Chapter 128 Chapter 128

Chapter 128 Chapter 128

"It's not easy. (Free full novel) Spades k took a look at his own cervical spine. It seems to be a little emotional. He laughed: "In order to hear this sentence from his mouth, we almost made a battle three years ago. The fire is coming... It’s better to admit it sooner."

Yan Yan opened his mouth, but only the chest was undulating and trembled, and the throat was like a hard block of acid. After a while, he used all his strength to squeeze out the sound:

" so many words that you said to me, only this sentence I hope is lying."

"A nonsense!" At this time, I was finally stunned by the uncle who had let go of his mouth: "The nonsense, you just discuss it, you have to pour dirty water on Wu Ting! Wen Wei! You are now full of wings, want to kill us old man I am afraid that I will be the first to be talked about, so I just want to find an excuse to make it difficult for Wu Tong! You are not a dutiful son!"

The spade k does not move: "Hey, is it?"

"When did Wu Tun kill you? Didn't he be good enough for your son?! We old people will have to give up one day sooner or later. Now I dare not let go of power. It is nothing but peace of mind for the family! We actually ——"

"Wu Tun is trying to kill him."

Uncle Bo’s bitterness was interrupted, and his expression was very funny. He stopped straight to the river.

But Jiang stopped without looking at him or looking at anyone. His black eyelids hang low, his eyes fell on the dry grass in front of his eyes, his face was alienated and cold, and continued: "The 1009 action was not directly planned by Wu Tun, but he did give me the death of the spades. Instructed. The entire plastics factory drug smuggling case is a murder against the spades k in order to execute his orders."

Uncle Bo slammed forward and stepped forward. Because of the lack of support from his men, he almost stumbled on the grass: "You give me a mouthful! You forgot who brought you out of the orphanage? You forgot what you were." Was wading like a dog?! Wu Tun has raised you, so you are so close to the outsider to count him?!"

The river stopped and closed his eyes and took a sigh of relief.

The spades k sneered: "Speak to speak, what do you say you are so excited about?"

The old man still denounced, but Jiang stopped to control his emotions and said: "I understand, but everything I say is fact, you can choose not to believe."

Uncle Bo is furious: "Fact? You didn't say that when you were in the air three years ago!"

Yan Yan's eardrum creaked, and the subconsciously turned his eyes to the river.

However, Jiang stopped without any flaws, and did not even show the slightest anxiety or uneasiness. He still calmly said: "That is because I am afraid that I will be wiped out by you."

The old man is a glimpse.

"As long as I don't give up Wu Teng, you will try to save me from the spade k. This is my purpose. As for the relationship between the 1009 action and Wu Tun, I really want to find out the clues. ""When the river paused, the black and dark eyes looked to Yan Yan: "I didn't want to admit it in front of you, because I hope that no matter what happens, I can leave a little less bad in your heart. The image. But now it seems that this should be a luxury, and no one thought that you would appear in Yuanlongxia, so this should be God's will."

Yan Yan looked at him, and suddenly there was a humble thought in his heart: then don’t say it -

As long as you don't even say it -

But the sly cockroaches had just been killed by his hard life, and Yan Yan stood there straight, looking back at Jiang’s calm face.

"Every step of the preparation of the 1009 action was prepared for the Wu Teng newspaper through encrypted mail." Jiang stopped in the gaze of Bo Shu suddenly changed. "This should prove that Wu Tun is supporting this murder."

" are nonsense, this is impossible..." The old man’s face rose purple and roared: "It is impossible!"

Jiang stopped without paying attention to his incoherent roar: "A few years ago, the spades came back from the United States and brought back the latest fentanyl compound formula. At that time, Wu Tun’s body was not so bad, so when he discovered that the spades k started When I got rid of the control of the old people and developed the independent market, he felt the threat and ordered me to closely monitor it. I followed the blue gold line for a year or two and finally found an underground drug factory on the edge of Gongju. But unfortunately, the whereabouts of the encounter encountered the spades k."

He said that he turned his head: "Strictly, I mentioned this to you, should you remember?"

——The dark underground factory was washed away by the heavy rain, and the countless “blue gold” of the city was so piled on the ground. These drugs that bring the world's highest joy to the addicts will pass through the Yuanlong Gorge, through the Yunnan border, to Southeast Asia and even to North America; the profit of this plant alone will bring 600 million to the spade k.

Jiang stopped facing the dark blue light of hell, and finally opened his mouth hoarsely: "...So you want to kill me now?"

"You are my only brother. I have never changed it for more than a decade. All wealth and authority can be divided equally with me." The spades k answered with a smile, and the gentle tone formed an extremely ironic contrast with the muzzle: "Don't sell for Wu Tun, red heart q, I will always have your place here."

"But at that time, Spades K did not have the upper hand in the battle between father and son, so I did not completely cut off the connection with the grass flower a. Within the organization, the disputes of various interests are extremely complicated, and it is possible to go half a step. The dangerous balance has continued until three or four years ago. Wu Tun finally decided to completely remove his heirs. What is lacking is only an opportunity."

Uncle Bo couldn’t help but swear: "There is no such thing! We are all just for the family. Wu Tun has never been like that.

idea! ”The old man’s fierce rebuttal was extremely sharp, and he even flew the forest bird not far away, but the description of Jiang’s stop was not affected: “Three and a half years ago, Wu Tun decided to take away hundreds of kilograms of stock in stock, I am responsible for coordinating and arranging the work, and Spades K will personally participate in the deal. I realized that this was the best chance to murder the Spades K, so I simultaneously conceived the 1009 action."

"In those two or two years, the penetration of the spades k in Gongju was getting deeper and deeper, and the news became more and more well-informed. In order to prevent the 1009 plan from being leaked out of his inside, I made a few steps. First of all, ' Red Heart q' conveyed to the police through several undercovers such as 'rivets': the drug dealers will take the separation of people, money and goods, and the firearms and hundreds of kilograms of drugs will be traded in an ecological park on the outskirts of Gongju. The buyer and the seller are staying in the plastics factory; therefore, in response, the Gongzhou City Bureau should send most of the elite firepower to the ecological park to attack the attack, while a small part of the police force is dispersed to the plastics factory, and the arrest includes the 'spades k'. Inside and outside the buyer and seller."

"So on the day of the 1009 action, except for me and Yue Guangping, the entire Gongzhou City Bureau thought that I was riding a command car with a large number of special police officers and squadrons rushing to the ecological park. My arrangement is to ensure that there are people inside the police. In the case of penetration by the spade k, the confidentiality of the entire plan is maintained."

Yes, the last point in Yan’s mind tells me that Jiang can do this.

He is both the curator of the 1009 action and the red heart inside the drug trafficking group. He knows precisely who is inside the organization and is undercover. Therefore, it is easy to pass false information to the Gongzhou City Bureau through these undercovers.

"At the same time, within the organization, I have to make sure the transaction goes smoothly, so I made the opposite arrangement." Jiang stopped swallowing, but did not relieve the hoarse voice, continued: "I told them that on the day of 1009, I will take A large number of elite police officers went to the ecological park, so the buyers and sellers, firepower and hundreds of kilograms of large goods were confirmed in the plastics factory, and only a part of the ecological park was left in the ecological park. The information is only a small number of high-level participants. I know that the middle and lower-level personnel such as 'rivets' will not be in contact with them. Therefore, even if the spades k go through the inside line buried in the Gongzhou City Bureau to inquire about the news, they can only find out the police on the face of the reclamation ecological park. The deployment of the action, so he should not doubt my arrangement for this transaction."

"...only Yue Guangping knows the real action plan," Yan Yan heard his voice slowly saying, "Yue Guangping cooperates with you, and immediately before the action, the elite police force is transferred to the plastic factory..."

"Yes, my ultimate goal is to kill the spades. Even if the 1009 action is successful, the police will seize a large number of drugs and buyers and sellers. This loss is nothing compared to the removal of the spades k. Every step of the 1009 action preparation By encrypting the mail and preparing it for Wu Teng, he also said that... cough and cough..."It may be because of the fall of the water, when the two words are said, Jiang stopped coughing up. The spades k turned around and saw that Jiang stopped to stop coughing and looked up at Yan Yan: "...he expressed his understanding."

Yan Yan’s ears are stunned and he looks straight at him.

Jiang stopped looking at him with no expression.

After several breathing intervals, he regained his gaze and turned to the spades k. The pale lips were slightly curved, revealing a trace of sputum:

"The only flaw in this murder is that I didn't expect to be the target of murder. I personally ran to be undercover."

The spades k smiled and bowed: "Well, if it is not Yue Guangping, the 1009 action will be successful. The difference is wrong."

"But you didn't say that at the beginning!" I saw that Bo Shu stumbled and rushed to the first few steps. The bodyguard was vigilantly blocking him in front of him to prevent any change. The old man’s fingers stopped at the river and stopped a little bit, and the spit was almost I want to spray it on his icy side face: "When the smell of the year made you feel good, if you don't have a few old men to open the rescue, can you be let go?! If the truth is as you said, Wu Tun wants to kill his own son, then why didn't you just swallow the water according to the meaning of the smell, but wait until now?!"

Although Bo Shu is impatient, this is a question.

The spades k want a reason to turn his face with his father. This confession can only be stopped by the river. But the spades k are not the kind of people who will give their opponents a way to live as long as they do what they mean. If he is, Jiang stopped the facts three years ago.

Then, three years later, Jiang stopped suddenly tossing down the people of Wu Tun, and the credibility naturally hit countless discounts.

"Do you really believe him? I heard that after so many things, you still can't see it. Is he worthy of a few letters?!" Bo Shu pointed to the river and hated the iron and rushed to the spades: "He is now It seems that I am honestly coming back to you, but if there is no scam, why should he run out of life three years ago!"

What did the spades want to say, but Jiang stopped interrupting him: "Because Yue Guangping did not die at that time."

This sentence is not high, but it is very clear, and the old man is blocked: "That can explain..."

"Yue Guangping is alive, it means that my retreat in the city bureau has not been cut off. As long as I get rid of the spades k, I will be able to return to the police camp smoothly." Jiang stopped his eyes flashing, and the self-deprecating without disguise was more obvious:" Now that Yue Guangping is dead, Gongju thinks that I am the murderer of the killing of 'rivets'; the Lu Bureau of Jianning knows that I am the red heart; as for Yan Yan-"

He turned his eyes and looked at Yan Yan, just as the feathers passed silently.

Yan Yan closed his eyes.

"I don't think I have any credibility in the Yan team." Jiang stopped gently

"That is to say, all the facts now prove that I am a traitor. I have no retreat except for the spades k."

The spades k hands overlapped in front of him, and his usual smile appeared in the bottom of his eyes. Three years ago, he also said the same gamble with the same look -"Even if you have such a perfect statement, no one will trust, no one will listen, because all the facts have proved that you are a traitor."

"As long as there is another police officer who is willing to believe you - even if there is only one, I am losing this gamble."

“Do you still need me to say more?” Jiang stopped to face his face and stared at the old man: “I thought that such simple logic would not have to be explained.”

The expression on Bo's face is really wonderful. If no one stops him, it is estimated that he has now rushed to tear the river away.

But the fierce and sinister look did not stop the river. His physical strength and spirit have been overdrawn to a limit. It seems that he has no strength and he has completely abandoned his struggle. He laughs lazily and ridiculously:

"When did you want to take me out of the spades, do you not give me the idea of ​​going back to the city bureau, Bo Shu? You old people don’t call me 'opening rescue', it just uses You and I are very clear."

That was the thing that happened inside the drug trafficking group in the months after the 1009 bombings -

Yan Yan does not know why he can still think. His soul is like a gradual smash in the ice hell, and at the same time he is suffering in the boiling oil pot; but his brain refuses to follow the example, still running at an uncontrolled speed.

The part of the thinking that belongs to the criminal investigation staff seems to have taken out the **, stripped off the feelings, suspended in the air, and coldly mechanically smashed all the clues deep in the brain, and separated them one by one, regardless of whether the heart is experiencing tearing. Despair and pain.

The sound of the hustle and hoarseness of the river is clearly clear from a distance:

"If you are older, would you like to repeat the scene three years ago to you, right now to remind you of it?"

The old man’s pupil was trembling in his eyelids, and his face was twitching. He realized that the young man was right, whether Wu Teng sent him to the police or later took him out of the spade k, but it was only because of the value of the use of Jiang Shu. in.

Now that Wu Tun’s power has declined, Jiang stopped to go to the spade k to fight against it. To a large extent, it means that these old people have finally gone.

Or, the disaster of extinction is coming.

Three years ago, January 9.

China-Myanmar border, Xiaola La.

There is a long table in the huge hotel suite hall, and the two sides are full of people, roughly no more than twenty. Most of them are old people on the left side, the oldest ones are white, the lighter ones have already passed the year of knowing the fate; the right side is mostly young and middle-aged, and all the clothes are neatly whispered, quite a few looks with typical Southeast Asia. Bloodline characteristics.

The people who were waiting for a long time did not arrive, and the arguments gradually rang. Just when someone couldn’t help but ask for an opening, the doorknob suddenly turned and then pushed away.

All the sounds were quietly silent in an instant.

Ajie pushed the door to scan the house and slammed the dagger, indicating that there was no abnormality, and then stepped back half a step.In the quiet and suffocating atmosphere, the spades k walked into the door, and they opened the armchair at the end of the long table and sat down at all the sights.

"Boss..." Someone on the right side of the long table wants to get up and greet. Before they even have time to open, the spades k will take their hands to the next pressure:

"Today is to make it clear, no need to bother."

The few people carefully sat back and saw that the spades had a move outside the door: "Bring it in."

Ajie listened to the order, and he personally took a young man and appeared in the hall in the burning contempt.

No matter who saw the young man, he would immediately find that his face was very poor and very weak, and his physical or mental condition had been weakened to the lowest point. What's more unusual is that he has black cloth on his eyes. I don't know how long it has been taken off. The contrast is even more gray, and I feel even a little bit of a bone.

"The confrontation is good, what do you cover his eyes?" An old man on the left side of the long table opened his mouth dissatisfiedly: "Are you necessary?"

The young man was put into the house by Aj, and he took an armchair and sat down. The blindfold was quite dark and dense, and the expression on his face seemed to be blank, facing the people on the long table.

The spade k didn't say anything, until he sat down, he turned to the old man who was the first to attack: "Of course it is necessary."


“Sensory deprivation is the softest method of interrogation that I can come up with, otherwise the other means will be more intense.” The spades look at the old people on the left and slowly smile: “--so that he will not let him until today. Tell the truth."

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