effect. I always felt that the liquid surface was half an inch shorter.But still not right, this bottle of bleach is used to clean toilets, how can it get on the face towel? Jiang stopped acting and unexpectedly, it is not possible to take his face towel to brush the toilet.

Yan Yan stared at the bottle of bleach in his hand, and suddenly remembered something, his heart suddenly moved slightly.

When people see sodium hypochlorite, they only think of bleach. But at this moment, as it is destined to be, there is a looming silk thread wound into a logical chain that links sodium hypochlorite with a more professional and sensitive behavior.

"Maybe..." he suddenly thought, "Maybe it might be..."

Yan Yan slammed up and rushed out of the toilet to the study, and even the shoulder hit the door frame without feeling. He opened the drawer and flipped it a few times, found the magnifying glass, turned back to the bathroom, squatted on the open space in front of the flow table, and carefully observed along the gap of the tile with a magnifying glass. Even every cement particle was not let go, and the heart was in the chest. Jump straight.

As long as you can find traces, even a little trace can confirm the increasingly crazy speculation in his mind -

Suddenly the stern movement stopped.

He squats in the side corner of the flow table in a very distorted position. Through the magnifying glass, the corners of the cabinet and the floor tiles, a dark red with a hair diameter is faintly revealed in the gap.

- That is blood.

Yan Yan is close to his mouth, the heart squeezes the throat and it hurts, and an opening will come out of his mouth. But at this time he did not hesitate, took the magnifying glass and immediately quit the bathroom, and found out that the phone dialed a number.

At the same time, in the center of Jianning, Han Xiaomei’s cell phone, which was wearing high heels and crowded out the cinema with the crowd, rang.

"Hey, Yan team!" Han Xiaomei rushed to the relatives and men, even though they were sorry for the mouth shape. In fact, they were relieved. They only hated to fly back to the city bureau to work overtime. Even the tone was full of enthusiasm for the work: "Well, I am here, Nothing is ok, what are you telling you to say, you say!"

There was a sigh of relief from the phone: "Han Xiaomei, immediately gave me a lakeside community from the city bureau to steal an inspection box. Your brother's life is in your hand."

Han Xiaomei: "..."

Han Xiaomei’s first reaction was that the male boss called the single female subordinate to go to his house in the middle of the night. ! The second reaction is to lie down in a slot. You are my brother, let me go to the city public security bureau to steal things? !

"Strictly strict and strict, you calm down, have something to say, you let me secretly steal ... what to steal?"

Yan Yan stood outside the bathroom door and looked at the large tile floor under the flow table.

"Luminol reactant." gd1806102

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