Chapter 127 Chapter 127

Chapter 127 Chapter 127

The spades k will never have been smashed in person, but the expression has not changed, and it looks completely irritating. (free full novel

He is completely different from the golden triangle poisonous scorpion in the traditional sense of wearing a big golden chain, two left and right arms, and a bunch of beaters. Shirt, wearing a pair of very thin leather gloves, tall and temperament; people around can only see the training, there is no typical ignorance and arrogance of the gangster.

"I am also very happy to meet you," he replied softly.

Ajie came up two steps and bowed his voice, and the spades k raised his eyebrows at him: "I told you to remember the lessons of the past, but you remember this too much."

Ajie waved a finger to Uncle Bo, but he didn't open his mouth to distinguish it. He was stunned by the spades: "Don't say it, even if he doesn't spoil you, you can't catch the red heart."

"..." Ajello was a little embarrassed: "The old man slammed the West and killed me. I just said that I want to go to Myanmar to meet with Wu Tun..."

Uncle Bo is old and fine, seeing the situation is not right, immediately preemptive, shaking his fingers to the spades k: "What is this doing, ah? What do you want to do? You send people to stare at the Yuanlongxia in Yongkang Village all year round. We don’t care about you with this old man. Now you are sending people to the mountains to run in the fire, and they are coming in person. What kind of abacus is playing, what do you say?"

The spades k slightly tilted their heads and glanced at the old man.

Some people couldn't see his expression, but Bo Shu touched the look, and his own anger sighed first: "Jin Jie... Jin Jie's first move, I can only be an old man..."

Ajie yelled at the shoulder bones he had been tied for a long time: "Cut the mouth of the old man!"

Immediately before the man stepped forward, the old man was terribly angry. Of course, he thought that the spades k followed the tracker hidden in him and pointed to Ajie’s aunt: "I should have searched your body just now, dare to use high-tech. Means to yin me! Don't think that you have a famous surname in Jinjie. When we were playing in the Golden Triangle, you were not born yet, you-"

The spades k waved their hands, and when they were on the road, they no longer scruples. Three times and five divided the two to unplug Bo's mouth.

"Oh..." The old man was mad at the disrespectful act of the junior, and the Spadesk ignored him and swept around the open space.

Three bodies fell on the grass, and the blood was gradually accumulating into blood. The people brought by Bo Shu were disarmed. Jiang stopped standing next to him, with a gun in his hand, but the muzzle was loose. To the ground.

He didn't care about the gun that Jiang stopped in his hand. After a few seconds of sinking, he finally turned to Yan Yan:

"Long time, Yan team, I am very surprised to see you here."

Yan Yan was standing there with a gun pointing, and there seemed to be a root rib in the brain, and the rear molars were tightly fitted.

The spades k punched the bodyguards and started to explain, "I met this person halfway through the mountain when I searched the mountain. It didn't take much time, he told me that you are here."

The bodyguard pulled down a sly figure from the off-road vehicle - it was Qi Sihao!His feet have been bandaged, sweating and bruising, his eyes are dull, and he dare not look up and face it.

"I thought that the scene where you and I will meet more will be more harmonious. It is not expected to me now. But it doesn't matter, it will not hinder you and I will know it." Spades K pointed to himself: "My name in Myanmar It doesn't matter, the Chinese surname is a single name, and the name is a personal information of the third-level superintendent 'rivet' recorded on the Gongzhou Public Security website, which is true."

- A drug lord not only became the undercover of the police, but also dared to use his real name!

"The time from the police is probably about five or six years later than you. If you look down the file again, it is the Gongzhou public security system that the society recruits." The spades k with black gloves overlapped in front of them and smiled: "But I didn't stay in the Gongzhou City Bureau for a long time, and I was arranged to do undercover my own hands. It's a coincidence."

"..." Yan Yan opened his mouth, and the cold wind poured into the lungs along the throat. He hoarsely asked: "...has you been forced to shoot the rivets to lie to me?"

Jiang stopped to face him and said nothing.

"Hey, let me explain this question." Spades K said: "There should be no, because he does not know that person is my substitute."

He turned to Jiang and said with a smile: "In fact, from the very beginning, there were two people who shared the 'rivets' part, but all of them came out of me, and I was in contact with Yue Guangping on the single line, and left the fingerprints in the city bureau from the police. And later, by voice and you are talking to the substitute. Three years ago, the avatar was shot by you...accurately, it was shot by Ajie, but of course he was not dead. If you are interested, you can see it again this time. ""

Jiang stopped talking without a word, and the facial features were extremely cold.

For a long while, he finally squeezed out: "Why do you want to do this?"

"There are two reasons," said Spades K. "You can pick one you like."


"Wu Teng trains you out and sends them to the police. Later, I plan to use you to kill me. This step is actually very clever, because you are really too high as an opponent. I have thought about the same in the public security. Arrange a person to fight against you, but Qin Chuan...” Spades k shrugged. “First, he insisted on staying in Jianning. I never forced others to do things for me. The second fact proves that he will only be You kill, so even using him is a waste of effort."

"At the time, I just returned from the United States to the Central China region. There are so many people who can buy it, and there are fewer people who can trust. Once the inside line is broken, it will not only shake you in the police.

The status, and is likely to become one of your further achievements, so I can only personally attend it, this is one reason. At the same time, on the other hand, I have just returned from the United States that has lived for more than a decade..."

The spades k sincerely said: "It is human nature to want to see you."

Jiang stopped his eyes.

It was a light and restrained movement, but his emotions were evident from the subtle lines of his brow.

Yan Yan forced himself to open his mouth and asked: "... Are you really blood brothers?"Spades k smiled: "Of course not. Do you think that this person is particularly abnormal?"

Except for him, probably no one dared to think that this joke has any funny things.

"Wu Teng promoted him, but he wanted to kill me. The Golden Triangle is such a place. The big drug lords who hang down the old man can't allow their own sons to get the power even at the last moment. The older they are, the more they refuse to let go, because once they lose power, they will lose their hand. Faced with the situation of being encircled by countless enemies, not to mention that he is not only a son of me.” The spades K Chongjiang stopped in that direction and said: “As far as he is a tool for Wu Tun, it is still very obedient and useful. The kind. If I was a little luck three years ago, I might have lost in his hands."

Uncle Bo began to struggle and wanted to say something, probably to defend Wu Teng, but no one cares about him.

"So I was planted where I was three years ago," Jiang said hoarsely. "Is it really that Yue Guangping told you about the deployment of 1009?"

Unexpectedly, the spade k shook his head: "No, Yue Guangping did not reveal this secret to death."

Jiang stopped obviously did not believe it.

"Really, the answer is actually very simple." Spades k lazy, "Six months before the start of the 1009 action, that is, in the late spring and early summer, a certain Tianyue Guangping suddenly contacted the 'rivets' - I am sorry that I am - Prove a question."

Jiang stopped thinking about what.

"He asked: I heard that the Red Queen is a woman. Can you find a way to verify this?"

The spades k looked at Jiang’s white face and smiled and shrugged: “Look, you know what is going on.”

The momentary clues went up with the memory, and counted the pupils that stopped shaking in the river. Yes, he finally realized why Yue Guangping would call the mental breakdown before he died. Why Qinchuan would suggest that there was no traitor in the 1009 action.

Because the person who left this fatal flaw is himself.

——Three years ago, in the middle of the night, Room 301, Block A, Building 701, Bo Taoyuan Community.

The nanny had already slept, and the darkness of the lamp in the living room reflected the cigarettes. The cigarette butts on the table were already piled up. The half cup of strong tea in Yue Guangping’s hand was not even the last trace of heat. After a long time, he gently placed the cup on the table and made a “beep” sound:

"I have learned about these things that you have reported. But because it matters a lot and involves too much, if there are any false fabricated parts, you have to take serious responsibility, understand, Captain Jiang?"

On the other side of the sofa, the anti-drug detachment leader, who was not invited from the middle of the night, held his elbows on his lap, and the fingers crossed his nose and silently nodded.

"In addition, I still have a problem." Yue Guangping paused and asked: "Even if you report these completely true, how do you know these secrets?"

Yue Guangping has been retired recently. He stayed up late for many years and made him very old. His eyes were full of wrinkles and his eyes were dark and dark. But the eyes behind the reading glasses are still looking like electricity, and they are staring at Jiang’s face, as if they have a flaw, they can penetrate him."...I don't know much, they have been guarding me." Jiang stopped whispering.

I haven't waited for Yue Guangping to understand what "they" mean. Jiang stopped saying: "I am the red heart q."

In just six words, Yue Guangping took a few seconds to react, and almost stood up: "What do you say!"

Jiang stopped raising his face and quietly looked back at him.

Red Heart q, one of the most mysterious characters in the drug trafficking group, is not sure whether the police are Chinese or Burmese. Even if I entered the senior undercover for many years, I couldn't find any information about the red heart from other drug dealers, so that Yue Guangping once thought that this person does not exist, or that the spades k set up to handle some sensitive businesses.


Yue Guangping's eyes are round and round, just like the first time I know this one's own hand-up. The living room was very quiet, only to hear the rapid gasp in his own chest. After a long time, Yue Guangping finally sat back a little bit and squeezed a few words from the teeth:

"...How do you prove?!"

Jiang stopped reaching out and touched the cigarette, and bowed his head.

"In the past, there have been some misunderstandings in Myanmar. It is not important. In general, many people in the Golden Triangle think that the red heart is a woman; but this rumor is absolutely unknown in the public security system in southwest China. You can confirm it through your own channels. At the same time, I will leak some small clues from the inside of the drug trafficking organization. You should be a wired person in your hands. It is not too difficult to confirm that I am the red heart through intelligence comparison."

Yue Guangping stared at him with a burning gaze.

"But I can't reveal more important information." Jiang stopped again. "As I said, Wu Teng's veterans are mostly Burmese. The old men are very resistant to me. I have been in the public security system for so many years. Most of the affairs within the group have been marginalized, and many important information is difficult for me to confirm the true and false."

He took a deep breath

The smoke, the beautifully shaped eyes are full of bloodshot eyes, and the smile is short and smiles:

"In short, I can explain everything that I can explain. If you want to arrest me, I am sitting here now, you can always do it."


On the open space of the mountains, the spades k looked at the eyes of Jiang’s shudder and smiled and asked, “Do you understand?”


"Yue Guangping doesn't believe you, he wants to find someone to verify your rhetoric. He doesn't just have an undercover in his hand, but maybe because of the excellent performance of the 'rivet', he chose me. You can imagine when I heard him ask: 'I heard that the Red Queen is a woman, can you confirm this to the Myanmar family?', what is my mood."

The spades k are slightly close, almost stuck to the pale face of the river, slowly and word-to-point: "Who is betrayed my red queen?"“I did an emergency investigation inside the organization, but I couldn’t find the point where the air leaked. Until the 'rivet' received the next encryption command from the red heart q, I was extremely shocked to find that on paper. There was a stamp of red nail polish, which was like inadvertently conveying some kind of information. At that moment, I finally knew that it was your own.

Spades k did not regret, shook his head:

"As early as half a year before the 1009 action, Yue Guangping sold you to me."

"I killed the fourteen poison policemen. I killed the Jiang team..."

"I don't have a flag, Lao Lu, I don't deserve it!"


Numerous noises rang through the eardrum, gradually becoming hollow and long, as if the soul was turned into a claw, and the next bloody piece of the bottom of the heart.

Jiang stopped to close his eyes, " when I proposed within the group, on the 9th of October, pretending to trade in the ecological park, when you actually take the big freight to the plastic factory to avoid the police ears, you already know that the plan actually Is it a trap?"

Spades K said: "Yes, I guessed it. Finally, I used the rug's undercover identity to inquire about it inside the city bureau. For example, if there is a signal booster on the command car going to the ecological park, that day When is the general commander, you are leaving the door of the city bureau... Once you know that it is a trap, it will be particularly easy to verify."

Therefore, Qinchuan will say that the murderer is yourself, and there is never any ghost inside - because the most crucial information has already reached the front of the spade k, he is the ghost!

Jiang stopped his eyes and his lips were gray. If you look closely, you can even see the lips tremble slightly. After a few moments, he looked up and took a breath. He finally looked at the spade k and asked: "So now I know everything I have done, how do I plan to dispose of me?"

Unexpectedly, Spadesk did not answer this question directly. He shook his index finger: "I have to correct it. I know everything you have done, but why did you do it for three years? Unsure of suspense."

He said that he turned to Yan Yan and casually raised his chin: "Today's Yan team is here. In terms of reason, I think he should also hear this answer, including the months after the 1009 bombing, you are by my side. Things. What do you think, Jiang stopped?"

Yan Yan’s line of sight finally turned to Jiang to stop.

From the very beginning, the spade k has always been facing the strict direction, but the river stop is always right. He still had a gun on one hand, his gun was pointed at his feet, his fingers were already cold and blue.

" reason," I don't know how long it took, Jiang stopped slowly in the wind and said: "The family struggles for power, I just stood in the wrong team."

Despite the early preparations, the harsh soul of that moment still sinks to the bottom of hell.

Uncle Bo suddenly burst into a very eager snoring, blushing his neck and thinking about what he was saying. At this time, the spades k licked a look and gestured to release the old man’s mouth.

"I'm sorry." Jiang stopped finally looking to Yan Yan, smiled a little:"If it is not for the Lu Bureau to come to the door, I can still maintain the illusion for you for a while."

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