Chapter 126 Chapter 126

Chapter 126 Chapter 126

The slaps of the water splashed, and the two of them took their heads from the river at the same time, and they gasped and looked back. (free full novel

They have changed their breath several times, and they have already been a long way from the scene of the gun battle on the river beach. The surrounding scenery gradually emerged in the light gray morning light, and the sporadic gunshots were mixed in the sound of birds and came from far away.

Yan Yan twisted his head and whispered and asked: "How are you -"

When the voice did not fall, I saw that Jiang stopped to look blue. In such a cold weather, the gas that came out of his mouth had not even brought a little white mist, and suddenly sank into the water.

Yan Yan gritted his teeth and grabbed him. He drove the water and forced him to the rocky beach.

The river stopped without drowning, but the body temperature was extremely low, which was because the continuous snorkeling exhausted the physical strength. Yan Yan had no time to ask, put his upper body in his arms and massage his heart, neck and arms. He saw that his face soaked in water was white, and the eyes were black and scary. After playing a few chills, I finally coughed and recovered my consciousness.

"Cough and cough..."

Jiang stopped pushing open and exhausted, sat up exhaustedly, rubbed his face with his palm, and smashed the wet black hair all over, revealing a smooth, full and bloodless forehead.

"I know what you want to ask." He hoarsely said: "Can't... can't stay here. Come with me."

He staggered and walked forward, pulling the bushes into the woods on the banks of the river. Yan Yan followed closely, and neither of them spoke. The silence and tension continued for about a meal. The eyes finally opened up and came to a relatively flat land in the valley.

At this time, the gun battle in the distance has been completely lost. I don’t know if Ajie has been blacked out, or if he has returned to help the sneak attackers. Maolin is densely surrounded by mountains, and under the wind, every inch of space is covered with unknown killings.

Jiang stopped to walk to the tree and sat down against the trunk. He smiled and asked, "How are you here?"

Yan Yan stood quietly watching him from a few steps away. Without anger, he did not get angry. He said slowly: "This question should be me to ask you."


"Why are you here?"

Yan Yan, this person, he will anger and swear the suspect, will swear his face and swear by his face, but that is not his most angry time. When the anger burns to the apex, he will calm down, and the surface will not reveal any sound, only people feel the suffocating deep pressure from the bottom of their hearts.

Jiang stopped to look at the line and decided to look at a certain point in the air. After a while, he suddenly said, "You have been to the orphanage."

Words are interrogative sentences, but they are the tone of the statement.

Yan Yan looked down on him.

"...nothing to ask me?"

After Jiang stopped this sentence, he was silent after a long exit. After a full half minute, Yan Yan was gently asked in a word: "I asked you to tell the truth?"

The skylights are bright, and the gray and dark clouds gradually turn gray. The mist between the valleys finally slowly dissipated, and in the distance, the outline of the pale forests of the winter forests emerged a little bit, and then the light appeared to show the whole picture.The two of them just sat one stop and did not speak again.

Obviously there are only a few steps away, but like the invisible Scorpio, finally showing a sly face.

"Strictly," Jiang stopped looking up at him, and his eyes seemed to flash with shimmering light, which was difficult to see. He asked: "Do you still believe me now?"

The first reaction of Yan Yan is that you dare to mention this now?

An angry moment that was fooled suddenly hit the heart, but it did not break out and turned into deep exhaustion. He shook his head and smiled. He didn't know what else to say. He raised his eyebrow and asked: "What do you say?"

In the midst of it, it seems that something has finally been hammered. Jiang stopped to take a deep breath and looked up. He closed his eyes and heard the shock echoing in the void for a long time, so that the whole heart would scream early. He spit out the breath long and thoroughly. No one saw him relying on this movement to calm down to the indestructible armor and re-attach the weak soul. When he opened his eyes, he had returned to the impeccable state of ice:

"I don't believe it is right."

"--I left Jianning because you were looking for a door when you were not there, and asked me to cooperate with him to play a counter-measure and go to the bottom of the spades to provide information to the police." Stop and continue to quietly narrate: "But this requirement is not only dangerous, but also contrary to my own interests, so I can't promise this request. I can only stab him and escape from Jianning... Rest assured, Lu is not dead. The speed of investigation and the intensity of the wanted for the police chief to be killed, I certainly do not want to experience it personally."

Yan Yan was shocked by the heavy blows of this one after another, but his professional instinct was still there, and he quickly captured the unnaturalness of these words: "...your own interest?"

Jiang stopped without the slightest wish to explain:

"The valley you are in is called Yuanlong Gorge. After being attacked by the manufacturing industry in Daliangshan, it has become one of the largest manufacturing bases in the Southwest. Since the 20th or 30th year ago, due to the climate The reason for the change and the national attack is that Yuanlong Gorge is gradually not suitable for planting poppy. The locals turned to the whole village to smuggle drugs from Myanmar through Yunnan. Therefore, the relationship with some big drug lords at the border is very close. The biggest force is... He paused and said: "The father of the spades k's grass flower a', the name is Wu Tun."

Wu is not a surname for the Burmese, but a preposition. It usually means that the person is older and has a good status. This shows that the name of the drug lord who was active in the Sino-Myanmar border in the last century.

There is only one word for "swallow".

"Wu Teng's early work style is high-profile, paying attention to the arranging and loyalty, but also fanaticism. The spades k grew up in the United States, contrary to his father's character. After returning, due to the power problems within the group, he gradually became with Wu Teng. There was a very big contradiction, so that the father and son turned their backs and almost broke.""I am not particularly sure about the extent to which the relationship between them is so bad. After all, I have been in a coma for three years. As far as the current speculation is concerned, they should all want to kill each other and know each other well; but in order to understand each other; Sharing the smuggling channels and protecting the family's interests are not caught by other drug lords in the Golden Triangle. They have not completely torn their faces for the time being, but they secretly smother each other and seem to maintain a cooperative relationship on the surface."

These secrets within the drug trafficking group were never mentioned by Jiang Shu, but now they are uncharacteristically open and unscrupulous.

Yan Yan faintly pre-feeled something, but the face is not obvious, just ask: "Do you know ‘grass flower a’ Wu Tun hiding where?”

Jiang stopped saying: "Yes."

"But you never mentioned it to the police."


Both answers were short and affirmative, and there was no change in the tone.

Yan Yan stood there, subconsciously raising his hand to touch the smoke, but immediately realized that the cigarette case had been soaked in water, and the tobacco turned into a slimy. Sure enough, this kind of nicotine does not provide any substantial spiritual support. Yan Yan sighed with a brow and finally looked up and said: "Don't tell me that your relationship with your adoptive father Wu Tun is very good."

Jiang stopped opening his mouth, but swallowed it back.

“Yuanlong Gorge basically belongs to Wu Tun’s handicap, so the spades k are very taboo to this place. The Yongkang Village at the foot of the mountain is cultivated and specially monitors this place.” Jiang stopped answering: “I am here. It is to find someone, and Jin Jie is looking for me with the command of the spades k."

Yan Yan immediately asked: "Who are you looking for, Wu Tun?"

Jiang stopped to raise his head and did not answer immediately.

Gradually, the sound of the shattering movement in the forest is getting louder and louder. It can be heard that there are rows of footsteps approaching this side. Soon, in the last few thin morning fog, there was a row of figures, about eight|nine people, and the front was tied with two or three, and they came straight to the open space.

"Yue Guangping called the Lu Bureau before he died, saying that he was sorry for the smuggling police who died in the 1009 bombing case, and he was sorry for me. Before Qin Chuan was arrested, Yue Guangping would not disclose the information to others casually, causing the action to fail. The real murderer is me and Yue Guangping myself. If they don't lie, then I can only think of one possibility..."

Jiang stopped to stand up from the tree and looked at the more and more clear people coming in front of him, and raised his eyes:

"I just came to verify this possibility. I should be able to reveal the answer today."

Yan Yan turned back.

Ajie and the two men tied their hands together, and each of them had a gunshot behind their heads and was pushed into the open space. Behind them was the group of people who had just rushed to the river beach. They were headed by a white-haired old man. They were about sixty or seventy years old. They wore traditional Burmese sarongs and were supported by the bodyguards with respect and respect.

Yan Yan cheeks tightly, at first glance, it was thought that it was Wu Tun, but then realized that the old man had a difference with the photo on the computer of Lu Bureau.

- Is it the "grass flower a" subordinate? Still a relative?

The next moment Jiang stopped to answer his question: "Bo Shu."The old man, known as "Bo Shu", glanced at him, stood still, raised his finger to the open space, and said: "Let!"

The Burmese men immediately pushed the three captives forward and threw themselves to the ground.

There was still a clear purple mark in the throat of Ajie, and the eyes were full of unmistakable fierceness, but the words were restrained. In addition to snarling a few words that were obviously horrible, there was no more snoring. The Burmese men knew his position as a party, and did not dare to relax the warning. Someone immediately put the gun on his back.

Jiang stopped to stare at this scene and asked: "Why not kill him?"

Ajie’s sleepy sight immediately came over.

Jiang stopped to turn a blind eye to his cold eyes: "This person is one of the most capable men of the spades. If he is removed, he will break the right arm of the spade k and should not let him continue to live."


The old man who was called Bo Shu’s hoarseness interrupted Ajie and pointed to Yan Yan: “If it was not for him, we could leave Yuanlongxia last night and go to Myanmar to join Wutun. You insist on saving. What is he for?"

This amount of information is extremely large, and there is a place in the mind that suddenly blew up: he really wants to go to Myanmar -

When he looked back at Jiang, he saw that Jiang’s face was still very flat, and his expression was very casual. It seemed that the old man’s question was not a problem at all: “Because I have a couple of days, I can’t see this person die in me. What's the problem?"

No one thought that he would give such an answer. The old man was stunned on the spot, and no one else should react. The atmosphere suddenly became very weird.

Suddenly Ajie sneered and said: "Bo Shu, do you believe him?"

The old man yelled: "You shut up!"

"I thought that you are the old man in front of the grass flower. You should know that the surname of the surname is the most famous thing to say that the lie is true than the real gold, isn't it?"

The Burmese man with his head in his head wowed and woke up, probably calling him a prisoner to shut up, but Ajie turned a deaf ear: "This person is called Yan Yan, the deputy chief of the criminal investigation of Jianning City Public Security Bureau, the three-level police Supervisor. You

They thought that Jiang was willing to go back and continue to be a cow. Actually, he had already left the police in the back. Do not believe that you are giving him a gun now, let him kill the police, do you think he will start? ! ”

A few Burmese people, look at me, I see you, the old man looks awkward, and looks up and down.

The situation became abnormal, and there was a dark fire in the air. The smell of medicine seemed to be at any moment. At this time, Jiang smiled in the nose and seemed to be ridiculous and sighed: "Whenever you can come to speculate on my mind."

Then he stepped on the gray and cold grass, and no one around him dared to stop. He saw that he had pulled out a Burmese gun and took it in his hand. He stepped back a few steps back and pointed the gun. Awkward temples!

The old man's face was twitching, and Ajie couldn't think of it, and Yan Yan suddenly froze.

But Jiang’s look on his face is completely indifferent:"Bo Shu, after that thing three years ago, you can almost see that I have a hatred with Jin Jie. I can't see it like this, you killed the square piece j, my heart is smooth, not too Concerned about the life and death of this man, how do you feel?"

The bark-like aging old cheeks are slightly squatting, like what is being measured.

"I have already gone to the wanted list of the Public Security Department. I don't care about the life of this deputy detachment. But we are a cooperative relationship. You can't always let me do what I do. What do you want me to kill? Just kill someone. This is called Yan Jun's criminal police can die, but you have to give me something to exchange." Jiang stopped black and white eyes staring at the old man, seems to have a smile: "How, wave Uncle? Killed the square piece j, we can immediately go to Myanmar to meet with the grass flower a, you don't want to start soon?"

"..." Time passed by, and finally the old man slowly turned to the Burmese who supported him. He said nothing, and nodded.

Ajie’s face was shocked. I saw the Burmese people’s intentions. He touched the gun from the back of his waist and confronted his two men who were tied up by the five flowers.

The body was shot in the eyebrows.


The second man also fell to the ground.

The blood blew through the cracked soil in winter, and the Burmese guns pointed at Ajie.

boom! !

The sniper bullet penetrated a distance of a hundred meters, the gunfire reverberated, the Burmese had a blood hole on his head, and the hand was shot off the ground.

Uncle Bo’s turbid old eyes suddenly straightened, and I saw the Burmese’s body shaking a few times, and then “plopped!” The body was planted.

Songtao was in full swing, and the engine of the off-road vehicle came from all over the air. Uncle Bo suddenly turned his head and saw that more than ten vehicles appeared around the valley, and they came to the moment.

Ajie blurted out: "Big brother!"

- Spades k!

The off-road team stopped, and the well-trained bodyguards jumped out of the car and surrounded the open space. Bo Shu's side eight | nine men suddenly became a weak side, and later these people went up and violently pushed them, and they paid the weapon three or two times.

The old man’s face was blue and purple, but he didn’t dare to speak. He stared at the two people and rushed up to lift Ajie up. He cut the rope on his body with a knife. Then several people could not help but open Yan to a few meters away, vigilantly Staring to keep him from moving.

Jiang stopped as if he had turned a blind eye to everything around him. He looked strangely in his face and looked at the front.

Behind him, a figure came down from the off-road vehicle and walked slowly through the grass until he stopped behind him.

"I said that the final winner of this gambling is me. Someday you have to admit defeat, but I did not expect you to guess the prompts given by Qin Chuan so quickly."

The spades k pressed one hand on the shoulder of the river and said with a smile: "This time I don't have your eyes, don't want to look back at me, red heart?"

Strict squats are tightened when they are squatting -

Jiang’s neck bones were like rust. After a long time, he was only one inch away, slowly turning back and staring at the smiling face.

The spades k looked at him, his eyes were mild, and even faint with encouragement."...the locust in your gutter," Jiang stopped in his ear and said: "--"rivet"."gd1806102

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