Chapter 130 Chapter 130

Chapter 130 Chapter 130

The north wind was even bigger, and the treetops on the top of the mountain were blown to one side. (Free full novels. The rustling of the wind and the dry leaves rubbed from all directions, but everyone in the open space calmed the screen, only to hear the bellows in the chest of the old man.

" you believe him now, is it?" Uncle Bo finally shook his head and asked: "You believe that he is not sent by the police to lie to you, close to you, huh?"

The spades k laughed and asked: "Is it heavy?"

The old man apparently did not understand what he meant. Both hands were squatting and wrinkles were changed. "You think about it yourself. Your head is worth the price in the police! No matter whether the captain of the river is in the explosion of 1009. What has been done, no matter how many crimes he has committed in the eyes of the police, as long as you take it to the name of the vote, the police will still accept him! Maybe he will be promoted to the ranks! So you can consider it, the heart of the red heart is still The value is not worth your trust!"

Jiang stopped his eyes flashing slightly, but did not say anything.

The spades k sighed, and there seemed to be a helplessness on the face, "How do you still don't understand?" However, after thinking about it, he did not directly refute the old man. Instead, he suddenly turned to the river and stopped looking at his face with ice and snow. Then he asked, "What do you think?"

Jiang stopped saying: "Worry is justified."

"What do you think, what do I think?"

The old man’s mood was quite unstable, and he did not immediately feel the meaning of the spades. But in fact, not only him, but also a few people on the scene realized what the sound of the words is.

Jiang Shu obviously understood it, but he only shook his head flatly: "What you think is not important to me."

The spades k are a bit regrettable.

"The fact is that I have no retreat. Even if you take your head back to Gongzhou, those who have contact with you will not let me go. The old fox of Lu Bureau is even less likely to speak for me." After a while, his eyes hang down on the small, bloody red grass in front of him. At this moment, he finally raised his eyes: "However, although the reason for my sincerity is not important to you, at least I can prove that I am not The undercover sent by the police."

"...hey?" Spades k was interested: "How do you want to prove?"

A slamming sound came.

The bodyguards who had fought in battle were tense at the same time, only listening to the gun in the hand of Jiang.

The bodyguard immediately took a few steps forward, but was stopped by the spades. In the eyes of the public, Jiang stopped to raise his muzzle slowly. At that moment, the night of the spar's k-eyes was stern, which seemed a bit unexpected.

Ajie turned to Yan Yan and turned his head, not revealing the hope of bloodthirsty.

The atmosphere became extremely tense at first, and I saw that the squat line was tight and the pupil was tightened with the height of the muzzle.

"Sorry," Jiang stopped whispering, then raised his hand and did not hesitate to buckle the trigger!

The gunshot sounded, and Qi Sihao, who was hiding behind the bodyguard not far away, stood out without any precaution."..." He couldn't believe the bloody muzzle on his abdomen, and he doubted that he was dreaming. But the life that was quickly lost was so clear and true that after a few seconds he finally fell and fell back. After a few rushes, he would not move any more.

No one thought that he was so quick to do so, and he was dead all around.

Yan Yan stared straight at the body, and the feeling at the moment was very similar to that before Qi Sihao was dying - just do it?

Did he kill?

Isn't it a crime that is going on, not a criminal who is recalcitrant, but an active policeman? !

Although Qi Sihao steals drugs, the partnership participates in drug trafficking, and even sneaks to the side of the spades k - but he still has the name of the police. Jiang’s stop of this gun buckle is tantamount to completely cutting off the last retreat of his return to normal society!

"When you let me kill the rivets, isn't it for this purpose?" Jiang stopped faintly. "I killed the Gongzhou Criminal Investigation Detachment, and I should be able to prove that I was not sent by the Public Security Bureau."

The spades k have long gaze at Qi Sihao's still fresh body. Few people dare to look directly at his face, so no one has found that the famous drug lord of South Asia is flashing with excitement. He finally took a long breath and turned his head and smiled. He whispered in the ear of the river and said, "Surely, no matter how many years have passed, you are the one I like the most, never changed..."

Jiang stopped his head and leaned back, saying: "Yes, I can make you more satisfied."

He sideways avoided the spades k, and once again raised the guns - Bo Shu did not feel good, but Jiang stopped the gunwork is not allowed to respond at all, when I only listen to you! boom! boom!

Bo Shu lost his voice: "Stop!"

When the bullets were lighted, Jiang stopped throwing the air gun and took a few steps. After passing through Ajie, he grabbed the gun from his nearest man. However, Ajie was not stupid. At that time, he seemed to realize what he wanted to do, and he wanted to reach out and stop it. But when he didn’t have time to move, he saw that the spades k shook his head, obviously indicating that he didn’t care.


Uncle Bo, the few people who were restrained, couldn’t resist at all. Every bullet fell down. Every corpse was in the forehead. When the gunshots stopped, all the rows were dead!

When the shell slammed into the ground, Jiang stopped to stand still.

When Bo Shu’s eyes looked at his own people, the whole person fell softly on the ground, and then he saw that the gun with smoke was aimed at himself.

"I can't look back at the police, and I don't want to go back to Wu Tun's hands. I will continue to be a horse for him." Jiang stopped facing the uncle, but the words were against the spades.

Said: "There is nothing to cut off the back road today, and there is not much suspicion in the future."

"Wait, wait!" Bo Shu blurted out: "Smell! He is so right to others today, tomorrow will be the same -"


Jiang stopped a clean and neat shot, and Bo's eyebrows were shot and fell to the ground.

"..."In the ridiculous open space, there were ten bodies in the blink of an eye. The same bullet holes were exposed to the air, and the blood seemed to be slightly hot. These murderous drug dealers were a bit worried, and several bodyguards in the vicinity did not open their eyes. One or two of them moved back a few inches without notice.

- He is doing this to others today, so tomorrow will be like this to you.

The roar of Bo Shu’s unexported seems to have echoed in the air, and people have been lying on the ground.

The old man squatted around the grass flower for a long time. The spades k seemed to be unbearable. He shook his head and sighed. The bodyguards waved and waved: "Go up the car and wait for the place to be buried."

The man immediately responded.

Jiang stopped to look at the body again, just turned around and suddenly heard only from behind: "Wait!"

It’s Ajie.

"Are you finished?" Ajie Yinsen looked at Jiang’s head and said, "Is there one left?"

Jiang stopped and didn't return: "Is there you left?"

Ajie did not take care of the acupuncture in this statement and raised his chin: "If you can't get it, I can help you personally." Then he snorted. "It's just that you may not be so clean and happy." ""

——As he glanced in the direction, Yan Yan had been pointed at by guns from now until now, and even half a step could not move, standing in a few meters away.

"You really are a living mouth and don't want to stay." Jiang stopped to look at Ajie and said, "But you think clearly, if everyone is dead in the valley, after going out, Qi Sihao is not killing me. So it doesn't matter?"

Ajie coldly said: "Isn't that the reason why you just robbed the old man of the old man?"

His debunking is unrelenting, and it is true. If any person under the uncle of the wave escapes and is caught by the police, he can become a card for the police to kill the incumbent criminal police; but now everyone is dead, and no one can prove it except Yan Yan. Qi Sihao is not dead in the hands of these drug dealers.

It’s hard to say that Jiang stopped just one breath | shot the old man eight | What are the motives of the nine horses, and simply can’t stop? Or is it holding such a secret heart?

The spades k seem to be indispensable for the rigorous death and death, so they still do not speak, watching this scene like a play. I saw Jiang stop and swear, and asked Ajie: "Do you really want him to die?"

Ajie asked: "I can't bear it?"

"You are too young to yell at me." Jiang stopped and smiled, his eyes flashing and groaning: "He is here now, I am the only love in his life. But if he let him go alive, he used to have Love me more, I will hate me more in the future. When I meet again in the future, I am already a life-and-death enemy. You said that I want to remember a lover who is still dead, or want to leave an enemy who wants my life. ?"

Ajie did not expect this at all, and stayed at the same time.

Not far from the spades k, the look of the play gradually disappeared.

Jiang waited for a few seconds, and then laughed again, and the curvature of the lips became deeper and deeper: "--So even if no one mentions, do you think I will let him live here today?"The river stopped in the gaze of Ajru’s monster and walked away. The cleanliness did not drag the water, and went straight to Yan Yan, whispering to others: "Go away!"

Maybe because he just didn't kill the eight|nine horses, the few people who pointed at the guns were subconscious and a little discouraged. After watching each other for a while, they carefully lowered their guns and stepped back. A few steps, leaving the open space of Zhang Xujian.

- Is there really no way to escape?

Is it really impossible to think of it in the slightest way? !

In Yan Yan’s mind, there are countless voices screaming, but the body is like a lead.

His eyes were slightly shuddered, his eyes were full of red silk, and he looked at him like he had never seen the river stop. Until the two were separated by a few centimeters, and even the breath on the nose of each other was clearly audible, Jiang stopped to stand still, slightly looking up and staring at the handsome and wolverine face in front of him.

"I'm sorry," he finally spit out the three words.

If you don’t hear it.

Then Jiang stopped asking: "Do you remember the time we went to the hospital to visit Shen Xiaoqi?"


what? Subconsciously passed through doubts in the stern mind.

Going to the hospital to visit Shen Xiaoqi?

When did this happen?

"After Shen Xiaoqi wakes up, she knows that Bu Wei is dead. The first reaction is not that 'this woman who is so bad that I am so dead,' but crying. If Buwei is still alive, Shen Xiaoqi is sitting at the court. Listening to the public prosecutor to explain her exhausted evils, see how she planned to murder herself in the transcript, he will hate to gnash his teeth and hope that she will pay for her life. But Buwei is so dead, did not have time to let Shen Xiaoqi see it all, so he cried He has lost his favorite girl forever."

Yan Yan's eardrum saw a pain, he realized that Jiang stopped seems to express a certain meaning, but he did not understand why Jiang Shu did this.

Didn't he come to kill himself, why should he abolish these words?

"Li Yuxin killed He Liang, and after this trauma, he should

Jain syndrome. She seems to be living in the detention center, but in fact we all know that the little girl being interrogated is just a walking dead. When He Liang is alive, she may not like it a lot, otherwise she will not kill the killer for her own life, but He Liang is dead. No matter what happened to the dead, it will always be the most beautiful thing left to the living. She will repeat every eye and every sentence of He Liang in countless days and nights until she is deeply in love with him. ”

"Reminiscence, emotion, psychological imprint, these details are repeatedly sublimated with separation. Death is the best filter." Jiang stopped raising his hand and rubbing his stern hair back, focusing on his painful eyes, softly Tao: "The dead can not be surpassed, the dead will always be the winner, that is the truth."

Yan Yan’s conditioned reflex was partial, but the struggle was actually very weak. Jiang’s force was not allowed to move. At the same time, he said to the spades k: “I think you insisted that Teng Wenyan kill Wang Rui. Want Li Yuxin to kill He Liang, is it for this reason?"

The spades looked at him and his face seemed very ugly.The next moment, Spades K seemed to want to say something, but Jiang stopped giving him this opportunity and smiled: "So I have to do this today."

As soon as he pressed his stern head, he almost took a long kiss and took a long kiss.

No matter how many thoughts just hovered in my mind, the moment when the lips were entangled, all the thoughts of Yan Yan disappeared, and the brain and even the soul were blank. He didn't want to, but the hot tears had no control from the eyelids, and the throat was sour and sorrowful, and the internal organs were smashed into millions of razor blades.

He shuddered and opened his teeth, trying to bite off the tip of the river, but he couldn't bite.

"Even if you have money and a career, if you meet someone you like, you still have to wait to be picked..."

"But being picked is still very happy."

"Do you feel that the heart is jumping? It is jumping fast now."

"Married not married? Um? Speak, marry not marry?"

"Marrying married..."

All the memories are broken into pieces, and the snow and the snow are falling, and they are going to go with the wind. The struggle of vain and despair disappeared, and all strength was completely exhausted and turned into nothingness.

After the river stopped half a step, standing in the wind, looking at him with a crush.

"I love you, Yan Yan." He said, "I want you to be the unsurpassable winner."

Then he raised his hand and used his gun to withstand the stern eyebrows.

The spades k finally hesitated to open their mouths, but at this moment, his pupils suddenly reflected the end of the river and stopped his head. When he was shocked, his face was shocked: "Stop! Wait!!"

Jiang’s index finger on the trigger was stopped, as if he didn’t know what happened, and turned back.

Fang Caijiang stopped drinking and made the bodyguards retreat, so there was only him and Yan Yan on the square, and he took a half step before the gun, and he and Yan Yan staggered half of the body, causing him to have more than half of his predecessor. Uncovered and exposed, it is facing the rugged mountain forest not far away.

At this time, on the forehead of the half of his face facing the woods, there was a scarlet light spot, like a serpent's letter, moving around slightly, always aiming at his head.

Everyone saw it, and the surrounding bodyguards were shocked and recognized what the red dot was -

Sight sight!

The sniper is ambushing in the distant forest! Gd1806102

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