Chapter 129 Chapter 129

Chapter 129 Chapter 129

In the eyes of these large and small drug dealers, the spades k are the kind of people who are usually ignorant, but have a strong sense of existence. (For free of all the novels, he came out like this, just like a bowl of cold water splashed into the oil pan, and the whole pot was blasted in an instant.

The old people on the left were discolored at the same time: "What do you say?"

The forces on the right side of the spades k have risen up: "What is the truth?" "Boss, what the hell is going on?!"

"On October 9 last year, we traded 200 kilograms of large goods in Gongzhou City. From the plastic factory to the ecological park cultivation base in the first ten minutes of the transaction, at the same time, it was said that it was only done in the plastics factory. The policeman's appearance came over a dozen vehicles, and the police officers had everything. After half an hour, a plastic explosion occurred in the plastics factory."

The spade k sound is not high, but when he opens, everyone calms down, only listening to his steady sound throughout the room:

"Red Heart q betrayed me and wanted to put me to death. But to be honest, he did not want to do this. I only want to know."

"-Who taught him?"

The last few words were smug, and a man on the left side of the long table, who was about fifty years old and wearing a bright yellow Burmese sarong, frowned: "Teach? What do you mean?"

The Burmese woman wearing a cheongsam has a low eyebrow and a tea, and the spades k bowed their heads and grinded the lid of the cup, saying in a slight heat:

"Wu Tuan wants to murder me."

The shortcoming of this short six-word is simply the geometric power of the square. The whole house is condensed, and then it suddenly explodes. It denies, angers, roars, tables and chairs move sharply on the ground... all mixed together. It shocked the human eardrum.

"How is it possible, don't be blameless!" The Burmese man who had just said it was dissatisfied: "Wu Teng's body has become worse and worse in the past two years. How can you plan to do this? You are so filthy! What about the evidence? Where is the evidence? !"

Spades k took a breath.


Hand | The gun was slammed on the table, and the loud noise made it quiet. I saw Ajie’s gaze, and swept through everyone’s face until several people screamed.

"Jiang stopped," Spades K yelled back and said: "You told me before, just let them listen."

Jiang’s face may be due to the fact that there are few expressions in the usual way. The skin is clean and detached, and it seems to be in his twenties. Winter is thick, his neck, shoulder arms, and hands resting on his thighs are extremely thin, and there is a chilly whiteness from the skin, sitting alone in the line of attention.

The Burmese man saw the situation wrong, and screamed first: "Why does he say that he is not a traitor? How do we know if he is taking the opportunity to stir up the water, take the opportunity to pull Wu Tong into the water, and buckle the black pot on our head! I see There is no need to interrogate, just pull it out -"

"Jiang stopped," the spade k tone was unexpectedly mild, but slightly aggravated.

"...the transaction last October was revealed to the police."The sound of the river stop is very dumb, and the sound line is unstable. It should be weak to a certain extent that it is impossible to maintain the breath.

Then, in the sight of dozens of or urgent, nervous, or glaring eyes, his red lips opened again and said, "It is my own idea, Wu Tun does not know."

After a brief silence, the mood on the left and right sides of the long table turned around. A variety of rumors have sprung up, and this time the discoloration has turned into Ajie, even the spades k are slightly a glimpse.

"How... what's going on? What do you say now?" The Burmese man quickly recovered his enthusiasm: "You heard about the spades k, how do you say now?!"

Some old people trembled and got up and stopped to talk to Jiang: "Is the spades k forced you?"

"He forced you to identify Wu Tun, isn't it?"


Ajie stared at the left side of the long table, and the eyebrows appeared in a pleasant mood. He whispered: "Big brother?"

As soon as the spades K raised their hands, they stopped the words that he did not export.

“Disclosing the news to the police is only to organize the 1009 action, to accumulate merits and climb up. I have been marginalized in Myanmar for a long time, and I don’t know anything happening inside, so if I want to gain more power, I can only Adding to his own chips inside the police. This is my motivation."

Jiang’s narrative came from a noisy sentence, as if he had already exercised many times in his heart, and he was calm and calm, and he did not drag on the water. Every pause in each word was naturally incomparable.

"This plan is that I am not arbitrarily arbitrarily, I have not asked Wu Tun beforehand, and there is no evidence to prove that he knows. As for the idea of ​​murdering Shaodong, it has never been. I don't know that he will appear in plastic factories, not even Know that he will personally participate in this action..."

The high voice on the right side of the long table has pressed the past: "How can you not know that Shaodong’s home is on the trading floor?!"

"I thought it was Jin Jie." Jiang stopped without hesitation. Ajie’s cheeks were on the go, only to listen to him faintly: "I don't think it is a big deal to kill him."

From the expression of Ajie, he really restrained and restrained, and did not get a dirty word on the spot.

However, no one noticed this at this time. The Burmese man took the case and went straight to the spades k: "I said that Wu Tun would want to kill you. It really is that you are rushing to the head of Wu Tuntou!"

Many people can't help but transfer the roller coaster. They stand up and blame each other, arguing, yelling and even screaming. For a moment, the house was in a state of anger, and several waitresses were scared to tremble against the wall.

The oldest man on the left side got up with a cane and seemed to want to persuade the Burmese man in his fifties to calm down, but the latter was anxious to find the place that had just been beaten by the spades. I will refer to the whole long table around the past: "Everyone has heard it? What is the idea of ​​playing in the heart of the spades, is this evidence conclusive? He just wants to start to deal with us. Today is just an excuse. Maybe tomorrow, even an excuse is not needed!"The spades k was originally sitting back in the armchair, with his hands in his trouser pockets, his posture relaxed very casually, but he took a breath and stood up.

"Where are we sorry for you, obviously everyone is trying to make a place, and seeking for money is not asking for life. You are good, since you came back from the United States, you kept doing things for a moment, and did not put our old men in the eyes... ..."

The spade k walked behind the emotional Burmese man, but the man was still talking loudly and did not feel the slightest danger. The expression of the spade k is too dull, even a little careless, no matter anyone sees it, he will think that he just walks and says two words.

"If you go on like this, we can't cooperate with the two people. There is no way to cooperate. You just like the knife behind you, not the loyalty of the older people, you-"

The Burmese men reprimanded.

Everyone around was shocked.

- I saw the spades k standing behind the man, reaching for the knife in front of him, and the backhand broke into his trachea deeply!

噗呲 鲜 鲜 鲜 鲜 鲜 鲜 鲜 鲜 鲜 鲜 鲜 鲜 鲜 鲜 鲜 鲜 鲜 鲜 鲜 鲜 鲜 鲜 鲜 鲜After a short two seconds of silence, a circle of people stood up in the sharp table and chair friction, and the waiter screamed in horror!

"Giggle..." The Burmese man’s throat sighed and his eyes curled up. When the spades K pulled out the knife, he fell to the table with a plop in the sound.

"If you have something to say, don't be embarrassed." The spades k calmed down, and when they slammed the knife, they threw the fleshy knife and took out a paper towel to wipe the bloody hands.

The inside of the house was silent, only to hear the blood drop from the table, and the repression of the crowd in all directions.

Black pick k turned and walked to the front of the river, and looked at him for a while in a down-to-face manner before he asked: "You know that your behavior was called anti-water, right?"

The river stopped silent, because it was blindfolded and could not see if there was any expression of fear.

The spades k thought for a moment and suddenly asked: "I sometimes feel that you are so determined that you will not be killed by me, is it because..."

Because what was not finished, he was interrupted by Jiang. I saw that his lips were slightly curved: "You are now killing me, don't you sit down and force me to fall into Wutun?"

This is simply invincible, and the spades k fell for a moment.

" are really..." After a long time, the spades k smiled and shook their heads and sighed: "If you sincerely stand on my side, then it is..."

Jiang stopped saying: "That is really you are dreaming."

Everyone in the house gradually recovered from the shock and panic, and once again, a very subtle repressed voice was heard. The old man who tried to dissuade the Burmese man sighed helplessly and knocked on the ground with a cane, making a loud one: Hey! Boom!

To attract the attention of everyone, he turned to the spades, pointing to the river and said: "He has indeed been far away from the core of the group in the past few years. It is not surprising that this idea will come. But it can be in Christine. It’s not easy to bury his nail inside the state. Wu Tun’s business should be just a misunderstanding, so don’t worry about it.”Ajie's eyebrows seem to want to say something, but the spades k "Uh-huh?"

"I see what happened in October last year. Since there is no loss, it is better to put the red heart back. The position inside the public security is very important to us, especially..."

"Is it important to your people?" Spades K smiled back.

The old man has no choice but to use his crutches to point to the body that crouched on the table. It means: "The cooperation between the two people is also very important, or don't tear the face."

The spade k seems to be sinking into sinking.

Since the beginning of October last year, the two people have been controversial about this matter no less than five or six times, but no one can find out the attitude of the spades k. Everyone screamed at each other uneasily, squinting at him, and even Ajie was a little bit suffocated, only to see the spades k suddenly said: "Yes."

The old man's rumpled face was loose.

"I can put him back as you always asked, and even send him back to Gongzhou. But I am not sure if he has already turned against the police, whether he has completely betrayed our entire group for the police. So to prove At this point, I have to ask him to do something."

"What?" The old man asked subconsciously.

The spades k smiled at him, but did not say anything, turned and leaned over the river to stop the ear.

“It’s not that easy,” he said softly. “You can’t go back.”

Jiang stopped the face under the black cloth, and the next second only listened to the spades k with a smile and asked:

"Do you remember 'rivets'?"

Jiang stopped looking up, as if he had heard the spell and the whole person was stuck there -

But the spades k did not say anything more, smile straight up, watching him make a gesture to Ajie, turned and left the room.


It was on January 9th, and it took a full three months to explode from the 1009 plastic factory. No one knows how a life-and-death confrontation occurred in this small town on the border.

A few hours later, Jiang stopped being covered with a blindfolded car. The next day, when he got out of the car, he finally opened his eyes. In front of him was the gray sky at the junction of Gongzhou and Jianning. Not far away, there was a dilapidated house on the wilderness.

The "rivet" is in the dark, waiting for his arrival.

All betrayal, conspiracy and blood, the fires that skyrocketed, the car accidents that whirlwind, the murders of the awkwardness... all started from the bullet that was shot in the guns of the river, and then everyone was caught off guard and quickly fell into a long sleep. .

For more than a thousand days and nights, no one thought he could wake up.

Until one morning, in a ward in Jianning City, Jiang stopped his eyes without warning.

"The Criminal Investigation Detachment of the Municipal Public Security Bureau is strict, let the two stop the scene, give me two shoe covers - what is your name?"

"Lu Chengjiang."

"You have an unusual attention and participation in this case, why?"


From Jiangyang County to the late night of Jianning, in the dark and lively night market stalls, Jiang stopped drinking the last beer in the strict gaze."You can doubt anything else, but there is no doubt about this... The name of the new drug is called 'Blue Gold', and it is strict. The person who wants to destroy it in the world is me."

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