Chapter 131 Chapter 131

Chapter 131 Chapter 131

The deep red hole clearly reflected the red dot, and at this time he saw the river stopped at the head and the movement was very slight. (Free full novel.

- He seems to want to go back and look at himself again.

However, Yan Yan did not have the opportunity to confirm this instinct, because then Jiang stopped hard and lived.

That's just what happened in half a second. Immediately after the bodyguard rushed up, the spades k stepped closer, grabbed the arm of the river, and flew on the grass a few steps away, and the bodyguard immediately stopped in front!

"Retreat! Drive the car up!" The spades k screamed: "Fast!"

Someone immediately held the head of the river and held the whole body and pushed him onto the off-road vehicle. Around the chaos, Ajie stopped in front of the spade k, and suddenly asked: "How can there be snipers, is the police set up in advance?! When the big brother came, did not search the mountains?!"

This is simply impossible. The practice style of the spades K is the most direct manifestation when sending people to abandon the road to meet Ajie. There can be only one person on the bright side, but there is definitely a fire in the dark. a big bunch.

He appeared with more than a dozen cars, but there were no forty or fifty people who got off the bus, indicating that many people had already prepared a lot of search for danger in the vicinity. If the police are really ambushing, don't say that the individual's small shares are ambushed. Even if only one car is equipped with two or three people, it is impossible to avoid the eyes and ears of drug dealers.

What's more, the number of ambushes is less than the number of suspects. In this wild terrain ambush, the number of criminal police, special police and even border police is less than three times that of suspected drug traffickers. It is a fantasy that the film will not shoot.

But if it is not the police, who is likely to track it here?

There is only one possibility left.

- Yan Yan is not alone.

"There is only one sniper in the other side." The spades k looked at the distance between the crosshairs and the opposite forest. After two seconds of indulging, they calculated the angle. "At most two. It is normal to search."

Ajie immediately reacted: "Is not ambushing us?"

"No matter whether the provincial government or the city bureau did not organize any action on the Jianning side." The spades k only dropped this sentence and turned to the car. Ajie followed up and said: "Big brother!"

Looking through the window, the deadly red dot is still cruising, the bodyguard is retreating, and there is only one person left in the blink of an eye.

This Jianning criminal police also reached the end of the strong, even standing a little bit stubborn. However, his gaze is still very bright. It is the fascination of the desperate but still beasted, and it hits the vision of the spades k through the chaotic scene and the single-sided visual window.

"Forget it," after a while, the spades k faintly.

Ajie is not willing: "Big brother?"

His meaning is very clear: If the other party is weak and not a police person, then you can call the periphery and conduct a full-scale search around the valley. Even if the sniper hidden in the high place is difficult to deal with, if you really have to deal with it, you can still take advantage of the manpower and one of the battles. It is not necessary for everyone to be forced back by one or two snipers.

Or at least, the captain of the criminal investigation team should be killed before the retreat.Spades k did not answer, looking back to the back seat.

Jiang stopped being held by two bodyguards and sat in the middle. His physical strength has been exhausted to the limit, it seems extremely tired, his face is cold and pale, not like a living person, with his eyes closed on the leather chair, revealing a long, fragile and undefended throat.

The black eyes of the spades k don't know what is brewing, and they turn back and say, "Forget it. I really need someone to pass what happened today to the police."


"You pay attention to the importance of the primary and secondary." Spades K said, "The moment is fast, there is no benefit in the long run."

Ajie’s heart is reluctant to realize that today’s enemy is indeed dead, and he can only let the thorns in his eyes continue to live. He pressed his inner struggle and bowed his head: "I understand, big brother."

Spades k no longer teach him anything, just telling one sentence: "According to the old rules."

Ajie knew it well, and recruited his hand to whisper, and the latter hurriedly ran out.

The bodyguard quickly got into the car and the person behind him drove up and protected the off-road vehicle where the spades k were located. The sniper does not seem to want to really do it. The red dot has been squatting around the time and patrolling the surrounding open space.

Someone asked Ajie a few words through the walkie-talkie, and finally got permission to retreat. The team whistle and warning, and then slowly started.

Ajie finally turned back and sharply raised his eyes -

Jiang stopped as if he didn't feel his burning sight. He still leaned back in the back seat to keep his eyes closed; while crossing the river and looking back, Yan Yan had already left the place immediately after the drug dealer evacuated. After rushing to the sarcophagus and the grass, I slammed it down, even if I couldn’t shoot it now.

Just like the debut, there is no warning. A fleet of more than a dozen off-road vehicles retreats along the valley. As the rugged stone road bumps, the bodyguards on several cars behind the temple are half-body out of the car, and they are vigilantly glanced. Watch out for someone suddenly rushing out of the mountains.

Until the team drove out of the range of hundreds of meters, the small open space was hidden behind heavy vegetation, and all the talents were relieved.

The spade k suddenly said: "No."

The bodyguards in the car were shocked. Ajie immediately got up: "Big brother, there is fraud?"

"..." Spades K seems to be hesitant, and finally waved his hand: "It’s too late. Is the 'Zipzi' in place?"

Ajie presses the Bluetooth ear

The machine listened a few words and nodded: "According to the old rules, it is already in place."

Spades k did not speak, nodded. No one knows what plans he has in mind, and he can't see the slightest clue on the surface. He only heard him tell him: "Let's go."


Yan Yan stared at the all-black hummer h2 in the middle of the distance, the teeth bite so tightly that he bite out the blood. Until the last car disappeared into the smog of the valley, he shook his head and buried his face in the cold palm, his forehead against the rough sand and gravel, but there was no feeling at all.

He really has overdrafted, and the pain of the liver and intestines drowned everything, and the pain and bleeding on the ** could not transmit the nerve endings of the paralysis.I don't know how long it took, and there was footsteps behind him. Someone rushed up and dragged him to lift him from behind the bushes, and he said that he would immediately go to the distant forest. Yan Yan gasped for a look, only to see the body is very thin, wearing helmet goggles, full body camouflage, from the hair to the heel wrapped tightly, but the accident is that there is no back gun.

Severe rushing only feels that people are very familiar, but can't see who it is. At this time, he has not even had the strength to ask questions: "You..."

The other side vigilantly glanced around and made a squeaking gesture, a gesture: "Run!"

Just a short word, Yan Yan suddenly stopped.

However, there was no hesitation at all. Although the team left, no one knew whether the spades had left people waiting for the snipers to appear, or simply killed the carbine. Yan Yan walked through the open space with the other side, and plunged into the forest. The trees on both sides of the field of vision gradually became dense. I don’t know how many thorn bushes were opened. The strict vision of the trees was getting more and more flowers. All the scenes in front appeared obvious. Ghosting, even the back of the camouflage uniform split into two or three.


He couldn't hear the wind and the birdsong, only his own breathing and heavy drums, every step of the way felt the heart was caught by the invisible claws, forcibly twisted, tightened, twisted, and then tightened...


Yan Yan stepped on the air in an unconscious situation, and he did not react to what happened. The whole person rolled into the tree ditch!

The tree ditch in the forest is covered with gravel pits. Yan Yan only feels the sky and turns. The forehead hits a sharp thing in the next second. The warm water rushes out and the red liquid brush covers the line of sight.

is blood.

He lay on the ground, his hands and feet licking, his body twitching. The guy who wore the camouflage immediately jumped down the ditch, seemingly suppressing what was whispering, but he couldn’t hear clearly.

His ears were also blindfolded by blood, and even his own breathing seemed to be through deep water, and he was unclear.

Really wolverine, his mind suddenly passed such a thought.

How could it be so embarrassing? Not as good as stray dogs.

Yan Yan gritted his teeth and swayed from the ground. He had a long blood mark on his forehead to the cheeks. The blood ran down the sharp eyebrows along the sharp eyebrows. As the action dripped on the back of the hand, it was immediately washed away by more transparent and salty liquid.

The next moment, the big strands of sweetness rushed straight from the trachea to the throat, and he wowed out a lot of blood!

"!!" People come up and lose their voice: "Strict team!"

"..." Yan Yan wants to say something, but his eyes are quickly blackened, and he has already fallen softly on the ground.

He felt as if he was falling into the cold water, watching the world spin up and quickly go away. Confusion, colic, and despair are turned into nothingness, accompanied by the back of the head that does not return, disappearing into the dark sea.

"...Jiang...stop..." he muttered silently.

The unforgettable words took away his last sense of consciousness. Yan Yan slowly closed his eyes and sank into the abyss of darkness.

·The off-road vehicle opened the mountain road in the front and rear guards. Suddenly the car walkie-talkie rang, and Ajie immediately raised his hand to connect the channel in the headset: "Hey, say."

I don't know what was said over the call, Ajie stunned, and then his face sank: "I understand."

He pressed the communication and leaned over to the edge of the spade. He whispered a few words by the roar of the vehicle. Less than a spade K opened his eyes. "Hey?" He said: "Zhuzi said that there is only one person?"

"Yes, the body is not tall and thin, like a woman. 'Zhaozi' is afraid that the sniper is still, not too close, but it is certain that the woman is not agile, and there is no weapon like a sniper/gun. If you raise the surname, you will return to the jungle."

The spades k slightly dagger.

Ajie frowned: "Big brother, will we be fooled by the empty city?"

The spade k is silent, and it seems that there is no mood. Ajie has been with him for a long time. Knowing that this is basically the expression of killing the ring, he can't help but feel tight, and his right hand is slightly lifted up, ready to gesture and order the team to turn back.

However, after waiting for more than a minute, I saw the spades k sighed and smiled slowly and repeatedly: "...empty city..."

He seemed to feel very interesting. Suddenly he turned and asked: "Jiang stopped?"

Jiang stopped without reaction. He seemed to be asleep. The smooth eyebrows were slightly stunned. It seemed that he was very worried in his sleep.

However, the spades know that he can't fall asleep. Ajie can also see the fact that he is still awake from the most subtle differences in respiratory rate, eyelashes and muscle tension.

Just awake and very uncomfortable.

His physique, falling into the water, shooting, and violent emotional fluctuations, can support the disease yet, it is not at all


"When you meet next time, you are the enemy of life and death." Spades k smiled at him, Wensheng asked: "If he takes the police to catch you, I will help you kill him, okay?"

Xu Jiujiang stopped slightly picking up the eyelids, revealing a glimmer of light under the dense eyelids, and then closed it again, whispering in a few sharp sights: "...well, then you can never forget."

The spades k smile and replied: "I will not forget, I understand."

The green trees on both sides of the mountain road are exactly the afternoon.

The dust from the rear of the car covered the gray daylight, and soon disappeared along the way, disappearing at the end of the vast mountains.


"...the blood pressure is low, there is a slight concussion, and the vital signs are stable..."

"A check to see if there is an intracranial hematoma, and the nurse wiped the blood on his face..."

"Strict brother! What is going on with our strict brother?! How is he?!"

"Strict brother, wake up, Yan brother, wake up!"


There seem to be countless people running around him, staggering footsteps and excited roaring around, one after another. Gradually the cockroaches were gone, he seemed to come into a quiet space, and the soft white light was shining in front of him.

What's wrong with me? Strictly thinking about it.

Where am I? what happened? who am I?It is known that the movement of Soso is like a rising tide. It gradually emerges from all directions, and immediately becomes a thunderous applause. The white light turned into a splendid sun, and the magnificent glass door at the end of the corridor opened open. Under the marble steps, there was a large lawn. On both sides of the carpet covered with white roses, countless familiar faces smiled and cheered up. .

Lu Bureau, Wei Deputy Bureau, Yu team, Fang team, Huang Xing, 苟利... Qin Chuan is also wearing a black suit and a white shirt, sitting in the middle of Ma Xiang and Gao Panqing with a beautiful bow tie, laughing and blowing to him a playful whistle.

Yan Yan stood still, looking at everyone, I don’t know how suddenly it was awkward.

"Go to the squad, what are you doing!" Han Xiaomei laughed and fell in Yang Mei's arms, his hands shouting louder than a horn.

“Is this kid happy and stupid?” Wei’s deputy bureau smiled and waved: “Not too fast?”

In the direction he pointed, Yan Yan looked forward. The rose petals stretched forward from the steps. At the end of the jasper-like lawn, the strict father and the mother stood on the left and right sides of the blanket. Ms. Zeng Cuicui also dressed her good jewelry at the bottom of the box. She was as happy as 20 years old. .

In the middle of the Yan family, a familiar figure dressed in a dress, slowly turned back and showed him a soft smile.

That is Jiang stop.

As if pushed by the invisible force, Yan Yan stepped forward step by step. Under his feet, he stepped on the fresh and fragrant flower carpet like a sea of ​​clouds. The ear was full of the voice of He Daoxi. When he was in his mind, he was awake for a while; then the long lawn turned to the end, and he stopped to step in, and saw the smile of Jiang’s stop. Deeper and deeper, the eyes are shining with diamond-like brilliance.

They stood face to face, and Yan said with a smile: "Get it out, what about your ring?"

Yan Fu also asked: "Yes, son, what about your ring?"

Yan Yannai stood, only listening to the audience, everyone is urging: "Where is the ring? Come out!"

"Quick, what are you waiting for?"

"What about the ring? What about your ring?"


Jiang’s eyes are bright, his face is white, and his lips are full of healthy crimson. He always looks like the best age in his early twenties, and he is somewhat shy and subtle, and asks: "What about your ring?"

"...the ring is here." Yan Yan heard his voice and said, "I will wear it for you."

Rubbing -

The bright handcuffs stuck the two wrists of the river, and the iron chain was suspended in the air.

"..." Jiang stopped seemingly did not understand, looked at it in confusion, looked up and asked: "Strictly, what is this?"

Yan Yan opened his mouth and did not make a sound.

The cheers disappeared, the applause disappeared, and the rows of wedding guests suddenly disappeared. The rose petals withered and withered, the lawn changed from green to gray, and the vast layers of the sky were stacked in the distance. The mountains and rivers blew as if they were crying like the north wind.

Just like a shuttle in the labyrinth of countless nightmares, they returned to the valley.

Jiang’s smile at the end of his eyes gradually disappeared, and it became a piece of coldness. Then he made a handful of sputum into a powder, as he had already done, and the gun was aimed at the strict eyebrows."I love you severely," he said coldly.

"But you are a policeman, I am awkward. When you meet again, you and I are the enemy of life and death."

Yan Yan stood there, unable to move or shout, and even had the ability to turn his eyes away. He just watched the Jiang stop eating fingers and then pulled the trigger -


On the hospital bed, Yan Yan’s body twitched and violently coughed!

"Doctor! Doctor!"

"He woke up! He woke up, fast!!"

The attending doctor rushed into the ward with a nurse, and saw that Yan Yan had already rushed to sit up and slammed his eyes and closed his eyes. His eyes were full of bloodshot eyes, and the long slant of the forehead to the cheeks had been bandaged. The fine upper body was full of bruises and trauma; he was like a wounded beast that had just rushed out of the cage, covered with The fierceness did not disappear, pushing the nurse away, turning over and getting out of bed, hoarsely asked: "Where am I?"

"Yan brother, you calm down, nothing! It's okay!" Ma Xiang

Gao Panqing and several other people pressed him to the hospital bed and comforted him with a sigh of relief: "You have already returned to Jianning, and you are not going to lie down!"

"We are all there! The strict brother!" The doctor said that you have a little concussion and can't get up!"

"You scared the nurse, oh, don't stop! Be careful of his infusion needle!"


Yan Yan was awake as the dream began, his eyes swept over the anxious face of every brother around him, and his pupils trembled fiercely.

The sunshine of Jianning's early winter crossed the ward glass, and the white wall was brightly lit.

"...Lan?" He groaned with a few words, "Lv... Where is he?"

Ma Xiang was hesitant, and several brothers of the Criminal Investigation Detach quickly exchanged a distressed look.

Gao Panqing coughed up in disguise: "Lv. He... He has something to do now. Some people may come over in the provincial hall. In some cases, it may be necessary. That should be explained slightly..."

Yan Yan couldn't hear the vague hints in this statement. He had a splitting headache and his brain seemed to be boiled in a pot. Suddenly, the corner of his eye glimpsed the figure at the door of the ward, and his head was tall and thin, wearing the familiar black coat, and the blink of an eye passed.

... Jiang stopped?

Is that river stop? !

Yan Yan didn't even think about it. He suddenly got up and pushed the doctor who was preparing to give him blood pressure. He swayed out of the ward door in the exclamation: "Wait! Hey, wait!"

The back did not stop, striding to the distance.

"You stand for me!" Yan Yan almost rushed forward and grabbed the man's shoulder: "What the hell is this -"

Yan Yanran is a stiff.

Yang Mei wrapped in the coat that Jiang often wears the most often, the handcuffs are platinum and the feet are on the high heels. The pale face is not powdered, and the tears are not obvious from the corners of the eyes to the nose, and the lips and lines are expressionless. Staring at him.

Ma Xiang, who chased the ward, also squatted in the corridor.

The family members of the surrounding patients passed by, all with a weird look, and they couldn't stop looking at them when they rubbed their shoulders. The nurse who pushed the pharmacy passed through and curiously turned back.

"..." Yan Yan’s throat slammed, " you?"Yang Mei said quietly: "It's me." Then he leaned back slightly in his burning contempt.

——The strict vision crossed her, and at the end of the corridor, three provincial public security officers dressed in dark blue police uniforms appeared at the door of the elevator and came to this side with seriousness.

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